Weekly Navigation Report: July 1 – 7, 2024


Week of July 1 – 7, 2024

Get ready for a massive week of gear shifts and new beginnings, delivering higher consciousness through the pivotal crossroads we’re navigating.  Every intersection calls forth higher power, and every choice point requires an empowered perspective in order to see the bigger picture, recognizing our power in each conscious choice.


This week’s New Moon in Cancer, conjunct the fixed star Sirius, ushers the consciousness of the Ascended Masters from the brightest seat of elevated reflection.  When we take a quantum leap in consciousness, not only does the horizon change, we can see ourselves from an awakened lens, all the way into the heart of the matter, the core of our being, grounding through the greater grid system of Light that unifies all beings.  Any core issues that have been revealed since the last Full Moon, are rising up in order to clear the channels, allowing a higher power to fully awaken and circulate freely; nourishing the roots of our unified system.


The infrastructure of our personal operating system and personal/ancestral root systems are being fine tuned with/by a greater grid system of divine Light that is activating and awakening the heart of the planet.  Inner and outer alignment matters.  From the core of our being, we are nourishing (and being nourished by) the greater infrastructure of Divine Light on behalf of All.


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With Saturn now retrograde (until November 15th) and Neptune stationing retrograde this week on Tuesday (through December 7th), there’s a radical reflection occurring through the unified ocean of limitless possibilities, and the shared fabric of social consciousness.  Saturn’s journey is disposed by Neptune, offering the potential for enlightened clarity (and confusion) through the infinite timeless realm.  It’s important to note that confusion usually precedes clarity, and the path of enlightenment requires trust and faith to navigate.


Dissolving our outdated orientation points and reference points requires the releasing and shedding of attachments to labels, definitions, narratives, and social constructs that perpetuate limitations, dysfunction, and distortions.  It’s time to soften our grip (and soften our gaze) on what we’ve known up until know, in order to fully awaken to recognize the highest possibility for unimagined greatness that’s birthing now, on behalf of All.


When we avoid, deny, or resist the unveiling of Truth or the integration of higher wisdom, we find ourselves swimming in confusion, illusion, stagnation, and distortion.  We can even find ourselves navigating a fantasy universe that isn’t compatible with the current reality that is unfolding.  When we ignore or pretend we don’t see what we’re seeing, or if we refuse to make use of the wisdom of our inner guidance and integrity, there can be confusion, congestion, and delay.  When mixed messages are expressed through the unified field, we feel the incongruence through our inner messaging system.  The only way to restore clarity is to tune in through the core of our being, and elevate up to a higher Source.   


If we notice a disconnect between the creative expression of higher dreams/visions and the practical application and integration through conscious actions and results, this Saturn retrograde is an important time to hold ourselves and each other accountable (with equanimity and non-judgment) to see the areas of potential that need attention so that we can grow and develop our wholeness, as a collective community of Oneness.  Saturn will challenge us to rise up, elevate, and improve our current conditions, and not fall victim to our situations.  We’re all in this together.  Anytime we make it our business to review and reflect by zooming in (to see ourselves) and zooming out (to see the bigger picture), we are investing in the growth and evolutionary potential of ourselves and each other, which can accelerate and expand (even reinvent or rebirth) our collective social fabric of reality.


Keeping an open mind/heart, staying present and equanimous, courageous and authentic, we can navigate the waters of accountability, change, and transformation – riding the waves by opening our sails (balanced mind/heart union) to find the purest wind of intention (highest purpose), integrating through our deeper rudder of inner alignment and integrity (the core of our being), trusting the momentum of the river that flows through the unified heart of One.  


The week begins on Monday 7/1 (an 8:8 gateway) with a Black Moon Mercury resource, Venus Juno resource, Black Moon Neptune bridge, then the Black Moon enters Libra, facilitating a subtle intimacy aspect with Haumea, manifesting with Sedna, and manifesting with Pluto.  The gear shift from June’s “6” vibration to July’s “7” vibration feels esoteric and profound as we enter the subtle realms of consciousness.  The majority of aspects today are Black Moon related, and there’s an unveiling through our social fabric and social consciousness.  It’s important to see ourselves clearly in the mirror, in order to recognize our potential for empowered change.  Things can feel confusing before there’s clarity, so it’s important not to react at surface level appearances, and not to react at the deeper unveiling of Truth.  Let the veils thin, and stay present through a higher octave of consciousness, staying attuned to the Light.  We’ve literally just entered Saturn’s retrograde journey, and Neptune is preparing for a retrograde journey as well.  Things are not as they appear at the surface, so be mindful of any knee jerk assumptions, projections, stories or narratives.  Remain steady and calm while riding the waves.  


On Tuesday 7/2, Neptune stations retrograde, Mars and Chariklo form a stepping stone, Mercury enters Leo, followed by a Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Sun Salacia stepping stone, then the Sun intersects the Nodes (karmic and dharmic).  The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ixion, followed by a Mercury Sedna resource, and Venus Saturn manifestation.  Neptune is officially retrograde through 12/7, and as the ruler of Pisces, is also disposing Saturn’s retrograde journey.  Don’t fall for any illusions or distortions in the collective water, stay tuned to the Light and elevate and fine tune the inner operating system to Truth.  Mercury tuners Leo today, allowing all of us to bring our inner operating system into an intimate communion with universal Light.  Authenticity matters, Truth matters, and the divine expression of transparency matters.  If we get stuck in lower minded thinking or fear based operating system, we may collapse into a narrow, shallow, or pessimistic mindset that is limiting and disempowering.  When we open unconditionally, and choose to see through the clearest lens of vision from the awakened heart, we can receive the blessings in every unfolding – comfortable or uncomfortable – trusting that the universe is serving our greatest evolution and expansion.  Moment to moment, we’re either choosing to step into the Light and awaken our greatness (which is a contribution to the planet), or fall into the shadow of past experiences that perpetuate separation consciousness, fear, and suffering.  Today’s choice point is crystal clear.  


Wednesday 7/3 starts with a Black Moon Vesta resource, Mercury Pluto bridge, Vesta Gonggong great eliminator, Venus Pallas manifestation, Jupiter MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Varuna resource, and North Node Salacia communion.  Today delivers vital communication that shines bright, slicing through the veils and into the invisible spaces.  What has previously been misunderstood or misinformed is now coming to Light.  There’s a greater clearing occurring, if we can untether our attachments to any surface level devotion and call forth a higher lens of discernment that activates deeper meaning and alignment.  Divine timing is always important, and when it’s time, it’s time.  There’s no holding back the river when a greater momentum is calling for change and our greatest expansion.


On Thursday 7/4, there’s a Black Moon MakeMake communion, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, then an Astraea Chiron manifestation and Mars Juno manifestation.  More unveiling occurring today, and the importance of equanimity has never been more highlighted.  If we only practice unconditional Love and divine presence when things are comfortable or easy, we may find ourselves shutting down or reacting when things get challenging or unexpectedly turbulent.  Finding the courage to stay tuned to the Light, and elevating our inner operating system with the higher octave of the Universal Mind is important.  The Universal lens of consciousness is unattached, equanimous, and able to see the wholeness of any situation, including the limitless realm of possibilities.  The personal mind is conditioned by personal attachments, beliefs, core values, and limiting thoughts.  In order to expand beyond our personal narrative, we must be willing to transcend our attachments to old core wounds, and transcend the illusion of separation, and any fears or doubts.  When our actions come from a universal perspective, there is oneness in our intentions and outcomes, and the message is crystal clear.  The consciousness that’s motivating our current actions carries a heavier weight than the action itself.  


Friday 7/5 reveals a Mercury Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon South Node (karmic) communion, Ceres Orcus manifestation, Mars Saturn resource, Black Moon Salacia bridge, Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, then the New Moon in Cancer, Sun Ceres bridge, Mercury Gonggong great eliminator, Sun Orcus resource, and the Black Moon turns retrograde.   The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 6:58pmET conjunct Sirius, in a Grand Power Cross with Quaoar and Ceres, interesting the Nodes (karmic and dharmic) with Salacia.  The New Moon also creates a grand water manifestation with Saturn and Pallas, overlaying a grand earth manifestation of Ceres, Mars, and Orcus, revealing a Divine Feminine Star of David.  

The Moon is dignified in Cancer, and this new beginning is dignified and elevated by the fixed star Sirius, and the consciousness of the Ascended Masters.  Nourishment, support, and compassion flow freely through the unified circulatory system from the awakened heart of the Mother through the root system of all beings – past, present, and future.  When we return to our Source of vital nourishment, the foundation of our core, and the support system of our existence here on Earth, there is a divine river of sustainable flow in motion.  Nothing can stop that flow, the same way nothing can hold back the inherent nature of a mother’s intuitive support and inclination towards Love and compassion.

Cancer amplifies our emotional sensitivity, through our personal waters and through the empathic channels of intuitive connection and oneness through the tenderness of a vulnerable heart.  If we fall victim to our emotions, or feel powerless through our empathic gifts and intuitive nature, this is the time to realign ourselves with the divine power of our emotional body and the alignment of our core – from crown to root.  If we tend to take on others’ feelings and emotions, but deny ourselves the same empathic connection of intimacy, it’s time to re-establish our foundation for support and set healthy psychic boundaries and filters through the sensitive spaces that can often become distorted or out of balance.

Cancer represents Emotional Power, the heart of the Mother, and our empowered connection to the Feminine.  Regardless of gender, we all have access to Cancer consciousness through our individual system, and we all have a relationship with our own experience of Mother, and our experience of Mother Earth and Nature.  How well we allow ourselves to receive support, how well we ground and connect through a deeper circulatory system, matters.  If we try to take care of others but don’t allow ourselves to receive vital support and nourishment, we perpetuate a greater imbalance of resources on this planet.  When we see the imbalance of power and shared resources through the collective fabric of humanity, it’s important to acknowledge the role we play in that paradigm, and the importance of rectifying the imbalances within ourselves, in order to live into a more sustainable template of consciousness that unifies and expresses through our social systems.

Cancer also brings us into relationship with family, community, core values, and core issues.  Every family dynamic has it’s own element of dysfunction, because every human operating system carries a core wound and karmic dispensation.  The experience of our core wounds brings us into our shared humanity, which is part of the collective root system that we all are a part of.  In order to embody, in order to participate in this Earthly expression and story, we must recognize where we come from, and the ancestral roots that inform and inspire our inherited consciousness.  It’s up to us to refine, reflect, and take ownership from an empowered lens of awareness, in order to elevate that consciousness and contribute to the story of humanity’s evolutionary potential.  This New Moon is an opportunity to establish a new beginning in that evolutionary potential, and the power each and every one of us has in this current moment in time.

We are responsible for consciously re-mothering ourselves and each other, as we collectively birth and manifest the New Earth, calling forth the evolutionary growth and expansion of humanity and all beings on this planet.  It’s not up to one person alone, it takes a conscious village to raise the frequency and vibration on behalf of All.

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On Saturday 7/6, Venus and Chiron form a stepping stone, followed by a Mars Pallas bridge, Saturn Juno bridge, Mercury Vesta conjunction/ new cycle, and Mercury Varuna conjunction/ new cycle.  The heart calls for healing today, and in 5D, healing is wholeness, recognizing the integration from soul to cell in any situation we’re experiencing in the moment.  When old core wounds get triggered, we can easily fall into old narratives and stories, going back in time by embodying the past.  Today’s stepping stone invites the conscious elevation from an empowered choice towards integration and transcendence.  When we take action from higher wisdom accrued by experience, we elevate and transcend.  When we take action based on knee jerk reactions motivated by triggered emotions, we repeat the past as if it’s new.  We have the power to change the game if we’re conscious of ourselves in the moments of choice.  By remaining unconditionally open, we can see from a higher lens of vision, and choose from an authentic seat of power.  


And Sunday 7/7 initiates a Black Moon South Node (karmic) communion, Vesta Varuna conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Sun Albion resource, Mercury MakeMake resource, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Eris stepping stone, Pallas Juno resource, and Black Moon Mercury resource.  There’s a new beginning in our inner devotion to accessing the highest lens of vision, the eye of god, the universal lens of Oneness.  When we become diligent in our commitment to remain open and attuned through that highest lens of vision, we align ourselves with the universal mind that transcends limitations, obstacles, distortions, and separation.  Seeing into Truth as the unwavering non-negotiable, we are able to fully awaken from within and without, and everything changes.  The greatest contribution we could make on this planet is to commit to being awake, conscious, and authentically tuned into a higher lens of vision that sees Truth, crystal clear.  “The Truth will set us Free” is a powerful mantra to live by.


The practice this week is a morning sunrise meditation.  Wake up early enough to  see the sun rise, wherever you are.  Find a seat outside, with a clear direct view of the Sun as it emerges from below the horizon, revealing full spectrum Light and quantum medicine that calibrates the inner operating system, mitochondria, and cellular fluids.  If possible, plant your bare feet into the earth for grounding, or take a seat upon the earth and plant your tailbone.  Make it a practice this week, and ongoing.  It matters that we practice attuning to the Light, recognizing ourselves as Light, and consciously grounding that Light into the Earth.


Nothing can nourish the Soul but LIGHT.”  ~ Rumi 


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