Weekly Navigation Report: January 2 – 8, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of January 2 – 8, 2023

Welcome to a brand new year, a new frequency of Love, and a blank slate for new creation. Transitioning through this portal of new beginnings, the opportunity for elevation to a higher octave of intention and purpose is calling us forth. Mercury is officially retrograde through January 18, Mars is still retrograde through January 12, so this new terrain is still being awakened and negotiated within the higher dimensions of our consciousness. New structures and agreements are coming online, if we can allow it all to emerge without blazing forward with old agendas or limiting threads.

The newness of any fresh ground requires intention. Intention can simply be to honor the higher channels of the heart, to commune with the soul, and manifest on behalf of universal potential that benefits all. If we walk unconsciously or unintentionally on new ground, we’re likely to repeat what we’ve known and where we’ve been. The patterns and cycles of repetition are very common, until we wake up from that automatic pilot and elevate our lens of vision and channels of connectivity.

The year ahead offers a vertical alignment, an inner attunement with our soul consciousness. A spiritual journey of the highest order, the invitation is holistic integration – cellular and soulular. The reorientation of ourselves at the soul level of consciousness, fully embodied and holistically integrated through the cellular structure, changes everything. A recalibration of the highest order begins to initiate within and without. A rebirth that aligns our divine essence through a higher DNA code that informs and inspires all that manifests, transcending the old patterns and loops of karmic debris and entanglement in the stories of suffering. Not just shedding the old skin, but literally stepping out as our light body, fully visible.

When we identify ourselves as the patterning of old wounds and fears, we limit ourselves. Our lens of vision, and our fabric of reality, reflects the consciousness we’re living in. When we orient ourselves through suffering and separation, we can feel disconnected from our soul awareness and cosmic consciousness, and that feeling of separation re-triggers and amplifies the underlying roots of all core wounds and traumas in a never ending spin cycle of fragmentation. As the awakened observer of universal awareness, we can witness all of it, without separating from ourselves, each other, or the moment. The awakened observer sees it all through the frequency of Love. There is greater multidimensional awareness of the expansiveness of our moment to moment horizon. And in that greater expansiveness, there are more available choices for action, connection, creation, and manifestation.

When we choose from that expansive horizon of universal awareness and oneness, we become the divine instrument and embodied expression of universal Love, in action. Our presence activates the wholeness of the universe and our actions express as Love, on behalf of All. It’s a game changer, an octave leap, a quantum leap in embodied consciousness. That significant reorientation from cellular to soulular is what offers the expansion and our capacity to stretch through the fabric of reality beyond time and space, beyond form and structure.

When our primary orientation point is cellular only, in the body looking out, we are limited by what we can perceive and explore through our physical body and current conditions. Things feel outside of us, events are happening to us. When our primary orientation point is through the soul, we gain access to the full memory and wisdom of every lifetime, expression, and holistic experience, accessible in the current embodiment. In other words, our current skin becomes the vessel that reveals the active memory of all experiences, beyond time, labels, and identities. Our orientation becomes much more fluid and multidimensional.

The body is a record keeper, and understanding the multidimensionality of our cosmic record keeping is important. If we limit our awareness to just this linear time/space expression, we can feel limited in our wholeness, like something is missing or incomplete. As we expand our awareness and connect the dots, we can witness the oneness of embodied Love that exists in all beings, unconditionally. We can access that higher root system of universal creation and see the oneness through the many expressions. Returning to oneness (through multidimensional wholeness) is the key to honoring and remembering the many paths and diverse expressions, all in divine order and universal timing.

The year ahead connects the dots to our multidimensional wholeness, reminding us who we truly are, as a greater constellation of visionary Light in the cosmos, manifesting through divine authentic expression in cellular form and structure. Like counting stars and gazing in awe, we are seeing ourselves and remembering our divine wholeness as the universal essence of Love. This week’s Full Moon in Cancer conjunct the fixed star Sirius offers a dignified reflection from the heart, to mother all of us, to nurture and remember our inner mastery and awakened essence of Light. What we choose to focus on, flourishes. When we nourish our divine truth and authentic light, we flourish as Love…timeless, formless, expansive, unyielding. Returning to the divine feminine through the cosmic womb of awakened Love, we can recalibrate our cells as holistic seeds of Light, awakening and flourishing our soul’s blueprint.

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The week begins on Monday 1/2 with a Venus Sedna manifestation, Sun North Node (dharmic) manifestation and South Node (karmic) resource, Mercury Neptune resource (2nd of 3), Chariklo Varuna bridge, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation and North Node (dharmic) resource, followed by a Black Moon Sun bridge and Chiron stepping stone, then Venus enters Aquarius, and the Black Moon communes with Sirius. Chiron intersects the bridge between the Sun and the Black Moon, and the choice point to navigate old wounds with empowerment and divine purpose reveals the mastery within. Every wound reveals divine grace and the potential for strength, if we choose it. When we meet ourselves (and each other) with Love, especially in our moments of challenge or unexpected triggers, we find elevated purpose in all that we’re navigating. Venus enters Aquarius today, elevating the heart into the universal realm of divine love, through a non-attached humanitarian lens that awakens visionary potential. Being compassionately unattached allows us to access the higher dimensions of our heart space while not taking things personally. When things are personal, we can get our feelings hurt by emotional attachments and sensitivities. When we access the high heart, we find the universal octave of divine Love. This is a helpful gear shift heading into the Cancer Full Moon on Friday, which can feel very sensitive.

On Tuesday 1/3, the Black Moon manifests with Vesta then forms resources with both Orcus and Uranus, followed by a Uranus Vesta resource, Venus Haumea stepping stone, occultation of Mars by the Moon, and Vesta Orcus bridge. The high heart is inviting us into a new realm of multidimensional wholeness, and that higher realm awakens the remembrance of our soul purpose in this lifetime. As we clear up any confusion or distractions within our lens of vision, we experience an amplification of empowered vitality and passion igniting from within.

Wednesday 1/4 delivers a Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Venus Jupiter resource, Black Moon Pallas communion, and Black Moon Mercury bridge. The heart is definitely leading the way as Mercury is retrograde, bringing our mental body operating system offline temporarily in order to elevate and reboot. The expansion of the heart takes us into new territory, opening our eyes and expanding our horizons. The heart doesn’t move in linear logical patterns, and the heart doesn’t apologize for what it feels and reveals. There’s an unapologetic awakening that opens new possibilities that have always been there, just not fully realized, until now. There’s nothing to think about, just let the heart lead the way.

On Thursday 1/5, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Saturn, manifests with Neptune, then forms stepping stones with both Eris and Arcturus, followed by a Sun Uranus manifestation, Mercury Pallas bridge (2nd of 3), and Sun Orcus manifestation. More awakening on tap for today, and that awakening is shining a bright light into the higher purpose of why we’re here and what matters most. When we align with this lens of vision, and commit ourselves 100%, we can move mountains with divine intention. Those mountains are within us, not outside or beyond. Choosing to be empowered in our moment to moment scenarios, we remember that we are enough, and we rise to the challenge, honoring the calling to embody our soul’s Light and remember our greatness. The Black Moon re-activates the grand power cross with Arcturus, Eris, and Pluto between today and tomorrow, and it matters that we find our power, own our light, and choose our awakened mastery.

Friday 1/6 starts with a Black Moon Juno manifestation, followed by Venus Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Pluto bridge, then the Full Moon in Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Sedna resource, Juno Galactic Center stepping stone, and Sun Vesta resource. The Venus Ceres manifestation is a highlight before the Full Moon, ushering in a higher vision from the heart that has the power to awaken and shape shift humanity.

The Full Moon occurs at 6:07pm ET, conjunct the fixed star Sirius, holding the tail of a kite while the Sun, Orcus, and Uranus initiate a grand earth manifestation. The higher calling for the creation and manifestation of a new earth is being illuminated and reflected, offered as a nourishing gift of light by the Moon. The moon is dignified in Cancer, a grand matriarchal expression of feminine power, from the heart. When we learn to mother ourselves from the divine feminine essence of the cosmic womb, we return to our original soul blueprint of awakened Love, free to express, embody, and authentically thrive in our greatest mastery and empowered essence.

The fact that this Full Moon is conjunct Sirius is seriously significant. Imagine the cosmic womb that reflects the consciousness of the Ascended Masters, giving birth to the divine potential that is awakening here and now, within each and every one of us. When we’re reminded of the truth of who we are, at the purest essence of our awakened soul, we give ourselves permission to honor and nurture that essence as it grows and expands, taking shape and thriving as the divine expression of Love.

If we can’t see ourselves clearly, or if we disconnect from our light or purpose, we may feel fragmented or disconnected from our divine nature, the essence of our soul’s promise. When it feels like something is missing, that there’s more yet to be discovered, it matters to tune inward, access the power of the heart to commune with the soul’s channel of connectivity and communion. There’s a divine calling coming online, an invitation from the soul. It’s time to come home to the heart, come home to our soul’s authentic expression, our divine nature, and the frequency of Love.

Cancer reveals our empathic capacity to feel – not only our own deepest feelings, but others as well. Like a mother who can sense her child crying in another room or across the planet, we all carry the capacity to emotionally and empathically connect with all beings. When we tune out, ignore, or deny our own authentic needs, we fragment from the parts of ourselves that need attention and Love. When we tune out or ignore the authentic needs of our planet, humanity, and all beings, we’re ignoring those parts of ourselves. Having a healthy relationship with nurturing and unconditional Love is important. We can’t change or heal anything “out there” if we’re denying or ignoring our authentic needs and soul contracts at the personal level. When we each do our part to take care of ourselves and honor our sacred space, we eventually take care of All and the shared sacred space that is our universal home. When we each see ourselves as divine mothers of this planet and of humanity, no one is left behind, all of life is free to flourish, without exception.

On Saturday 1/7, the Black Moon enters Leo, followed by a Sun Mercury conjunction (halfway point of the Mercury rx cycle), Mercury Vesta resource, then MakeMake stations retrograde, and the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter. Today marks the halfway point in Mercury’s retrograde journey, and the MakeMake station is a still-point of divine timing, divine universal order. Like a time-release capsule, each of us carries a seed of Light within us. When that seed awakens, everything changes. That seed contains the light codes that restore our connection with the universal heartbeat of creation, originating beyond time and space. There’s nothing to force or make happen, when it’s time, there’s an awakening that can’t be ignored or denied. As the Black Moon enters Leo today, the great “unveiler” is stretching the heart wide open with courage to see the light within, while generously offering that light as our most authentic contribution; unveiled and unleashed…unconditionally expressed and offered on behalf of All. When it’s time, it’s time. There’s nothing to think about, let the heart lead.

And Sunday 1/8 begins with a Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Venus Salacia resource, Venus Varuna bridge, Pluto Juno resource, Sun Pallas bridge, Black Moon Ceres resource, Mercury Orcus manifestation (2nd of 3), Mercury Uranus manifestation (2nd of 3), and Venus Chariklo new cycle (conjunction). The awakened heart finds new stability in the unapologetic frequency of divine Love. Love is a force of nature, fierce and potent, with the power to shake up the status quo, shift the narratives and end the unconscious cycles and patterns. When we remember why we’re here – and the unique expression of Awakened Love we are – we give ourselves full permission and authority to be that expression, unconditionally and unapologetically. Remember, Venus is in Aquarius, and the awakened heart is a revolutionary game changer on this planet.

The practice this week is unapologetic Love. Find the gear shift of elevation through the high heart, the universal heart that is awakened beyond the personal heart. From that universal lens of vision, access the frequency of divine Love, the diamond lens that reveals everything crystal clear. Practice looking through that lens, and living through that awakened heart. Uncensored, uninhibited, and fully transparent…as Love. Remember, Love is compassionate and gentle, and also fiercely clear and potent. There are many shades of expression, and many mechanisms of communication. Let the heart lead the way through this week of revolutionary awakening. And allow the Cancer Full Moon to illuminate and nourish all that is authentic, of the highest resonance, with reverence. As we nurture the heart and empower the heart to lead, we find ourselves in an evolutionary expansion that sparks movement and growth of the highest calling.

“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart.”n― Gary Zukav

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