Weekly Navigation Report: July 24 – 30, 2023


Week of July 24 – 30, 2023

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime, the full blown healing path of the awakened heart.  With Venus officially retrograde through 9/3 and Chiron now retrograde through 12/26, the heart is calling us into the fire (light) for the most divine authentic expression of our awakened Self.  What matters most is staying open through all that’s occurring, and tuning into the heart as the divine messaging system.   Whatever comes up during this time is an initiation, bringing us home and calling us forth….to embrace and embody our awakened mastery.  It’s time.


With the Sun newly in Leo, we’re calibrating the dignified aspects of the Sun within ourselves.  Leo is the fire sign of Emotional Love, the calibrating force of generative energy that shines as bright as the Sun – our authentic expression of sustainable Light.  When we choose to open unconditionally, we offer our Light to the world, without censoring or compromising the inherent frequency of Love that we are.  When we pull back, shut down, disconnect, or withdraw, that divine expression of Light becomes hidden within, and feels separate from the rest of the world.  True sustainability requires an open portal that allows the ebb and flow, the figure 8 pattern of the infinity loop, in constant motion, continuous expression.   Within and without, above and below.


The Sun shines 24/7 because it’s the nature of the sun to shine.  Not because it tries or pushes really hard, but because the Sun is a source of vital life force energy, sustainable fuel, inspiration, and Light that makes all things visible.  When we find our inner spark of Light that is unwavering and unconditional, the aspect of our Light that is unmistakably our most authentic expression, we find our greatest contribution and service on the planet.  When we offer ourselves fully, through the Light of our divine beingness – without needing to push, force, or try harder – we begin to tap into a sustainable current of generosity.  In order to remain unconditionally open, we must learn to navigate our day-to-day unfoldings with gratitude, looking for the blessing in all that’s occurring, even if we can’t see it on the outer surface yet.


Looking for the blessing in all situations means that sometimes We are the blessing in the situation, the organic manifestation of Light.  If we shut down because things look bleak around us, we forget that we’re the gift in that moment, and our open-hearted presence matters.  If we pull back, disconnect, or go on automatic pilot as a reaction to the denser scenarios around us, we forget who we are and collapse into the status quo of the situation.  Remember, the Sun shines 24/7, consistently, no matter what.  There may be clouds that cover the sky, creating the illusion of darkness or separations, however that Light is still present, Always.  When we honor our Light within, and look for the Light above, we become the initiation of Love in the situations around us.


Walking the planet with an open heart takes courage, honoring the vulnerability and transparency witnessed within each moment – within and without.  As Venus retrogrades through the sign of Leo, manifesting with Chiron retrograding through Aries, we’re all embarking on an epic journey of awakening.  The open heart becomes the portal of Self Realization, inviting us into the unexplored, unrealized expressions of Self – at the personal level, cosmic level, and Soul level.  The questions these days are esoteric and spiritual:  who am I beyond the labels, roles, narratives, and identities?  What’s awakening in me through the current challenge or healing crisis?  Who am I becoming in my most authentic expression?  Who am I in the world, and who am I as the world?

The week begins on Monday 7/24 as Venus begins moving from her station while manifesting with the North Node (dharmic), and a Ceres Salacia bridge forming the tail of a kite with MakeMake, Astraea, and Chariklo.   The heart is moving us into the deeper dimensions, for Self realization.   It matters that we attune towards our inner most calling of the heart, as a divine messaging system is coming online.  We are part of the greater orchestration that is unfolding through time/space, and our willingness to open unconditionally through the heart activates the gateway to higher ground.


On Tuesday 7/25, the Black Moon turns retrograde at 1 Virgo, followed by a Mercury Eris manifestation, Sun Ixion great eliminator, and Pallas Quaoar manifestation.  Today is the 3rd of 3 7:7:7 gateways in the month of July.  There’s a massive inner awakening that ultimately takes us through the heart, elevating through higher frequencies of Love, and integrating holistically through the 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Watch the tendency to bypass or override and experiences of discomfort or disharmony, as those symptoms are divine messengers for a higher attunement.  When we ignore those symptoms, they progress into louder wake up calls that can’t be ignored.  There’s wisdom unveiling and unfolding through every experience, and our willingness to honor the full bodied experience from a universal lens yields epic transformation.


Wednesday 7/26 begins with an Astraea Ceres manifestation, followed by a Mars Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, then the Black Moon re-enters Leo, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Neptune, and Vesta forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  When we soften our gaze from the physical realm attachment/orientation to realize a higher frequency of elevated unity, we begin to see the dynamic orchestration in motion.  Things are not as they appear on the surface, and the local story is always transcended by a higher octave of Love.  Elevating through the higher conversation of Love delivers us to higher ground.  That elevation requires an open heart and open mind.


On Thursday 7/27, there’s a Mercury Venus conjunction including the Black Moon.  The Black Moon is also manifesting with the North Node (dharmic) in a great eliminator with Pluto, and a resource with Haumea.  Chiron forms a stepping stone with Juno, followed by a Mercury Haumea resource, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, and Pluto Haumea stepping stone.   Today’s mind/heart union sparks an authentic unveiling of ascension potential.  Any time mind and heart unify and calibrate, there’s potential for awakening and transcendence, of the highest order.  An open heart is required, and a present mind willing to see through the diamond lens of awakened Love is key.  It happens in a nanosecond, and the alchemical transformation is out of this world.  Our willingness to let go of what we think we know, surrendering our attachments to who we think we are, reveals the greatest awakening of the truth of who we really are.  Self realization is everything, and when we realize our Awakened Self as the infinite universal source of Love, we remember our true nature and creative potential.


Friday 7/28 reveals a Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, Astraea Chariklo manifestation, South Node (karmic) conjunction with Haumea, followed by a Vesta Great Attractor bridge, Ceres Chariklo manifestation, then Mercury enters Virgo.  Then Mars forms a great eliminator with Chariklo, followed by a Mercury Sedna stepping stone, and Sun Saturn great eliminator.  More unveiling and clarity arising through the confusion.   When we elevate above the local story and see through the higher dimension of unified vision, all is revealed crystal clear.  There’s a stabilization of higher ground today that allows for new frequencies to ground.  If we look outside of ourselves for evidence, we may feel discouraged.  Look within, and trust the process.  Higher ground is realized within first, then manifested outward.


On Saturday 7/29, the Black Moon manifests with Eris, followed by a Varuna Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, and Mars Astraea stepping stone.   Unveiling the inner awakener, opening unconditionally to the messages coming online within, from an open heart.  If we judge or resist anything that might be arising from deep within, we miss the message and miss the opportunity to transcend and transform.  Our capacity to see through an elevated lens of universal mind is increasingly potent.  If we stay in the local story, or relate through the physical attachments or interpretations, we miss the brilliance and beauty of newness being revealed.  Every breath is unprecedented, even if our muscle memory activates an old narrative from past experiences.  When we awaken through the illusions held in the old matrix, we begin to see through and beyond to a higher dimension of reality.  Anything is possible from there.


And Sunday 7/30 begins with a Sun Quaoar great eliminator, followed by a Sun Varuna new cycle, Venus Neptune great eliminator (2nd of 3), and Mercury Ixion manifestation.  Shining as bright as the Sun, we are illuminating and elevating through a higher lens of vision.  The brightest light permeates through all dimensions, and all is revealed and made crystal clear.  When the heart is open, our capacity to shine is elevated and our lens of vision is clarified.  Today’s Venus Neptune great eliminator clears the filters from our lens of vision, allowing us to see what previously has been confusing.  An open heart is required, regardless of circumstances or situations unfolding.  Accessing the courage to walk with an open heart, we begin to see through the lens of the heart, from an elevated frequency of unity consciousness.


The practice this week is equanimity and non-attachment.  In order to see what we’ve never seen before, we must be willing to let go of the attachments to what we think we know, and follow the calling through the innermost chambers of the heart for awakened clarity and higher attunement.  We’re shifting our gaze by shifting our perspective.  The heart requires equanimity, and delivers crystalline clarity.   Letting go of surface level attachments, dissolving old labels and identities, practice seeing through the diamond lens of the heart, and see the world with new eyes.


“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung



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