Weekly Navigation Report: January 22 – 28, 2024


Week of January 22 – 28, 2024

We’re in another incredibly powerful and electric week, with a larger-than-life Leo Full Moon on 1/25, right in between the Albion and Uranus stations on 1/24 and 1/27.  The eye of the still point that activates potential for radical transformation is off the charts.  Our capacity for expansion is high, if we’re willing to open unconditionally with a positive attitude, keep an open heart with courage and vulnerability, and allow space for the things we can’t yet understand.


Oftentimes, our auto pilot reactions to things we can’t fully understand can create static interference, resistance, judgment, and even disconnect.  It’s important to remember that we’re in the Aquarian season (and the Aquarian Age) which ushers in new consciousness beyond what we’ve ever known before, which can be uncomfortable at times…inviting profound vulnerability and opportunities for radical authenticity.


The status quo is being interrupted, sometimes shaken up or struck by lightning, in order to shift the atmosphere and tune up to a higher frequency that supports radical change.  When the status quo gets challenged to elevate, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong…there’s just an evolutionary current that brings about an upgrade, and our overall innovation and progression is on the line.


If we wait until the old systems fall apart or die off before we embrace new possibilities for change, we may find ourselves experiencing some agitation of chaos or distress in the duration.  When we learn to attune ourselves to evolutionary progress as a way of living, we find ourselves at the cutting edge, continually.  Forward thinking, future oriented, ever evolving and transcending…. unapologetically unafraid of change.  When we cling to past models, paradigms, or ways of being that don’t allow for expansion and growth, we can stagnate and even collapse into our comfort zone… until the universe pulls the rug out from under us, prompting change.



Evolutionary transformation takes us from the status quo into the next expression, at a higher frequency of consciousness than we had access to before.  It’s not just change at a linear level or change at the superficial surfaces and appearances… true transformation is holistic in nature.  A full resurrection/reinvention requires a profound release at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, surrendering any attachments that keep us bound to our past expressions.  The letting go is freedom for our soul to commune through the atmosphere of the empty space, and new information comes online.


The fact that the Sun and Pluto recently entered Aquarius together last week on 1/20 signifies a profound time of reinvention and radical transformation.  Pluto calls us through the process of death and dying so that we can see what’s on the other side of our current attachments and status quo.  That deliverance is actually a homecoming that ultimately humbles us into our greatest potential for Life, Growth, and Expansion.  It frees us up to fully express and create, without constrictions or limitations to past physical conditions or storylines.  The truth is, we’re so much more than the fabric of our skin and the fabric of our current situations….at the soul level, we transcend all of it, and we can choose to remember (and embody) that in a nanosecond…prompting a brilliant recalibration that returns us to our divine limitless nature, unbound and unlimited in every way.


That “unearthing” process is what scares most people…the instability in the status quo that has become the rock-solid foundation of familiar predictability.  Whether we like it or not, sometimes we get stuck in habitual grooves of predictability.  Any yet, that shake up is exactly what’s required for radical transformation that takes us to higher ground, unleashing our highest potential for expansion and awakening.  The choice is ours, always.  Even when it seems that life circumstances are taking us to the places we’d rather not go, the current is always Love, and the calling is always forward, to higher consciousness.  We’re being awakened, called forth, and propelled forward through Love.


The week begins on Monday 1/22 with a Sun Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Venus manifestation, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, Ceres Eris manifestation, then the Black Moon enters Virgo, making a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by a Venus Sedna great eliminator, Neptune Pallas manifestation, and Black Moon Astraea resource.  The experiential wisdom we’re living through in this moment is rich, and the opportunities for integration are off the charts.  In times of change or unfamiliarity, we can call upon the wisdom we’ve acquired, and put it into action.  The truth is, we’re always supported, in every way, even if it feels confusing or unprecedented.  We have everything we need, the question is whether or not we’re willing to apply that wisdom in action through the current steps that are unfolding.  Our inner awakening delivers a powerful moment of Truth, beyond any temporary chaos or turbulence.  It’s easy to remember our greatness when the path is easy, but when the path gets challenging, when we feel vulnerable, we’re called forth to remember our Light (and embody that Light) in new and innovative ways.


Tuesday 1/23 begins with a Black Moon Haumea resource, then Venus enters Capricorn, followed by a Uranus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, and Black Moon Saturn bridge.  As Venus enters Capricorn, we find all 3 personal planets (mind, heart, and body) lined up in the sign of higher power, highest purpose, and divine commitment.  This is an important moment of calibration that elevates our holistic attunement through a higher calling.  Our thoughts, words, actions align with the soul blueprint found within the heart, and it’s time to get to business.  Our willingness to commit to that higher calling must be calibrated through our mind, heart, body, and soul…no part can be bypassed.  Today offers a clearing of the unconscious/subconscious spaces that have held resistance from fear, insecurity, or unworthiness…like a download of electricity that clears the karmic debris in a nanosecond and lights us up fully commit, on all levels.


On Wednesday 1/24, The Black Moon manifests with Jupiter, followed by a Mercury Albion manifestation, then Albion stations direct.  The Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, then manifests with Quaoar and forms a resource with Haumea.  Albion’s station is incredibly powerful, along with the upcoming Uranus station on 1/27.  These 2 archetypes go hand in hand, like thunder and lightning.  When Lightning strikes, it can be quick and spontaneous, and we might second guess the activation.  Thunder offers the unmistakable validation that yes, in fact, lightning did strike.  Oftentimes it’s the loud rumble of thunder that shakes us up more so than the electric brilliance of Light.  Either way, they both serve the same purpose…initiating the wake-up call for radical transformation.   Today offers the rumble of thunder, in an unmistakable way, in a stabilized still point that continues to build through the next several days.  Our potential for expansion is also initiating, revealing any sensitivities that may make us flinch or close off.  The key is to recognize those reactions and choose Love, higher wisdom, and vulnerability as the response, as the medicine – softening the initial impulse and encouraging the greater expansion.


Thursday 1/25 starts with a Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Mars Chiron stepping stone, the Full Moon in Leo, and Mars Orcus manifestation.   The Full Moon occurs at 12:55pmET/ 9:55amPT, illuminating a powerful grand Love cross that prompts spontaneous awakening, transformation, and radical expansion.  In any moment of ecstatic expansion, there can be sensitivities, vulnerabilities, and emotional tenderness that arise, oftentimes misunderstood as a sign to contract, retreat, or pull back.  The Leo Full Moon invites a space of open hearted courage to stay attuned to the Light – embracing our authentic vulnerability while choosing the expansion, moving through and beyond any temporary moments of discomfort.


In the 5D Cosmic Consciousness system, Leo represents Emotional Love, and the fierce courage of the heart to stretch wide open, unconditionally, while attuning to the Light within and the Light of any situation.  There’s vitality, vibrancy, joy, and abundance available through the Leo aspect of our consciousness that literally shines brighter than the Sun, if we can access the courage to open and reveal it all.  When we think about transforming and awakening, stepping into our highest Self, and fully claiming all of the aspects of our brilliance, we simultaneously confront the patterns of insecurities that keep us small, hold us back, and keep us invisible.  Those emotional ripples of insecurity are usually buried below the surface, and covered up with ego patterns that facilitate an overcompensation of “trying to be” larger than life.  This Full Moon invites us to awaken beyond any patterns of insecurities and over-compensations, in order to see ourselves clearly, and accept the authentic invitation for expansion.


This Full Moon in Leo is conjunct Varuna, the highest lens of universal vision, which gives us crystalline insight through the highest perspective of whatever situations we’re navigating, most importantly, from within the inner dimensions of ourselves.  Jupiter (in Taurus) holds the balance point, intersection/choice point in that electric bridge of the Aquarian Sun and the Leo Moon.  When we choose expansion, we open unconditionally through our experiences.  Whether comfortable or not, convenient or not, predictable or not, we can choose to open – looking for the positive, attuning toward the Light, and finding gratitude for the experience.   This dynamic moment of awakening is not for the faint of heart: it requires courage, emotional strength, and vulnerability to navigate.  When we trust the inner guidance mechanism of the heart, we can let the heart lead the way, even if we’re taken into unprecedented territory.


Remember, Aquarian consciousness will always take us to higher dimensions that aren’t yet solid in the status quo.  It can feel unsettling, destabilizing, even disorienting.  That moment of awakening will shake up our familiar comfort zone and launch us into new territory, shifting the atmosphere light a flash of lightning in the sky.  It’s quick and deep, cutting through the deepest dimensions of our being, in a way we can’t ignore.   That holistic attunement is the activation of Divine Love, and the key to our greatest expansion.


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On Friday 1/26, Astraea retrogrades into Gemini, followed by a Mercury Chiron stepping stone, Mercury Orcus manifestation, and Neptune Ceres stepping stone.  Another atmospheric shift today, as our mind stretches beyond the old parameters into higher consciousness.  The elevation is clear, if we’re willing to choose to transcend any lower mind thinking and reach for the stars.  Today’s elevation requires a conscious choice to step up; this isn’t a passive occurrence.  Higher consciousness is always available when we choose it; it’s not often found in the current status quo.  If nothing changes, nothing changes, we repeat the conversations we’re living in, again and again.   A shift to higher consciousness will take our inner dialogue to a higher dimension of possibility, into the realm of mastery and divine purpose.  The available clarity today is massive…if we choose it.


Saturday 1/27 reveals a Sun Jupiter stepping stone, then Uranus stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus communion, Venus Ixion conjunction/new cycle, Mercury Mars conjunction/new cycle, Sun Varuna bridge, then Mercury intersects the Nodes, and Venus forms a resource with Saturn.  Today’s Uranus station is epic.  The Great Awakener is represented by that bolt of lightning that unapologetically strikes, spontaneously.  There’s no planning or preparing, there’s only a split second moment that wakes us up and alters the inner atmosphere forever.  As Mercury conjuncts Mars for a new cycle, the mind/body connection activates a powerful commitment of higher purpose, aligned with Source and Soul.   This is a dynamic moment for the inner messenger to download newly expanded consciousness (from the recent retrograde journey) into our cellular programming and integration.  The consciousness we’re living in informs and inspires our actions.  When a higher calling calibrates through our mind/body system, committed action becomes crystal clear.  Choosing conscious creation over unconscious reaction is essential.


And on Sunday 1/28, the Sun forms a resource with Salacia, Mars intersects the Nodes, followed by a Mercury Uranus manifestation, Venus Jupiter manifestation, and Chiron Orcus great eliminator.  As Mars intersects the Nodes today, our actions become highlighted.  Moment to moment, we’re either transcending karma or perpetuating karma…and that all depends upon the consciousness we’re embodying in that moment.  When we choose to awaken and elevate, we step into a space of conscious creation, and our actions manifest something new.  When we fall into habitual patterns and groove, our actions continue the cycle, and nothing new emerges, only more of the same.  New consciousness inspires new thoughts, prompting new actions, and new results.  When nothing changes, nothing changes.  We can predict the outcome every time.  When we shift and transform, we choose the realm of possibility where everything is brand new.  From there, we become the pioneering leaders and innovators of progressive change.


The practice this week is courageous vulnerability, moment to moment.  Accessing courage to keep the heart open, staying tuned to the positive, and choosing to expand…all of which require vulnerability and authenticity.  In an unexpected moment of interruption to the “normal” day to day, notice how open your heart is.  An open heart leads to suppleness, and conditions are ripe for expansion.  A closed heart produces rigidity, inner resistance to change and expansion.  Choose to open, choose expansion, and choose LOVE.  


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of Love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
― Brené Brown 





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