Weekly Navigation Report: July 8 – 14, 2024


Week of July 8 – 14, 2024

The week ahead delivers profound gear shifts and directional pivots, inviting an unattached equanimous lens of discernment and higher wisdom.  Change is in the air, and a higher calling is propelling the choice points as they appear.  Tuning into a higher navigation system matters, through the guiding Light of the awakened heart.  


Recognizing the patterns we’ve outgrown while shedding attachments (and orientation points) to old muscle memory, we begin to fully realize and embrace the path that’s calling us forward.  Change requires courage, and surrender through the higher lens of the heart.  When we can’t yet see the available options for the next new expression, the heart guides the way toward a higher vision.  Attuning to the Light in periods of confusion or darkness is essential.


As with any journey through a birthing canal, there are contractions that initiate and facilitate movement.  If we resist the discomfort or label it with divisive judgment, we may inadvertently hold ourselves back, stagnant within the very moment of deliverance.  When every instinct is calling for evolution, it’s time to grow. If we only allow ourselves to grow in the ways we’ve already accessed and developed, that growth produces more of the same.  A time for quantum leaps and conscious change can ultimately take us to new ground; higher ground manifesting from a higher vision.  


This week offers the midpoint between the recent Cancer New Moon on 7/5 and the next Capricorn Full Moon in 7/21.  A lot can happen in a week, and a lot can change in the blink of an eye.  The systems and structures that may be dissolving now are clearing a path for new potential.  The more spontaneous the pivot, the more dramatic and dynamic the calling.  Conscious presence and conscious action is essential.  


Throughout the course of this week, Pallas stations direct, Salacia stations retrograde, Haumea stations direct, and Venus enters Leo…all before the upcoming meeting of Mars and Uranus on 7/15 and Mercury entering his shadow phase on 7/16.  The application and integration of higher wisdom is necessary in any crossroads we find ourselves navigating.  With the integration of wisdom, we must also attune to a higher calling, and any leap of faith must reflect the clarity of Universal Truth.


The Truth is, every option is available, always…but not every option is aligned in the current moment, exactly the way we’re seeing it.  The current lens of vision and state of consciousness that’s motivating any choice point matters.  When we surrender our polarized “black or white, right or wrong” thinking, we can honor the wholeness of all possibilities, while allowing the highest attunement to be revealed and discerned. When we harmonize ourselves with divine timing, the laws and cycles of nature, and Universal Love, we begin to find cohesive resonance with the greatest potential, feeling our way through until the resolution is crystal clear.  


Coming back to the core of what matters most, from the heart, we can choose with wisdom, not fear.  We can allow ourselves to be divinely guided, and not react out of fear based limiting thoughts, trying to manufacture temporary solutions from old paradigms that only perpetuate past narratives.  


New ground requires innovation; and anything new must also stand upon a solid foundation of integrity, wisdom, and Truth in order to be sustainable.  We’re dissolving and building at the same time; dying and rebirthing simultaneously, while remaining equanimous, present, and unattached…open and available to the current moment, and what matters most.  Remember, in 5D, portals and crossroads unify, not separate.  Even a radical moment of change holds the possibility of unifying past, present, and future, in the current expression.  When we realize the multidimensional “time portals” we’re each navigating, we can find clarity through the confusion, recognizing what’s coming to completion and what’s being birthed anew.  There’s nothing to “figure out” if we can allow our gaze to continuously elevate through the awakened heart.


The week begins on Monday 7/8 with a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon MakeMake communion, Venus Uranus resource, Sun Chariklo great eliminator, and Mercury Jupiter resource.  In a higher accordance of Universal law and order, there is only Oneness, and sustainable change must reflect Unity Consciousness. There’s an activation of the heart that ignites empowerment, and any unnecessary distractions must dissolve through the filtration of wisdom in order to expand and deliver a higher message of Truth.  When distractions take center stage, the Truth becomes scattered.  Now is a time for potency, brilliance, and elevation of messaging.


On Tuesday 7/9, there’s a Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Salacia manifestation, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, followed by a Vesta Quaoar great eliminator, Vesta MakeMake resource, and Pallas stations direct.  Pallas’ station facilitates a still point of dynamic alchemical wisdom.  When we integrate and apply the wisdom gained from previous experiences, there is new growth.  When we ignore the wisdom from pivotal experiences, we blind ourselves to what we don’t want to see, inevitably repeating the past. The integration requires a higher lens of consicousness that can elevate beyond the current story, seeing through a higher dimension of clarity, through a balanced mind/heart union.  Wisdom elevates us through maturity and grace, refining our mastery and unlocking the highest potential in each moment.  


Wednesday 7/10 reveals a Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Ceres great eliminator, and Sun Saturn manifestation.  There’s a deliverance of blessings if we can attune ourselves with the Light and dissolve any lower minded fear-based attachments to negativity.  A narrow mind closes off the potential to recognize Truth, while an open mind expands through the empowered possibilities for new growth.  When we communicate through a higher lens of authenticity, we align ourselves with the creative flow of Universal abundance.  Anything is possible.  


On Thursday 7/11, Salacia stations retrograde, followed by a Venus Neptune manifestation, Sun Pallas manifestation, Mercury Great Attractor manifestation, then Venus enters Leo and forms a stepping stone with Haumea.  Another still point of dynamic potential, inviting us to remember the divine essence of who we are and our capacity for enlightened clarity as our birth rite.  When things look murky or convoluted, it’s best to elevate the lens of filtration to a higher frequency of Light.  From there, all things are revealed, crystal clear.  As Venus enters Leo, the heart shines as bright as the Sun.  It’s important to remember, the heart is a multidimensional portal, giving access to higher power, soul communion, and divine presence.  When the heart is open, we find ourselves operating from an authentic expression of Divine Love, which is fiercely potent and powerful beyond measure.


Friday 7/12 begins with a Venus Sedna resource, Venus Pluto bridge, Mercury Albion stepping stone, and Sun Juno resource.  As the bringer of Light, the awakened heart has the capacity to navigate any situation, even through the dark night of the soul, illuminating the shadows and revealing Truth.  As an awakener of potential, the heart can light up the world in the most unexpected ways.  Our most powerful practice is to keep the heart open and remember who we are; not just when it’s easy or convenient, but as a conscious practice, unconditionally.  Today is a powerful reminder to ourselves and each other that Love is always the way.  


On Saturday 7/13, Mercury forms a bridge with Chariklo, followed by a Black Moon Venus resource.  Remember, in 5D, bridges unify.  Light is a unifier, and any messages of Light (Truth) can serve as bridges that restore oneness and integrity, strengthening a foundation of stability, even in moments of uncertainty through radical change and transformation.  Transparency is key.


And On Sunday 7/14, there’s a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, then Haumea stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect.  The Black Moon retrogrades into Virgo, followed by a Jupiter Salacia resource, and Vesta Salacia manifestation.  Haumea’s station offers yet another profound still point of wholeness, reminding us of the creative potential in all things, in all situations, especially in the moments that we may not be able to recognize it from surface level appearances.  The void (darkness) is simply a womb of infinite potential, waiting to be awakened and illuminated.  In times of confusion, chaos, or darkness, be the Light that awakens a higher vision, and allow that Vision to fully manifest. Shifting our belief system to embrace the wholeness of all moments (not just the ones we like or feel comfortable in) allows us to remain creative and empowered through the vastness of our journey.  


The practice this week is a walking meditation.  Practice outdoors in nature, barefoot if possible (indoors is also fine).  Place the palms of your hands together at your heart in prayer position (namaste), take a deep breath in, and take a step.  With every inhale and exhale, take a conscious step, pausing between breaths to calibrate the still point of integration.  Let your awareness open unconditionally through the presence of your heart, and let that heart centered presence motivate each and every step you take.  Every step is conscious communion with the Earth and All beings, and every breath is the exchange of Unity and Love.  Slow down your normal rate of motion, and focus on the still points, the pivots, the integration points, and the holistic oneness in each continuous movement.


“Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?”



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  1. I am facing sn open heart operation next week and eill use your navigations for my healing. Happy to be back

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      Sending so much Love to you, wishing you ease and grace through the operation next week, and gentle healing of your heart! Xo

  2. Thank you, today’s callibartin was perfect for my heart! Do I understand correctly that I just signed up and paid for todays and tomorrows session only?

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