Weekly Navigation Report: June 12 – 18, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of June 12 – 18, 2023

Get ready for multidimensional action and revelations this week, prompting opportunities for quantum leaps, in the moment. The New Moon in Gemini on 6/18 reveals a multifaceted new beginning for conscious wisdom and enlightened clarity. Saturn stations retrograde on Saturday 6/17, beginning a journey of boundaryless deconditioning and restructuring through November 4th , paving the way for evolutionary change in our social fabric. And Sedna enters Gemini on 6/17, bringing the crystalline record keeper into the sign of transcendental bridge-building for the next 43 years. Love in action is the name of the game as we pioneer new ground.

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Love builds bridges…awakening new possibilities, revealing wisdom through unity, and ushering the ultimate deliverance to higher Love (new ground). Seeing beyond the conditioned reactions that separate, polarize, or fragment in the face of opposition or challenge, it’s time now to unify, elevate, and bridge the oppositions through the realization of higher ground. The truth is, all roads eventually connect, all roots unify through their origin, and the idea of separation is an illusion, materialized through actions and results that embody separation consciousness. When we choose to unify the fragmented parts within ourselves, we begin to see the potential for unification and transcendence everywhere.

The most common experience of duality can be perceived through the relationship with mind and heart. In our own inner dynamic of yin/yang awareness and partnership, we can see the times when we fracture, fragment, or break apart from the oneness of our inner mind/heart union. When the mind separates from the heart, we may feel polarized, split in two, or shattered into a million pieces if we can’t reconcile the gaps. Anytime we find ourselves in a strong extreme of either/or thinking, we can see the threads of separation within our mental body structure. That repetitive patterning use can wear on us, causing mental body burn out and fatigue.

Where the mind goes, we project and encode, manifesting our fabric of reality. A fragmented mind sees the fragments of the world as unreconcilable differences, inflammatory responses that pull apart the fabric at the seams. A unified mind sees the world through a lens of unity and multidimensional diversity, honoring all pieces and parts, and seeing the brilliance in the wholeness of interconnectivity. Nothing separate, nothing isolated or disconnected.

Interestingly, Gemini consciousness brings our awareness into the complex realm of multifaceted connectivity. The multifaceted orchestration of connection, communication, and integration reveals the theory that there are only 3 degrees of separation, and that every connection is a portal and a gateway to an entire universal highway of connectivity. When we live through that conscious Gemini lens, we see the world as a connected network, and we see ourselves in that universal orchestration, walking the planet within the pulse-point of relevant connection, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

When we disconnect, unplug, or resist connection, we break the thread or the dialogue that’s ever evolving and transcending through the fabric of reality. If we resist or unplug out of judgment, fear, projection, suppressed feelings or unresolved conflict, we fracture the fabric of oneness, and limit the possibilities moving forward by encoded our narrative into the fabric. When we remain connected while operating through a higher lens of transparency, truth telling, and intimacy, the fabric elevates in wisdom, clarity, and Love, and we transcend any attachments or fixed identification of the fabric itself.

In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Gemini is where we surrender the ego mind’s attachments (which can feel like death and dying to the lower mind) in order to fully realize the diamond mind, the universal mind, the unified mind. That transcendental process of accessing the universal mind requires the ultimate mind/heart union. When we fragment within our own mind/heart union, we subscribe to the conversations, beliefs, and patterns of the ego mind, which operates from separation consciousness, survival, and fear. When we unify mind/heart, transcending the perceived duality of separation, we find ourselves on the bridge of unity, the elevation of wisdom, and the higher lens of vision, the diamond lens of Truth.

In order to build sustainable bridges, we must first learn to unify within ourselves. Reconciling the inner dimensional fragments of our conscious awareness through the partnerships of mind/heart and spirit/matter, we also access a dynamic ascension point of crystalline clarity. In order to connect, we must be willing to honor both sides, all sides…and find the light within both/all. At the end of the day, there is light within All. The root system of our being-ness connects through the roots of humanity. We all have access to the unreconciled fragments, as well as the brilliant potential for enlightened unity. The truth sets us free. And the entry point to Divine Truth is through the mind/heart union, the diamond lens. From there, all is revealed.

Our ongoing practice is to consciously choose Love in Action – building bridges with our thoughts, words, and actions. Unifying instead of polarizing, and transcending any current polarized scenarios. Bridges bring us home, connecting heart to heart, soul to soul. Polarization tears us apart, until we realize that even the split can be a facilitator of unity, the deliverance and return to Love, experienced through All.

The week begins on Monday 6/12 with a Black Moon Arcturus stepping stone, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Neptune manifestation, and Pluto Sedna manifestation. There’s a lot of Black Moon activity this week, as the Great Unveiler moves swiftly forward through a grand power cross, on her way back into Leo by tomorrow. This review and reflection isn’t new on the surface, however what’s coming to light now is revelatory. When things look familiar on the surface, then reveal a completely different wave pattern and expression underneath, it’s easy to feel a little unsteady or untrusting. Surfing the waves, opening to clarity and truth is important. Whether comfortable or uncomfortable, our willingness to open unconditionally through an equanimous lens of vision allows us to see things that were previously unavailable or unnoticeable. Personal empowerment is key. The Pluto Sedna manifestation is significant unveiling of higher truth, as the veils thin and nothing can remain hidden.

On Tuesday 6/13, there’s a Black Moon Ceres resource, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Pluto bridge, Black Moon Sedna resource, then the Black Moon enters Leo. Mercury forms a great eliminator with Ixion, followed by a Jupiter Varuna stepping stone, Juno Eris resource, and Venus MakeMake resource. The Black Moon re-enters Leo, shining the brightest spotlight with generative abundance. Expansion occurs when we see through the wider lens of an open heart. Multidimensional vision transcends the tethers and attachments to fixed narratives, labels, and identities. Limitations can challenge and refine us to elevate through an open heart, and as we do, our elevation transcends any barriers or obstacles. That’s where the quantum leaps occur.

Wednesday 6/14 begins with the Black Moon intersecting the Moon’s Nodes, followed by a Mars Great Attractor manifestation, Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Mars Albion stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury resource, Black Moon Varuna communion, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Mercury Varuna resource, Black Moon MakeMake resource, and Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator. The choice point of Love is crystal clear. In every situation, we can choose Love and transcend past patterns and historic narratives, or we can collapse into muscle memory of conditioned responses that prolong separation consciousness. When we calibrate ourselves as the frequency of Love, we can see clearly through the optical illusions, elevating to higher ground, and sparking new potential to grow. The polarized tension between karma and dharma become an active bridge of transcendence when we come from Love, like a trampoline that ushers us to higher dimensions through the rebound of necessary tension. Unifying both, we stand on new ground, and the fabric of our reality starts to shift. Our full bodied presence as Love becomes the alchemical activator for transformation, every time.

On Thursday 6/15, the Black Moon communes with Venus, followed by a Black Moon Salacia manifestation, then Sedna enters Gemini for the next 43 years. Mercury forms a stepping stone with Saturn, manifests with MakeMake, and forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, then Vesta forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center. Sedna is the crystalline librarian, the cosmic record keep of the highest lens of vision and clearest mirrored reflection. When we look into a mirror, we receive feedback – a reflection of our appearance and how we’re showing up. When we look into a crystalline mirror of divine integrity, we receive feedback from our soul – a reflection that reminds us of our true nature, brilliance of Light, and frequency of soul consciousness. There’s a divine remembrance and an instant awakening that allows us to embody our Light, by seeing evidence of our brilliance, even when we lose sight. So often, we navigate the planet through distorted lenses, looking into misaligned frequencies that mirror/project the reflection of outdated social conditions, unreconciled fears, and fragmentations. Everywhere we look, there are messages and reflections of the unresolved distortions in the social fabric. When we recognize the accuracy of a crystalline mirror, the feedback penetrates the heart, speaking directly to the Truth of who we are. That mirrored reflection becomes an instant calibrator to our soul integration. Sedna’s ingress into Gemini brings that crystalline feedback from the highest origin into our mental body operating system, for holistic integration and cellular communication. When we forget who we are, our system collapses. When we remember who we are, there is a calibration of Light that amplifies our frequency, and all mistruths dissolve and release.

Friday 6/16 starts with a Black Moon Chariklo bridge, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Venus Salacia manifestation, Sun Eris resource, Chiron Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Mars communion, Mercury Salacia resource, and Neptune Vesta resource. Today uncovers the Light within our cellular structure, revealing the communication that motivates and informs our actions. If we’re willing to see ourselves in action, through the lens of an open heart, we can awaken through the misqualified patterns, and choose authenticity as a default setting. When our actions come from fear based projections or defensive programming, we can distract ourselves from what really matters, and the authentic actions we’re destined to take. As we awaken to those automatic pilot reflexes and triggered reactions, we can comb through that entanglement and get to the heart. When the heart motivates, informs, and inspires our actions, we find congruence and authenticity. Our actions gain potency and momentum, and our inner mastery develops through wisdom. The key to holistic embodiment – soul to cell – is authenticity.

On Saturday 6/17, Juno forms a bridge with the Galactic Center, Mercury finds resource with Venus, then Saturn stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Chiron manifestation. Saturn’s retrograde journey begins today, and completes on November 4th. The shadow phase began on 3/11, and recovers fully on 2/7/2024. As Saturn retrogrades through the early degrees of Pisces, it’s important to examine our limiting beliefs and doubts about ourselves and the world. Saturn is a social consciousness planet, dealing with the boundaries, contracts, definitions, and the meanings we assign socially – through our family, community, government, organizations, businesses, and institutions. The belief system behind the contract determines the available outcomes and the possibility for expansion. We can only grow according to the structure and framework of intention. When a planet goes retrograde, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate, go deeper, see behind the veils, and get into the roots of our current systems, finding opportunities for upgrades and elevation. Sustainable change requires a committed examination of what’s in the current context of the foundation, and this retrograde phase will deliver that exam.

The truth is, anything is possible, there are no limitations, unless we define and endorse limitations through our agreements – spoken or unspoken. If we want to shift the fabric of our social consciousness, we must be willing to see what’s currently in the foundation, shine light into the cracks and fragments, and transcend to higher ground. Building bridges that unify instead of polarization that rips apart. We’re all on this planet together, planting roots through this lifetime and what matters most, sharing the same resources, breathing the same air, sharing the frequency of Love. When we buy into the illusion of separation consciousness, we try to control those resources, and each other, contributing to a “mine vs yours, us vs them” mentality. When we see through the optical illusions of perceived separateness, we commit to cherishing and honoring our shared resources, on behalf of All. We align with divine purpose and intention to protect and hold sacred our shared common ground, as well as our divine diversity. When we unify through shared vision and intention, everyone benefits, and everyone thrives, everyone has permission to expand…according to their unique divine blueprint. Saturn in Pisces reminds us that there is enough for everyone, if we learn to operate through the lens of unity. No one can control the wholeness of this planet, however we all have the power and responsibility to contribute and take good care of our planet.

And Sunday 6/18 begins with the New Moon in Gemini at 12:37am ET, followed by a Neptune Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas communion, Sun Galactic Center bridge, Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Mercury Orcus stepping stone, Sun Neptune stepping stone, and Venus enters her retrograde shadow phase, preparing to station retrograde on 7/22. The New Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger – also currently traveling through the sign of Gemini.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents the Diamond Mind, Conscious Wisdom, and the multifaceted connectivity that is realized when we unify mind and heart. When the mind partners with the heart, the Messenger sees/hears/observes/communicates through the diamond lens of the awakened heart. There is universal wisdom from that channel, and the potential to slice through appearances and see beyond illusions is incredibly enhanced. When the mind and heart are separate, we experience fragmentation, preventing the highest channel of clarity and wisdom from being realized.

Through the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, we activate a bridge of transcendental mind/body freedom…seeing beyond the illusions of separation and fragmentation, and seeing the multifaceted connectivity of all things, beyond time and space. That universal mind brings us into the realm of experiential and embodied freedom – accessing quantum leaps that take us light years ahead of the repetitive motion we’ve been conditioned to continue. That quantum leap is a breath of fresh air, and once we see clearly, we can’t forget what we know. New experiences become anchored into our muscle memory, and a new grid system activates.

When the mind is clear, we see clearly. When the mind is spinning, overactive, burned out, or fractured, we see that repetitive patterning woven through the fabric of our reality. Sometimes it’s not about choosing option A of option B, it’s about seeing through the patterning that includes option A and B, and freeing ourselves from the matrix of limitation. Freeing the mind is the ultimate liberation, and the ultimate transcendence. Surrendering the mind to the heart takes that freedom to a divine octave of Universal Oneness.

The Gemini New Moon is conjunct Juno, in a bridge with the Galactic Center, and in a grand wisdom cross with Ceres and Neptune. There’s also a finger of God aspect including Sedna, Vesta, Astraea, Uranus, and Pallas. And of course, the degree of this New Moon in Gemini is conjunct the degree of Mars’ recent retrograde station, and a part of the grand air manifestation involving Arcturus and the Saturn/Venus new cycle from 1/23/2023. Talk about connecting the dots for the ultimate quantum leap and new beginning of higher consciousness, manifesting through our embodied experience. There’s a new way of being human, in our bodies, soul to cell crystalline integration, the embodiment of Divine Love through our awakened divine blueprint. There’s a new way of living together on this planet, sharing space, collaborating – in a way that expands and elevates our potential for growth through abundance and sustainability. This New Moon in Gemini offers the transcendental bridge towards a new realization through the mind/body connection, the wisdom of where we’ve been that delivers us to higher ground, ready for new growth, and new horizons. Transcendence occurs in a nanosecond, the moment we choose it and believe it.

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The practice this week is to choose unification, building bridges, connecting heart to heart, being Love in Action. Love as a frequency unifies, awakening the bridge that connects the dots, the stream of consciousness that flows through every breath and every heart. The word “Namaste” means the light in me sees the light in you. When we put that word into a committed daily practice, we start to bridge the gaps from previous separation, unifying through the ongoing presence of Love, heart to heart. There is light in every one of us, and when we choose to see it, we can consciously connect through the frequency of Love. When we disconnect, deny, fragment, or polarize, we deny the universal current of Love that is ever present, always.

“In the heart of a human being, emptiness becomes love. When we touch that source, instantly Love is present. Literally, the divine becomes human and the human becomes divine.”

– Adyashanti

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