Weekly Navigation Report: December 4 – 10, 2023


Week of December 4 – 10, 2023

Welcome back to the Weekly Navigation Report after taking a few weeks off.  We’re now officially in the Sagittarian energetic, headed towards the Winter Solstice calibration point, and Mercury is in the pre-shadow phase quickly approaching the upcoming retrograde cycle from 12/13 – 1/1.  The fall wormhole/eclipse passage provided an incredible and instrumental activation/attunement for our highest alignment through the heart, integrating Soul to Cell communication and authentic expression.


Our awakened presence through the heart brings us to an elevated orientation and communion with Soul, which supports in transcending the limitations of polarized perspectives and extreme contrast from our 3D lens of vision.   The truth is, at the universal level, we recognize Self as the greater oneness of all that’s occurring, and the ultimate invitation for unification of extremes through the center, through Love.  When we’re calibrated to Love, our lens of vision that determines our fabric of reality is calibrated through the frequency of Love.  Love (as a frequency, as consciousness) Unifies.  Love heals by restoring Wholeness.  Love initiates alchemy and transformation of the highest order.  Love welcomes and invites transparency, where all dimensions are visible – nothing withheld, nothing censored, nothing suppressed or held back.


In order to cultivate a sustainable atmosphere of transparency, there must be safety, trust, and integrity.   Transparency requires the risk of vulnerability, and that exposure of shadow and light must be held and honored as sacred.  Our commitment to reverence, respect, and shared communion are called forth by the frequency of Love.  Any irreverence or disregard for sacred space collapses the atmosphere of Love, and the structural integrity shifts and deteriorates.  When we talk about manifesting a world with Love, manifesting the New Earth through Unconditional Love, we must start understanding what that actually requires from each and every one of us, as the tangible practice and conscious way of being through our social fabric of Oneness.  There are new contracts coming online through our shared social fabric, and the shared values create the foundation for new growth and unprecedented expansion.


The recent Virgo wormhole passage delivered us to the Scorpio New Moon on 11/13, which unveiled the current alchemical process of transformation that we’re all navigating at the current moment on this planet.  The Gemini Full Moon on 11/27 offered a brilliant multidimensional portal of connectivity, allowing us to transcend the illusion of separation by recognizing the shared oneness through each unfolding.  As we wrap up the “7” vibration year of 2023, it’s important to remember the practice of tuning in and tuning up through the highest lens of consciousness and the highest resonance of Love – as a constant practice, as a way of being.


Tuning in through the heart brings us back home to the center of our being, the still-point of universal connectivity and the recognition of Unity Consciousness.  Our disciplined practice and mastery of that attunement brings us into the next year 2024, and “8” vibration of universal manifestation through the wholeness of yin/yang balance and oneness.  Integrating above and below, within and without – expanding the potential of yin/yang wholeness through the conscious practice of equality.  When we release any attachments to yin or yang, we’re free to expand through the universal balance point of wholeness through oneness.  The key to creation and manifestation is in the balanced integration and sustainable practices of reciprocity and universal exchange, and our human capacity to explore the edges of extreme opposites in order to bridge polarities and transcend duality through Love.  Anything is possible from there.


The final month of December invites sacred completion and holy integration (wholeness) as we return to the blank slate within ourselves (Love), preparing for a brand new beginning.  The upcoming Mercury retrograde will offer a deep dive pause for reflection, introspection, and awareness as we honor the completions and attune to the highest calling of the heart.


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The week begins on Monday 12/4 with a Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Ceres Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Venus Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Mars stepping stone, and Black Moon Moon communion, and Mercury Ixion conjunction (1st of 3).  Then Venus enters Scorpio, Mercury forms a bridge with Vesta, and Jupiter forms a bridge with Pallas.   Venus’ ingress into Scorpio brings the heart into deep alchemical waters for transformation and resurrection.  There’s magic and creativity in the darkness, and the heart holds the space for us to dance into those spaces with fierce Love.  If we collapse or pull back, we miss the opportunity for revelation and revival.  What matters most is our willingness to see what we haven’t allowed ourselves to see yet, to hold space for the potential in all things, and to cultivate sacred space within us and around us for the activation of that highest potential.  When we let go of our attachments to the current expression, we can bring the magic of Love into that expression, unlocking a deeper current of spirit and revealing a higher vision.  That higher vision is of a crystalline frequency, and the moment it’s realized, precipitation occurs, seemingly out of thin air.



On Tuesday 12/5, there’s a Black Moon Pallas resource, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Mars Salacia manifestation, and Sun Albion great eliminator.  Then Venus manifests with Saturn, followed by a Venus Haumea new cycle, and Vesta Ixion bridge.  The heart is in collaboration with Saturn, manifesting new contracts and agreements, labels and definitions, for our greatest expansion and creation in the new chapter.  We must be willing to see from the eyes of the heart, to see the highest vision of potential, and birth from there.  If we stay attached and bound to the current fabric of reality, we invest our future into that conversation instead of birthing a new conversation from a higher lens of consciousness.  The question “what are we creating?” has never been more important.



Wednesday 12/6 begins with a Mars Varuna manifestation, then Neptune stations direct.  The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres and the Sun activates a new cycle with the Great Attractor.  Neptune has been retrograde since June 30th, in his own sign of Pisces.  The available insights of clarity and enlightened Truth in the cosmic ocean is breathtaking….and simultaneously, the opportunities for dreamy fantasy, illusion, and confusion are also breathtaking.  When we allow ourselves to dream, we begin to imagine new possibilities, awakening a higher vision for manifestation.   When we put that into action, we become incredibly conscious manifesters, transcending any limitations by living into the question “what if…?”  When we become attached to those dreams but unwilling to take action or unify/integrate through the entire 4 body system, we may find ourselves living in a disconnected or dualistic pattern where our dreams don’t manifest, and we feel further and further away from reality.  The key is to keep dreaming, keep stretching the threads of reality to find resonance with divine Truth, and be willing to integrate that into the physical dimension, where dreams take shape and take form.  Anything is possible – if we can see it, believe it, and take actions to embody it.  There’s a deliverance of new creation today that offers a reflection of our belief system, which is always up to us to calibrate.  When we stretch our mind and stretch our belief system, we begin to realize the enlightened wisdom of the Pisces limitless realm.



On Thursday 12/8, the Black Moon manifests with Ixion, followed by a Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Venus resource, Venus Vesta manifestation, Pallas Quaoar resource, Pallas Salacia great eliminator, and Venus Ixion resource.  Then the Sun manifests with Chiron, followed by a Black Moon Haumea resource, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Mercury Jupiter manifestation (1st of 3), and Mars Chariklo resource.  There’s a lot being unveiled today, and the insights gained can support our greatest expansion.  It’s important to remember that feedback is neutral, and when we can receive the highest feedback from any experience we’re navigating, we can open to receive any unveiling as a gift of golden insight.  The gold nuggets of wisdom and insight being offered today can inspire conscious integration of mastery as we align with our highest blueprint and release any attachments to distractions or incongruent messaging.  Clarity and transparency yield precision and excellence, which brings us into a higher octave of expansion and manifestation.



Friday 12/8 starts with the Black Moon retrograding into Leo, followed by a Sun Orcus stepping stone, Quaoar Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, and Mars MakeMake resource.  Today highlights the reason why we’re here and why it matters, and that highest realization is birthed from the higher mind and our limitless nature that transcends any situation or circumstance.  The veils are thinning and we have access to divine remembrance at a Soul level of awareness, that we are a part of a much bigger unfolding and a divine orchestration of events and circumstances, all calibrated in harmony with the higher laws of the Universe.  When we allow that stream of consciousness to inform and inspire our actions, we become synchronistic with nature, and at one with All.



On Saturday 12/9, Pallas and Varuna form a stepping stone, followed by a Saturn Haumea manifestation, Jupiter Ceres great eliminator, Venus Jupiter bridge, and Sun Juno stepping stone.  This is the new beginning of creative potential activating a divine calling for dynamic collaboration and manifestation.  In order to expand, we must be willing to surrender any limitations that have held us back in previous patterns, while integrating the wisdom from where we’ve been.  In order to make good use of this dynamic creative potential that’s activating now, we must be willing to honor our authentic alignment and elevate through the highest lens of wisdom, from the heart.  If we try to expand from just our personal lens of local consciousness alone, we limit the possibilities that are available in this amazing time.  Arriving at a blank slate, all options are available, and the highest potential awakens when we honor our authentic alignment and contribution.



And on Sunday 12/10, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Neptune, followed by a Mercury Salacia stepping stone (1st of 3), Black Moon Eris manifestation, Mercury Quaoar conjunction (1st of 3), Black Moon North Node (dharmic) manifestation and Black Moon South Node (karmic) resource.  Remember, Mercury will journey retrograde from 12/13 – 1/1, and all aspects experienced now will be repeated and reviewed 3 times over until we manifest the highest expression of these aspects.  There’s an unveiling of sorts today, a clearing of the clouds so that the atmosphere is revealed, crystal clear.  Through the atmosphere, we can tune into the limitless realm through the universal mind.  Inner awakenings are on tap today, and the invitation is to consciously create our highest alignment instead of reacting to what we see or feel.   A moment of truth from within offers the clarity of inner alignment.  What we do with that clarity is up to us.  Karma would have us repeat past triggers and assumptions, while dharma will have us pioneer and create brand new potential that’s never been realized, up until now.


The practice this week is mindful presence and courage from the heart.  Tuning in to hear and attune to our deepest truth and highest frequency resonance.  This practice allows us to navigate the unfamiliar landscapes, while seeing through any illusions or distractions until we get to the bottom of our experiences.  When we get to the heart of the matter, we find Truth, which sets us free and activates alchemy and transformation of the highest order…the ultimate liberation and spark of new creation.  When we operate from this commitment to uncovering Truth, we walk in the ultimate transparency with our Soul…unified and crystal clear.   We’re uncovering potential we’ve never realized was possible, and expanding through dimensions of our Self that we’ve never fully explored.  Trusting the inner navigation system of the heart, trusting the divine unfolding of each situation, and honoring the Truth as it awakens.


“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
― Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

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  1. “ The practice this week is mindful presence and courage from the heart. Tuning in to hear and attune to our deepest truth and highest frequency resonance. This practice allows us to navigate the unfamiliar landscapes, while seeing through any illusions or distractions until we get to the bottom of our experiences. ” thank you Christine! To UniverSwholeness in conscious, conscience, actions xo

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