Weekly Navigation Report: January 9 – 15, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of January 9 – 15, 2023

The week ahead is dynamic, activating epic choice points of Love in Action. As we choose to elevate up to through the heart, tuning into the soul’s channel of divine communication, we become that animated expression of Divine Love – through our presence, our thoughts, and our actions.

Dynamic change occurs when we choose Love. That choice is available, moment to moment, in every situation we find ourselves in. We don’t have to go looking for ways to bring Love to the planet, wherever we are is an invitation to practice embodying that frequency, in action, on behalf of all beings. It’s important to understand how Love moves, as a frequency of consciousness, as an expression of the divine. Love is a force of nature, an atmospheric quality, a messenger and facilitator of alchemical transformation. Oftentimes we think Love means to soften and find comfort and sweetness in the current situations. And yet, Love is also fiercely transparent, crystal clear and direct, unmistakably powerful and unwavering, sometimes uncomfortable to the status quo. Whatever our assumptions are about Love, this week will call forth new expressions and actions that might even take us by surprise.

When we’re coming from Love, aligned with our power and soul purpose, there’s permission to go too far, to let go of rigid limitations that hold us back in smallness or fear. Love doesn’t tip toe or shrink back. Love can be gentle, subtle, intuitively graceful and intentional…but Love doesn’t hold back out of fear, insecurity, or woundedness. Love is the medicine, the cure, the answer….and potency matters. We are the embodied medicine of Love on this planet, and it’s time to respond to the call.

This week delivers a Grand Love Cross involving Venus, the Black Moon, and the Moon’s Nodes (dharmic and karmic). A Grand Love Cross means all of the fixed Love signs are activated, in perfect 90 degree aspects. The fact that this grand Love cross involves the heart, and the great unveiler, and the karmic/dharmic potential, we must be willing to see how we operate in the shadowy attachments of what we’ve been conditioned to believe is Love, while also unveiling and embracing the Light and divine potential that awakens when we choose the highest octave and attunement of Love. Love is the agent of alchemy that facilitates transformation and transmutation, shapeshifting of the highest order. We must be willing to see ourselves in action, loving ourselves through the misaligned shadows as they uncover, and find the alignment through these “in-the-moment choices”. Those choice points of Love – in action – make all the difference, and unlock hidden potential in the moment that otherwise might slip by unnoticed.

When we reflect in hindsight of the missed opportunities to express Love, to embody Love, to communicate transparently as the messenger of Love, we can see that there’s nothing more important than taking the risk in the current moment, trusting the heart, letting go of any attachments to insecurity or fear, and let the heart lead the way. When we let the mind strategize on behalf of Love, we can get rigid and detached from the current flow, missing the opportunity to truly connect. When we let the heart lead, we ride the current like surfing a wave, allowing the moment to open our hearts, without flinching or loosing our balance. Love is a state of being, a frequency attunement that brings our holistic self into alignment with universal creation and limitless potential. We are a part of the spontaneous unfoldings and moments of grace. When we surrender to that divine current, open our hearts, and trust the power of our authentic alignment, there’s magic. If we suppress, ignore, or deny the callings of the heart, there can be congestion, distortion, and confusion.

This week also delivers both the Eris and Mars stations. Eris, the inner awakener through discomfort, stations direct in the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars) on Wednesday 1/11. Eris is currently in a bridge with Arcturus, meaning the elevated consciousness that’s awakening within is meant to forward us to a more progressive way of being in our bodies and seeing the world around us. Healing relationships (and healing the planet) by refining our lens of vision that allows us to see the world around us, including ourselves, with accuracy and Divine Love. Oftentimes we think of healing as “fixing what’s wrong”, and the invitation now is to awaken to what we’re projecting through the lens we’re choosing to see through. Anytime we elevate to a higher lens of vision, we recalibrate the way we’re viewing ourselves and the world. That elevation to Love changes everything we’re seeing, and is the key to any future progress on our planet. Our actions come from that lens of vision, so if our lens is anything other than Love, our actions will perpetuate the healing crisis.

Love is the medicine, the solution, the answer, the divine calibration…and the true nature of our soul. Anytime we choose Love, we return to our soul nature, which is a restoration of power, vitality, and vibrancy. As we begin to examine that pivotal choice point in our daily life, and radically confront and resolve the motivation for anything other than Love, we begin to liberate ourselves from recurring patterns and cycles of unconscious manifestation. Our inner lens of transparency, truth telling, and forgiveness is important. Love doesn’t judge; Love just reveals truth, crystal clear. In that moment of Truth, there is liberation, freedom, healing, transformation and transcendence.

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The week begins on Monday 1/9 with a Black Moon Salacia manifestation, Venus Mars manifestation, Black Moon Varuna communion, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Chariklo bridge, and Black Moon Mars resource. The Venus Mars manifestation (trine) today completes with MakeMake tomorrow to form a grand air manifestation. Remember, the heart is delivering a higher frequency of awakened Love through the atmosphere that has the potential to shake up the status quo and take us into higher alignment with the universal laws of nature and oneness. When our actions align with this awakened frequency of Love, we can truly change the world. Not by resisting or judging what we don’t like, but by birthing and ushering new solutions and innovative ideas that generate sustainable movements of Love. Our eyes and hearts are opening, and the world is revealing the historic patterns and choices that have held us back, up until now. What’s also being revealed is the invitation and the calling for new choices and awakened action. If we get caught up in the judgment of what we’re seeing, we won’t access the elevated potential for new actions. When our actions come from Love, there is sustainable change. When our actions come from judgment, there is perpetual resistance and separation.

On Tuesday 1/10, Pallas manifests with Vesta, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Venus, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake resource, Juno Sedna resource, Venus MakeMake manifestation, then the Black Moon intersects the North Node (dharmic) and South Node (karmic). Today’s Black Moon Venus bridge begins the activation of a Grand Love Cross involving the dharmic and karmic nodes. A cross initiates the wholeness of the 4 body system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – for a holistic calibration that produces holistic ripple effects. If we attune to Love through the mind, but refuse to integrate through action into the physical, there’s no change. If we hold back the divine calling of the heart, we continue the karmic cycles and loops of separation and limitation. With the courage to see ourselves clearly, and surrender to the higher calling of the universe within our hearts, we can amplify a generous expression and manifestation of a higher possibility. We know what we know, based on past patterns and outcomes… the mystery of infinite potential lives in the available choice, now.

Wednesday 1/11 begins with Venus intersecting the North Node (dharmic) and South Node (karmic), followed by a Mercury Chiron stepping stone (2nd of 3), Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, then Eris stations direct, and the Black Moon manifests with Chiron. The Grand Love Cross awakes the heart today, as Eris stations direct. The inner awakener is activating a still point of awareness, from within, and the opportunities for self realization and personal responsibility are off the charts. When we start to realize the power of our individual presence, the power of Love, and our limitless capacity to choose in the moment, the potential for elevation is literally mind-blowing. Today’s Mercury Chiron stepping stone is the 2nd of 3, and Chiron recently held a intersection/choice point in last week’s Cancer Full Moon. We’re continually confronting the residue and echo vibrations of old wounds – not needing to get retraumatized again and again, but to develop and refine the inner mastery that has been revealed through every healing crisis we’ve ever navigated. By design, our wounds are the invitation (initiation) for divine Light and awakened mastery. How we develop ourselves through the wound is what refines our greatest mastery, which is key to remembering our soul’s blueprint and divine offering in this lifetime. The wound reveals the bridge to integration with our Soul.

On Thursday 1/12, there’s a Venus Chiron resource, Mars stations direct, and Juno enters Aries. Mars stations direct at 9 Gemini, after traveling retrograde since 10/30. The fact that Mars has been retrograding through Gemini is significant in the conversation of transcending duality. Gemini holds the potential for fragmentation, the tug of war that can occur in separation consciousness, in comparisons and power struggles, and the battle for right/wrong. When we let go of that tug of war rope, we can dissolve and transcend the struggle of separation consciousness and elevate to a higher dimension that unifies all threads, all points of view, all paths – through the heart. When we integrate this wisdom of unity through our actions, we embody Love in Action. All of our core wounds originate from separation consciousness. The choice to transcend the illusion of separation and elevate through a higher frequency of Love is a radical game changer on the planet, and for our overall health and wellness.

Friday 1/13 starts with a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Neptune resource, and Mercury MakeMake stepping stone (2nd of 3). Mercury’s stepping stones with Chiron and MakeMake reveal yet another choice point/ intersection/ cross roads. Mercury is the Messenger, currently retrograde, refining the highest intention and divine purpose of our inner messaging system and communications. When standing at the crossroads of wounds and divine timing/universal oneness, notice where the mind goes, the automatic assumed conversations and projections, the familiar groove. There’s a restructuring of the mind occurring (if we can allow it), a de-conditioning (or detox) of historic limiting or disempowering thought progressions and algorithms. When the mind elevates and calibrates to a higher frequency of Love, there are new thought forms, new structures within the mind that allow for higher interpretations and meaning, allowing us to cross that bridge of soul integration that brings us home to our divine expression of wholeness.

On Saturday 1/14, there’s a Sun Eris stepping stone, Venus Great Attractor resource, then the Black Moon turns retrograde (activating a finger of God with Venus, Orcus, and Pallas), followed by a Venus Uranus stepping stone, Venus Orcus great eliminator, and Saturn Eris resource. Eris is officially direct, still in a bridge with Arcturus, which puts the Sun in another choice point/ fulcrum position. If we’re owning our power, aligning with the divine power of our universal presence, any moment of inner awakening is a progressive attunement that benefits and forwards all beings. When one awakens, everyone benefits. When there’s an attunement towards Love, it shifts the frequency in the atmosphere, in the water, in the earth. It doesn’t matter who makes the attunement to Love, any attunement is a contribution to the whole. When we feel empowered, we access the power to elevate. When we feel disempowered, we drop into a collapsed expression of the collective gravity. Eventually, Love always wins. Love is the universal frequency of creation, the language of the cosmos, the origin and the return. Everything else is a process of awakening, remembrance, and integration.

And Sunday 1/15 reveals a Juno Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Venus bridge (exact, repeat from Tuesday), Venus Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, and Jupiter Ixion stepping stone. The Black Moon repeats the bridge with Venus, returning to the heartbeat of that Grand Love Cross from earlier this week. There’s more to be revealed, deeper levels of awareness, empowerment, and wisdom. Every choice reveals wisdom, and the more we choose Love, the more we can see that there’s nothing to judge, there’s only wholeness. That surrendered acceptance allows us to expand fully into our highest blueprint and true nature.

The practice this week is to be the active presence and awakened response of Love. Notice what triggers a reaction other than Love, see yourself in action, bring Love to the situation, and find the opportunity to fine tune. The knee-jerk triggers reveal deeper patterns of separation consciousness on this planet. The moment you can see the trigger within yourself, you access the power to shift it – altering by elevating and attuning to Love, in the moment. Notice the response and the call to action when you choose to embody Love. Notice the times you hold back or hesitate, and feel what that feels like in your system to suppress. Notice the times when you honor the calling, allowing Love to animate and express through you, as you. Feel what it feels like to be Love, in action, empowered and free. And notice the ripple effects, in the subtle realms and the tangible realms. When we allow Divine Love to take action, doors open, transformation occurs, and miracles manifest.

“Steeped in union, the heart remembers

A world beyond words.

Soul, send the news.”


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