Weekly Navigation Report: February 5 – 11, 2024


Week of February 5 – 11, 2024

The week ahead awakens incredible potential to deliver us to a brand new beginning, and a whole new world.  The old paradigms and overriding conditions of our belief system are being shaken up; shifting to a higher perspective and clearing the decks for the most profound moment of truth that changes everything.


When we begin to realize the current state of affairs – within our own mind/body connection, elevated through a higher dimension of truth seeing from the heart – we can see the illusions and distortions that have been holding us back.  Once we see clearly through the eye (I) of Truth, we never fall back asleep, and we’ll never buy into the historic conditions that have limited us from our greatness and divine nature.


Our higher Self is calling us forth, and the highest vision of our Soul Awareness is at hand.  No matter where we find ourselves in this particular moment in time, no matter what we’re navigating or what we might be up against, conditions are ripe for awakening and new beginnings.  What matters most is our courage and willingness to see ourselves from that divine lens of vision, in order to see where the misaligned/ incongruences are, and the blind spots we’ve been actively participating in.  This correction of Higher Vision, Universal Truth, and Divine Wisdom allow us to see clearly, and release any attachments to what’s simply not true.



This week delivers the Aquarian New Moon on 2/9 as well as the official Chinese New Year on 2/10, the year of the Wood Dragon.  In the “8” vibration of 2024, we’re navigating and embodying universal laws of nature, oneness, and the atmospheric frequency attunement of Unconditional Love, balancing our own yin/yang wholeness, within and without, above and below.  In the universal yin/yang relationship, one is not better or worse than the other, the unified wholeness is necessary in order to access our own universal template for relationship and our holistic experience of creation and manifestation.  When we become imbalanced, distorted, or out of tune with either our yin or our yang energies, we experience dis-harmony and dis-ease (this can show up personally, socially, and collectively).  For sustainability in the flow of universal abundance and vitality, we must be open and receptive (and non-attached) to the ebb and flow of both, as a oneness, as universal wholeness, within ourselves and in our expressions.


The practice of equanimity allows us to honor the expression/function of yin as much as we honor the expression/function of yang, without getting attached to a preference for either.  There must be a willingness to honor both, equally, while respecting the inherent qualities of both, and allowing the flow to expand our awareness.  Yin offers a different expression than Yang, and both matter.  Both deserve reverence and respect, because We are both…the universe manifests through and as both.  The ebb and flow of the figure 8 infinity loop pattern requires an open gateway or portal at the center (heart), allowing harmonious flow of both expressions, without distortion, depletion, or disconnect.


Yin and Yang relate to heart/mind, body/spirit, left/right, below/above, root/crown, inner/outer relationships.  If we’ve been taught or conditioned to favor one or the other, or if we’ve been neglecting, suppressing, or bypassing one or the other, we will find ourselves out of balance, out of harmony with the universal law of nature, of oneness, of wholeness.  The narratives we live into from that imbalance, the beliefs we subscribe to from that imbalance, the attachments to labels and identities from that imbalance, create the fabric of experience we become accustomed to – our status quo.  We can become so familiar and comfortable living into the status quo patterns and distinctions of imbalance, that when we are offered the correction, it can feel foreign or off-kilter.


Our relationship with discomfort and disorientation is necessary while undergoing a radical shift that awakens and attunes us to our holistic nature and divine alignment.  If we’ve become familiar with functioning within dysfunction, it may seem very odd, even unnatural, to live through a healthy balanced state of wholeness.  The inner discernment to trust our inner navigation system of the heart is crucial.  The correction can take time to ease into, although the moment of awakening happens in a nanosecond.  The moment of realization occurs when we see the symptoms of any chronic imbalance, and see the Truth of our Divine Blueprint.  That moment of realization of a higher vision is the guiding light that takes us to a brand new beginning, a clean slate, through the elevated frequency of Love.


When the snow globe shakes us up from the inside out, and every piece and part is loosened up and free to shift, it’s crucial that we don’t crave or cling to the old familiar attachments exactly the way it’s always been.  No matter how comfortable we’ve become in the old skin or old habitual grooves, the new grid system is already set to take us into alignment with our future selves, our Highest Self, Soul to Cell.  There’s a higher vision manifesting now, and this is just the beginning.


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The week begins on Monday 2/5 with a Venus Orcus manifestation, Venus Chiron stepping stone, Sun Chiron resource, Mercury Pluto conjunction/new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Venus manifestation, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, then a Mars Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus communion, Ceres Sedna great eliminator, and Jupiter Saturn resource overnight.  The Mercury Pluto new cycle offers a death/rebirth within our inner operating system that aligns with a higher vision for ourselves, and the potential to blow our minds wide open.  Mercury thrives in Aquarius, and when we get out of our own way, when we allow the mind to die off any attachments to limiting perspectives, labels, or identities, we find ourselves awakening to a whole new world of possibility.


On Tuesday 2/6, Pallas enters Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea stepping stone.  Access to divine wisdom comes at the edge of completion and the threshold of a new beginning.  Wisdom is gained from experience, regardless of the experience itself.  Whether we think our experiences are great or not so great, there’s wisdom in every unfolding that can be integrated for the next round.  Connecting the dots and finding peace in the journey, we begin to expand our awareness through higher learning, taking us beyond anything we ever thought possible.


Wednesday 2/7 begins as Ceres enters Capricorn, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Uranus manifestation, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, then a Mars Neptune resource and Venus Juno manifestation.  There’s a significant moment of awakening, from the heart.  As we lean into our higher calling and divine intention, the heart brings us to a state of divine presence that reveals clarity and discernment.  Our actions reveal a lot about our motivations and intentions, and as we witness ourselves in action, we begin to see what matters most.


On Thursday 2/8, Pluto and Pallas form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, then Vesta stations direct, and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Uranus and a great eliminator with Juno.  Vesta’s direct station is manifesting with tomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius, activating a Grand Air Manifestation with the Karmic Node.  When the inner fire of devotion awakens fully, there’s a breath of new life emerging that transcends any karmic patterns of limitation, and takes us into new territory.  This air manifestation is higher dimensional communication, the awakened communion with spirit occurring with every breath.  It’s time to wake up.


Friday 2/9 delivers a Uranus Juno manifestation, then the New Moon in Aquarius, followed by a Venus Vesta great eliminator, Mercury Varuna Light Bridge, and Saturn Varuna great eliminator.   The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 5:59pmET/ 2:59pmPT.  Disposed by Uranus, Aquarian energy is all about awakening, ushering the future into the now, and accessing higher consciousness that can shift the atmosphere – globally.  Aquarian consciousness is universal, humanitarian, progressive, and cutting edge.  Rubbing against the status quo, there can be a rebellious streak that radically shifts the current, sparking a movement towards conscious change and evolutionary potential.


This New Moon is in a stepping stone with Uranus, awakening the need to step up and choose higher consciousness.  If we continue to operate with more of the same, history repeats itself and we find more and more of the same.  In order to shift the status quo and alter the current, we must elevate to a higher lens of consciousness through a higher lens of vision.  Embracing what we don’t yet understand in order to unconditionally open to our own evolutionary unfolding, it’s important to meet ourselves with unconditional Love, without hesitation.  The only constant in the universe is change, and the only constant choice is Love.  No matter what, Love is the frequency and the consciousness that can take us to higher ground – literally in an instant.  When we shift our frequency to Love, we can shift the dial and change the game.


The Aquarian New Moon is part of a grand air manifestation, including the South Node (karmic) in Libra and Vesta (newly stationed direct in Gemini).  That grand air manifestation forms a kite with the North Node (dharmic) in Aries, reminding us to be mindful and take responsibility for the world we’re creating with our thoughts, words, and actions.   Regardless of where we find ourselves in the current moment, we have a choice of what comes next.  Every moment is brand new, and every moment is unlimited.  The potential to create something we’ve never imagined or dreamed of is always accessible.  The minute we reclaim our power to choose, and get off of automatic pilot with our unconscious reactions and attachments, we begin to find the freedom and the power to create the world we choose, for ourselves and each other.  When we choose Love, consciously and consistently, we begin to weave the frequency of Love through the fabric of our reality and the fabric of our very existence.  We become the authors of a new chapter, the collaborators of a whole new world.


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On Saturday 2/10, there’s a Mercury Salacia resource, Mercury Jupiter stepping stone, and Sun Vesta manifestation.  Yesterday’s New Moon and today’s Chinese New Year is literally mind blowing with awakening and new consciousness.  It is a brand new world, and our capacity for expansion is off the charts.  When we make it our business to nourish the new consciousness coming through, and the possibilities for radical change and transformation, we begin to unleash our true capacity for cutting edge innovation.  When we start to tune into the possibilities all around us, our mind can only stretch wide open to consider the magic unfolding.


And Sunday 2/11, Sedna stations direct, followed by a Mercury MakeMake manifestation, and Venus Eris stepping stone.  Today’s Venus Eris stepping stone is an invitation to step up, through the awakened heart, and embrace the current moment from an empowered place.  There’s nothing off limits; the power of the heart is a force of nature.  When unleashed and unearthed, the heart can move mountains.  It’s a whole new world, and the awakened heart is fully empowered and in charge.   The heart is the gateway to the Soul, and the Soul downloads our greater I AM presence through the universal lens of oneness and balanced wholeness.


The practice this week is heart centered non-attachment.   Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Inhale your undivided attention, into you, into your heart space.  Take a seat in that heart-space, with your awakened presence.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel, see what you see, and hear what you hear.  Meet yourself as you are, how you are, where you are.  Trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be in this moment.  Nothing wrong, nothing missing.  In the current moment, let go of any attachments or expectations, and allow each breath to reveal and deliver a brand new beginning, a brand new perspective, a brand new possibility.  Feel every inhale nourishing and inspiring your inner fire of devotion.  Then honor that breath as you let it go, exhale and set your Self free.  Be in the practice of mindful presence, opening to what is, and releasing any attachments to anything else.  Witness the current of electricity, alive and well, in every expression and every unfolding.  Change is in the air; let it come, meet yourself with Love every step of the way.


“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be fully Alive.”  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


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