Weekly Navigation Report: January 15 – 21, 2024


Week of January 15 – 21, 2024

Get ready for new beginnings and powerful gear shifts.  We’re stepping into a week that ushers a new frequency of consciousness through the atmosphere.  As Mercury recovers the retrograde shadow phase, the Sun and Pluto conjunct as they both enter Aquarius.  A much higher vision is awakening from behind the veils, beyond anything we’ve been able to see or understand until now.


With the personal planets lining up in Capricorn, we’re getting down to business, in a very conscious way, and anything can manifest from our newly calibrated foundation of intention, purpose, and commitment.  Anything goes, and our willingness to trust the highest purpose and respond from the highest lens of consciousness is key.


As the new year began on 1/1, Mercury and Jupiter both were in their station and that massive still point provided the opportunity for greater momentum to build before launching foreword on a blank slate.  As that momentum continually increases – like a storm brewing that eventually breaks through divine release in the atmosphere – conditions are ripe for change, transformation, and awakening.


Our relationship with change is important.  Change of any kind produces a natural stress response at the cellular level, including a nervous system response.  Whether we categorize a particular change as good or bad, expected or unexpected, forward moving or backsliding, it doesn’t matter.  At the universal level, change activates movement, vibrational pattern shifts, and new expression.  There’s a release of what was, and a full blown expression of the new.


The nature of the Universe is constant change.  Everything in this Universe is energy in dynamic motion; ebbing and flowing, rising and falling, becoming and releasing.  When we harmonize with the laws of the Universe and the nature of change, we can find peace in any temporary moments of chaos that can occur.  Everything is always changing, shifting, and evolving.  If we try to resist, avoid, or delay the natural ebb and flow of evolution, we may find ourselves in the density of unnecessary suffering.


Making friends with the unpredictable – leaning into the un-forecasted unfoldings and spontaneous intersections of life – is essential to navigate this period of time.  If we get too rigid in our desire to control outcomes, situations, or experiences (for ourselves or others) we may find ourselves in oppositional stuck-ness that delays, prolongs, and even distorts the inevitable deliverance of a new possibility.


We’re entering Aquarian territory this week, the electric and eclectic atmosphere of unexpected, unapologetic awakenings.  If we can allow ourselves to be untethered from our own status quo, we will find ourselves being divinely ushered into a new state of consciousness that reveals epic evolutionary potential.  Living on the cutting edge, we can appreciate the unpredictability of each now moment, requiring our fullest presence and undivided attention to navigate.


Atmospheric shifts can facilitate radical moments of awakening in the blink of an eye.  Whether we like it or not, feel comfortable or not, or even understand it fully yet or not, the Aquarian aspects of consciousness will shake us up, releasing us from our status quo, bringing us into the progressive, forward thinking, and the super conscious aspects of our being.


It’s time to wake up, it’s time to get present, and it’s time to evolve…on behalf of All.  Anytime we transcend duality and polarized extremes, we come to realize that we are One, there’s only One, and the consciousness of Oneness is Divine Love.  The Universe manifests through the frequency of Love.  The only constant in a universe that’s ebbing and flowing with change is Love.  Love as a force of nature, Love as the vibrational frequency within the atmosphere – Love as the highest vision, the unwavering response, and the next wave of our evolution.


The week begins on Monday 1/15 with a Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Mars Varuna great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron manifestation, Mercury Haumea resource, and Sun Neptune resource.  Any confusion or congestion is beginning to clear and dissipate, the gentle subtle cues reveal light.  Filtering through the density and illuminating inner spaciousness, new action is invited from a higher perspective.


On Tuesday 1/16, Mars and Quaoar conjunct for a new cycle, then Venus and Ceres conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Saturn Ixion resource, Venus Juno stepping stone, and Ceres Juno stepping stone.  Two huge beginnings and new cycles are initiated today, at the very personal level.  Our inner operating system – the information system that’s animating and inspiring action through our wholeness – is being elevated to a much higher universal lens of consciousness, which transcends old narratives, patterns, and limiting beliefs…truly opening us up to new possibilities through our embodied actions.  Simultaneously, the heart is being ushered and delivered to higher truth, resulting in liberation that takes us into a new season of elevated wisdom…it’s a game changer.


Wednesday 1/17 begins with a Pallas Vesta great eliminator, then the Black Moon turns direct in a bridge with Chariklo, and Venus forms a bridge with Vesta.  There’s a divine integration occurring within us, as higher wisdom is revealed and filtered through the heart, transcending old stuck patterns of duality or separation consciousness.  We’re accessing higher ground, and that transcendental bridge is the elevation towards freedom.  The only way out is through.   Through the integrated wholeness of our current scenarios, new possibilities emerge.  The heart is alive with joyful devotion to our highest liberation and freedom.


On Thursday 1/18, Mercury and Ixion conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Mercury Saturn resource, Venus Eris manifestation, Mars MakeMake stepping stone, and Pallas Eris great eliminator.  Mercury is still in the recovery phase for a few more days, and these aspects are facilitating final moments of completion and new beginnings.  Our inner operating system is consciously attuned to the higher blueprint, bringing us into a holistic expression of divine power like never before.  When we honor our authentic blueprint, take charge and own our power from that expression, we realize the brilliant nature of our soul, and the diving power of our presence.  There’s an inner moment of awakening today from the heart, sparking incredible passion as fuel for the journey ahead.


Friday 1/19 delivers a Mercury Jupiter manifestation (3rd of 3), Venus Neptune stepping stone, Varuna Salacia manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Chiron manifestation, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Sedna manifestation, and Ceres Vesta bridge.  We’re beginning to fully realize the mind blowing expansion that has occurred within us from the recent Mercury retrograde phase.  Our inner operating system and belief system have been stretched, revealing the potential for new thoughts, new orientation points, and new streams of consciousness that fuel our creativity.  The inner attunement and alignment with our divine blueprint and awakened Self sparks the fire of devotion within, and we find ourselves moving through the birthing canal with unstoppable momentum.


On Saturday 1/20, the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 29 Capricorn, then the Sun enters Aquarius, followed by a Mercury Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (karmic) resource, then Pluto enters Aquarius, Venus conjuncts the Galactic Center for a new cycle, and Mercury leaves the shadow phase.  Today is absolutely epic.  The Sun/Pluto transition into Aquarius is unapologetically earth shattering.  The veils are not only thinning, they’re dissolving as we move into radical transparency facilitated by the highest frequency of Divine Love.  Any electric shock moments of clarity deliver us to a place of undeniable awakening.  Whatever it takes to fully wake up, the point is that we wake up.  Once we’re awake, we can see and choose and create.  Divine Love is unapologetically committed to the highest evolution, on behalf of All…whatever it takes.


And Sunday 1/21 reveals a Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Vesta resource, Mercury Quaoar conjunction/new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Eris manifestation, Mars Albion manifestation, and Black Moon Neptune great eliminator.  It’s time to fully embrace and step into our limitless mind, expanding as far as the infinite universe with potential and possibility, with every thought, every interpretation, and every new moment.  Our minds are stretched open in ways we’ve never imagined, giving us personal access to the diamond mind of limitless universal potential.  The lights are on, the filters are clearing, and our inner operating system is lit up like never before.  It truly is a new beginning.


The practice this week is equanimity, transparency, and non-attachment.  Notice any areas of reaction or resistance that might flush up this week, and choose to apply the practice of equanimity.  Letting go of attachments, find the balanced still point within that maintains an open heart and open mind.  From there, observe what’s awakening and revealing.  Practice strengthening that balanced mind/heart still point in order to remain fully awake and open to what you can’t yet see or fully understand until all is revealed, crystal clear.  If we try to resist any change that’s occurring, or try to force a particular outcome that’s not happening, we lose our center and lose perspective.  Loosening up our grip, we begin to realize our capacity for expansion, where new possibilities emerge.


“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.” 
― Adyashanti




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