Weekly Navigation Report: July 31 – August 6, 2023


Week of July 31 – August 6, 2023

The Lion’s Gate portal is officially open, amplifying the increasing volume of Light this entire week, building potency through the peak on 8/8, through the closure on 8/12.  This week’s Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/1 reveals and reflects that incredible potency of Light, as the bearer of new consciousness awakening the hearts of All.   Electric, eccentric, and fiercely unapologetic…when lightning strikes, awakening occurs.


The mechanism/messenger of awakening is less important than the Light that’s revealed within each and every one of us when we wake up to our divine nature and embody our Light.  Whatever it takes – paddles to the heart, unexpected curveballs that get us out of our habitual slumbered state and familiar grooves, magnificent downloads of cosmic frequencies that wow us out of our status quo and into higher frequencies of Love – whatever it takes.  The moment of awakening is here.  There’s no avoiding or pretending when that lightning bolt strikes.  There’s only Light.  Massive amounts of Light.


When the lights come on, we start to see what’s been there all along, right in front of us.  That illumination reveals crystalline clarity, and can be a game changer to our day to day norms and trajectory of our current progression.  When we’re committed to sticking out the course we think is real, and suddenly get shaken off that path and delivered to a higher octave, the realizations become crystal clear, and the authentic alignment reveals wisdom.  There are moments in time when the universe nudges that alignment, whether we think we’re choosing it or not.  Our divine guidance mechanism delivers the attunement that facilitates the unexpected….and that unexpected experience is the medicine of awakening.  It doesn’t matter what it takes to wake up, what matters is that we do.  And the Aquarian Full Moon will unapologetically stop at nothing to get our full attention.  It’s time.


This week’s Lunar Event is part of the grand air manifestation (trine) with Chariklo, Astraea, Ceres, and MakeMake.  When the conversation we’re living in (embodying) keeps us held in the status quo of our limitations or blindspots, a bolt of lightning comes along and shakes loose the tethers, unearthing us from the gravity and anchors of our story (old skin), elevating us to higher ground through a new lens of vision.  A new possibility emerges from a higher dimension of consciousness.  That higher lens of vision is the ultimate lens of Divine Love, the eye of God, the center of the Universe, the diamond lens of awakened Truth.  From there, everything shifts, and the higher vision begins to manifest right before our eyes, from the core of our being.


If we’ve become distracted by a calling other than our own, we may find ourselves navigating some unexpected pivots this week that eventually nudge us onto the path of the heart, the true calling of our Soul.  If we’re walking in someone else’s shoes, tip-toeing or apologizing for the ways our divine authenticity goes against the grain or rubs people the wrong way, now is the time to be illuminated by the true knowing of who we are, and why it matters to claim ourselves in this moment in time.  It’s time to bring our most authentic awakened self into the spotlight, onto center stage, beyond the old hiding places, comfort zones, or limiting social agreements.  The alarm clock is buzzing, unleashing the higher calling.  If we ignore or tune out, preferring our continued slumber, eventually that wake-up call gets loud and rude, in a way that can’t be ignored.  It’s not personal, it’s just what’s required to overcome the noise and get our attention.  That’s when the tuning fork appears, bearing cosmic frequencies of new consciousness into our cells for embodied integration.


We can’t pretend we don’t see the divine messages written in the stars within our own heart.   Our authenticity matters, and the path of the heart is calling us forth in unexpected ways.  To say Yes with courage and vulnerability, to step into the mystery of the uncertain terrain and the unknown potential, requires trust and faith of a much higher octave than our traditional attachments to security.  Logic can’t take us where we’re going, although the precision of the diamond mind is a helpful tool in navigating the unfamiliar transitions.  Our willingness to find comfort in the discomfort as we take the vertical leap into uncharted dimensions, without bypassing or leaving behind any aspects of our wholeness along the way.


The awakened visionary sees through the lens of the Universal Heart, attuning to the highest vision that has yet to manifest or even make sense on the ground.  If we think we need to see proof before believing, we will hold ourselves back from the epic unfolding that is right here, right now.  The creative potential is within, not without.  When we shift our gaze and elevate our frequency, we attune to a higher channel of visionary Light, seeing into the creative potential of the universe, as the divine portal within our own heart.  Love is the key to access that gateway, and Love is the mechanism of transformation and transcendence.


The week begins on Monday 7/31 with a Black Moon Chiron manifestation, Sun MakeMake resource, Venus Galactic Center manifestation (2nd of 3), followed by a Pallas Salacia great eliminator and then the Moon enters Aquarius overnight.  Shining light into our deepest core wounds, we begin to see what’s on the other side.  What matters is on the other side, and the only way out is through.  Transcendence requires embodiment, without stopping at the muscle memory of old experiences.  There’s creative potential on the other side, if we can soften our gaze and allow the brightest light to permeate the density.  When we get triggered or charged, we can either react to the discomfort and pull away, or embrace the moment, celebrate the awakening, and courageously stretch into our mastery.  The truth is, we are limitless.  When confronting an old limitation or historic stopping point, take a deep breath of the abundant light that’s available today, and shine through the limitation into the liberation of what’s on the other side.  Breakthroughs occur when we meet the moment and see beyond the story.


On Tuesday 8/1, we enter the “8” vibration of August, as the Moon turns full at 2:31pm ET, followed by a Mars Jupiter manifestation, Mercury Saturn bridge, and Mars Orcus new cycle/conjunction.  The “8” vibration amplifies the potency of the Lion’s Gate activation through the infinity pattern of sustainable power that flows within and without, above and below.  As we allow the downloads of Light into our holistic system, we become generators of Light amplifying the downloads through a crystalline grid.   Today’s Mercury Saturn bridge offers the holistic attunement through our 4 body system and through the cosmic ocean of oneness.  Love is the Law, Love is the language, and Love is the way.


The Full Moon in Aquarius ushers massive Light into our planet and our cells.  Ruled by Uranus (currently in Taurus, ruled by Venus who is currently in Leo, ruled by the Sun), this Aquarian Full Moon awakens the divine authentic expression of the heart, and offers courageous visibility of the Soul.  Aquarian consciousness has been referred to as the water bearer in classical astrology, and in 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the Awakener, ushering electricity through that water bearers’ channel, shaking up the status quo in order to elevate the frequency of Love and shift the consciousness on the planet, on behalf of All.  Aquarian consciousness is universal, non-local, and non-personal.  In order to awaken the planet, the lens of vision must be calibrated to equality, unity, and Divine Love.  We are One, and when One heart awakens, we all benefit.  When Love is alive in the atmosphere, we all breathe it.


While Aquarius is a very social sign, oftentimes the Aquarian nature of awakening can ruffle feathers and make the status quo uncomfortable.  In order to shift the game on the planet, we must be willing to let go of our current comfort zone, the fixed attachments to what we’ve known and where we’ve been.  A moment of truth in a divine wake-up call can be inconvenient, requiring a radical shift from our normal operating procedures in order to pivot and elevate in spontaneous fashion.  The Aquarian Full Moon will deliver some unexpected surprises that require us to shift our normal ways of operating, in order to awaken new consciousness within and without.


When we shake up the repetitive patterns and grooves, we untether the social fabric from old agreements, narratives, and limiting paradigms, revealing the spaciousness for new consciousness to emerge, ushering new ideas, cutting edge innovation, and progressive solutions and possibilities.  The atmosphere becomes alive and electric with new frequencies and downloads of Light.  That electric atmosphere can destabilize the status quo, which can feel off putting for some, but eventually reveals higher ground and a new foundation that elevates and benefits All.  When we feel change in the air, it’s time to elevate.  Opportunities for change invite new consciousness into the empty spaces, ensuring we don’t repeat the past in the next chapter ahead.  When we awaken to the divine truth of our Soul and the purpose of our embodied participation in this lifetime, we begin to step into the empty spaces – unapologetically, with fierce clarity and the willingness to open unconditionally to a higher frequency of Love as the air we breathe and the Light we shine.  Allowing our authentic Selves to shine has never been more important.  Honoring the unique calling of the Soul to harness and align our undivided attention is everything.


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Wednesday 8/2 offers a Uranus Juno resource, Sun Salacia manifestation, Mars Great Attractor stepping stone, and Mercury Quaoar manifestation.  The awakening of humanity is reflected in the atmosphere and written in the stars.  If we look only at the current expression in physical form, we can’t see the full story yet.  When we soften our gaze and look into the invisible realms of unmanifested potential, we begin to see what’s always been there, ready to take shape and take action.  It matters that we tune to a higher channel of guidance and wisdom for the newness and evolutionary potential that’s unfolding.  The current story in our status quo reflects the past, the muscle memory of where we’ve been and the ripple effects of our history.  When we look through the awakened heart, through the diamond lens of the universal mind, we can see clearly the greater wave patterns and initiations that invoke and evoke higher consciousness in the current moment.  While that visionary story appears unwritten and unmanifested, the activations are crystal clear, already in our bones.


On Thursday 8/3, there’s a Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, Pallas Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Chariklo bridge, followed by a Black Moon Astraea resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, Jupiter Orcus manifestation, then Mercury enters his pre-shadow phase at 8 Virgo, and Mars manifests with Albion.  There’s stability in the higher ground that’s in the invisible atmosphere, the newness that’s manifesting through the current moment.  That higher vision already holds the new consciousness and downloads of Divine Love within the new foundation for our social fabric of collaborative co-creation in the new Earth.  We’re birthing it as we go, and yet the template has already been activated.   Through the thinning of the veils and communion with the infinite, we’re awakening and remembering what brought us here in the first place, and why it matters that we fully embody through that vision of Light.  Today is a day for radical expansion through the invisible realms of un-manifested potential.  As we remember how to manifest by living into the figure 8 infinity loop pattern of yin/yang, above/below, within/without, invisible/visible, we unlock the floodgates to realize the highest vision right before our eyes, and the portal of creation within our hearts.


Friday 8/4 starts with a Black Moon Sun communion, followed by a Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Chariklo bridge, and then Venus manifests with Eris (2nd of 3).  All eyes are on the Light, and as we remember the Light that we are, we give ourselves permission to reveal the Light within.  Turning ourselves inside out, divine intimacy allows the light we carry deep within to shine forth, manifesting throughout.  Our most authentic expression and embodied soul realization is the Light within, expressed equally throughout.  The integration of inner and outer facilitates the alignment that resonates when our insides match our outsides, and the heart is wide open as the portal of unification.  Nothing hidden, nothing separate, full transparency and full bodied illumination.  Today’s Venus Eris manifestation stretches the heart beyond comfort or convenience, and delivers the innermost raw vulnerable truth as the embodied skin we’re living in.  When we embody the heart, there’s nothing to hide, and there’s no pretending or denying our deepest truth.  We’re living our highest vision, fully aligned Soul to Cell.


On Saturday 8/5, the Black Moon manifests with Salacia, followed by a Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, Jupiter Ceres great eliminator, and Ceres Great Attractor resource.   Today is a day of deliverance.  Through the birthing canal of our current situations, we’re expanding and stretching beyond any historic limitations we’ve ever encountered before.  As we shed our skin and transcend the past, we become birthed into a new expansion of possibility and creative potency.  It’s important to remember, the only limitations that exist are the ones in our own mind.  The truth is, we are limitless, in every way.  When we believe this to be true, our reality shifts on a dime.  That’s the transcendental birthing canal we’re being ushered through today.


And Sunday 8/6 reveals a Black Moon MakeMake resource, followed by a Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna communion, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Juno Eris stepping stone, Sun Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Great Attractor manifestation, and Jupiter Great Attractor great eliminator.   So much unveiling and revealing today, layers peeling back and dissolving, divine truth emerging and awakening.  The choice to expand is up to us, and requires trust and faith to let go and take the leap.  When we believe in the magic of the limitless realm, we find the inner faith and knowing that anything is possible, always.  Letting go of attachments to outcomes, it’s time to take that leap of faith and stretch into the unknown.


The practice this week is from The 4 Agreements – don’t take anything personally.  The Aquarian shake ups and spontaneous wake up calls aren’t personal, they’re revolutionary invitations to shift gears and elevate to higher frequency and higher lens of consciousness.  When we take things personally, we engage in the local story of our current situations or scenarios.  We can get bent out of shape, distracted, and even hurt by the lightning strikes that are occurring on the planet these days.  Remember, the theme of awakening is an invitation, a higher calling from our Soul.  When we let go of the personal reactions to what feels comfortable or uncomfortable, expected or unexpected, intentional or unintentional, we free ourselves to be in the moment, tuned into the higher frequencies of downloads that are readily available, pouring in like liquid Light.  Honor the unexpected, celebrate the moments of discomfort, lean in to all of it, and allow the divine magic to shake up the sedentary patterns of dense energy into a snowglobe of crystalline Light…and dance.

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” ~ Rumi



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