Weekly Navigation Report: February 13 – 19, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of February 13 – 19, 2023

Welcome back to the Weekly Navigation Report after taking 2 weeks off.

This week ushers us fully into the unified field, the infinite ocean of Unconditional Love where all possibilities exist. Creativity and incredible imaginings are on tap as our minds reveal the newly expanded inner landscape of freedom and curiosity. Where the mind can imagine, possibilities can manifest…in the blink of an eye. When we limit ourselves with negativity, narrowmindedness, or cynicism, we flatten the curve of potential and flatten the wave of inspiration.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last several weeks and months. Reflecting back to the Winter Solstice, the New Moon in Capricorn, Mercury’s retrograde through 1/18, and the choice point we’ve all made within ourselves to take the inward upward journey through our highest soul integration. Soulular to Cellular is the theme of our embodied integration now. In order to take that vertical quantum leap, we must be willing to release our attachments to what we’ve known until now, including the identities, labels, narratives, and expressions we’ve been validating, defending, and subscribing to. We’re headed into unfamiliar territory, which actually delivers us to our most awakened Self, and the blueprint, template, and encoded Light we came to manifest as…our soul contract. Our most authentic expression is being called forth, and it’s time to give ourselves unapologetic permission to embody all that we are… unconditionally.

The recent Aquarian New Moon on 1/22 delivered the Uranus station and the Venus/Saturn new cycle through an epic moment of reinvention and renegotiation of the contracts and ways of engaging we’re committed to moving forward. We’re elevating to higher ground within ourselves, which requires a higher commitment to elevating our inner dialogue and the conversations we’re participating in and reacting/responding to in our day to day life. The recent Leo Full Moon on 2/5 illuminated the full blown empowered courage to walk the planet with an open heart, revealing and reflecting the divine Light Codes within as our most generous offering to the planet. Our authenticity matters, which requires inner courage to remain open and attuned to the Light, no matter what situations or conditions we find ourselves in. Our openness is a beacon of Light. Our openness offers an exchange of Light in the moment to moment practice of gratitude, keeping the channels of abundance, joy, and alchemical manifestation wide open.

Intimacy with the invisible realm is paramount. Leaning into what we’ve never seen or understood before, with curiosity, Love, and an open mind. Noticing when our human tendencies to pull away, resist, or ignore what we don’t understand get triggered, or the tendencies to project labels and meanings that we feel more comfortable with instead of being in the discomfort of unfamiliar territory. We’re pioneering a new dimension, embarking on new ground, and we can’t bring the old fixed labels and assumptions with us. Our comfort zones are dissolving, and our willingness to remain present in the unfamiliar is key. Before assuming we know what this is, we must open to what we don’t yet know, and feel our way through, from the heart.

If we resist or refuse to see what’s awakening in this moment, within ourselves and around us, we miss the opportunity to be in relationship with all that is – most importantly, the highest vision of a possibility that hasn’t fully manifested yet. When we can Love ourselves unconditionally, we calibrate a state of being that is Love, within us and around us, which supports an atmosphere of divine unfolding and transparency. As we compassionately elevate to a higher dimension, we find new vision, through the heart, revealing new possibilities and new horizons. Our pioneering journey starts with an inward vertical leap, and the creative collaborations we establish from there are breathtaking.

The week begins on Monday 2/13 with no major aspects. The Black Moon turns retrograde today at 28 Leo, just shy of a stepping stone with Sedna and a great eliminator with Pluto. The “Great Unveiler” takes center stage this week, deliberately uncovering while shining the brightest light of transparency into our current structures and foundations, challenging the status quo in order to see Truth. The resiliency of the Black Moon is powerful, as she unconditionally reviews, revisits, and digs deeper. Our courage to keep the heart wide open, no matter what we find, is key. If we flinch, turn away, or deny what’s coming to light, we perpetuate the cycles and continue the patterns. The highest potential is the holistic integration of our awakened awareness.

On Tuesday 2/14, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Saturn. Again, Black Moon is holding the spotlight of transparency and full blown illumination like a firehose of generous light, shining towards Saturn in Aquarius, challenging the status quo, the contracts we’ve been operating in (spoken or non-spoken, including the fine print most people ignore or overlook). When we see through the projected assumptions, intentions, labels, and agendas, we can see the essence of truth in the atmosphere. It’s important to be fully present, even if it challenges the norms and traditional beliefs. A whole new possibility exists on the other side of what we can’t yet see or understand. Our current edges are becoming visible now in order to awaken and transcend.

Wednesday 2/15 begins with a Black Moon Sun bridge, followed by a Venus Neptune conjunction (new cycle), Mars Great Attractor bridge, Mercury Varuna bridge, Mercury Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, and Sun Galactic Center resource. The Venus Neptune new cycle brings enlightened clarity through the heart. Our willingness to discern what we’re seeing is important. If we only see what we want to see, and ignore the resonance of wisdom revealing in the unexpected turbulence, we might detach from reality and spin our own version of a story through the lens of imagination and fantasy. This is the potential blind spot in the Pisces Ocean. There are no limits to the dreams and imaginings we can envision and create, however we must be willing to release attachments at the personal level as we co-create with the infinite realm, staying tuned to Truth. Anytime we bend the lens to accommodate our agenda or attachments, we skew ourselves from the potential that’s otherwise available. There’s a high level of visionary insight online today, if we elevate beyond our personal attachments and limiting beliefs, through the awakened heart, taking our seat as the universal center of Oneness. From there, everything is crystal clear. From there, we birth and manifest the highest potential, on behalf of All.

On Thursday 2/16, Mercury intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Neptune, followed by a Black Moon Eris manifestation, Mercury Salacia resource, then Pallas stations direct, followed by a Mars Orcus stepping stone and Sun Saturn conjunction (new cycle). The Sun Saturn new cycle has been building all week, and brings awakened vision to the newly calibrated agreements and contracts we initiated back on 1/23 with the Venus Saturn new cycle. The heart is leading the way, and it’s important to trust the downloads coming through that awakened lens of higher vision. Trusting the integrity of the heart, we also trust the integrity of the universe, allowing a higher octave of manifestation to be revealed. We find ourselves in alignment with the divine unfolding when we honor our heart’s calling. As always, it’s important to discern the temporary feelings and emotions that tug at the heart strings vs the profound calling of the heart that moves us forward into conscious innovative action.

Friday 2/17 starts with a Vesta Ixion stepping stone, Sun Sedna stepping stone, Venus Galactic Center stepping stone, then a Mercury Jupiter resource, Mercury MakeMake manifestation, and Jupiter MakeMake bridge. The elements of divine timing and universal orchestration are important today. When we honor our divine nature and the rhythms and cycles of nature, we join forces with a much larger field of energy in motion that supports our greatest expansion. When we resist our nature and the unfolding of divine timing and universal oneness, we push against that larger field of energy in motion. Pushing our agenda puts us against the flow, which limits resources and flattens the curve, and exhausts resources. When we remember our greater I AM presence, and honor the cycles and patterns of universal creation, we find ourselves in cohesive oneness with all that’s in motion, and we can ride the wave of expansion into new territory, manifesting new possibilities.

On Saturday 2/18, Mercury and Chariklo form a conjunction (new cycle), followed by a Mercury Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and the Sun enters Pisces at 5:34pmEST. Today stabilizes the electrical activity that’s been off the charts in the mental body landscape. There’s wisdom to realize, no matter what we’re navigating or experiencing. As the Sun enters Pisces today, get ready for limitless potential without borders, boundaries, or limits. Anything is possible in this unified field of creative potential, swirling and flowing with freedom and ease. The newfound stability through the mind supports our inner discernment as we leap into the waters and take a swim in the universal ocean of infinite possibility. Entering the Pisces ocean requires faith and trust, to see what we need to see, to access discernment when we need direction or clarity, and to walk on water and ride the waves.

And Sunday 2/19 delivers a Ceres Varuna resource, Venus Sedna resource, Mercury Albion stepping stone, Venus Pluto resource, and Sun Haumea manifestation. Overnight, the New Moon in Pisces occurs at 2:06am EST on Monday 2/20. There’s deliverance of higher vision through the heart today, and that visionary attunement calibrates through the limitless ocean of possibility. Like echo vibration through the ever-shifting waters beyond time space, we can navigate through the hidden realms, hidden dimensions, unlocking divine potential and resurrecting the divine light of our heart. The New Moon in Pisces occurs overnight at 2:06am EST, and the week ahead is birthed from this ocean of unconditional Love and limitless creative potential.

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The practice this week is to let go of attachments and open unconditionally to the current possibilities that are emerging. Our capacity to expand depends upon our willingness to let go and transcend the current edges, attachments, and default settings. Our fixed attachments can create interference, like blind spots of limitations that anchor us into rigidity, making it challenging to fully explore all available options. When we let go of our attachments and agendas of what we think we know or what we think is best, we can explore hidden dimensions of creative potential that take us to new ground. Letting go of rigid thinking, fixed agendas, or limiting beliefs is key this week as we dive into a limitless realm of untapped potential.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”n― Albert Einstein

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