Weekly Navigation Report: December 18 – 24, 2023


Week of December 18 – 24, 2023

We’re entering the final 2 weeks of the year 2023, nearing the Winter Solstice and the heart of the holiday season.  Mercury is retrograde through 1/1, and we’re being called to take a deep dive through the introspective lens of review and reflection as we practice healthy endings and new beginnings.  Letting go of what’s coming to completion, releasing any attachments (with Love) so that we can bring ourselves fully to the blank slate of infinite possibilities and epic new expansion on the horizon for the year ahead.


The threshold of endings and new beginnings holds the richness of transcendence and awakening, if we can allow it.  Taking the time to mindfully transition from what’s completing before taking the next conscious step into a new realization of the next beginning is key.  If we leap ahead into the next new cycle without holding council within ourselves to account for where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and what’s awakening, can lead to repetitive patterns that require another cycle around the karmic wheel to awaken and transcend.


When we find ourselves jumping into new chapters (new relationships, new jobs, new adventures) without debriefing within ourselves and getting to the heart of what’s underneath the desire for change, we oftentimes find ourselves manifesting similar situations that recreate the familiarity of where we’ve been.  That “Groundhog’s Day” spin cycle is what we’re breaking free from now, and it requires the spaciousness to see ourselves in action and get to the truth of our deepest attachments and blind spots, in order to elevate and expand into new consciousness and new territory.


Mercury (our mental body operating system) recently stationed retrograde in a conjunction with Quaoar (the universal mind) in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), and will journey back to 22 Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter).  The opportunity to open our mind and examine the inner operating system reveals an incredible capacity to deconstruct old social patterns and habitual conditions (the predictable algorithms of our behavior and choices) in order to elevate to a higher perspective that transcends any limitations, liberating us from any past narratives or social roles/identities.  Our greatest expansion requires a conscious look at our personal operating system.  The programs we’re running, the beliefs we’re subscribing to, and the systems we’re embodying produce the repetitive loops and cycles of endings and new beginnings that perpetuate the same story again and again.  In order to change the story and write a new narrative, we must first tell the truth about the current story we’ve been authoring or endorsing for ourselves, and remember our limitless capacity to choose another option.


That “other option” is a higher version, our divine calling, authored by the seat of our Soul, at the highest octave of consciousness.  If the current lens of consciousness we’re living in (and operating from) is limited in any way, we may not even recognize the higher version that’s calling us forth.  Again, we must be willing to acknowledge the current story and meet it with Love if we wish to access the potential to elevate and transcend (decode) the script.


Love is the mechanism that gives us access to the shapeshifting properties of the mind to release the old and open to something new.  When we can forgive ourselves for living in the limitations of our historic attachments, we can see how the old stories have served us from a perspective of survival.  Many of our patterns and stories are inherited by our ancestral lineage, or conditioned through the social norms of the status quo.  The Self Empowerment required to explore those stories and take ownership of our own existence is what liberates us beyond what was possible in the past, to unveil new possibilities in the current moment.  Transcendence is a breakthrough that takes us to higher ground and reveals new horizons.  We don’t need to resist or disown our past, we need to make friends with our wholeness (past, present, and future) and understand the journey of our own evolution and our inherent mastery.


The moment of surrender required to realize a higher possibility creates a simultaneous invitation for radical forgiveness.  The compassion we offer ourselves produces the alchemy that takes us to higher dimensions of embodied consciousness.  The mechanism is always Love, and the journey to new beginnings requires forgiveness of any perceived limitations of where we’ve been, including any emotion residue that we’ve acquired through the process.  Every ending releases us from the attachments to “what was” and sets us free to rise up to higher realms of consciousness and choose again.  If we remain the same, unchanged and unaware, we may find ourselves on repeat, through lifetime after lifetime of unconscious repetition.


These final 2 weeks of the year bring us into that deep inner meditative space of review and reflection, with an open heart of forgiveness and alchemical breakthrough.  Transformation has never been so profoundly available as we traverse this portal of Truth into a whole new possibility.  The future is unwritten, the path is Fierce Love, and the choice is ours….what are we creating, now?


The week begins Monday 12/18, as Venus finds resource with Orcus, the Black Moon turns direct at 14 Leo, Mercury and Jupiter manifest (2nd of 3), and Astraea forms a bridge with Quaoar.   Today’s Astraea Quaoar bridge activates a much bigger Grand Power Cross involving Salacia and MakeMake (all 5D archetypes), which the Cancer Full Moon on 12/26 will also illuminate and nourish within each and every one of us.  Finding our power from the highest lens of consciousness within a unified field of limitless potential is the key to transcending old limitations and moving mountains through our most empowered expression.  As we continue to stretch our personal belief system, we begin to see through any barriers that once held us back.  There is newfound freedom unveiled through the higher mind.  That higher perspective allows us to align fully with our highest purpose and divine intention, in the moment.


On Tuesday 12/19, the Sun forms a new cycle (conjunction) with the Galactic Center, followed by an occultation of Neptune by the Moon, Uranus Juno manifestation, Black Moon Chiron manifestation, and Ceres Chariklo resource.  The ultimate Truth Seeker/ Truth Speaker is unleashed within us as we remove the blinders and clear the filters of our own mind, and own our voice.   What once was cloudy or confusing is now shifting into enlightened clarity, for those willing to see/hear/speak clearly.  The key to enlightened clarity is equanimity, non-attachment, through the highest lens of the heart.  When we see the world through the eyes of Love, all is made clear, nothing censored, hidden, or suppressed.  We can navigate it all without closing off, getting defensive, or avoiding.  Last week’s grand fire manifestation with the Black Moon, Chiron, and Mars is reactivated today and tomorrow, offering another chance to step into the alchemical fires of transformation and new beginnings.  The courageous heart remains unconditionally open, no matter what, in order to be the Light that’s needed for clarity, truth, and alchemy.  The mechanism is always Love, the sustainable fuel for new creation.


Wednesday 12/20 starts with an Astraea Salacia stepping stone (part of the grand power cross running in the background these 2 weeks), followed by a Mercury Ixion conjunction (2nd of 3), then Vesta retrogrades into Gemini, followed by a Ceres MakeMake resource, Pallas Albion bridge, Black Moon Mars manifestation, Black Moon Venus stepping stone, and Black Moon Uranus stepping stone.  Stepping into our higher power is the theme, as our inner messenger calibrates our highest 5D blueprint, the map of our soul design.  As Vesta retrogrades into Gemini, our inner fire of devotion becomes a multidimensional broadcast frequency of conscious wisdom that inspires right action.  When we use our lower mind to try to figure out what we “should” be doing, we limit ourselves to the story that’s being activated in the moment.   When we open unconditionally to the higher calling of the heart, the mechanism of communication becomes an active broadcast signal that integrates through every facet of our being, simultaneously.  There’s nothing to think about, no stories or “shoulds” defining us….we simply observe ourselves taking divine action in the moment.


On Thursday 12/21, the Winter Solstice calibrates the northern hemisphere, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Juno, followed by a Venus Uranus bridge, Mercury Saturn resource (2nd of 3), Venus Juno resource, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (karmic) resource, and Mars Uranus great eliminator.  Salacia stations direct, the Sun bridges Vesta, followed by a Sun Sedna great eliminator, Mercury Haumea resource (2nd of 3), Black Moon Eris manifestation, then the Sun enters Capricorn, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Neptune, and Mars forms a stepping stone with Juno.  As the Sun enters Capricorn, we begin to download the highest calling and divine intention for the year ahead.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Capricorn ushers in the divine directive, offering the scaffolding of higher purpose as the new framework, the structure to be built upon and manifested through.  Without being attached to how it looks or what the final outcome is, we can fully commit to the calling.  There are no guarantees in a higher calling; often times the vision isn’t even made clear yet.  When the voice of the awakened heart commands a new beginning, it’s important to listen, and say yes.  If our inner belief system carries any doubt, fear, or hesitation, it’s important to confront that head on so that we can be fully available for the calling.  Making the choice to be empowered, even in the moments of uncertainty or discomfort, is important.   The moment of truth is an active choice point.


Friday 12/22 begins with a Sun Mercury conjunction (1/2 way mark of the retrograde cycle), followed by a Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, then the Black Moon re-enters Virgo, manifesting with Mercury and the Sun, and Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius.  Mercury stationed retrograde on 12/13, and will station direct on 1/1.  At the halfway point today, the Messenger dips back into the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the ultimate Truth Seeker.  If we’re willing to see, we can free ourselves up to expand into new territory, activating new potential from our limitlessness.  If we don’t take the time to examine our inner landscape of thoughts and beliefs,  in order to stretch beyond historic limitations and outdated information, we’re bound to repeat the same narratives and results we’ve seen before.  Our own expansion through higher wisdom is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves and the planet, and is the key to our evolution.


On Saturday 12/23, the Black Moon finds resource with Haumea, followed by a Black Moon Saturn bridge, Mercury Sedna great eliminator (2nd of 3), Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Venus North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Venus South Node (karmic) subtle intimacy aspect, and Pluto Vesta great eliminator.  Then Mercury forms a bridge with Vesta, followed by a Sun Haumea resource, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, and Black Moon Astraea resource.   Sustainable expansion is possible, when we remember that nothing is outside of us, the infinite universe is within us.  The potential for creation and manifestation is always active, available, and alive.  We are manifesting through unwritten space, calling forth the highest possibility in every breath, if we choose to be conscious and attuned to that invisible potential within us and around us.  Knowing ourselves, while leaning into the invisible spaces of abundant creative potential, matters.


And Sunday 12/24 begins with a Chariklo MakeMake manifestation, Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Saturn resource, followed by a Venus Eris great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect, and Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator.  The infinite universe is being revealed, unwrapped from the veils of illusion and separation, and offered as a gift to manifest, from the heart.  When we open to the magic of the heart, anything is possible.  We meet ourselves in a brand new Light, and everything becomes inspired and attuned by that Light.  Our greatest contribution to the planet is the unveiling of the Light we carry within.


The practice this week is to spend time in inner silence, attuning to the higher broadcast frequency of the heart’s divine calling.  Take some time to unplug from the normal distractions and outer realms of communication and information exchange, and hold sacred space within, through the heart.  Turn up the volume on the inner spaciousness, and listen.  Let yourself be moved and inspired by the higher calling of the heart.


“How do we pick up on a signal that can neither be heard nor defined? The answer is not to look for it. Nor do we attempt to predict or analyze our way into it. Instead, we create an open space that allows it. A space so free of the normal overpacked condition of our minds that it functions as a vacuum. Drawing down the ideas that the universe is making available.”
― Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being



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