Weekly Navigation Report: February 26 – March 3, 2024


Week of February 26 – March 3, 2024

The week ahead delivers massive opportunities for conscious integration and application of the wisdom revealed from last weekend’s Virgo Full Moon.  As with any attunement or peak experience, the integration that follows is everything.  How we move forward with wisdom intact, matters.  As we walk our talk and find our experiential footing in a higher realm of consciousness, our day to day ordinary choices reveal the higher road and the divine path of our highest calling.


Our experiences offer the blank canvass for conscious creation and integration.  When we connect the dots of where we’ve been to where we’re going, realizing that in every moment we are choosing our adventure and choosing our reality, we find an elevated and refined seat of power and authenticity in each current moment.  The power to choose, the power to be fully present and engaged in our life experiences, is key.


When we give up that power – if we check out, numb out, avoid, or disconnect, or if we define ourselves by our circumstances  instead of remembering who we are in our infinite greatness – we may find ourselves collapsing the very seat of power that is our birthright. How we see ourselves in the moment, the definitions, labels, and assumptions we’re subscribing to or limiting ourselves by, have everything to do with the overall permission we give ourselves to be authentic and free.


We may not always have a choice over the current situations we find ourselves navigating, however we’re always choosing our thoughts, attitudes, and interpretations of each unfolding, based on our current belief system about ourselves, others, and the world.  How we see our Self in any situation matters, as it has an effect on how we see the wholeness of the events we’re participating in.  As we begin to stretch, expand, and fine tune our own belief system, we may find ourselves revisiting old narratives or storylines that held weight in the past.  That moment of integration is an opportunity to see how far we’ve grown as we consciously choose something new.  These situations are the priceless experiential stepping stones that can facilitate our epic choice point of higher wisdom, revealing the power to consciously integrate (and orchestrate) our own evolutionary growth in the current moment.


It’s easy to own our power and remember our greatness when things are going smoothly and we’re on top of the world.  It’s in the moments of challenge, discomfort, or unexpected chaos that we can tend to lose our balance and react to the circumstances that appear beyond our control.  However, it’s also in those unexpected moments that we are challenged to discover (or reaffirm) who we really are, in a way that develops and refines our strength of character and the resilience of our Soul.  As we access parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten, we begin to reclaim our wholeness and reclaim our power.


We’re not defined by our circumstances or experiences, however we can use our experiences to develop and refine our personal mastery.  Anything that stretches us beyond our comfort zone can also expand our consciousness in a way that produces quantum leaps to mastery.  The power to choose our journey, and choose our own growth and expansion is always up to us.   The more we lean in and say YES, the more exhilarating the journey becomes.


The week begins on Monday 2/26 with a Sun Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Ixion resource, Mars MakeMake manifestation, Mercury Ceres resource, and Black Moon Vesta stepping stone.  There’s a clearing of our visionary lens as we attune to a higher perspective to see the bigger picture.  We’re rinsing our eyes and clearing the debris to access the higher universal lens, through Unity Consciousness.  The events that occur today reflect divine timing and the larger movement within a greater divine orchestration.  If we’re aligned and in tune, we can navigate with wisdom.


On Tuesday 2/27, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Varuna, followed by a Mars Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Albion stepping stone, Pallas Gonggong stepping stone, Juno Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Eris great eliminator, and Venus Great Attractor resource.  The stepping stones and great eliminators facilitate the necessary integration, application, and clearing/shedding process.  Anytime we integrate new consciousness and higher wisdom in the moment, we transcend the familiar grooves of habitual patterns, discovering a new way of living, and a new embodiment of the wisdom we carry.  That “newness” is put to the test as we practice choosing in our everyday ordinary organic ways.  When we forget or ignore the experiential wisdom gained or the clearly marked wake up calls, we repeat past cycles and patterns, in order to remember again.  Every experience is serving us in our greatest growth and expansion…it’s up to us to see it and choose it.


Wednesday 2/28 begins with a Ceres Varuna great eliminator, then the Sun Mercury conjunction, Saturn Quaoar resource, Black Moon Neptune bridge, Venus Juno great eliminator, Mercury Quaoar resource, Mercury Saturn conjunction/ new cycle, Venus Chariklo new cycle/ conjunction, Sun Quaoar resource, Sun Saturn conjunction/ new cycle, Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, and Venus Orcus great eliminator.  If any of the messages or wake up calls have felt confusing this week, today’s Black Moon Neptune bridge offers precision and discernment – if we’re willing to see ourselves clearly.  The deliverance of a higher perspective is available, if we can get out of our own way and see.  If ever there was a moment to access higher Truth and consciously integrate that into our current choices, establishing a new framework within our inner operating system and belief system, this is it.  As familiar habit patterns get interrupted and destabilized, it’s important to choose the higher ground of our newly awakened consciousness for stability.  The nature of change can create temporary inflammation through the transitional stress responses, so take good care through the process, and weed out any unnecessary distractions or chaos.


On Thursday 2/29, Mercury and Jupiter form a resource, followed by a Sun MakeMake great eliminator, Juno Great Attractor stepping stone, Venus South Node (karmic) manifestation, Venus North Node (dharmic) resource, Black Moon Sedna manifestation, then Black Moon enters Libra.  As Venus manifests with the karmic node, there’s an awakened shift in the karmic energies.  When we bring equanimity and higher Love into any karmic grooves or density, we can alter the frequency and restore structure in the atmosphere through conscious discipline and awareness.  It’s the unconscious aspects of karma that keep perpetuating.  Anything unconscious can be transcended and transformed once it’s made visible and met with Divine Love.


Friday 3/1  manifests a vibrational shift into “3” energy,  starting with a Mars Albion stepping stone, Sun Jupiter resource, Mercury Albion resource, Venus Chiron resource, then a Black Moon Pluto manifestation Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Mercury Juno bridge, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, and Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect.  When old core wounds reveal the higher meaning and divine calling for mastery, we begin to see ourselves and our journey in a brand new light.  That correction to our self reflection can facilitate epic expansion and refinement in the blink of an eye.  The correction to our chronic misunderstandings is huge, and can reveal a moment of rebirth into brand new possibilities.


On Saturday 3/2, Mars and Juno form a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Orcus bridge, Mars Great Attractor resource, and Mercury South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  Today’s Mercury Orcus bridge offers an attunement to the higher realization of why we’re here and why it matters.  The more precisely we begin to integrate that realization through our inner operating system, the more gracefully we can navigate the infinite ocean with discernment and precision.  That shift alone can untangle old karmic patterns and loops we’ve been operating within for lifetimes.


And on Sunday 3/3, the Black Moon turns retrograde at 2’35 Libra, followed by a Sun Albion resource, Venus Uranus stepping stone, Sun Juno bridge, Saturn MakeMake great eliminator, Mars Chariklo conjunction/ new cycle, and Mars Orcus great eliminator.   Today’s awakening of the heart is the launching pad for massive elevation in consciousness.  There’s stability once we let go and trust the process.  Everything is changing, everything is shifting….we are awakening from the false narratives and illusions to remember the divine truth of who we are and why we’re here.  That’s important wisdom to align with and walk with, and the next phase of integration is life altering.


The practice this week is clarity through consistency.  Find a daily practice to apply your conscious discipline and awareness to, and give it your 100% diligent focus this week.  That could be meditation, yoga, Daily Calibrations, journaling, or anything at all that you bring your full self to as a mindful practice, every day, consistently.  When change is in the atmosphere, or when the atmosphere feels turbulent or congested, find consistency in your daily practice.   Find steady ground in your unwavering commitment, and then observe your Self in action.  Let go of any judgment or attachment to results, and witness your 4 body system in that daily practice.  Observe how you arrive and show up to the practice itself, how you apply yourself to the actual practice, and how you integrate your experience as you transition into your daily life.  There’s infinite wisdom and feedback to behold, and opportunities for greater alignment and integrity.  Be the presence of Unconditional Love as you witness your Self in your practice.  Let the consistency of your practice be the stabilizer that takes you to higher conscious ground.


“Oh, wandering One, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don’t look outside.  Look within, and seek That.”  ~ Rumi


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