Weekly Navigation Report: December 25 – 31, 2023


Week of December 25 – 31, 2023

This week brings us to the final completion of 2023.  The gifts we’ve received from this year are shining bright through the dark night sky, and if we’re attuned to the Light, we can receive it all (and be delivered to higher ground).  Every challenge delivers refined mastery, anything that has pulled at our heart strings prepares us for epic expansion through our capacity to Love unconditionally, even when it’s uncomfortable.  We’ve been preparing ourselves to be birthed into our highest awakened Self, through a transcendental Soulular integration – fully embodied Soul expression (Soul to Cell).


The journey requires a courageous choice to go inward through the open heart, finding our alignment through our vertical spine (crown to root), attuning upward to our highest Self (divine frequency) and allowing our lens of vision to reveal the highest perspective.  That alignment activates a bridge, unifying our crown and root through the active gateway of our open heart.  As we realize the greater yin/yang wholeness, beyond time and space, we become conduits and instruments of universal Love.  No matter where we are, no matter what’s occurring, we become the unconditional offering of Divine Love, ever present in the roots of the planet and through the infinite edges of the cosmos.



Now we’re ready for a quantum leap into sustainable living from the heart, as pioneers of the New Earth, manifesting from the heart (with Love, AS Love), divinely directed by the consciousness of our Soul.  The final week ahead offers 7 days (7 chakras) to journey home to our wholeness and calibrate/upgrade our holistic being through the frequency of Divine Love.  With the Full Moon in Cancer on 12/26, Chiron’s station 12/26 and Jupiter’s station 12/30, we’re closing out the year with a beautiful deliverance of our awakened Light.


The week begins on Monday 12/25 with a Mars North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Mars South Node (karmic) resource, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center conjunction (2nd of 3), Venus Neptune manifestation, and Sun Ixion new cycle.  Today ignites action, and conscious action delivers new possibilities.  Unconscious actions may produce unintended results.  If we’re willing to take ownership of our actions, we can transcend old patterns and loops of limitation, and breakthrough to higher ground.  When the heart inspires and motivates our actions, we experience our soul’s blueprint coming alive.  When we embody the purity of the heart, we become Love in Action.


On Tuesday 12/26, the Black Moon finds resource with Pallas, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Chiron Pallas great eliminator, Ceres Albion great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus communion, then the Full Moon in Cancer at 7:35pm ET followed by Chiron’s station.   The Moon is dignified in Cancer, and this Full Moon is extremely powerful.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Cancer represents emotional body power, the core foundation of what matters most, and the heart of the Mother.  Cancer brings us into the feminine qualities of consciousness, into the intuitive, empathic waters that flow freely from the heart, in circulation with the greater oneness.  When we allow our emotions to flow, we can harness that momentum to move mountains, to carve a new path, or to relax and take care by letting the current move us.  Cancer is a power sign, and when we feel empowered by our emotions, we feel strong.  When we feel disempowered by our emotions, we might collapse into the water lose our sense of Self.


The Cancer Full Moon is conjunct Astraea, manifesting with Saturn and Haumea.  The Sun in Capricorn conjunct Quaoar and Ixion is manifesting with Jupiter.  This is the time to nourish and strengthen our divine blueprint in order to experience the beginning of a new social fabric, bringing our most empowered Self (through our awakened blueprint) into the opportunities for radical expansion and sustainable growth.  We’re re-mothering ourselves, and the power within to fortify and strengthen our divine essence is limitless.


If we’re not accustomed to taking care of ourselves, or if we are more comfortable taking care of everyone else instead, this is a time to learn the lesson of self importance.  Sustainable expansion and growth requires Self Care and the acknowledgment of our personal value and worth in the greater exchange.  If we deny or neglect our own needs, we stagnate or fracture the possibility for growth.  The higher octave of nourishment occurs when we know ourselves so well, the divine blueprint of our soul and the inherent gifts we came to share, we also appreciate the value of our shared contribution with the ones who rely on what we’re generating and growing.


When we see the full circle of community and shared resources/mastery, we begin to understand the importance of all beings, in contribution to the whole.  Establishing systems and structures that care for All in a way that also empowers and awakens the highest potential in All is key.  Finding our value, living into our worth, and experiencing the vitality of our part within the greater exchange is what takes us to a higher octave of divinity and collaborative oneness.  Nobody is above needing nourishment, and nobody is held as unworthy.  When we create communities based on sustainable models of empowerment and exchange, we experience the new essence of expansion that allows everyone to thrive.


The Full Moon strengthens the 5D Grand Power Cross from last week, including the Moon with Astraea in a bridge with the Sun, Quaoar, and Ixion…intersected by Salacia in a bridge with MakeMake.  The power to awaken and elevate through a higher dimension of consciousness is key.  When we choose to be empowered by our situations and circumstances, we transcend them.   If we feel defeated or held back by our situations and circumstances, we lose hope.  This Full Moon offers divine support that elevates us to remember who we really are, a force of nature, in our own unique way.

Chiron stations direct today, concluding an epic retrograde journey (healing crisis) from 7/23.  The possibilities for quantum healing and awakened mastery are off the charts.


Wednesday 12/27 begins with a Mercury Neptune stepping stone (2nd of 3), Sun Jupiter manifestation, Mars Eris manifestation, then the Black Moon turns retrograde (near communion with Orcus), followed by a Sun Astraea bridge, Mercury Mars conjunction, Venus Vesta great eliminator, and Mercury Eris manifestation (2nd of 3).   The mind/body connection is a highlighted theme today, and as we awaken through a higher octave of inner transparency and truth telling, we initiate transcendental freedom through our cells and spark a brand new beginning of sustainable expansion.  This is the beginning of a whole new world and limitless possibilities.


On Thursday 12/28, there’s a Pallas Orcus resource, Mars Neptune stepping stone, Ceres Great Attractor conjunction/ new cycle, and Astraea Jupiter resource.  When our actions come from clarity and inner truth, we find ourselves taking right action that motivates a bigger movement.  If we act on confusion or unconscious triggers, we may find ourselves a bit challenged.  Allow the greater deliverance to occur, and wait for the moment to inspire movement.  The expansion comes from a higher dimension of consciousness, refined wisdom, and grace.


Friday 12/29 delivers a Venus Pluto resource, Black Moon Orcus communion, Venus Sedna bridge, Varuna Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Salacia stepping stone, then Venus enters Sagittarius.  The alchemy of the heart takes a deep dive into untapped potential, then brings it all to Light, revealing our deepest Truth.  We’re reminded today of our limitless capacity to create, and the highest visionary lens of manifestation lives within the awakened heart.  Anything is possible when we honor that truth.


On Saturday 12/30, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Chiron (repeat from 12/26), the Sun forms a great eliminator with Varuna, followed by a Sun Quaoar conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Ceres stepping stone, and Jupiter stations direct.  Today offers filtration and clearing of the highest octave as we release any final attachments to limiting thoughts or beliefs, or outdated interpretations and meanings.  As Jupiter stations direct, prepare for epic expansion ahead.  In order to expand, we must be willing to stretch – beyond our comfort zone, beyond our belief system, beyond our current default settings.  Every expansion offers transcendence, as we go beyond what we’ve imagined was possible.


And on Sunday 12/31, Vesta forms a bridge with the Galactic Center, followed by a Mars Vesta bridge, and Mars Galactic Center conjunction/ new cycle as we officially close out 2023, take an exhale, and get ready to breathe in a brand new year.  The fire of devotion is calling us into conscious action, and anything is possible on that bridge of transcendence.


The practice this week is self care.  Take the time to tune into your personal needs – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Allow yourself to receive nourishment, vitality, abundance, grace, and forgiveness…in order to elevate, restore, and fine tune your authentic Light.  Make sure your inner conversation feels empowering, and be your biggest champion as you take the final deep dive review and reflection of the year in wholeness, and celebrate the completions in process.  What lies ahead is epic, if we can allow ourselves to fully let go and trust the Light within.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

~ Marianne Williamson




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