Weekly Navigation Report: January 1 – 7, 2024


Week of January 1 – 7, 2024

Welcome to 2024!  A brand new year, and a new vibration…we’re now in the “8” energetic of universal magic, the limitless current of life force energy, and the higher laws of nature that connect us all through a greater wave pattern of energy in flux and flow.  Harmonizing above and below, within and without, bridging extremes through the portal of an open heart, the source of all beginnings and completions, and the transcendent journey of universal oneness.  The potential for expansion is epic, if we can ride the waves with non-attachment and equanimity, harnessing the greater flow as momentum to manifest and attract through the universal frequency of Love.


In any new cycle or new beginning, it’s important to tune in and up through the heart to honor the highest calling and highest intention that’s awakening from within.  Getting off of automatic pilot and freeing ourselves up to be fully present and available, it’s not the time to push an outdated agenda with limitations, fears, or scarcity…it’s time to transcend any habitual polarized patterns of reactivity in order to harmonize with the greater flow, the greater current of vitality – and the electricity that sparks new potential in the blink of an eye.  If we’re attached to where we’ve been, or trying to get back to what we’ve known before, we might miss the moment to awaken to what’s birthing through us now.  If we’re stuck in old hurt wounds of the past, or fearful about the future, we won’t be free enough to open fully to the magic of now.


Our relationship with the laws of nature is key.  Divine timing, right action, right alignment….and our willingness to operate from the essence of our true nature, through the limitless realm of Love.  There is always a bigger picture unfolding than what we’re seeing at surface value when we react to anything with personal judgment or personal attachment.  The moment our perspective gets triggered, our lens of vision is limited by that triggered perspective.  The lens of consciousness of any triggered sensation becomes the bigger story that we’re living in (whether we like it or not, whether it’s comfortable or not).  The way to freedom is transcendence of our personal attachments to a higher state of consciousness that allows us to observe the higher laws of nature in dynamic flow, through every fiber of our being.



When we try to push the river to flow in the direction of our ego’s attachments, eventually we find ourselves in conflict with nature (our own divine nature, and the greater current of universal flow).  When we start to work with that larger flow, honoring the ebbs and flows, honoring the current, remaining open through the moments of comfort equal to the moments of discomfort.  Our commitment to honoring the flow is key, and our willingness to surrender any attachments that might block or limit that flow is also important.  Taking our relationship with “power” to a higher octave of power, the divine power of universal flow and the dynamic electricity in the empty spaces between every experience and every unfolding.  Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, and if we’re open and available, we can harness and participate in that wave pattern of universal potential.  If we’re closed off, resistant, or disconnected, we miss the wave and can crash out in the inflammatory backwash/backslide.


Finding ease, harmony, and freedom in the greater flow is possible through our conscious practice of equanimity.  If we find it easy to open and expand when things are going our way, but then collapse and wipe out when things feel out of control, we won’t live a life of balanced inner alignment, and our peace of mind will get shaky.  Peace on Earth comes from a deeply developed inner peace within.  Our personal practice integrates through our experiences, and our greatest expansion yields magic beyond belief.


The year begins with both Mercury and Jupiter slowly coming out of their station, producing what can feel like a bit of a pause or backwash in the overall momentum that’s building.  That temporary pause is actually the intentional build up that propels us forward as soon as the brakes come off, like a sling shot that launches us forward in divine timing.  Mars enters Capricorn this week, joined by Mercury on 1/14 and Venus on 1/23.  On 1/27, Mercury will conjoin Mars as Uranus stations direct, and for the next several months, there will be no retrogrades and acceleration is amplified.  What happens in these first few weeks of the new year is extremely significant in our overall contextual attunement to the higher calling and divine purpose that’s calling us forth.


The week begins on Monday 1/1 with a Chiron Ceres manifestation, Venus Saturn stepping stone, Sun MakeMake stepping stone, and Mercury stations direct at 22 Sagittarius at 10:08pmET.  The fact that the new year begins with Mercury’s station (and Jupiter’s recent station on 12/30) means we’re in an active still point, preparing for massive expansion and new growth from our newly stretched inner operating system.  While we may be wanting to leap ahead into the newness of January, we’re currently in an active calibration point that’s activating the ultimate transcendence of any historic limiting patterns and perspectives.  If we can allow this newness to fully integrate, we will grow by leaps and bounds in the year ahead.  If we jump to conclusions prematurely, we might miss the highest calling and higher purpose of the moment.  The Venus/Saturn and Sun/MakeMake stepping stones invite us to elevate from the heart as we bring ourselves into the higher law and order of universal oneness and wholeness.  We are playing a much bigger game now, the divine calling is huge, and the entire universe is within us, every step along the way.


On Tuesday 1/2, Mercury is still in his station, beginning recovery phase through 1/20.  The Black Moon is manifesting with Albion, and Ceres forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  As with any recovery phase, it matters that we practice patience and grace while the integration comes online.  If things feel a little glitchy right now, take a deep breath and let the dust settle before jumping to conclusions or reacting.  The Black Moon’s manifestation with Albion will intensify tomorrow, activating a grand earth manifestation with the Sun in Capricorn.  Earth shattering revelations provide wake up calls that can’t be ignored.  When the earth below our feet starts to shift, it’s time to reorient and find our balance within.  Make sure there’s no “automatic pilot” tendencies at play this week, and let go of any assumptions or projections.  Any shake ups will clear out the foundation and reveal higher truth, so trust the process and let it flow.  Remember, we’re supported by a much larger orchestration of universal energies in this “8” vibration year.  The more swiftly we can align with universal wave patterns, the more harmoniously we can ride those waves and harness the magnitude that’s building.


Wednesday 1/3 begins with a Venus Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Sun manifestation, Sun Albion manifestation, and Mars Sedna great eliminator.  Today’s Venus Jupiter great eliminator provides a significant clearing and decongestion of any limitations that have closed the heart from our greatest expansion of creative potential.  As we stretch beyond our comfort zone, there is a release of old status quo holding patterns and debris.  Allow that clearing to eliminate and filter through, and pay attention to what remains in the open available space.  That grand earth manifestation elevates today with the Black Moon, Albion, and the Sun….there’s a higher context awakening in the foundation below our feet, and the overall framework we’re operating from.  Let the new structure reveal the divine directive and higher calling, and notice the attunement that’s calibrating through the vertical spine, calling forth integrity and precision in our way of being.


On Thursday 1/4, Mars enters Capricorn, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Chariklo, and the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with MakeMake.  It’s time for committed action, motivated by a higher calling and divine purpose.  If our actions are fleeting, unintentional or impulsive, we may find ourselves distracted from the higher calling that’s awakening from within, inspiring us to move mountains as a force of nature.  When we align ourselves with the universal law and order, we’re unstoppable…the infinite universe flows through our veins, and nourishes any actions taken.  When we take actions consistent with the commitments we’ve made, our actions become instrumental and harmonious to the highest manifestation.  It’s important to hold ourselves accountable for living according to our commitments, we liberate ourselves to take bold actions inspired by what matters most.  Mars is leading the way as the personal planets begin a powerful line up.  By 1/14 Mercury will re-enter Capricorn, on 1/23 Venus will join the stellium, and by 1/27 Mercury and Mars will conjoin for a new cycle as Uranus stations direct and the brakes come off.  While our actions matter, it’s important not to push or force if we’re not feeling it.  There’s a greater movement, taking us to higher evolutionary ground, and the wave pattern will eventually motivate and inspire the actions, when it’s time.  These next few weeks are sensitive and subtle, and harmonious resonance is of the utmost importance.  Trust the process, and honor divine timing….it will come.


Friday 1/5 delivers a Venus Salacia manifestation, Uranus Pallas bridge, Venus Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, and Black Moon Venus stepping stone.  The heart reminds us of the limitless potential beyond boundaries or limitations, as we unleash the bridge of higher wisdom and awaken higher vision.  The more we elevate our gaze and take our perspective to a higher dimension, the more we can see from that visionary lens of truth, wisdom, and creative potential.  Every step requires a conscious choice to elevate, and every elevation awakens higher consciousness as we fully embody and walk our talk.


On Saturday 1/6, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, followed by a Sun Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Sun Orcus manifestation, and Black Moon Jupiter manifestation.  We’re being invited to step up into our mastery anytime the old wounds resurface.  We can always go back into our wounded consciousness, however the higher octave of the story is what comes next, after the wound, on the other side of the wound.  That mastery has been developing behind the scenes, every time we revisit the core issue.  We didn’t come here to perpetuate the stories of suffering, we came to rise up into the transcendental mastery and step powerfully into that new dimension of Self Realization.  Our mental body discipline to choose the higher perspective is important today.  There’s a reason why we’re here, and that reason is calling forth our greatness like never before.  We all have what it takes to thrive, it comes down to our willingness to choose it, again and again, especially when it’s not comfortable or convenient.  There’s a massive revelation occurring today in the subtle realms…if we can lean into that, we can ride the wave towards personal mastery and expansion.


And Sunday 1/7 activates the first 8:8 gateway of the year, revealing a Mars Haumea resource, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Mercury Eris manifestation (3rd of 3), Venus MakeMake resource, Pluto Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Black Moon Astraea resource, and Black Moon Mars manifestation.  Creative potential is abundantly flowing, within us and around us.  Today sparks a fiery initiation of creative potential within us, launching the final moment of awakening from Mercury’s recent retrograde passage.  Don’t be afraid of any sparks that might fly today, let it awaken inner truth that’s ready to manifest and co-create.  Like a match stick consciously seeking friction, let the flame ignite new potential from within.


The practice this week is patience and equanimity.  Although the year is off to a powerful start, we’re starting from a still point with Mercury and Jupiter’s stations, in recovery mode before the great expansion is realized and felt into.  At times it might feel sticky, but the momentum is building from deep within, about to launch and sustainably generate a greater movement.  Don’t try to force an epic leap prematurely…take the time to feel your way through.  Find your heartbeat in the souls of your feet, and let yourself be moved into dynamic motion and harmony with the greater universal flow of energy.  There is abundance and expansion on tap this year, if we can work with the larger energies instead of pushing our agenda against the flow.


“You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”  Deepak Chopra



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