Weekly Navigation Report: January 23 – 29, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of January 23 – 29, 2023

The week starts off with a super-charged still point of electricity, courtesy of last weekend’s Aquarian New Moon/ Uranus station. (Uranus remains steady in his station for most of this week). This epic still point holds incredible velocity and momentum, increasing intensity while grounding into our full-bodied cellular integration. Once that download of Light fully takes root, the brakes come off and forward movement begins…in divine timing. We’re moving forward in a new way, led and inspired by the heart, revealing our highest intention and purpose through conscious action and authentic expression.

When lightning strikes, there’s a moment of awakening that can occur in a nanosecond. When lightning grounds into the earth, the earth responds, revealing a moment of truth that can alter the landscape forever. When we allow ourselves ample space to ground and holistically integrate the available downloads of lightning from the recent Uranus station and Aquarian New Moon, our “aha moments” can generate full blown alchemical transformation, awakening cellular potency.

If we hit the ground running too soon after a quick flash of insight, we may take the conceptual impressions forward into new territory before it’s had time to fully ground and digest, revealing deeper dimensions of insight and realization. When we allow any flash of awakening to fully metabolize and take root, all the way into our cellular structure and DNA, we unlock the potential for a full-bodied authentic response. This holistic mechanism of grounding reveals a deeper current of truth and awakened clarity from the body, from within.

Patience is required in these moments of deeper metabolism and integration. Uranus in Taurus is teaching us the importance of grounding deep to accommodate the accelerated awakening and transformation through higher frequencies of Love. Taking the time to slow down while re-orienting and holistically observing the subtle shifts as they arise from within, in order to eventually travel at light speed once the integration is complete. Remember, the new frequencies of consciousness are Aquarian in nature, shaking up the status quo, destabilizing (un-earthing) the default settings while ushering in new structures, new ways of thinking and moving in the social fabric of connectivity. If we try to make things happen too fast, by projecting our rapid assumptions or rushing the integration/reorientation process, we might miss subtleties of the new consciousness, and end up recreating the familiarities of the past, or watering down (even distorting) what’s new.

Spaciousness while grounding is important this week. Allowing the breath to stretch through the muscle fibers of attachments and old holding patterns, to loosen up the threads of immobility, and honor the new path that is emerging. We’re preparing our mind/body connection and honoring the flow of the heart and divine timing. Once it’s time, there’s no holding back; the seed awakens and new possibilities flourish… when it’s time.

The magic of alchemy occurs behind the scenes, in the quiet inner spaciousness of silence in the unexpected moments. Like the alchemical properties of rich fertile soil, metabolizing and awakening seeds of Light underground, there is new growth occurring, new cellular structures being awakened, new possibilities sprouting up from the newness of the Earth.

The week begins on Monday 1/23 with a Black Moon Sedna resource, Black Moon Pluto bridge, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone (3rd of 3), and Neptune Vesta new cycle. Mercury makes several recovery aspects this week, revealing the final manifestation of the recent Mercury retrograde journey. The stepping stone aspect with MakeMake elevates our mental body operating system to the higher octave of universal timing, the laws of nature, and the law of Oneness and Love. As we allow our mind to calibrate to this higher octave of universal oneness, we can comprehend and communicate through the cycles and patterns of nature with greater understanding, and greater respect of ourselves, as nature. The shift to Love requires a shift towards nature – honoring our divine nature, our relationship with nature, and the universal laws of nature. There is clarity emerging today, in the spaciousness within.

On Tuesday 1/24, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with both Venus and Saturn, while manifesting with Astraea, followed by a Venus Galactic Center resource and Sun Jupiter resource. The Black Moon is unveiling and uncovering more dimensions of the recent Venus/Saturn new cycle, the new contracts and social agreements of the heart. We’re in new territory; the heart is leading the way and negotiating the terms. This new way of being on the planet requires respect and empathy to connect and collaborate in the new social structures that are coming online. Remember, the heart holds the roadmap and the blueprint, and is the gateway to universal connection and oneness, beyond time and space. As we honor the path of the heart, our awareness of Oneness expands.

Wednesday 1/25 reveals a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Eris and Arcturus stepping stones (completing the grand power cross with Pluto from Monday), Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Venus Sedna stepping stone, and Uranus Orcus manifestation. Today’s Uranus Orcus manifestation is exact, supporting the deeper awareness and integration of our divine purpose and why it matters. In order to awaken fully to this remembrance, it matters that we choose empowerment in each moment. Every unfolding, moment to moment, can support in our greatest realization of the divine truth within us, if we can trust and allow that awakening to occur. If we flinch at every moment of discomfort, if we shrink or collapse into disempowerment, we give our power away and forget who we are.

On Thursday 1/26, there’s a Sun Juno resource, Sun Varuna Light Bridge, Juno Varuna manifestation, Sun Ceres manifestation, Sun Salacia resource, and then Venus enters Pisces. Venus’ transition from Aquarius to Pisces today feels expansive. The heart shifts from the electric atmosphere of Divine Love into the infinite ocean of Unconditional Love. Venus thrives in Pisces, and the heart reveals the limitless realm of infinite possibilities. When we live from an open heart, miracles can appear spontaneously. Creative insights are birthed from this realm, and the magic of the universe is abundantly available. Pisces is a very beautiful place for the heart to expand, and all possibilities are birthed from that ocean of unlimited potential. Living through (and as) the awakened heart, we find unity with all beings, beyond time and space.

Friday 1/27, Ceres forms a bridge with Salacia, followed by a Juno Salacia new cycle, Ceres Juno bridge, Mercury Chiron stepping stone (3rd of 3), Mercury Pallas bridge (3rd of 3), Venus Haumea manifestation, and Chiron Pallas stepping stone. Remember, Mercury is in the recovery stage of his recent retrograde journey, and today’s aspects with Chiron and Pallas are the third and final manifestations. Mastering the power of the mind is key…. the power to choose to see the wisdom revealed through the wholeness of our experiences. No matter what the current situation is, there is wisdom to be found, and wisdom to be offered. No matter what stories or events we’ve lived through, survived, and transcended, there is potential mastery revealed and developed by those experiences, if we choose it. Our mental body strength offers the power to shift the narrative and find the divinity within every story. Any story can be medicine, depending on the lens we’re interpreting the story from.

On Saturday 1/28, the Sun forms a new cycle with Chariklo, the Black Moon turns direct, followed by a Mars MakeMake manifestation and then Haumea stations retrograde. Today offers a significant multidimensional gear shift that clicks into place like necessary traction to pivot while elevating, moving into a new octave of divine timing and divine manifestation. The actions taken today aren’t inspired by a linear timeline, but the culmination of a multidimensional spiral sequence of divine potential, manifesting now. Our ability to connect the dots holistically offers valuable insight and innovation.

And Sunday 1/29 starts with a Juno Quaoar stepping stone, Sun MakeMake manifestation, Mercury Orcus manifestation (3rd of 3), Sun Mars manifestation, Venus Ixion resource, and Mercury Uranus manifestation (3rd of 3). Yesterday’s Mars MakeMake manifestation becomes a grand air manifestation with the Sun today, awakening divine action and manifestation from a higher conversation. Love in Action, manifesting as Love. The 3rd and final Mercury manifestation with both Uranus and Orcus offers the divine message of why we’re here and why it matters, and that soul conversation is calling us forth into action through awakened embodiment. Today is a pivotal moment of integrated awakening that inspires dynamic action.

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The practice this week is patience, awareness, and integration. The initial focus of this week is grounding and earthing the recent downloads of electricity and Light, allowing the necessary time/space for holistic integration while deeply rooting into the earth and into our cells. Allow yourself to be with whatever arises – meet it all with Love. Sometimes the grounding phase can feel unsettling or disorienting as old patterns dissolve and new consciousness takes root. Hold sacred space and honor the process. When it’s time to move, there will be divine movement, and nothing can hold back that current of authentic awakened expression. Trust the process.

“It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the ‘I AM’, our real presence, can awaken.”

~ G. I. Gurdjieff

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