Weekly Navigation Report: June 17 – 23, 2024


Week of June 17 – 23, 2024

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Get ready for a super powerful week that delivers an active Ascension Point (Summer Solstice) on 6/20 through the unified mind/heart Portal of Truth, preceded by the Mercury/Venus conjunction/new cycle at 0 Cancer on 6/17.    This potent calibration initiates the highest realization of yin/yang wholeness as the gateway to 5D consciousness, and the invitation for ascension.  


The Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) occurs as the Sun transits from Gemini to Cancer.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Gemini represents Conscious Wisdom, the wisdom that arises from the diamond mind, unified through the awakened heart.  Cancer represents Emotional Power, and the power of the heart that awakens anytime we choose to observe and witness our deepest emotions and feelings from that unified diamond lens.  When we unlock our deepest waters and observe (feel) the power of our emotions, that momentum flows like a river from the core of our being, activating our vertical axis of consciousness from crown to root and root to crown.  As the deepest dimensions of water become fully conscious, we begin to transcend and transmute any unconscious suppressed emotions, ultimately purifying (returning) to sacred holy water.  


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When we bypass, disconnect, or ignore our emotional body, we fragment ourselves (and our 4 body system), losing touch with our Self, and ultimately giving our power away.  It matters that we feel our feelings and honor the ebb and flow of our emotions without losing our center.  Our central axis, or core alignment, is everything, and the key to strengthening that core is to allow our emotions to flow freely, like a river flowing from an empowered source.  If the mind objects, compartmentalizes, censors or resists, we lose access to the available power of our emotional body.   If the mind collapses, if we lose our seat of wisdom in the presence of emotions, we also give our power away.


Cancer brings us home to the heart: our foundation, core issues, core values, and our deeper roots. The deeper we go, the more aware we are of our ancestral root system and the larger collective roots that ultimately all unify through the heart of the planet, Mother Earth. Our full embodiment requires us to access this root system, and our full ascension also requires us to awaken through this root system…through Unity Consciousness, Divine Love.


When we unify, we increase potential.  When we collapse our boundaries or lose sight of our highest intention and purpose, we muddy the water. Anytime we operate from an imbalance in the unified relationship of yin/yang (within ourselves or through the collective consciousness on the planet), we experience fragmentation, distortion, and limitation.  When we collapse through patterns of codependency, we experience systemic (and eventually seismic) limitations.  Only by restoring the divine essence and intention of the feminine (yin) can we restore the unified field of yin and yang. The feminine is the receptive/generative space that allows new possibilities to birth, manifest, take root and take shape. Cancer delivers the essence of nourishment, support, fortification through family, tribe, and community….accessing the power of intuitive empathic communication that allows us to connect through the emotional waters of the collective, integrating and reflecting the conscious wisdom from our Gemini diamond mind brilliance.


As we start to realize that all of the signs connect and contribute to the greater wholeness, we also begin to realize that we each embody all of the multifaceted qualities of consciousness, expressed uniquely through our own divine design. As we unify and nourish our inner dimensions, we also realize the importance of unifying and nourishing each other through conscious community. How well we nurture and support ourselves in our divine design, depends upon our capacity to “mother ourselves” at the root, at the core, and from the heart. Not in a co-dependent way that enables through limitation, but in a way that truly supports and empowers our divine authentic essence to grow, thrive, and expand…on behalf of All.


As we nurture our divine nature, we transcend any residual core issues that have ever kept us small, limited, or insecure. It’s time to grow, it’s time to thrive, and it’s time to remember our highest calling, divine intention, and soul purpose.


The week begins on Monday 6/17 as Venus enters Cancer, the Moon enters Scorpio, followed by a Mercury Neptune stepping stone, Venus Haumea manifestation, then Mercury enters Cancer and manifests with Haumea. Mercury and Venus form a conjunction/ new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Juno Great Attractor stepping stone, Juno Orcus conjunction/ new cycle, Sun Galactic Center bridge, black Moon Pallas resource, and Mercury Pluto great eliminator.  Heart and Mind move through the Portal of Truth into Cancer, and then unify in a new relationship/ new cycle at 0 Cancer – the purest essence of water. There’s incredible power in our willingness to be present with our emotions, instead of disconnecting, avoiding, or checking out. The empowered mind of the heart can remain present and aware through the multidimensional waters of the emotional body.  Those waters are personal, ancestral, collective, empathic, fluid and abstract – ebbing and flowing through timelines, lifelines, and dimensions. There’s nothing to figure out or analyze: simply feel what’s there, meet it with Love, and let it go…that’s how the river flows, and there’s power in that current.


On Tuesday 6/18, Venus and Pluto form a great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Saturn bridge, and Mars Varuna stepping stone.  With an empowered heart, we intuitively connect beyond any barriers or limitations, thinning the veils of separation, and unifying through the greater oneness of Love.  When we realize that all beings connect through the heart, we begin to make it our business to take care of our own heart, as a generator and care taker of the Universal Heart, and all that flows through those rivers of connectivity. The potential that lives behind the veils – anything that has ever been suppressed, withheld, or ignored – must now be empowered in order to fully awaken, transcend, and elevate.  If we continue to endorse the patterns of suppression (core issues), we ignore the greatest potential within, resisting the calling to grow (and grow up).  There’s a calling for divine feminine maturity and grace, through the fierce loving heart of the Mother, as we hold ourselves accountable and encourage that transformation, whether it’s comfortable or not, convenient or not.  


Wednesday 6/19 starts with a Black Moon Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Neptune Vesta manifestation, and Mercury Ixion bridge. Then Vesta enters Leo, followed by a Mercury Gonggong manifestation, and Vesta Haumea stepping stone.  There’s a powerful deliverance to higher ground through refined filtration and discernment.  Our commitment to purification yields the potently of excellence that restores clarity and higher vision.  As we connect with our highest blueprint, that integrity ignites our inner fire of devotion.  The path of excellence is refined, and a disciplined commitment to elevate is required.  


On Thursday 6/20, Jupiter and Gonggong form a stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Juno communion, Sun Neptune stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus communion, then the Sun enters Cancer and manifests with Haumea, and Mars forms a great eliminator with MakeMake.  As the Sun officially enters Cancer, the Solstice activation amplifies.  Every year, like clockwork, we journey through the solstice and the equinox points, which calibrate our vertical axis (pure consciousness) and our horizontal axis (how we manifest experiences through relationship).  This solstice point activates the base of our vertical axis, at the core of our being.  The fact that Jupiter and Gonggong are forming a stepping stone today signifies epic potential for radical expansion, igniting waves of change that ripple through the landscape of our current reality.  When we awaken from the core of our being, everything changes.  When we experience a leap in consciousness, our landscape can shift on a dime.  


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Friday 6/21 reveals a Venus Ixion bridge, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, Vesta Sedna resource, followed by a Mars Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Quaoar bridge, Mercury Mars resource, then the Full Moon in Capricorn, and Venus Gonggong manifestation.   The Full Moon occurs at 9:08pmET, and is the first of two Capricorn Full Moons this season.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn represents Divine Power, and the spiritual channel that connects us with Source energy, and the Light of our consciousness.   Capricorn (an earth sign) expresses as the mountain, and while the Moon belongs in Cancer (a water sign) expressing as the river, there’s value in a tangible shift in perspective.  The river flows from the top of the mountain, flowing fiercely and freely towards the lowest point, and the largest outlet…carving into the earth with the momentum of the current.  Capricorn’s highest peak of the mountain reveals a unification point, where the earth rises up to meet the heavens and stars, in direct communion with Source, from that highest perspective.  By reflecting on our original Soul commitment, higher purpose, and divine intention, we can see clearly the flow of spirit descending upon the earth, carving an organic, non-linear path.  When we reflect from that highest perspective, we can see right into the core of our being, beyond any core issues, remembering what matters most, and taking ownership of the higher power that lives within each of us.  

If we’ve been ignoring or bypassing ourselves or any core issues that need attention, this Full Moon in Capricorn is the divine calling to set boundaries, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and start commanding the highest intention of our Soul Calling, Now.  When we get distracted by our emotions, or co-dependently enmeshed with the needs of others, we may find ourselves feeling watered down, overwhelmed, or even water logged.  When we allow ourselves to become stagnant by the need to stay cozy and comfortable in our familiar limiting stories and narratives, we can lose our purpose and collapse into old narratives instead of rising up to meet the current challenge.  If we’ve been holding ourselves back or suppressing our divine flow, it’s time take charge and harness the power to shift.

The truth is, we’re responsible for ourselves, for recognizing and growing our divine potential.  The greatest contribution we can ever make as powerful leaders on the planet is to live an empowered life that inspires others to do the same.  Leaders inspire and empower other leaders; not enable others to remain limited, disempowered, watered down, or underdeveloped.  When we make it our business to support (and call forth) each other’s greatness, everyone benefits, and everyone leads in their own unique way.  When we remember our divine purpose, and the commitments made by our Soul in this incarnation, we begin to elevate through an empowered lens, responding to that higher calling.

Cancer also requires us to surrender, trust the process, and go with the flow.  When navigating water, it’s best to float, ride the waves, or learn to surf.  Our relationship with flow, and our willingness to collaborate with the current vs push against it, is key.  Working with, harmonizing, collaborating, and synchronizing can increase the momentum with minimal effort.  Resistance inflames and congests, suppressing the flow, and eventually blowing up sideways in unexpected ways.  The more we surrender, the more we realize the unification in every situation, and the collaborative nature of the heart of the universe.   We don’t have to do it all on our own, or push against others or the universe.  We are divinely supported, divinely guided, and infinitely nourished with Love.

The Full Moon activates a Grand Power Cross, intersected by the bridge with MakeMake and Salacia, conjunct the Nodes.  The power of Love as our divine nature reveals the hidden dimensions of memory in our water, awakening higher meaning, purpose, and intention.  When we remember how powerful we are, we become empowered, no matter what situations or conditions we find ourselves navigating.  We remember that we were built for this, we’ve literally manifested for this precise moment…we’re in our element, and it’s time to step up into our greatness.


On Saturday 6/22, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Mercury Salacia stepping stone, then MakeMake stations direct, and the Black Moon turns direct at 12 Virgo in a near miss great eliminator with the North Node (dharmic). MakeMake’s station reminds us to align with the universal laws of Love, Oneness, and Unity.  When we look in the mirror and see the infinite cosmos, our cells remember our true nature, and we restore that integrity from within.  When we try to push against our nature, or push against the universe, we find ourselves in resistance, which builds inflammation, disharmony, and dis-ease.  As we dissolve the resistance, and dissolve the veils of separation, we find ourselves living in the universal heartbeat of Love, as Love.  Love is the most powerful force of nature in our universe, and our true nature has the power to move mountains and alter the universe, in a single breath.  Not by pushing against, but by honoring the Truth of what is.    


And Sunday 6/23 delivers a Pluto Vesta bridge, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator, and Mercury Orcus resource.  As the veils thin, our inner fire of devotion starts to grow, as an authentic force of energy, or a ball of Light as bright as the Sun.  We’re reminded of what matters most, and why we’re here in this moment in time, in this greater universal unfolding.  


The practice this week is empowered presence and accountability.  Take time each day to tune into your current reality, letting go of any judgments or attachments as you tune into what matters most.  Beyond the veils, the masks, the patterns, or core issues, look deeper to see what’s at the foundation, at the heart of the matter.  Be willing to listen deeply to the messages of the heart, and the highest calling and remembrance of Soul.  Make the commitment to hold yourself accountable for responding to those callings.  Not from pressure or obligation, but from authentic empowerment, and divine communion.  


“The spiritual journey does not consist in arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have, or becomes what he is not. It consists in the dissipation of one’s own ignorance concerning one’s self and life, and the gradual growth of that understanding which begins the spiritual awakening. The finding of God is a coming to one’s Self.”

Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way


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