Weekly Navigation Report: December 11 – 17, 2023


Week of December 11 – 17, 2023

The week ahead invites deeper reflection as we begin our final completion of the year 2023, navigating the portal of endings/new beginnings ahead.  The Sagittarius New Moon on 12/12, followed by Mercury’s retrograde station on 12/13, calibrates a sacred ceremonial moment of Truth within ourselves, that allows us to get the heart of what matters most, and release anything that doesn’t need to be carried forward or perpetuated any further.  There’s a “laying to rest” of our inner struggles, patterns, and limitations that have been held within our inner operating system, so that we can transcend and find completion through the higher truth that’s calling us forth, while integrating the wisdom of where we’ve been.


The Sagittarian new beginning is initiated from the ceremonial release of what’s coming to completion.  The fire sign of Sagittarius is represented by the ceremonial bonfire, the ultimate transmutational properties of fire that release spirit from physical form, setting it free, and dissolving the old expressions previously held in those attachments.  Whether we gather around a bonfire in a circle for communion and shared ceremony, or we light a single candle in a dark space to honor what has come to pass and see the Light that always remains, fire is symbolically a facilitator of transformation, honoring both sacred endings and initiating new beginnings.


Disposed by Jupiter (a social consciousness planet), Sagittarius represents the wisdom gained from the final hour of completion and review, and the expansion of consciousness that occurs when we take the time to reflect on where we’ve been, how we’ve grown, and where we get stuck (or refuse to let go).  Whether we feel like we did our best or not, whether we think we did it “right” or made mistakes, the lens of unconditional Love and higher perspective allows us to learn from our experiences, no matter how they turned out.  Higher learning is experiential in nature, and the distilled nature of any experience can bring us into resonance with universal Truth.  Being a Truth Seeker, Truth Speaker, or Truth Seer means we are highly attuned to Truth, no matter where our journey takes us.  The universe is unfolding, revealing higher consciousness, anywhere and everywhere we go.

If we journey with a heavy heart, collapsing into the weight of unmanifested desires or unintended outcomes that breed regret, remorse, or personal suffering, we may find it hard to let go…resulting in stagnancy and an inability to fully move forward, no matter how hard we might try.  The way to truly release, lighten up, and let go is through the conscious practice of Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a sacred practice of Unconditional Self Love that allows us to honor and digest the wholeness of our experiences, while releasing the bondage of regret or remorse, hurt feelings or attachments, in order to expand and elevate, starting again on a brand new blank slate of infinite possibility – higher ground.  When we don’t allow ourselves to practice forgiveness (whether we don’t believe we deserve it, or don’t believe others deserve it) we cling to the energetic weight of our past like a gridlock of stagnant energy that embeds into the fabric of our embodied skin.  No matter how we try, we can’t shed that weight of the past until we surrender ourselves to the transmutational fire of forgiveness, and set ourselves free.


Fire is an alchemical agent of transformation, transmutation, and transcendence.  When we bring ourselves to the fire, we offer up our wholeness – unconditionally – to be purified and resurrected.  The moment we let go, the energetic weight of any unresolved density (of old patterns and expressions) begins to neutralize, finding freedom, and then recycles (shape shifts) into a new expression, new experience, new creation.  Forgiveness gives the energy of that situation back to Source, converting the old expression into Love (return to Love), and setting it free.  The release of the weight of karma frees us up to create something new, to manifest in a whole new way…while restoring our power and integrity, from Soul to Cell.


This week is the beginning of the final review of the year 2023, supported by Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and it matters that we diligently examine our actions and results, in order to integrate the highest wisdom, expand from the highest learning, and unleash the infinite potential to elevate, rise up, and start again…on a new horizon, a new dimension of consciousness.


The week begins on Monday 12/11 with a Venus Salacia great eliminator, Venus Quaoar resource, Mercury Venus resource, Pallas Astraea manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Sun manifestation, and Venus Varuna stepping stone.  There’s a lot unveiling today, and in the rapid fire of transparency, there’s a need to digest all that’s coming up.  Taking the time to fully integrate the awareness and the wisdom coming to Light is important.  Remember, there’s nothing to rush, nothing to reach for or grasp for…let it all digest and assimilate through the deepest filters of the heart, and the higher mind will observe it all with clarity and brilliance when it’s time.


On Tuesday 12/12, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Uranus, followed by a Venus Astraea manifestation, Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, then the New Moon in Sagittarius at 6:32pm ET, followed by a Mars Albion great eliminator.  This New Moon offers an especially potent invitation for forgiveness and reconciliation within ourselves, to see what remains after all has been set free, and to give ourselves permission to walk forward with an open heart, full of Light, and fully Free.   In Cosmic Consciousness System, Sagittarius is referred to as Physical Body Wisdom, the final completion of all things at the final level of physical form and structure/physical time and space.  If we navigate completions unconsciously, we may tend to overlook this important portal of Truth that invites us to see into the heart of the matter, and learn what we need to learn, so that we don’t continue to repeat the past over and over again.  There’s higher learning in our Sagittarius lens of consciousness, and it’s the key to full liberation and freedom.  “The Truth will set you Free”.

Sagittarius is known as the Truth Seeker, and the ultimate victory of the higher mind over the lower mind.  When we attune ourselves to the heart, we open the doors to our higher mind, and the Universal Mind, which is attuned to Love.  When we expand this lens of vision, we begin to operate through a transcendental state of consciousness that can participate in this world, but is not of this world.  When we allow ourselves to orient through our highest lens of the heart, through the diamond mind, we realize our Oneness with the Universe…there’s no need to repeat past karmic cycles and loops of repetitive patterns.

Disposed by Jupiter, Sagittarius brings us into the possibility of radical expansion through higher consciousness (or expansion of the missed opportunities that repeat and repeat until we finally learn the karmic lessons we came to learn).   It takes as long as it takes for us to learn from our experiences, and ultimately we end the game of repetition and elevate to a higher field of conscious creation.  There is no judgment on the spiritual path of evolution; there is only wisdom available in every experience.  When we start to become “good students” of the Universe, we begin to expand through higher states of consciousness.

The fact that Jupiter is in a bridge with Venus and Pallas, and manifesting with Mercury’s rx station is huge.  There is massive expansion of wisdom through the heart that activates a dynamic stretching of our personal operating system and inner landscape of the mind.  Mercury’s retrograde is all about expanding the mind into new horizons by clearing out any distortions or limitations anchored from previous beliefs about ourselves, others, and/or the world.   The ultimate invitation to clear the mind – deconstruct and consciously create through a limitless lens of higher vision from the heart.   When we forgive ourselves and the inner beliefs that have held us back or made us small, we liberate ourselves to see the Truth of who we are, and begin a brand new chapter from there.

The New Moon in Sagittarius (conjunct Mars) activates a grand fire manifestation with the North Node (dharmic) and Eris, along with Chiron and the Black Moon.  This epic initiation of fire offers the transmutation that occurs when we seek Truth and let go of our personal attachments to anything else.  We are birthed through the fires of alchemy, transformation, and radical forgiveness, and the resurrection of our Light is the expansion of consciousness that moves us forward into a new beginning.  Nothing remains other than the Light of Divine Wisdom, integrated in our cellular form and structure, and the Light within our Heart that guides the way.

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Wednesday 12/13 begins with Mercury’s retrograde station overnight, followed by a Pallas Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Pallas conjunction/ new cycle, then a Mercury Varuna great eliminator (near miss), Saturn Vesta manifestation, Ceres Salacia manifestation, Vesta Haumea manifestation, and Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect.   Mercury is officially retrograde through 1/1, and will recover the shadow phase on 1/20 (just as the Sun and Pluto enter 00 Aquarius).  It’s important to remember, Mercury Retrograde cycles occur like clockwork, giving us all an opportunity to tune into our own inner operating system and tend to the inner dimensions of our own mind.  Self Care is required through the necessary maintenance and conscious attunements that occur within the mental body system.  Similar to our technology devices, we require adequate time to power down, unplug, and reboot.  In any retrograde cycle, we have the opportunity to clear out old attachments and tune up to receive higher upgrades of expanded consciousness.  Just like our computers, when we’re receiving massive downloads and new information, we may find ourselves taken “offline” temporarily in order to fully integrate.  The glitches and timing delays are simply a result of new consciousness coming in.  If we resist or react, we miss the point.  Pay attention, use this period of time to reflect and deep dive into the places that are calling for your undivided attention, and make good use of this time.



On Thursday 12/14, Mars conjuncts the Great Attractor for a new cycle, and the Black Moon manifests with Chiron.  The fire gets more deeply activated today and tomorrow with the Black Moon, Chiron, Mars grand fire manifestation.  The great unveiler provides the Light to see clearly what’s being transmuted through our physical embodiment as we awaken higher mastery from our original core wounds.  We’re either embodying our wounded consciousness or embodying the mastery that awakens from our journey with the wounds, and every wound has the potential to deliver us home to our Self through a higher calling for Love and integral wholeness.  If the core wound feels inflammatory, bring Love into the wound, into Self, for a deeper realization of what’s awakening within Self through the response to Love.  Love heals, Love awakens, Love transforms, and our focus is on Self Healing as the mechanism to bring greater Love into the world.



Friday 12/15 begins with the Sun North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Sun South Node (karmic) resource, followed by a Ceres Varuna manifestation, Black Moon Mars manifestation (completion of the grand fire manifestation from yesterday), then a Mercury Quaoar conjunction (2nd of 3).  Then Orcus stations retrograde, followed by the Mars Chiron exact manifestation, Venus Albion bridge, and Mercury Salacia stepping stone (2nd of 3).   More fire today, and remember this epic fire is a harmonious collaborative calling for new creation.  Fire set with intention, through the consciousness of Love, can spark a greater movement that alters the landscape of our current reality.  If we go unconscious or start throwing fire when we get triggered or reactive, that fire can produce unintended outcomes.  Conscious creation requires discipline to come from the heart, to mindfully (and heartfully) create through the universal frequency of Love.  That kind of manifestation brings us into alignment with our highest purpose and divine soul calling.  When we remember why we’re here and why it matters, and call forth our limitless potential as a conscious creator, we become the force of energy that our Soul intended, in collaboration with the universal frequency of Love.



On Saturday 12/16, the Sun manifests with Eris, Mars forms a stepping stone with Orcus, and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune.  Inner awakening through moments of discomfort or disruption.  When we feel inflammatory within ourselves, when the inner friction takes us to another level of awareness, we may find ourselves in an unexpected moment of Truth that explodes like fireworks.  Don’t try to hold back or suppress what’s awakening from within today.  Let it come, and let it speak.  There’s an opportunity for crystalline clarity and truth-telling when we allow ourselves to break through the outer layers of comfort, politeness, and status quo.  Sometimes things get messy as we’re unleashing the deeper dimensions of our inner Truth.  What matters is that we hear ourselves, loud and clear, unapologetically.  It takes courage to allow the unravelling of our protective guardrails in order to honor the deeper expressions of Truth to emerge.



And Sunday 12/17 reveals a Black Moon Venus stepping stone and Venus Chiron great eliminator.  Only 2 aspects today, after so much fire, it’s time to come into the heart and breathe.  There’s a clearing of old attachments to old wounds and narratives, as the heart is finally exhaling and revealing the higher vision and higher ground of Love.   Take some time to breathe, and let the heart express.  When the personal heart reveals the deepest truth, there’s an awakening through the high heart, which opens the gateway and the portal of connection to the higher Self and Soul.


The practice this week is presence and forgiveness.  The Ho’oponopono Prayer is an excellent resource to work with this week (and ongoing) while deep diving into the spaces and places within that are ready for final clearing.  For anything that feels difficult, challenging, or unworthy of forgiveness, practice this prayer and offer Love, compassion, and final release/reconciliation by seeing yourself in all aspects of the situation, and offering Divine Love to the wholeness of the energetic.   “I Love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You”.    Notice any situations or hurt feelings that feel too heavy to be forgiven or released, and bring Love into those parts of yourself that feel wounded or hurt.  Keep practicing unconditional Love as the mechanism for transformation and transmutation, until the density clears and the weight lifts.


“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.”  ― Thich Nhat Hanh


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