Weekly Navigation Report: February 19 – 25, 2024


Week of February 19 – 25, 2024

Get ready for an epic week ahead, literally sparking the necessary healing/wholing/alignment process that allows for an unprecedented quantum leap of evolutionary potential.   This week delivers the Virgo Full Moon on Saturday 2/24, which ushers the next lunar event on 3/10, the Pisces New Moon that opens the spring wormhole/eclipse passage.  The dots are connecting now, the integration is at hand, and everything is leading to our greatest expansion and higher calling through divine Soul to cell integration. 

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As we prepare for the next quantum expansion, it’s important to acknowledge our perceived breaking points and integration points for new growth.  Any time we reach an edge of limitation, and move beyond it, transcending the old narratives and reference points, we break through to new ground.  These moments of breakdown/breakthrough require conscious integration for new growth and sustainable expansion. 


Imagine a rubber band in a relaxed state, with the current dimensions and holding patterns established and maintained in that easy state of suppleness.  There’s comfort and stability inside that established status quo.  Then imagine that rubber band being intentionally stretched, activating its threshold for expansion, breaking apart certain elastin fibers in order to accommodate the tension that produces expansion.  Through the temporary chaos or healing crisis, there is a greater transformation and redesign happening, ultimately cultivating a new paradigm.  Once the application of tension is removed, that rubber band returns to a supple relaxed state…forever altered.  That rubber band will never go back to exactly the same established holding patterns/configuration as before.  Everything has changed. 


Similarly, our day to day holistic experiences have the potential to stretch us, to awaken and reveal aspects of ourselves previously unavailable or uncharted.  Through experiential learning, we open ourselves up to the wholeness of any situation, and the holistic exchange develops and delivers us to higher ground, within our own realization of Self.  

We’re being stretched multidimensionally, challenging the pre-established breaking points, holding patterns, beliefs, and comfort zones of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, in the greater wholeness of our 4 body system…in order to calibrate our wholeness into alignment with the heart, in communion with Soul and Source.  When that alignment occurs, our awakened Soul fully integrates and embodies through the 4 body system, bringing all of the awareness, memory, and wisdom into full blown accessibility in the current now moment, grounded and integrated at the cellular level.  This kind of epic integration and embodied wholeness allows us to access cosmic consciousness through our cells and through the planet.  Not just as a concept or idea, but as a conscious embodiment and realization.  It changes everything in the fabric of our skin and the fabric of our reality.    

When the inner matrix of our reality upgrades to Universal Oneness and Cosmic Consciousness, we experience radical shifts and quantum leaps that take us to higher ground where divine revelations of cutting edge possibilities are readily available and accessible.  That kind of holistic attunement and multidimensional upgrade can shake up our status quo default settings, temporarily creating an experience of chaos or congestion while we navigate the integration of a new attunement, and filter the release of congestion.  The ultimate transformation is a death and rebirth process that doesn’t require us to leave the body.  The entire body shifts while we’re living into the transformation, fully conscious and aware, yet unattached.

It’s important to navigate that temporary healing crisis with the consciousness of evolutionary potential, and not get triggered by fear based reactions, doubts, or limitations.  We are being stretched – just like that rubber band – but not in a linear or logical fashion.  The stretch calibrates our holistic evolutionary growth.  Every filament that undergoes a tear or break is simply revealing the opportunities for new growth, for integration, and transcendence.   When we meet our edge, and see through to the other side instead of feeling confined or limited – we begin to experience our capacity for transcendental expansion and multidimensional growth. 


When we allow ourselves to travel beyond the edges of limitations (fears and doubts) of our comfort zone default settings, that process of discomfort becomes the facilitator of epic change.  What’s on the other side of our comfort zone matrix is the realization of all that we are, and the remembrance of our Soul.  The veils are thinning, the atmosphere is electrically charged, and the unified field is delivering us to our divine reflection of wholeness.  

The week begins on Monday 2/19 with a Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, Venus Pallas resource, Chiron North Node (dharmic) conjunction/new cycle, and Mercury Eris resource.  As the North Node conjuncts Chiron, our full blown Self Awareness initiates a higher realization through the rainbow bridge that unifies every wound with the opportunity to awaken personal mastery.  The wound is the opening for Light, and when we access the higher bridge of conscious realization, we begin to embrace the wholeness in order to see the Light.  Today’s Mercury Eris resource offers support through any uncomfortable moments of truth that emerge from within.  

On Tuesday 2/20, there’s a Chiron Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Astraea resource, then the Black Moon enters Virgo and Astraea enters Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Juno North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Sun bridge, Black Moon Haumea resource, and Sun Haumea manifestation.  The Black Moon’s entrance into Virgo begins to highlight the upcoming steps to the Virgo Full Moon, revealing the reference points for higher integration as the healing attunement occurs.  When we follow the steps and attune towards higher wisdom, we open ourselves up to what’s experientially unfolding, through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Reference points aren’t predictions, they’re integration points that bring our awareness into a healthy context that supports the necessary integration and filtration.  We can’t predict what’s coming up ahead, but we can bring ourselves into a higher attunement of the possibility for evolutionary growth.

Wednesday 2/21 starts with a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres manifestation, and Black Moon Gonggong bridge, followed by a Black Moon Ixion manifestation and Mercury Galactic Center resource.  The Black Moon takes center stage today, and revelatory experiences are available in every moment and choice point.  We can either attune to our highest divine essence and blueprint, transcending the limitations of our local story or personal mind…or we can subscribe to the same matrix we’ve settled into, and ignore the higher calling to expand.  The choice is ours.  The higher calling for expansion is coming from the higher Self, the aspects of Soul that are ready to fully integrate and manifest through our conscious awareness.  When we ignore our own higher calling, we ignore a part of our Self.  It’s time to grow, and it’s time to honor that quantum leap through the heart.  

On Thursday 2/22, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Venus and Mars, followed by a Venus Mars conjunction/ new cycle.  Then the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, followed by a Ceres Gonggong resource, Venus Varuna bridge, Mars Varuna bridge, Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, and Black Moon Jupiter manifestation.  The Mars Venus new cycle is part of a finger of God aspect involved with a greater attunement of the upcoming Virgo Full Moon.  Venus and Mars are the co-rulers of the Divine Feminine, bringing us into relationship with our divine nature and awakened essence of our soul.  When we honor our nature, and live in accordance with that nature, we find ourselves evolving and growing without resistance.  When we go against our nature, or try to push our agenda against the essence of our Soul Expression, we find interference at the heart level.  The higher heart/body coherence awakes a divine partnership from within our soul to cell embodiment, which is essential for our evolutionary growth.  

Friday 2/23 reveals a Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect, then Mercury enters Pisces, followed by a Venus Salacia resource, Sun Pallas stepping stone, and Ceres Ixion conjunction/new cycle. The Sun Pallas stepping stone sheds light on a very important choice point in the upcoming Full Moon tomorrow.  Pallas holds incredible wisdom, through the sum total of our experiences, beyond judgment or attachments.  When we can see ourselves in action, and observe our results at the end of each chapter (or the end of each day), we open ourselves up to so much higher wisdom from experience, and our experiential learning facilitates radical growth and expansion for the next new beginning.  If we’re afraid to look at our actions and results, if we get too attached to what did or didn’t occur, or the interpretations we assign to ourselves as a result, we may miss the opportunity for higher learning and evolutionary growth through every doorway of transition.  Step by step, no matter what happens, we can always learn and grow, and that moment of reflection and debrief curates the higher learning.  Anything that challenges us is simultaneously developing our greater mastery, if we have the courage to see ourselves clearly in action.  

On Saturday 2/24, (an 8:8 gateway) Mars forms a resource with Salacia, followed by a Sun Gonggongconjunction/new cycle, Mercury Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Jupiter MakeMake great eliminator.  Then the Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 7:31am ET, followed by a Black Moon Orcus communion/conjunction, Black Moon Juno communion/conjunction, Sun Ixion resource, Black Moon North Node great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Venus MakeMake manifestation, and Venus Jupiter stepping stone. 

The Full Moon occurs at 7:31am ET at 5’23 Virgo.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of the master healer teacher, and the pure heart of the Divine Mother that births Christ Consciousness.  The relationship with Virgo and Pisces reflects that zoom in/ zoom out lens of the purest heart and the infinite realm of limitless possibility.  The purest heart offers a calibration of wholeness that calls forth alignment and integrity with the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.  When all pieces and parts resonate with the attunement of the heart, there is a higher realization of health and wellness.  When any dimension of the 4 body system are out of tune, out of harmony, or disconnected from the highest frequency attunement of the heart, there can be dis-ease or disharmony, even distortion or imbalance.  

The key to health and wellness is through the understanding of wholeness, and holistic integration.  There is no separation, only oneness.  When we’re fundamentally operating from a cohesive alignment with the heart, we are home, all is well, and we experience a direct communion with Soul and the higher realms of consciousness.  If we block ourselves from our own heart, we also disconnect or fragment from our higher Self, Soul, and Source.  The process of wholing ourselves is the 5D journey of healing.  Healing is wholing, and integration is key, soul to cell.  The more we understand the wholeness of ourselves, we begin to experience a holistic integration universally, realizing that every cell includes and reflects the consciousness of the infinite universe.  Nothing separate, nothing missing, nothing lacking.  There’s nothing to fix, nothing wrong.  There’s only an invitation for integration and wholeness through every experience.  

This Full Moon in Virgo activates a beautiful bridge with the Sun, Mercury, Gonggong, and Saturn in Pisces.  The Full Moon in Virgo also activates a grand earth trine/manifestation with Jupiter in Taurus, and Ceres, Ixion, and Quaoar in Capricorn.  The Sun stellium in Pisces activates a grand water manifestation with Astraea in Cancer and Haumea in Scorpio.   These 2 grand trines overlap to produce a magnificent Star of David aspect with Earth and Water elements, which activates the Divine Feminine.  

In addition to that brilliant Star of David, the Sun and Moon also reveal opposing/reflective Finger of God aspects.  The Moon pointing to the Sun, with great eliminators involving Venus/Mars and Salacia.  And the Sun pointing to the Moon, with great eliminators involving Varuna and MakeMake.  The potential for a divine attunement of the Feminine Source of Healing/Wholing that delivers infinite expansion, creative potential, and new realizations from new imaginings is literally off the charts!  The choice points along the way are incredible.  Wisdom, completion, hindsight, integration.  When choosing the higher calling for evolutionary growth and expansion, there’s no going back.   

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On Sunday 2/25, there’s a Sun Ceres resource, Juno Orcus conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Moon communion in Virgo, Moon Uranus manifestation, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, followed by a Mercury Pallas stepping stone and Mercury Gonggong conjunction/ new cycle.  Mercury’s new cycle with Gonggong brings the new set points and higher attunement of a whole new grid system into our mind’s eye and inner operating system.  In the blink of an eye, everything can change, and there’s no going back.  When leaping into evolutionary potential, there’s no going back to the old limitations or constructs of the outdated status quo.  It’s onward and upward from here.


The practice this week is surrender, trust, and faith.  When saying yes to a higher calling or the experience of evolutionary expansion, there must be faith in the invisible, in the unseen, in the unimaginable.  We’re heading into new dimensions that have been previously inaccessible.  The innocence of a beginners mind allows us to strengthen and stretch our imagination into new dimensions and new possibilities.  Notice the times when the inner voice starts to defend the old storylines, narratives, or status quo, as if nothing else is possible.  Notice when the inner voice starts to open with curiosity and explorative visionary spirit to see what’s never been seen before, to imagine new beginnings and possibilities.  The Virgo Full Moon offers discernment and attunement for those new imaginings to flow, and from there, we learn to ride the waves and harmonize the momentum of the universe through our divine unfolding.


“We are in the perfect circumstances for our Souls to learn whatever they designed this whole game to learn.”  ~ Ram Dass 


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