Weekly Navigation Report: June 10 – 16, 2024


Week of June 10 – 16, 2024

This week offers a transcendental bridge of evolutionary potential, exploring opportunities to build bridges that unify polarities.  We’re ultimately launching through the active gateway of higher wisdom that delivers a brand new experience of Unity, Oneness, and Truth. Our willingness to surrender ego attachments, positions, and fixed assumptions is key.


When we get attached to our position or fixed mindset, we can only see from that limited perspective, which is never fully aligned with the highest Truth. The more fixed we get in defending/proving our position, or pushing our own agenda, the more rigid and inflammatory we become, and the more convoluted a situation can become. It’s not always about proving a point or making sure others hear us; it’s about making sure we’re consciously living through a lens of awakened wholeness, especially through our own blind spots. If we can begin to recognize our fixed patterning as an indicator (and even an invitation) to open and attune to higher consciousness, we can begin to unveil and awaken a higher bridge to Unity.  Everything changes when we enter that field of Oneness.


That higher bridge (the high road) is transcendental. It’s not a linear “either/or” conversation, or a “Me versus You”, “Us vs Them” narrative, in fact, it’s not a binary bridge at all. The bridge to Unity is holistic, multidimensional, fractal, and experiential in nature. We can’t think our way through to solve a conflict, we must journey through the realms of perceived oppositional conflict within ourselves to find the doorway to higher Truth, then we become the medicine.  The conflict dissolves within us as we integrate and embody the wisdom.


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We can start by taking responsibility for whatever we observe, that whatever we might be judging is actually reflecting a part of our unconscious self (or our belief system) that needs to be fully awakened and integrated. That process of awakened integration opens the doors to transcendental unification, and ultimately a greater realization of Oneness.


Moment to moment, our ordinary organic experiences are like a multidimensional kaleidoscope, unveiling the complex matrix of our inner operating system/matrix of our belief system, which reveals the opportunities to see ourselves clearly (inner and outer, from a collaborative lens of I/We/All). There’s nothing “out there” to fix, understand, or change. The alchemical transformation we’re seeking is located within our own awareness, then manifested through the actions we take as a result of that conscious awareness.  A powerful moment of Truth can shift our entire reality on a dime, catapulting us into a higher realm and new dimension of consciousness. It’s important to remember, 3D separates and 5D Unifies.  Until we fully embody 5D consciousness, we’re oscillating between the dimensions through our perceptions, reactions, and manifestations.  


As long as we continue taking action based on a polarized mindset of black and white extremes, we unconsciously perpetuate the karmic residue that eventually needs to be cleared, and can only be dissolved from a higher lens of Truth (Divine Love). The lower density residue begins to calcify like rubberized toxic plaque, embedded in the foundation of our root system and through the arteries of our greater circulatory system, blocking the flow of Light and the greater realization of Love that connects us All. The frequency of Divine Love dissolves the calcification that has limited our realization of Oneness. Love is always the answer.  Love Unifies. Fear separates. 


As we dissolve the residue of calcified density from our roots and foundation, we begin to open the space for translucence, revealing new expressions, new contracts, and new ways of being through a shared space of collaborative Unity. It’s a whole new world, and anything is possible. The New Earth is a manifestation of that collaborative shared space, and we’re choosing it in every conscious moment.  


The week begins on Monday 6/10 with a Mercury Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Great Attractor bridge, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Astraea Moon Salacia manifestation, and Black Moon Jupiter manifestation. Astraea is a huge player this week, offering an elevation in consciousness that takes us to higher dimensions of restorative potential to see beyond any karmic patterns and residue that’s been historically stuck in our roots. That restorative clearing delivers a higher calling to create new possibilities from Love. There’s expansion when we remember who we are, why we’re here, and why it matters. That Light can move mountains and clear the deepest patterns of density in an instant, if we choose it.


On Tuesday 6/11, there’s a Venus Chiron resource, Venus Pallas great eliminator, Mars Pluto stepping stone, followed by a Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, and Black Moon Pluto manifestation. The potential for transformation is off the charts today. When we access inner mastery accrued from any core wound or historic trauma, we can consciously integrate any experience through the heart for a greater realization of wholeness. Our personal mastery activates a bridge that takes us to new dimensions, and wisdom becomes the medicine that inspires new actions and new possibilities. We’re not bound to repeat the past when we chose to create from a higher seat of conscious wisdom.


Wednesday 6/12 reveals a Chiron Pallas great eliminator, Saturn Ceres resource, Black Moon Sedna manifestation, followed by a Mercury Ceres great eliminator, Mercury Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Virgo and forms a bridge with Neptune, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Pallas. Today delivers experiential learning through any core experience that requires mastery. If we resist the uncomfortable moments that challenge us, we may miss the opportunity to fine tune through filtration and elimination.  When we embrace our situations and experiences that call forth higher growth and learning, we develop and refine our greatest qualities, which expands holistically.


On Thursday 6/13, there’s a Sun Chiron resource, followed by a Vesta Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus Eris resource, Mercury Pallas great eliminator, and Mercury Chiron resource. The Chiron activations this week are significant in attuning our higher mind’s capacity to focus on the mastery through any familiar experience of historic wounds. If the mind gets triggered by familiar patterns, take a deep breath and elevate through the unified mind/heart field, in order to access the higher road to transcendence – without disconnecting or fragmenting.  It takes courage to be present and open while stretching through the inner dimensions of awareness, in order to see something new and access higher wisdom.  The moment of truth instantly sheds and dissolves lifetimes of old debris, clearing the mind and awakening Truth from the heart.


Friday 6/14 unlocks an Astraea North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Astraea South Node (karmic) resource, followed by a Sun Mercury conjunction, Venus Galactic Center bridge, and Black Moon Venus stepping stone. Today’s Venus Galactic Center bridge offers the transcendental gateway to higher learning, through the higher realization of Unity and Love. When we see through the ego’s layers of protection, and the stories that validate the need for that protection, we can uncover higher wisdom that takes us to new dimensions, beyond fear. Everything comes from Love, and everything returns to Love….there is only Love.


On Saturday 6/15, Mercury and Eris find resource, followed by an Orcus Great Attractor stepping stone, Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Sun Eris resource, Mars Ixion manifestation, and Mercury Galactic Center bridge. As the heart awakens higher truth, the mind can track and observe that journey, bringing our full blown awareness and consciousness through any moment of awakening. When we see the brilliant essence of who we are, through the divine activation of our soul’s blueprint, everything suddenly starts to make sense, in a way we can understand and integrate.  Finding peace in the clarity, we can take action from that higher knowing.  Right action becomes our most authentic expression as the conscious response of Love in any situation we’re navigating.  


And Sunday 6/16 starts with a Black Moon Sun stepping stone, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus manfiestation, followed by an Astraea Juno subtle intimacy aspect, Jupiter Ixion great eliminator, Venus Neptune stepping stone, and Mars Gonggong resource. More being revealed today, and every unfolding is an awakening. It’s important to follow the threads, connecting the dots, while dissolving the illusions that have historically held together the fabric of our reality. As the density clears, we find ourselves opening unconditionally to Light – within and without. Whatever it takes for us to see clearly, the journey is a reflection of our willingness to choose Love. In times of discomfort or disorientation, Love reminds us to ride the wave and remain unconditionally open.


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation. Find a full length mirror, and take a seat. Set the timer for 10 minutes (or longer), soften your gaze, and be present. Let go of the need to “see something profound”, and simply be present with your own reflection. No judgment, no attachments, no resistance.n Breathing in through your nose, let the exhale release from your mouth. Notice where the mind goes through the 10 minute practice. Notice when the mind disconnects and travels into story, to do lists, or historic conversations. Gently bring the mind back to the current moment, opening your heart unconditionally to the experience, and start again. When the mind starts criticizing, complaining, or getting tired, remind yourself of the magic available in each moment, in the cosmic reflection through the mirror. Let yourself open, unconditionally.  Not by thinking, but simply by being present, aware, and available. Unify the inner and outer expressions through your own gaze.  

“If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.”

Alan Watts


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