Weekly Navigation Report: June 24 – 30, 2024


Week of June 24 – 30, 2024

This week continues to highlight themes of power – more specifically, strengthening and fine-tuning our holistic seat of power.  The period of time between the recent 6/21 Full Moon in Capricorn and the 2nd Full Moon in Capricorn on 7/21 reveals 2 distinct Grand Power Crosses.  Our relationship with power is on the table, front and center.  Taking responsibility for the ways we own our power and the ways we give that power away, matters.


A holistic seat of power implies a conscious choice of personal empowerment – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The Grand Power Cross activates all 4 of the cardinal signs, which relates to the power of our 4 body system, and our capacity to integrate, unify, and embody.  Whether we feel empowered or disempowered by our circumstances is up to us, and that significant choice point can impact the fabric of our reality as well as the greater social fabric we’re all participating in.  We can’t always control the situations we find ourselves in, but we do always have a choice in how we see ourselves in each situation.  


When we feel disempowered, we may feel that circumstances and situations are bigger than us, limiting our capacity to see possibilities or chose anything different.  However, if we can choose to navigate our current events from a holistic seat of empowerment, we can meet ourselves and the moment, and call upon our divine greatness to navigate any challenges we may find ourselves in.  There’s nothing in this world we can’t face, embrace, or transcend when we choose to remember who we are, and the greatness of our soul.


This week, Saturn stations retrograde.  Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) represents our relationship with labels, roles, and social identities, and more importantly, the stories we tell ourselves about those identities and character descriptions, and the narratives we assign meaning and power to, endorsing and perpetuating through the social fabric.  Saturn also represents the challenges that can bring us to the edge of our current perceived limitations.  Those are the important initiations in our life that call forth a greater power within to rise up and take command.  When life tests us, we may find ourselves up against a wall, or engaged in a tug of war or power struggle.  If we give our power away to the experience, we validate the stories (and wounds) that assign weight or evidence to our perceived limitations.  When we own our power, and rise up through the challenge, we reclaim our power and remember who we are; oftentimes rewriting old narratives and transcending old patterns of limiting beliefs.


Saturn is a social consciousness planet, assigning definition and contrast through our social fabric of relationship – how we fit in (or don’t fit in) through this greater fabric of oneness, who we believe we are, our social identity, and the role that we play in the greater orchestration, and the contracts we live by and subscribe to.  Saturn also impacts the difference we believe we can make, and the power of our presence, voice, and contribution.  When we fit in, we might feel comfortable and agreeable, however we may not see the greater issues that require attention or renegotiation though the social fabric, or we may not choose to shake up the status quo or make waves in the comfort zone.  When we don’t fit in, we may see the need for change, but feel powerless to initiate a greater movement.  When we feel like we belong, that we matter and are valued, we feel empowered to share our voice, we may feel more likely to influence and inspire change, calling forth a revolution of evolutionary potential.  No matter where we find ourselves in that conversation of “fitting in” or “not fitting in”, the choice of personal empowerment is up to us.  Nobody can give us that power, and nobody can take that power away.  


Saturn is transiting through Pisces, the infinite ocean of Oneness, Unity Consciousness, and Unconditional Love.  If ever there was a time to stretch beyond our comfort zone, rise above our fears and insecurities, and unify through Love, Now’s the Time.  We have infinite permission to set ourselves free from the narratives and beliefs that limit our greatest expression of Love, on behalf of All.  As we renegotiate old patterns and contracts, we find ourselves swimming in the ocean of limitless possibilities and creative potential.  From there, we can choose.  From there, we can take action.


From an empowered seat, we can witness our current challenges and situations as opportunities (and invitations) to own our power, own our voice, and elevate ourselves.  Tuning in through our core, and elevating up to our higher power, we find the strength and magnificence within us to move mountains…not by pushing against, but by rising up to higher consciousness.


The week begins on Monday 6/24 with a Juno Albion manifestation, Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Quaoar bridge, Mercury Albion resource, Mercury Juno resource, and Mars South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  Venus enters that recent Grand Power Cross activated by Full Moon on 6/21, aligning the power of the heart to nourish and support the higher soul blueprint through the Universal Mind.  When we honor the divine power of the diamond mind, and support the limitless potential for growth and acceleration, we find strength – not just from a personal lens, but from the greater universal lens.  When any soul awakens divine power within, everyone benefits, and everyone thrives.  That’s the nature of Oneness.  


On Tuesday 6/25, There’s a Mercury Ceres bridge, Black Moon Orcus communion, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, and Sun Ixion bridge.  There’s a deliverance of communication today that reveals a higher calling, a message of Truth, why we’re here and why it matters.  That messaging system can fine tune our attention, clearing out any distractions or interferences with precision and clarity.  


Wednesday 6/26 reveals a Venus Salacia stepping stone, Ceres Juno manifestation, then Venus intersects the Nodes, followed by a Mercury Saturn manifestation, Black Moon Ceres manifestation, Sun Gonggong manifestation, and Black Moon Juno communion.  Mercury’s manifestation with Saturn is significant today, as Saturn is already in his station, experiencing a profound still point.  As Saturn prepares to retrograde, the inner Messenger collaborates and communicates from the core of our inner operating system.  Any limiting or outdated beliefs, narratives, or attachments can be dissolved and renegotiated through the upcoming retrograde journey.  Pay attention to what’s currently being revealed (or challenged), and trust that it’s coming up for review, restructuring, de-conditioning, and renegotiation.  Venus offers a balance point to the karma/dharma bridge of our world view.  When we shift our perspective through a higher lens of unified vision, we can see clearly the karmic loops that perpetuate scenarios and results, and the doorway for evolution and transcendence.  


On Thursday 6/27, Astraea and Saturn form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, and Jupiter Varuna resource.  The great eliminators offer specialized filtration and release, if  we have the courage to let go of our attachments and surrender to new consciousness.  If we keep looking at things from an outdated lens of consciousness, we keep finding the same results.  A shift in consciousness elevates us to a new horizon, allowing for new possibilities to manifest.  There is expansion today from that higher lens of consciousness, if we access the courage to choose it.  


Friday 6/28 begins with a Ceres Albion manifestation, followed by a Mars Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Mercury Chiron stepping stone, Juno Chariklo great eliminator, Mars Orcus manifestation, Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, Venus Orcus resource, Black Moon Pallas resource, Venus Mars resource, and Black Moon Astraea subtle intimacy aspect.  The Black Moon Saturn bridge reveals 2 opposing finger of god aspects; the Black Moon pointing to Saturn reveals great eliminators with Chariklo and Chiron, and Saturn points to the Black Moon revealing great eliminators with Astraea and Arcturus.  From higher consciousness, we can flip our perspective, revealing the wholeness of any situation, unlocking hidden dimensions, and seeing what’s really available in the current moment.  There’s progressive innovation and profound acceleration, available for those who can see between the lines and access what’s right there in front of us.  


On Saturday 6/29, Saturn stations retrograde, followed by a Mercury Eris stepping stone, Venus Ceres bridge, Sun MakeMake stepping stone, Mercury Uranus resource, and Black Moon Chiron great eliminator.  Saturn will be retrograde from 6/29 – 11/15, traveling through Pisces, the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities.  It’s important to take the time to review and reflect during this retrograde – distilling and discerning higher purpose, higher calling, and any outstanding issues that require reconciliation, while dissolving old attachments to limiting thoughts, beliefs, and narratives about ourselves and the world.  This is an opportunity for conscious wisdom that elevates the social fabric, of which we’re all responsible for creating and maintaining.  There’s a deliverance from the heart today, a reminder of what matters most, highlighting anything needs attention in order to nourish, replenish, strengthen, and grow.  


And Sunday 6/30 starts with a Sun Quaoar bridge, Venus Albion resource, Mars Ceres manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Eris great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, Vesta Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus Chariklo great eliminator, and Mars Albion conjunction/new cycle.  We’re still navigating the full blown Grand Power Cross from last week’s Full Moon on 6/21, as the Sun illuminates our core values, core issues, and core foundation, through the oneness of the universal mind, and our greater I AM Presence.  As we find that higher attunement and look into our own personal foundation, we can see where there’s work to be done.  Taking an empowered seat of awareness, we can see what we need to see, and take action.  The Mars Albion new cycle is a call to action that takes us to new ground.  


The practice this week is empowerment.  Observe yourself in the ordinary and spontaneous situations this week, and notice the times when you feel disempowered vs the times you feel fully empowered.  Become aware of the situations that challenge or collapse your seat of power – whether that’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  And notice the circumstances that validate or affirm your holistic seat of power.  Be curious about your interpretation of power, and what you believe about yourself and others in the full spectrum wholeness of the experiences.  Choose the highest perspective through the unified mind/heart balance, even in situations that may challenge your core.  The way to strengthen our core in times of accelerated evolutionary potential is to come from a unified lens of consciousness, accessing our greater I AM presence, and choosing Love.  In Unity Consciousness, there are no sides, there is no power struggle, there is no opposition….only the opportunity to elevate, awaken, and unify through Love.


There is always light.  If only we’re brave enough to see it.  If only we’re brave enough to be it.”  ~Amanda Gorman


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