Weekly Navigation Report: August 29 – September 4, 2022


Week of August 29 – September 4, 2022

The week ahead facilitates holistic integration and offers a beautifully refined synthesis from last weekend’s Virgo New Moon on 8/27. The frequency attunement from that new moon, combined with the active Grand Love Cross with Venus, Saturn, the Moon’s Nodes, and Uranus, served as an epic tuning fork that can’t be ignored. What comes next is the shifting of pieces and parts, the reconfiguration, and the ultimate fine tuning of Love.

Once an attunement has been calibrated, the old configurations and set points start to shift. Letting go of what was, flushing up the old attachments and limitations, freeing up the space and allowing the moving particles to find resonance with the new frequency, then observing the new alignments coming together and taking shape. The overall process can feel messy and even a little destabilizing, similar to a temporary healing crisis or chronic flare up immediately following a healing session. Sometimes we feel a little worse before we feel better; congestion before the clearing. The clearing happens as we filter holistically through our system.

Our default settings and overall configurations of patterns, attachments, beliefs, and assumptions create the contextual lens that we look through, as well as the skeletal system we operate and function from. Our set point can feel like alignment. When we’re comfortable and familiar in our operating systems, when we know the routine and can function with excellence, we establish a sense of alignment and integrity with that overall system. Whether that overall system is healthy or not is a different story. We can become masterful at high level functioning, even when the overall system isn’t healthy.

Oftentimes we become quite proficient at holding together systems, scenarios, and even relationships that are out of alignment, even unhealthy. Our seamless execution can make it look like things are “all together” and healthy on the surface. A higher frequency attunement (like a tuning fork) will determine where the fractures are, the misaligned attachments and expressions that create distortion within the system, oftentimes below the surface, in the not-so-obvious places. These revelations matter.

When we elevate to a higher frequency, it’s important to honor the necessary shifts and changes that occur as a result. Being willing to surrender the attachments to old narratives, old patterns, and old ways of doing things that may be causing limitations and inconsistencies, is important…otherwise we’ll continue recreating the same scenarios again and again. If we don’t like to engage in these kinds of conversations, we may be selling ourselves short. The key to our greatest expansion and sustainability is in the ongoing maintenance through equanimous feedback and diagnostic exams, without judgment. As we open the dialogue with our deeper symptoms, we can explore the divinity of communication that reveals truth and wisdom, without getting attached to agendas or outcomes, or retraumatized by old patterns and wounds.

In an orchestra, instruments are either playing in tune or not, and it’s important to quickly discern, adjust, and find right alignment. It’s not personal; and excellence does matter. Things like frequency, resonance, intonation, and pitch matter. When something is out of tune or energetically off, it can be noticeably felt. We can try to ignore those symptoms, but if we have the courage to fine tune, we can elevate the whole to a higher resonance, expanding into new dimensions of creative potential. When we turn a blind eye, ignore or tune out, we limit ourselves and eventually create obstacles and barriers in the overall ebb and flow of the unified field.

We may think we’re keeping things together by strengthening our capacity to ignore the small problems and only focus on the outcome, whatever the cost. However, that way of thinking reinforces blind spots by refusing to acknowledge and honor the wholeness and inherent wisdom of our experiences, including the breakdowns and fragments, as well as the bliss and beauty. When we judge our scenarios as good or bad, we can tend to resist addressing the things that need to be seen in order to shift or elevate. Our overall health and wellness – personally and collectively – depends on our willingness to continually check in and recalibrate. Every experience offers wisdom, but if we’re not willing to look, we can’t see. And if we’re not willing to integrate, we won’t grow.

Each time an orchestra gets ready to play, they tune their instruments to 1 – the oboe. The oboe offers the calibration, and the entire group of musicians tune their instruments to that pitch and resonance. Once the group establishes a cohesive resonance, they begin. They don’t even try to play without tuning first. The heart is similar to the oboe, and when we take the time to fine tune our personal multidimensional system to the frequency of the heart, we’re ready to play. As we attune ourselves to the heart of any project, collaboration, or group effort, we find shared resonance. When we forget to tune in, when we override this step, we can find ourselves playing out of harmony for quite some time. If we ignore the symptoms or check out, we can find ourselves in breakdown.

This idea of finding resonance, and seeking the purest tuning fork of the heart, is the key to navigating the ongoing ebb and flow of our shifting tides and ever-evolving reality. Moment to moment, things are constantly shifting. What we thought we knew yesterday takes on new meaning today. If we fall asleep at the wheel and tune out, we miss the cues and subtleties that need fine tuning. When we elevate up through the heart instead of collapsing down, we can consciously elevate the quality of health and well being in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. When we tune out, ignore, or try to hold everything together even when the symptoms require maintenance and attention, we eventually find the limitations of our status quo patterns and systems.

Finding our edge of current limitations isn’t a bad thing…it’s a moment of awakening and a moment of truth; an opportunity for expansion and transcendence. What we do with that awareness matters. There’s wisdom in every unfolding when we suspend judgment and allow our experiences to deliver us to higher ground.


Last weekend’s Virgo New Moon offered the attunement, and this week begins to reveal the patterns and threads that are responding in resonance with that attunement, shifting in order to holistically embody the purest frequency of the heart. While the temporary healing crisis might feel messy or unpredictable, it’s important to allow the process to complete and resolve, filtering through our holistic system for integration and elimination. Trust the process and stay tuned to the heart for clarity and wisdom. By the end of this week, that clarity emerges and we enter a brand new phase of conscious integration, transformation, and transcendence.

The week begins on Monday 8/29 with a Mars Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, Pluto Pallas great eliminator, Mars Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune manifestation, and Black Moon Arcturus stepping stone. As the veils thin within ourselves, we begin to see what’s shifting from that recent New Moon activation. Old narratives, patterns, limiting threads are starting to dissolve and shift. While the process itself might feel confusing or congested, the overall purification process is revealing clarity on a much bigger level. There’s something amazing occurring in the empty spaces, and even if we can’t see it yet, we can feel it. There’s a lightening up, a lessening of gravity in the atmosphere where the old anchors and attachments used to hold weight.

On Tuesday 8/30, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Eris, followed by the Sun Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto bridge, Ceres Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, Pallas Galactic Center bridge, and Black Moon Sedna resource. The familiar Grand Power Cross is reactivated with Black Moon, Pluto, Eris, and Arcturus/Haumea. By reclaiming our personal choice of empowerment, we generate traction to navigate this moment of holistic integration and redesign. When we feel disempowered by the unfamiliar shifts, we can lose trust in ourselves and the greater process that’s unfolding. It can be easy to loose our footing and collapse back into old gravity when we’re disempowered. By choosing to feel empowered, we elevate to a higher lens of vision that allows the dots to connect, revealing incredible wisdom as we transcend any temporary moments of confusion.

Wednesday 8/31 begins as the Black Moon enters Leo, then Sedna turns retrograde, followed by Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Sun Salacia great eliminator, Venus Neptune great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Pallas Vesta manifestation, Venus Eris manifestation, Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, and Black Moon Charklo bridge. Sedna (the cosmic librarian/record keeper) is retrograding one final time in Taurus, then stationing direct on 2/10, and moving into Gemini in June 2023 for the next 43 years. This is a massive shift of consciousness that will offer an incredible opportunity for transcendence and quantum evolution on the planet during the next 43 years. Anytime we zoom in and zoom out, we gain clarity and wisdom on the holistic integration that’s occurring in this moment in time, in the subtle ways and in the greater cosmic expressions. When we get stuck in one lens of perspective, that zoom in – zoom out lens helps to expand and shift, allowing a more fluid understanding of where we are now. Today’s aspects offer a 5D lens of quantum evolution that can inspire clarity in the current moments of temporary chaos.

On Thursday 9/1, the Black Moon makes 7 aspects, including a great eliminator with Quaoar, resource with Mercury, Mars, and MakeMake, a communion with Varuna, and manifestation with Jupiter and Salacia. In addition, there’s a Mars Varuna resource, Varuna Jupiter manifestation, and Vesta Galactic Center resource. Our higher lens of vision is expanding, and that expansion requires awareness of the body as a gateway of higher consciousness. In order to expand, we must be willing to acknowledge the current limitations, and be willing to stretch beyond those default settings. What we’ve known about the body, up until now, is about to take a quantum leap into cosmic and galactic consciousness, and it’s never been so exciting to be here in physical form. Today is the first day of September, the beginning of a 9 month of completion, and it’s important to remember that every completion reveals wisdom, and opportunities for deeper reflection, integration, and recalibration.

Friday 9/2 starts with a Venus Pluto great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Sun subtle intimacy aspect, Pallas Haumea manifestation, Venus Vesta bridge (activating a finger of god with Neptune and Pluto), Venus Galactic Center manifestation, Mercury Jupiter bridge, and Mars MakeMake manifestation. Today’s finger of god activation points even more deeply through those thinning veils as the heart reveals enlightened clarity, crystal clear. When the heart is open, we can deep dive beyond time/space, form/structure, and see into the vastness of the universe, through the highest lens of Truth, Wisdom, and Love. All is revealed through Love, and all is revealed in divine timing.

On Saturday 9/3, there’s a Mercury Varuna resource, Venus Haumea resource, Mars Salacia resource, then Mars enters his shadow phase of the upcoming retrograde cycle, followed by a Uranus Ceres stepping stone, Varuna MakeMake resource, and Mercury Mars manifestation. The personal planets are active today, and this upcoming Mars retrograde is incredibly exciting. Mars will be retrograde 10/31 – 1/12, just before the Uranus station on 1/22 when Venus and Saturn conjunct for a new cycle. Our structures are recalibrating, and the gravity of old patterns and narratives is also shifting, which allows our cellular structure to redesign. We’re birthing a new holistic embodiment, and as we transcend the gravity of duality and separation consciousness, we find ourselves at the threshold of oneness, fully integrated with our cosmic self at the soul level. Our cellular structures are shifting to mirror our soul’s holistic integration, through the body. As timelines collapse and dualistic narratives dissolve, we become the awakened realization of oneness and wholeness, within our own skin. This is the birthing of a much higher dimension of consciousness.

And Sunday 9/4 begins as the Black Moon turns retrograde, then a Venus Pallas resource, Venus Sedna stepping stone, the Black Moon repeats the subtle intimacy aspect with the Sun, and Venus enters Virgo just at midnight EST. As Venus enters Virgo, the heart becomes the purest vessel/instrument that births the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities through unconditional Love. The heart is the center, the tuning fork, the gateway, the womb, and the birthing canal. When we commit to walking the planet with an open heart, we begin an ongoing practice of fine tuning through the heart. Every experience will either open our hearts more, or challenge us to continue to practice. Every step is brand new, and the wholeness of our experiences refines us into the mastery of the wise heart.

The practice this week is to keep the heart open to all that’s shifting and reconfiguring this week, without judging or analyzing the shifts, simply allowing and trusting the process. There is so much being fine tuned, and it’s already in process. Allow each day to reveal a new thread, a new perspective, and a new layer of integration while choosing to be empowered, every step of the way. Holistic integration occurs at varying rates of motion through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We don’t arrive at completion instantaneously, even though the attunement has already occurred. It takes time to rest, digest, process, filter, and eliminate.

“What is wisdom? As the Zen texts explain, “To live in trusting”

Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology



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