Weekly Navigation Report: January 29 – February 4, 2024


Week of January 29 – February 4, 2024

Get ready to navigate some radical shifts this week, integrating the highlighted awakenings from last week’s Uranus station and Leo Full Moon.  Once lightning strikes, the wake up calls begin to land in tangible ways that require conscious navigation.  This is where the higher realization kicks in and the need for change becomes crystal clear. 


Sometimes we receive a divine message before the need for application, like a future gift to be integrated in divine timing.  Sometimes that wake up call or flash of lightning strikes when we least expect it, and the temporary disorientation overlays the recognition of a higher purpose or divine directive.  It can appear that the dots don’t connect….until all of a sudden, they do.  When the dots connect and reality clicks in, we begin to realize what has shifted, and what’s being called forth.  What didn’t make any sense previously, suddenly makes a lot of sense, in the blink of an eye, and everything is now different.   


Like a magician pulling the tablecloth off a fully set table in a split nanosecond, right before the eyes of the participants at the table without disturbing any of the content on the table….it can take several moments before anyone realizes what has just shifted.  When the obvious pieces and parts are still in tact, we can tend to gloss over the fact that everything has just changed, or even try to deny that it has.  Our capacity to be fully present, aware, and observant is key.  What feels like the rug being pulled out from underneath us in unexpected moments of radical change can oftentimes be traced back to much earlier cues that change was in the atmosphere, we just weren’t willing or able to see it yet. 


Within only 1 week, the Sun and Pluto entered Aquarius (1/20), then Albion and Uranus both stationed direct (1/24 and 1/27), flanking the Leo Full Moon (1/25) with increased intensity and sparks of awakening.  The conditions were absolutely ripe for radical change, awakening, and evolutionary transformation.  The tablecloth has already been removed.  Everything has changed in the blink of an eye.  Now we’re discovering the implications of those pivotal sparks through our personal journey.  Our impeccable attention and awakened presence matters. 


Whether the current shifts seem to be occurring to our physical dimension or state of existence, or the inner matrix of our personal operating system, we are now in an active state of transformation.  


It’s important to remember that transformation is not an intellectual process or a mental chess game.  It requires whole body surrender and holistic integration.  Oftentimes we may not even understand the process we’re in until we come through the other side, forever altered.  There’s life before the transformation, and life after.  A caterpillar in the cocoon of metamorphosis doesn’t return back to being a caterpillar after fully becoming the butterfly.  The consciousness is always in tact, wisdom integrated, but there is no going back to the existence as a caterpillar on the other side of resurrection. 


It’s only when caterpillarness is done that one becomes a butterfly. That again is part of this paradox. You cannot rip away caterpillarness. The whole trip occurs in an unfolding process of which we have no control.” ― Ram Dass

This evolutionary process we’re all experiencing is right on cue, whether we think we’re understanding it fully or not.  The best way to navigate is through conscious presence, surrendered vulnerability, and equanimity. 


The week begins on Monday 1/29 with a Venus Varuna great eliminator, Venus Salacia stepping stone, Mars Uranus manifestation, Mercury Juno manifestation, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, and Black Moon Mars manifestation.   Uranus is barely moving from his station, awakening the need for action.  From a higher perspective and an elevated lens of vision, we can recognize the calling for change, and the actions required to facilitate that change.


On Tuesday 1/30, Chariklo forms a stepping stone with Albion, then Haumea stations retrograde, followed by a Venus Quaoar conjunction/ new cycle, Ceres Galactic Center conjunction/ new cycle, Mercury Vesta great eliminator, and Sun MakeMake manifestation.   Haumea’s retrograde journey will take her back to 00 Scorpio by mid July, signifying her presence in Scorpio is solid for the next several decades.  When we recognize that everything is connected and unified through the greater Cosmic Oneness, we begin to realize the greater creative potential within all things.  Every piece and part reveals and includes the wholeness of everything.  Transformation and shapeshifting have never been more ripe and accessible through this lens of consciousness.  When we transcend the framework of our personal mind, we begin to explore the universal wholeness that is always available at a universal level…always accessible through the heart.  Today launches a new chapter in that exploration.


Wednesday 1/31 begins with a Mars Juno manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Juno communion, Black Moon Mars manifestation, and Venus MakeMake stepping stone.  Today’s Venus MakeMake stepping stone connects the dots with Monday’s Venus Salacia stepping stone, soon to be a grand power cross connecting to the fixed star Sirius on Saturday.  The divine power of the heart is an active gateway to the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, from a higher law of oneness, and the limitlessness of our greater  I AM presence.   There are revelations today that begin to connect the dots for deeper integration and reflection of all that’s awakening.


On Thursday 2/1, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Eris, and the Black Moon turns retrograde at 21 Virgo.  The stepping stone with Eris offers an invitation to awaken from any moments of discomfort, disruption, or disharmony.  If our thoughts go outward to judgment, reaction, or defensiveness, we miss the point.  Pay attention to what’s awakening from within, and allow any irritation to facilitate a greater realization, a moment of Truth.   Self awareness is key, and Self Mastery is only possible when we learn to realize what’s occurring within us, instead of trying to suppress, override, or censor.  If we try to cover up the discomfort, or divert our attention elsewhere, we won’t get to the deepest seat of divine power that’s calling us forth in the current moment.


Friday 2/2 reveals a Sun Albion stepping stone, Mercury Neptune resource, Astraea Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Chariklo conjunction/ new cycle, followed by a Mars Vesta great eliminator, and Venus Albion manifestation.  There’s a lot of activity today, and while it may not all be crystal clear yet, there is newfound stability present in the atmosphere.  The “stabilizer” is an inner calling, an attunement with our highest Self, and the revelation of higher ground within us.  It’s loud and clear, even if we can’t fully understand it yet.  We must learn to calibrate within, through the invisible realms, regardless of what’s occurring “out there’ in the current status quo.   A higher vision is calling us forth; it may feel a bit foreign until we take a few steps and find our footing in the heart.


On Saturday 2/3 there’s a Sun Great Attractor resource, Black Moon Juno communion, and Jupiter Varuna stepping stone.  Venus forms a bridge with the fixed star Sirius, accessing divine power through the heart.  The possibilities are endless today, if we can elevate through the heart and find a higher lens of vision that sees beyond any thread of doubt or limitation.  Anything is possible, and when we begin to live according to this universal law, we discover within us the power of the universe and the power of One.


 And Sunday 2/4 delivers an Astraea Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, Pallas Sedna bridge, Mercury Astraea great eliminator, Mercury Sedna manifestation, Mercury Pallas resource, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Black Moon South Node (karmic) subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Orcus great eliminator, Venus Orcus manifestation, and then Mercury enters Aquarius.  Another very active day today, much revelation and clarity from the heart, remembering why we’re here and why it matters.  The more expansive we become in our energy field and our belief system, the more important it is to discern our highest intention, purpose, and calling…moment to moment.  As the shake-ups serve to awaken us, it’s important to walk with wisdom, grace, and a humble heart of gratitude for any messages being revealed.  Mercury enters Aquarius today, and the “Messenger” becomes the “Awakener”.   Don’t get caught up in any turbulence with the messenger; simply receive the message, wake up, integrate, and move on.  It’s not personal.


The practice this week is equanimity and non-attachment.  In order to fully realize and integrate all that’s awakening, commit to practicing equanimity and non-attachment in all domains.  Find the inner peace of neutrality within the mind/heart connection to be fully present in all that’s occurring, whether it’s comfortable or not, pleasant or not, expected or not.  When things catch you off guard, or take you by surprise, find your breath, come back to that balanced center, and observe your inner reactions with diligence, patience, and gratitude.  What’s being shaken up is the static interference of inner blind spots that can create unintended karmic outcomes.  As we find the deeper silence within us, moment to moment, that “clearing” of the inner atmosphere allows us to hone in on the divine messaging system with our higher Self and higher calling.


The universe is made up of experiences that are designed to burn out your attachment, your clinging, to pleasure, to pain, to fear to all of it. And as long as there is a place where your vulnerable, the universe will find a way to confront you with it.” – Ram Dass


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