Weekly Navigation Report: August 7 – 13, 2023


Week of August 7 – 13, 2023

Welcome to the full blown activation of the Lion’s Gate portal this week on 8/8.  The intensity is palpable, and the downloads are off the charts.  Bookended by the Aquarian Full Moon and next week’s Leo New Moon, this passage is electrifyingly potent.  Our job right now is to release and surrender while opening our hearts to the fullest capacity of authenticity and divine soul expression.


When we open from within and allow the fullness of every breath and the fullness of universal life force energy to pass through us, in abundant communion with All beings, we recharge and renew the vitality of our heart.  As we recharge and renew the vitality of our heart, we calibrate the divine light of our Soul through our cellular structure, offering divine blessings of Light wherever we are, wherever we go, and wherever we’re called forth.  That exchange of vital life force energy flows as the current of divine Love, as the universe offers Light to us, through us, in circulation on the ground and through the atmosphere.


The key to vitality and abundant life force energy is to remain open, unconditionally, through the ebbs and flows, ups and downs, while attuning to the Light.  We can attune to the Light simply by sungazing with the morning sunrise each day, calibrating our system to receive the potency of full spectrum life force energy through the universal frequency of Love.  When we open ourselves up to receive this blessing, we benefit beyond belief – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Our cells feel nourished, aligned with our heart, and the mind attunes to the positive frequency of Light, illuminating the highest lens of vision and highest channel of connection and communication.


Light communicates Love, and Love fiercely meets us where we are, honoring the divine truth of our soul, revealing our true nature and distilling any cloudiness, fogginess, or misaligned energetics.  When we bathe in Light and gaze into Light from the awakened lens of the heart, we come home to our Source of vitality and the unyielding strength of our Soul, recognizing the Sun as our mirrored reflection.


When we close off, shut down, disconnect, or separate from ourselves in any way, we stagnate our flow, and that stagnancy feels like separation and distance from our Source of Light.   We can depress the channels of universal connectivity, thereby reinforcing separation consciousness from cell to soul union.  What is always connected through universal oneness can appear to be separate, fragmented, or incongruent.  That optical illusion through linear time/space can feel real, and can distort our etheric channels of crystal clear communication and connection.  The way to clear the congestion and stagnation is to open, stretching our capacity for Light by welcoming it in.


When we begin to digest Light – through the mental body operating system, emotional body filtration system, and physical body cellular system – we come home to our divine essence, holistically.  Light awakens, permeates, and transcends any illusions of blockages, stagnation, or debris.  Like lemon water flushing through the liver, a conscious download of Light can permeate through and flush out the organs, channels, and filters of our mind/body connection.  When the fog lifts, the density dissolves, and the resistance softens, the spaciousness reveals the presence of Light.  That recognition is a homecoming to the infinite memory of our magnitude and marvelousness as divine Light.


Each and every one of us contains a unique God Spark within.  When we forget who we are and where we come from, our origin of Source, our reality can feel disconnected, incongruent, and dense.  Even if we’re oriented into a solid matrix of functioning operation, there will be a sense of separation, a disconnect that longs to be filled or reunited.  When we orient towards Light, finding our roots to the Source of Love, we feel nourished, supported, connected, and alive.  When we identify as Light, as the Source of unconditional Love and universal Life, we reclaim our infiniteness and limitless potential to manifest as Love, beyond attachment to how, where, or who.  Light transcends personal attachments and narratives, beyond form and structure, labels and identities.  When we find our seat through the divine spark of Light that we are, our divine power is infinite.  That’s the beginning of a paradigm shift in our fabric of experiential oneness.


When we orient as Light, as the Source of Divine Love, we become unapologetic alchemists, embodying the frequency of Love through our holistic system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).  If we shut down, disconnect, or deny that presence of Light, we stop the flow, like stopping the breath or blocking the circulation of universal oneness in creative motion.  Blocking that flow of universal creation is exhausting, draining our vital life force energy, and depleting our reserves.  The key is to remember to open, unconditionally.  There is no condition that could ever warrant our closing down from that universal current of Love.  Love is the fierceness of universal connection, that meets everything as it is, without judgment, resistance, or refusal.  When we learn to live as this universal force of nature, the frequency of unconditional Love, we choose the opening in every breath, and expand the exchange of abundance through every situation, unconditionally.


This is the way of the universe, the expression of Divine Love, in motion.  When we align ourselves with that frequency of Love, through the embodiment of our divine god spark of Light, we restore our authentic expression in the greater cosmic orchestration of universal creation in flow.  Remembering our essence, remembering our Light, we remember why we’re here and why it matters, and give ourselves unapologetic permission to shine, as bright as the Sun.


The week begins on Monday 8/7 with a Sun Ceres resource and Sun Albion stepping stone.   The Sun is the main focus in the height of the Lion’s Gate, and today offers a full deliverance of divine consciousness through the gateway of the open heart.   Our capacity to stretch beyond our limitations and open unconditionally through any situation we’re navigating yields the deliverance of new frequencies of Love and new creative possibilities emerge.  In case we missed the earlier messages to wake up, today’s activations reveal crystal clear opportunities to elevate.


On Tuesday 8/8, the peak activation of the Lion’s Gate, the Black Moon turns direct at 5 Leo, Ceres forms a great eliminator with Albion, and Mercury conjuncts Pallas for a new cycle.  Today’s 8/8 activation reveals the highest attunement of spiritual vitality that nourishes every cell and every dimension of our being.  This attunement of Self Realization speaks volumes, revealing the wisdom from our earthly experiences and the opportunities for soul integration.  As we reclaim the wholeness of our Self, we remember ourselves as Divine Light, the awakened frequency of Love.  We’re unveiling the parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten, and opening to embrace all that has ever existed through our authentic expression and integration.  Birthing and becoming our awakened wholeness.


Wednesday 8/9 begins with a Venus Uranus stepping stone (2nd of 3), followed by a Mercury Orcus conjunction (1st of 3), Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone (1st of 3), Mercury Jupiter manifestation (1st of 3), Pallas Orcus new cycle, and Mars Vesta stepping stone.  As the heart awakens, it’s important to step up into that new elevation and plant ourselves in new ground.  That’s the rich fertile soil of the soul that reminds us why we’re here and what matters most.  The inner Messenger (Mercury) is preparing for the upcoming retrograde journey 8/25 – 9/15, expanding our awareness and the potency of our inner operating system to optimize our framework for higher attunement through the heart.  Our inner fire of devotion calls us to take discerning action from the heart today.


On Thursday 8/10, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, followed by a Juno Galactic Center great eliminator, Pallas Great Attractor stepping stone, Neptune Juno manifestation, Black Moon Varuna communion, Mercury Albion manifestation (1st of 3), and Jupiter Pallas manifestation.  More revelations and clarity from the higher octave of the universal mind through the visionary channel of the awakened heart.  When we transcend our local story and rise above through the elevated observer, we begin to see things from a much higher perspective and all is made clear.  If we engage from personal attachment, expectation, or judgment, we can only see our own agenda, and the contrast of what’s not meeting our required expectations.  Elevated vision yields wisdom and insight that awakens new consciousness and inspires new action.  From there, everything expands, and everyone benefits.


Friday 8/11 starts with a Mars Chiron great eliminator, then Juno intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), and the Black Moon manifests with Salacia then forms a bridge with Chariklo.  The muscle memory from old traumas and core wounds can transcend and reveal the divine mastery in action when we flip the switch of our orientation to find the higher perspective and remember who we are.  As Juno intersects the Nodes, there’s a powerful choice point for each of us to navigate.  Choosing Self Realization over karmic repetitive loops and tendencies.  When we reorient ourselves from the stories we’ve lived to the divine essence of limitless Light that we are, we find spaciousness for conscious creation, manifesting a brand new world.  It’s up to us.


On Saturday 8/12, there’s a Pallas Albion manifestation, Chiron Vesta resource, Sun Chiron manifestation, Sun Vesta resource, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, then Pluto forms a bridge with Juno, intersecting the Moon’s Nodes as a grand power crossroads.  The Pluto Juno bridge activates a grand power cross from yesterday’s T-square, fully ushering us all through a crossroads event that yields transformation and alchemy of the highest order.  When we reorient through the lens of Self Realization instead of identifying ourselves as our history and our limitations, we change the narrative and unlock potential for radical metamorphosis.  The old muscle memory reveals a much greater cosmic library of more options and higher visionary possibilities to manifest and take shape.  We must be willing to lose the old labels, narratives, and holding patterns in order to find ourselves in the empty space of liberation and nothingness, and from there, the highest manifestation appears.  That choice point of untethered release is the gateway to new possibilities awakening.


And Sunday 8/13 reveals a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Venus conjunction/new cycle, Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Vesta resource, Juno Haumea stepping stone, and Black Moon Ceres resource.  The Leo Sun conjunct retrograding Venus highlights the importance of this healing journey of the heart, stretching beyond our normal capacity to reveal the authentic Light within.  This calibration offers a regenerative fire of vital life force energy through the heart.  When the heart is lit up, on fire with passion and purpose, there is vitality flowing through our veins, like a river of soul inspired authenticity animating and inspiring our radiant expression of Life.  This breath of fire brings life back to the heart, calling forth our greatest deliverance of Self in service to All.


The practice this week is to remain open through the heart, no matter what.  Notice the moments of contraction or triggered reaction that shuts down, separates, or pushes against the current flow.  When a blockage occurs within the heart, the heart stops beating.  When we block the current of Love, that spiral of creation stops manifesting.  The way to regenerate and recalibrate our creative flow of vital life force energy is to choose the opening vs the contraction, and honor the flow of Life that benefits All.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  ~ Joseph Campbell


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