Weekly Navigation Report: January 16 – 22, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of January 16 – 22, 2023

Get ready for an electric week, full of unexpected surprises that usher in a higher octave of awakening through Love. This week signifies official new beginnings of the heart, that take us into new territory and higher ground. The horizon expands from here, and we’re ready.

Last week, Mars stationed direct, and this week Mercury stations direct. The degree of both stations activates a great eliminator aspect between the Mind/Body rulers. When we consider the “horizon” we’re navigating and negotiating, remember the wholeness of our experience is determined by the relationship between our mind and body. Through the mental body, we have infinite access and personal power to choose the lens we’re looking through and living through. When we elevate our consciousness to a higher octave of Love, the landscape changes. Our available options shift. The clarity of communication fine tunes. The future vision appears vivid and full of possibility. When we lower our consciousness to a denser vibration of separation, fear, judgment, or resistance, our landscape and available options reflect this quality of consciousness, and possibilities appears limited, distorted, and confusing.

To truly change the world, we must be willing to examine our lens of consciousness and lens of vision. The power of the mind to take responsibility for what we’re seeing unleashes the power to take action from a higher lens of awareness, which truly manifests higher ground. If we’re unaware, unconscious, and taking action from fear, insecurity, scarcity, or separation, we will repeat the cycles that produced those ripple effects. The change occurs when we elevate through awareness, and choose to engage and participate from there.

Whatever gets our attention to elevate and wake up is a gift, a blessing. Oftentimes we wake up when situations get uncomfortable, when our status quo gets interrupted and there’s no other option but to shift. That stimulus is a gift, otherwise we might spend lifetimes in the same outdated status quo patterns and limiting awareness that would keep us stagnant instead of alive and thriving. This week delivers an Aquarian New Moon and Uranus station, offering a bolt of lightning that serves as a wake up call to rise up, elevate, and choose Love. An Aquarian awakening isn’t personal, it’s not limited to a particular person or situation; it’s universal, on behalf of all, equally.

Our future depends upon the wake up calls being delivered now. It’s always been that way. We get messages and feedback constantly, from our relationships, our environment, our bodies, on a moment to moment basis. When we ignore the feedback, we separate from the messages coming online, but it doesn’t change the fact that those messages are still relevant…and persistent. When we wake up, get present, pay attention, and elevate our consciousness to Love, we can respond with progressive and innovative solutions that take us into new ground. Our evolution births us into new dimensions, previously unimagined.

In order to awaken the highest vision and potential for ourselves, humanity and our planet, we must be willing to choose Love, choose to be present, and choose to participate as the response of Love – with equanimity, non attachment, and non-judgment. Love as the foundation, Love as the atmosphere, produces an environment that grows and thrives, unleashing the highest potential for all, unconditionally. Remember, Love as a frequency is the most potent and powerful force of energy in our universe. The frequency of Love is a creative force that manifests new outcomes, new possibilities, and new solutions. When we choose to build our social contracts, systems, and organizations upon a frequency that elevates and manifests the highest human potential, we see a world that ignites and expands, as we thrive in authentic expression and sustainable contribution.

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The week begins on Monday 1/16 with only one aspect, a Jupiter Ixion stepping stone. Our greatest expansion invites an elevation through our soul blueprint. This elevation requires a conscious choice, and the available options are stunning. When we attune through our divine blueprint, we activate the frequency resonance that attracts and manifests with precision and potency.

On Tuesday 1/17, there’s a Mercury Mars great eliminator, and Black Moon Chiron manifestation. Today’s Mercury Mars great eliminator with be repeated again on Friday, and represents the mind/body calibration that eliminates any misaligned frequencies or qualities of consciousness through our cellular structure and holistic alignment. Mercury is in his station today, turning direct tomorrow, and the still point is a potent calibrator that fine tunes our cellular embodiment. These last 3 weeks of Mercury’s retrograde journey have been restructuring our inner operating system for divine clarity and channeled communication with the soul blueprint and the universal mind, which transcends limitations of our personal conditioning. As we decondition the mind, we also decondition the cellular configuration that corresponds to those limiting programs and patterns. A clear mind expresses through a clear cellular frequency, connecting mind and body through crystalline channels of communication, elevated through the highest frequency of Love.

Wednesday 1/18 begins as the Black Moon intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), finding a bridge with Chariklo that activates another Grand Love Cross similar to last week. The Black Moon’s bridge with Charklo also activates a grand air manifestation with Mars, Ceres, and MakeMake. Mercury stations direct at 9 Capricorn, followed by a Pallas Orcus resource, Sun Pluto conjunction/ new cycle, Uranus Pallas resource, and Sun Sedna manifestation. Last weeks’ Grand Love Cross activity gets recalibrated today as the Black Moon forms a bridge with Chariklo, stabilizing the new frequencies of Divine Love into our atmosphere. The vision for higher ground is taking root. Remember, Aquarian energy will shake up the status quo, temporarily de-stabilizing the current comfort zone that holds limiting patterns and beliefs. Through the destabilization period, a higher frequency of Love calibrates the atmosphere, and new possibilities emerge, allowing us to see the future unfolding before our eyes. Love is the frequency that moves us forward to higher ground, unleashing evolutionary potential, and awakening a higher vision. Mercury stations direct today, and that still point serves as a powerful reset/reboot. Love is in the air, like lightning calibrating the sky, clearing the density. The electrical charge elevates our potential for new creation and manifestation, in divine timing and divine order.

On Thursday 1/19, the Black Moon communes with Varuna, manifests with Salacia, and finds resource with Ceres. All aspects today are related to the Black Moon, which means a lot is being revealed, uncovered, and brought to light. Our highest lens of universal vision serves as a birthing canal for new possibilities. When our mind is clear and our hearts awakened, we can see through the limitless potential unfolding in each and every moment. There is only Light, everywhere we look. Every situation reveals the potential for evolutionary growth and expansion, if we choose to see it.

Friday 1/20, the Sun enters Aquarius, followed by a Juno Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Varuna Salacia manifestation, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Mars great eliminator, and Pallas Great Attractor great eliminator. As the Sun enters Aquarius, we can definitely feel the electricity in the atmosphere. Aquarian consciousness awakens a higher vision, shaking up the status quo, ushering in new consciousness that requires full participation and response on behalf of humanity and the universal systems and structures that we operate within. Unapologetic, unwavering, and unattached, the Aquarian wake up calls facilitate a deeper movement of Love, serving in the overall evolution on this planet. While Aquarian consciousness can be viewed as rebellious, it’s never without conscious attunement to higher Love. When we recognize the current systems and structures that limit human potential, it matters that we wake up and respond as Love in action, like a bolt of lightning grounding into the earth, ushering in new consciousness and new ways of operating. Social change is inspired by movements of Love that awaken humanity to seeing and believing in a higher vision that benefits all. When we see a possibility that doesn’t currently exist, we become the conduits and visionary changemakers on behalf of that possibility. When we each take responsibility for a higher vision, we can create a revolution that inspires and motivates change. Love is the frequency, the agent of alchemy, and Love moves in a variety of ways. There is no one way to awaken a movement of Love…it starts when lightning strikes, and can’t be contained.

On Saturday 1/21, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Haumea, followed by the New Moon in Aquarius, then a Black Moon Sun bridge, Venus Eris resource, and Black Moon Haumea stepping stone. Today’s New Moon in Aquarius is epic. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is entering his station, turning direct tomorrow. The calling for Divine Love occurs within a massive still point of electrical charge, revealing diamond Light, through the heart. The New Moon conjunct Pluto is in a bridge with the Black Moon, forming a T-square with Haumea. The highest vision and highest potential of our divine wholeness is being awakened and revealed, and we’re being invited to let go of what we’ve known in order to fully step into the new vision that’s calling us forth. When we try to hold onto the past while taking a step forward, we bring the past with us, congesting the possibility of a new vision by overlapping attachments. We must be willing to let go in order to rise up and take a new step, it’s an octave jump of the highest order. Unattached, from the heart, we are each responsible for our own moment of truth. Sometimes we can’t see evidence of the new vision manifesting right away, but our fierce commitment to embodying and living as Love is what makes the vision a reality. Every moment is a choice, every moment facilitates awakening that unlocks evolutionary growth. Sometimes the choice points are uncomfortable and inconvenient, but when our vision matters more than the temporary inconveniences, we find ourselves thriving and rising up to our meet the greatest version of ourself in action.

And Sunday 1/22 reveals a Jupiter Juno new cycle, the Black Moon retrogrades into Cancer, Venus and Saturn conjunct for a new cycle, Uranus stations direct, and Uranus forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor. Today’s Venus Saturn new cycle is the calibration of new contracts, agreements, plot changes and narrative shifts from the awakened heart. The Venus Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is manifesting with the fixed star Arcturus, and the degree of Mars’ station on 10/30 which will be recovered on 3/15. This ongoing grand air manifestation signifies the shift in the atmosphere, the new conversation of Divine Love in our channels of communication, inner operating system, and social operating system. It’s a whole new world, and when we align our frequency with the frequency of Universal Love, we elevate to a higher conversation at the universal level. The social agreements we operate within (verbal and non-verbal) are elevating to reflect a higher vision. Everything is changing, and the inspired movement – in the air and underground – is Love. Today’s Uranus station is the bold exclamation point that ignites and awakens a whole new era.

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The practice this week is to choose Love. Be mindful of the scenarios and situations that take you out of the frequency of Love, and be willing to honor that revelation. The more we can see ourselves in action, the more we consciously elevate to access and embody our highest potential, which shifts the atmosphere and changes the narrative on the planet. Remember, Love isn’t always comfortable or convenient, and the wake up calls that get our attention will show us where our attachments are. Every moment reveals the calling for Love, and every choice matters. We are the visionary architects of a new social structure, raising the bar for human potential to evolve and transcend, manifesting new horizons together.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”n― Martin Luther King Jr., ,A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

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