Weekly Navigation Report: February 20 – 26, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of February 20 – 26, 2023

This week delivers a profound wave of new beginnings, birthed from the infinite ocean…and anything goes. From the Pisces New Moon at the beginning of the week, we’re fully swimming in the infinite realm of unconditional Love and limitless possibilities. Venus transitions into Aries within an hour of the New Moon, and the heart is pioneering new creative potential. Staying on the cutting edge of the unknown, communing with the unwritten and un-manifested potential is key. Remaining open to what we don’t know that we don’t know is the ripe sweet spot of new creation, where new thoughts manifest original outcomes previously unimagined.

Our conscious discipline to create vs react is so important. When we move through the limitless ocean of boundary-less potential, it matters that we have a rudder that keeps us aligned and in tune with our highest frequency of the heart. From that aligned heart space, we can dial in and listen through the highest lens of universal perspective, and allow that clarity to “light the match” (or awaken the magic wand) of creation. Fishing for the highest possible version of unimagined potential, instead of reaching or grabbing onto the familiar loops and limiting narratives that have already been seen or done.

When we react or get triggered by situations that are unfolding around us, we unintentionally grab onto old patterns and perspectives that can limit the potential of higher ground. Remaining open, equanimous, and heart centered, we can ride the waves as they come, trusting in the higher calling and purpose that reveals in divine timing. There’s nothing to push or force, simply allow the calling to move the heart in divine order, divine alignment.

The unscripted, unwritten potential is ever present and free flowing in the creative ocean of every idea, thought, spark of insight, and divine expression ever imagined or unimagined. When we spend time in that cosmic ocean, casting a wide net to explore and dream, we find ourselves in the vastness of the universal imaginings, the land of dreamers and inventors. That universal spaciousness exists within every cell of our being, and flows within the empty space between our breath, thoughts, and actions.

It matters that we manifest the visionary dreams from that limitless ocean, by allowing movement of the waves to produce new form and structure, without controlling the outcomes or limiting the expressions. Like catching a shooting star, making a wish, and allowing that wish to animate and inspire movement of creative expression and integrative action. If we only live in the fluidity of imagination, fantasizing about what “could be”, without following through the wave pattern with consistent inspired action, the dream can’t manifest in physical form and structure. The reason many dreams don’t come true is an unconscious lack of belief. Belief inspires and informs the holistic integration and tangible realization, through form and structure, allowing the unmanifested potential to materialize and take shape.

If we push too hard to manipulate the system and force our dreams to come true, we can find ourselves struggling in exhaustion and burnout, trying to bend the universe to accommodate our attached ideas of possibility. As we transcend the either/or conversations of polarity and duality, we find the sweet spot of harmonized unity and oneness. The universe manifests as an orchestration of music. We are the musicians, downloading the unscripted music as we go, moment to moment, fueled by divine inspiration, collaborating with the infinite realm, fine tuned as divine instruments of creation. The sacred art of improv, in the moment.

Possibilities flow to us, through us, as us, with grace and ease when we’re in the current, riding the waves. When we push against or try to control or resist with fear, we fight against the unified field, manifesting confusion, distortion, and delay. Trust and Faith are the name of the game.

This week initiates us into the realm of limitless possibilities through the cosmic ocean of Unconditional Love. Love as the current, the wave pattern, the calibrated frequency of the water. There’s wisdom to discover, and enlightened clarity to behold in the wholeness of our experiences. The path is a vertical spiral sequence, not linear. How well we navigate the fluid state of unconditional Love is reflected in how well we manifest and consciously collaborate – as divine co-creators, pioneering new ground, calling forth the highest vision and full blown integration of the New Earth. Nothing is outside of us, everything is within. We’re birthing it through the lens we’re choosing in each current moment.

The week begins on Monday 2/20 with the New Moon in Pisces at 2:06amET, then Venus entered Aries within the hour, followed by a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Chiron resource, Black Moon subtle intimacy aspects with Orcus and Sirius, then Venus Humana great eliminator, Mercury Great Attractor resource, and Black Moon Mercury bridge. The Pisces New Moon initiates a new beginning through the wave pattern of infinite possibilities. When we catch that wave, and trust in the momentum and potential, we are limitless. The truth is, there are no limitations other than the ones we buy into through the inner structure of our belief system. When we stretch our minds to expand beyond our comfort zone and historic programming, we return to that cosmic ocean of creative potential that is our birthright, our origin. From there, anything is possible, and we realize that we have access to all that we need, always. Nothing missing, nothing lacking, only Unity and Oneness. As Venus enters Aries, the heart is on fire and in charge, pioneering a new path from the original expression of our soul’s blueprint. Regardless of our past, regardless of our conditions, we have the power to manifest from the awakened heart, transcending old patterns and narratives to fully realize who we are. Today is a new beginning for dynamic optimism that takes charge and moves into inspired action.

On Tuesday 2/21, Mercury forms great eliminators with Orcus and Sirius, (activating a finger of God with the bridge with Black Moon yesterday), the Black Moon manifests with Chiron, followed by a Ceres Vesta bridge, Vesta Varuna manifestation, Mercury Uranus stepping stone, and Jupiter Charkilo resource. The unveiling this week comes from the divine messenger within, reminding us of our mastery and inspiring our connection to purpose. When we remember who we are, the aspects of our soul nature that we came to master, we access that mastery in any situation or scenario we find ourselves in. The purpose of the current moment is to integrate the awakened mastery of our soul into the situations and scenarios we’re a part of. We may not know why we’re drawn to a certain situation or event, we may not fully understand how events delivered us to the current moment, but the current awakening of our soul awareness can integrate at the cellular level, embodying and taking action in a nanosecond, participating at a higher octave of Oneness and Love. Trusting the flow and riding the wave.

Wednesday 2/22 starts with a Pallas Chariklo great eliminator (near miss), followed by Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo bridge, Black Moon Mars manifestation, occultation of Jupiter by the Moon, Black Moon MakeMake resource, and Sun Ixion resource. Our greatest expansion requires a clear vision of the current moment. Stabilized by equanimity, our highest lens of vision reveals the wholeness of any situation, crystal clear. There’s wisdom unfolding today, enlightened clarity revealing truth. If we get triggered into reactionary patterns, we collapse ourselves into the wave. When we remain open and trusting, we surf the biggest waves with momentum of divine synergy and collaborative oneness. There’s a larger orchestration at play, and we are a part of that wave.

On Thursday 2/23, Jupiter forms a stepping stone with Pallas, followed by a Black Moon Salacia manifestation, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon manifestations with Vesta and Astraea, Black Moon communion with Varuna, and the Black Moon intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), activating a Grand Love Cross with the Black Moon, the Nodes, and Charkilo. In periods of great expansion, we may feel the temporary edges of limitation or the friction of the current challenge. Remember, in order to expand beyond our current norms and comfort zones, we must be willing to challenge that status quo and move beyond our normal stopping points. We’re redesigning our inner set points and beliefs about what’s possible and how far we can go. Presence, faith, and trust produce the sacred space for alchemy to occur. If we lose faith in ourselves or in the process, we collapse in the face of adversity. If we remain steady with increasing resilience, eventually the limitations dissolve as we transcend and transmute old barriers into new possibilities. The key is our capacity to trust and have faith, allowing the nervous system to recalibrate to Love, finding a foundation of inner peace and harmony no matter what is occurring around us. That consistent practice yields infinite potential for alchemy and radical transformation when we least expect it.

Friday 2/24 there’s a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Sun Ceres great eliminator, Black Moon Venus manifestation, Vesta Salacia new cycle, Sun Varuna great eliminator, and Venus Varuna manifestation. Deliverance is the word of the day today. When we devote our undivided attention through the awakened heart, eventually we find what we’re made of and we find the heart of any situation we’re navigating. Getting to the heart of the matter delivers us from any frustration or confusion of not being able to see clearly or navigate with ease. That deliverance sets us free and takes us to higher dimensions within ourselves.

On Saturday 2/25, the Moon eclipses Uranus, and Saturn forms a stepping stone with Sedna. The current challenge reveals a life defining moment of Truth that takes us to higher ground today. This earth shattering realization is a pivot point, a life changing calibration that turns the page and shifts the tides. If we shrink back out of fear or doubt, we deny ourselves the opportunity to take a quantum leap into new territory. The choice is ours. Take the leap of faith and step up.

And Sunday 2/26 starts with a Venus Salacia conjunction/ new cycle, then the Black Moon retrogrades back into Cancer, followed by a Vesta Quaoar stepping stone, Venus Quaoar stepping stone, and Venus Vesta conjunction/ new cycle. Today’s Venus Vesta new cycle in Aries is dynamic and off the charts. The heart meets the inner fire of devotion, and the flames are passionately lit with intention and purpose. Today’s active spark invites us to step into the fire of authentic soul creation. We are conscious creators, pioneering a New Earth… and it’s time to collaborate.

The practice this week is trust, faith, and surrendered movement. Remember, we’re navigating the infinite ocean, riding the waves of increasing momentum through the crescendo of universal creation. When we push too hard or try to control the ocean, we find it hard to move, boxing ourselves into tight quarters with limited potential. Through surrendered trust, we can find the current and feel the momentum building as the next wave manifests. Find the greater oneness of the universal wave of creation, and ride it. Bring your intention to the wave, and allow it to manifest in ways you’ve not yet even imagined. Let go and surrender to the magic, like the spark of creative genius flowing through a master improv jazz musician in a meditative state. Nothing to control or manage, just trust, let go, and ride the wave. Our greatest mastery is coming online when we least expect it.

“Signal transduction science recognizes that the fate and behavior of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment.”

― Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

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