Weekly Navigation Report: January 8 – 14, 2024


Week of January 8 – 14, 2024

Get ready for a powerful week ahead, leading to the first Lunar Event of 2024, the New Moon in Capricorn on 1/11.  We’re navigating a powerful fulcrum/choice point of dharmic purpose and higher calling this week.  Limitless creative potential is boundlessly abundant, if we can surrender old narratives, labels, and karmic attachments, allowing our Soul’s authority to illuminate the next chapter.  As we tune in and up, harmonizing with the higher laws of nature and divine timing, we find ourselves in a brand new paradigm that delivers amazing possibilities and profound breakthroughs for new beginnings.


The year started off with Mercury and Jupiter still in their stations, in an active still point (pregnant pause) of incredible potential, building in strength.  As we continue to practice patience and grace, that momentum generates a deeper resonance of divine power from the inside out, prompting an inner calling that ultimately moves mountains and calls forth our greatness, in ways that could blow our minds.


Transcending the old limitations, fears, and doubts of the lower mind is key.  With an open mind and limitless belief system, our awakened heart reveals the Soul’s commanding presence, fully in charge now.  If we hold back or resist that presence, we will find ourselves repeating past stories and narratives, pushing against the current of our divine nature.  If we can honor, trust, and courageously allow that greatness to emerge, we can surrender to a higher calling that takes us to new ground.



This week’s New Moon in Capricorn is the first lunar event of this “8” vibration year, bringing us into a dynamic intersection (choice point) of the moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), cutting through the tension of polarity through the transcendental gateway to a higher dimension of consciousness – the high road that takes us to new ground, previously unrecognized.  The willingness to trust our inner guidance mechanism and honor the divine seeds of intention and higher purpose that’s awakening within ushers a newfound recognition of the larger orchestration that we’re all a part of.  There’s nothing to fear, we came here for this moment in time to step fully into our magnificence and mastery.


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The week begins on Monday 1/8 with a Black Moon Haumea resource, Venus Chariklo resource, Neptune Vesta stepping stone, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Leo.  Mercury forms a bridge with Vesta, followed by a Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Neptune stepping stone (3rd of 3), and MakeMake stations retrograde.  As Mercury continues through the recovery phase, the calling for clarity and higher insight reveals a powerful commitment to Truth.  Speaking clearly and unapologetically with direct honesty is important as we navigate any transitions or change cycles. We may not yet see what’s coming next, but if we can at least articulate what’s calling us forth in this moment, and be honest about what’s being released or let go, that’s powerful.  The heart invites stability; it’s up to us to find that still point within and listen.


On Tuesday 1/9, Pallas forms a great eliminator with the North Node (dharmic) and subtle intimacy aspect with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Sun Uranus manifestation, Mars Saturn resource, and Black Moon Mercury manifestation.  Get ready for an earth shattering moment of truth, building through the upcoming Capricorn New Moon.  What awakens from the shake up is what matters most.  Sometimes it takes an unexpected bolt of lightning to strike when we least expect it to shift our focus and get our full undivided attention.  Our presence matters, and the importance of this moment is off the charts.  If we’re asleep at the wheel or stuck in automatic pilot, we may be interrupted by a force of nature that brings us to the edge of our seat.  Wake up calls are gifts from beyond, if we can integrate and make good use of the message.


Wednesday 1/10 begins with a Uranus Ceres great eliminator, Venus Great Attractor conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Eris manifestation, Mars Ixion new cycle, and the Sun intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic).  The current crossroads we’re navigating is calling us forth to a higher dimension of consciousness.  Moment to moment, we always have a choice – do what we’ve always done without consulting our divine heart/soul calling, or tune in for higher guidance through the open heart, trusting in the deliverance of Truth that’s coming online from our highest Self.  When we trust in a higher power within us, we can navigate any crossroads with clarity and peace, even if it requires some discomfort or unfamiliarity of new terrain.  The keyword is trust.  When we trust and take a step, the path will emerge, crystal clear.  That path is of a higher dimension, taking us to higher ground.


On Thursday 1/11, Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center for a new cycle, and the New Moon in Capricorn occurs at 5:58am ET/ 2:58amPT.  Then Venus manifests with Chiron, Eris stations direct, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  A new moon is always an initiation of a new cycle, a new chapter and a new beginning.  This Capricorn New Moon is the first significant event of the new year, and invites a higher attunement to our soul’s calling and divine blueprint for the year ahead.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn represents Spiritual Power, Divine Power, and our connection to Source, higher power.  An earth sign, Capricorn brings us into the realization of form and structure, starting with intention, purpose, and commitment.  Before any proof or guarantees, there is an intention, a connection to higher purpose, and a willing commitment to say Yes.  At the beginning of any new cycle, new chapter, or new beginning, there is a choice point.  If we enter any new beginning with doubts, fears, or passivity, we may not bring our full Self to the table or take full advantage of an opportunity, or full responsibility for ourselves within that opportunity.  The only way to engage is “100% all in” –  fully aware and awake, deeply present, and willing to hold ourselves accountable for our experiences as they arise.  Anything less will water down the experience, and limit the available outcomes and results.

Capricorn is disposed by Saturn (in Pisces), and our current relationship with power and authority, rules and boundaries, labels and narratives is completely undefined, unwritten, and open for exploration.  As we find our edge, and transcend our historic limitations, we begin to see what’s possible beyond anything we’ve ever known before.  If we confine ourselves to previous experiences or the safety net of our well defined comfort zone, we may limit what’s possible in this upcoming chapter.  It’s important to remember that Saturn is still manifesting with Haumea, and the cosmic creative goddess is wildly collaborating through our exploration in the realm of possibility.  If ever there was a time to give ourselves permission to color outside the lines and take some risks, this is it.

The Capricorn New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) sits exactly at the intersection/midpoint of the transiting North Node (dharmic) in Aries and the South Node (karmic) in Libra.  This power intersection is an opportunity to access our higher power (and higher consciousness) in any crossroads/choice points we’re navigating.  We’re being called forth, and our level of personal commitment to evolution and growth is being challenged.  Through any significant challenge, we either rise up, elevate, grow, and expand…or we collapse, resist, avoid, or walk away.   It’s important that we remember who we are, as we attune to a higher calling and higher purpose.  If we fall victim to the challenge, we may lose sight of the opportunity to grow.  If we resist the discomfort, or get more consumed by the circumstances vs the purpose and devotion, we may slide into old habitual patterns that take us off course.

Goal oriented and purpose driven, Capricorn consciousness knows how to take charge and take command.  If we’re feeling insecure or disempowered, there can be a tendency to try to tighten up and control situations; however that need for control can capsize any significant commitment or endeavor.  It’s important to partner with the higher laws of nature, the universal lens of oneness, and bring ourselves into full active participation with the greater orchestration at play, moment to moment.  If we try to go solo and push back against the universal current, we may find ourselves in unnecessary turbulence.  Discern between the tension of challenge that’s calling forth greatness vs the tension of stress from trying to control outcomes.  If we’re all in, willing to surrender to the journey while rising up to the challenge of our Soul’s highest calling, there are no limits to what we can accomplish and achieve in this new year and beyond.


Friday 1/12 reveals a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, followed by a Ceres North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Ceres South Node (karmic) resource, Mars Jupiter manifestation, Pallas Juno resource, Sun Juno manifestation, Sun Pallas resource, Black Moon Ceres manifestation, and then Juno stations retrograde.  Depending upon our conscious navigation through the current crossroads/choice points, there’s a deliverance today that expands our awareness and motivates action.  When we take committed action from our divine authority, motivated by purpose and intention, our actions yield growth and expansion in the blink of an eye.  We can feel the momentum, and we can see the ripple effects.  Whether it’s easy or not, comfortable or convenient or not, the path is clear and we’re all in.  Even if the journey is long, we can feel the harmonious current and recognize the authentic alignment.


On Saturday 1/13, the Black Moon manifests with the North Node (dharmic) and finds resource with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Sedna great eliminator, Vesta Eris resource, Black Moon Venus manifestation, and Mercury re-enters Capricorn.  As Mercury returns to Capricorn, our inner operating system is attuned through the crown chakra, directly to Source.  If we listen, we can hear the divine channel through the spaciousness of inner silence.  When we allow ourselves to be open and receptive through the higher channels, we can attune through the universal cycles and rhythms of nature.  Listening for the signs through an uncensored lens of universal awareness, we put our ears to the cosmos and hear the music.


And Sunday 1/14 delivers a Venus Uranus great eliminator, Sun Vesta great eliminator, Sun Eris stepping stone, followed by a Venus North node (dharmic) manifestation, Venus South Node (karmic) resource, and Mars Salacia stepping stone.  Another day of awakening, today requires a conscious step up.  Whatever moves the heart stirs a signal of importance and awakening that can’t be denied or overlooked.  That moment of truth requires action, and that action comes from an elevated state of consciousness.  If we’re in the habit of tuning out or discounting the intuitive movements of the heart, it would be a good idea now to pause, listen, and take action.  Remember, the heart is the gateway and the portal to the Soul, the merging point of unity and oneness.  When the heart speaks, listen.  When the heart moves, say yes and take action.


The practice this week is equanimity and committed action.  When the highest calling is clear, when the divine purpose is revealed, be willing to step fully in and take action.  Let your actions arise from that inner commitment, and be willing to release and let go of any distractions or interference.  Whether the path is comfortable or uncomfortable, honor the commitment, and honor the calling.  Let the path call forth greatness, and let your heart lead the way.  Notice the times when discomfort might lead to disempowerment, collapsing the commitment and watering down the divine purpose.  Remain open, attuned, and empowered, every step of the way.  Magic happens when our actions come from a higher place, supported by the limitless universe within and without.


“We often hesitate to follow our intuition out of fear. Most usually, we are afraid of the changes in our own life that our actions will bring. Intuitive guidance, however, is all about change. It is energetic data ripe with the potential to influence the rest of the world. To fear change but to crave intuitive clarity is like fearing the cold, dark night while pouring water on the fire that lights your cave. An insight the size of a mustard seed is powerful enough to bring down a mountain-sized illusion that may be holding our lives together. Truth strikes without mercy. We fear our intuitions because we fear the transformational power within our revelations.”
― Caroline Myss


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