Weekly Navigation Report: August 28 – September 3, 2023


Week of August 28 – September 3, 2023

We’re entering an electrified week of dramatic and beautiful transitions, marked by the Uranus station on Monday and Venus’ direct station on Sunday.  We’re also traveling in full blown Mercury-retrograde-style, where anything goes, nothing is what it appears on the surface, communications can be misaligned, and it’s important to connect the dots and find our footing in the fluidity of last-minute changes and interruptions.  Surprises can manifest in the blink of an eye, and those surprises yield revolutionary gifts, if we’re present and open.


Anything rare that takes us by surprise is an opportunity to elevate our game and transcend old patterns of limitation.  Remember that.  Distractions aren’t meant to be annoyances or cause for frustration, we’re calibrating much too quickly for that.  Anything unexpected has a higher purpose, a higher octave, and is signaling the need to wake up, pay attention, and find our seat on the cutting edge of new potential and evolutionary growth.


When we cling to our well made plans and well defined edges and grooves, we may think we know what to expect, like clockwork, as we prepare for our best polished response and predict the outcomes.  However, when the cards shuffle unexpectedly and the universe (higher Self) decides we’re ready for more, we’re delivered through a shake up that takes us places we never imagined or even considered in our personal trajectory of possibility.  Any deliverance outside of the current matrix is a gift, requiring agility and grace to navigate.  If we try to wrap our heads around spontaneous change, we miss the necessary pivot in the moment.  The point is to let go of the mind’s attachments and trust the heart while allowing something new to move us.


Awakening occurs when we least expect it, through the unplanned moments that take us off course (and towards the divine attunement of our Soul).  The moment we leave the well-manicured edges and traverse the unexpected, we find ourselves swimming in the uncharted realm of limitless possibilities, returning to our divine limitless nature and vastness of spirit.


This week delivers a very rare and ultra special Pisces Full Moon, which is the last lunar event before the Virgo New Moon on 9/14 that opens the fall wormhole/eclipse passage.  Nothing short of a magic wand, this Pisces Full Moon offers a leap of faith into unknown universal potential that can shake up our inner snow-globe and reveal an entirely new landscape, on a dime.  Everything is fluid.  Anything is possible.   What matters is our current lens of vision from an open heart, and our soulful creativity that dreams beyond the edges and lives courageously outside the box.  We’re making it up as we go, and our attitude and discernment is everything.


With Saturn retrograding through Pisces conjunct the Full Moon on Wednesday, our fixed attachments to identity – who we think we are, what we believe is possible, and where we think we’re going – are all being dissolved and set free as we recalibrate through the higher attunement of Soul – finding out who we are from a non-linear perspective that transcends time/space.  When the labels and agendas fall apart, the lines and boundaries also fade, we find ourselves in the empty spaces between everything.  Nothing is defined, nothing is written, which means everything is worthy of exploring and creating, anything is possible, and we are free.  If this kind of undefined uncertainty feels scary, we may shut down and stagnate our potential for growth.  If the heart is open unconditionally as a tuning fork and guiding light, we find magic in those empty spaces, and give ourselves permission to expand beyond anything we’ve ever dreamt or imagined.


Our hearts are awake and on fire, and the calling to birth new consciousness is getting louder.  It’s time to return to the limitless realm to remember our capacity for new creation, through the boundarylessness of Universal Love.  We are the authors, artists, innovators, creators, and visionaries, turning the page and starting again with every inhale and exhale.  Any moment that takes us out of our structured status quo is a return to that infinite vortex of pure magic, creative potential, and timeless wisdom.  When we integrate the innocence of the heart with the wisdom of our soul, we find ourselves dancing, spinning and swirling stardust into new spiral patterns that manifest a whole new world.  Not by avoiding the one we’re in, but by remembering there’s always more, and choosing to participate as the vastness of our soul


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The week begins on Monday 8/28 with a Vesta Eris resource, Mars Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Sun communion, Juno Quaoar great eliminator, and then Uranus stations retrograde at 23 Taurus 04’.  The inner fire of devotion stirs an inner awakening, and it’s important to pay attention to the calling of the heart.  Uranus’ station delivers a lightning bolt through the Earth, grounding that calibration of Light into our deepest root system and foundation.  Uranus will retrograde (in the sign of Taurus) through 1/27.  The Great Awakener ushers us to higher ground and higher consciousness when we least expect it.  Anything we haven’t been willing to see or acknowledge is coming up for review, and now’s the time to wake up and pay attention.  Our evolutionary potential is calling us forth.


On Tuesday 8/29, Uranus forms a great eliminator with Ceres, followed by a Uranus Pallas manifestation, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  Uranus is still in his station, anchoring the calibration of Light into the Earth, and clearing out the birthing canal for new consciousness to download.  Divine wisdom is on tap, electrifying the atmosphere within and without, and our divine blueprint is coming online crystal clear.


Wednesday 8/30 reveals a Black moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Sun Quaoar manifestation, Vesta North Node (dharmic) resource, Vesta South Node (karmic) manifestation, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, and the Full Moon in Pisces at 9:35pm ET, followed by a Mars Ixion stepping stone and Juno Varuna new cycle.

The Full Moon at 7 Pisces 25′ is a rare Blue Moon event, meaning it’s the second full moon to occur in the month of August.  That fact alone makes this a spectacular and magical illumination.  Combined with the fact that Pisces unleashes our divine creativity and gives us permission to explore beyond our personal boundaries and limits is also exceptionally magical.  And the fact that this Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Saturn means we all have full permission and authority, granted by our higher Self (the Universe), to remember who we are, beyond any shadow of a doubt, beyond any limiting thoughts, narratives, beliefs, or confining labels or social agreements.  We are the vastness of the Universe, in motion – nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing separate, and nothing broken.  When we remember who we are, we call forth our divine creative potential and the wholeness of universal Love – uncensored, unleashed, uninhibited, and uninterrupted by fears or insecurities.  Anything is possible.

The Pisces Full Moon is disposed by Neptune, who is currently retrograde in Pisces, actively participating in a grand wisdom cross with Pallas, the Galactic Center, and Vesta/Astraea.  As the heart restores innocence and reveals the gateway to the center of the Universe, we’re channeling divine wisdom like never before.  If we’re fearful or insecure within ourselves, that access point will be cloudy.  When we trust and have faith in the vastness of ourselves as the Universe, we evoke crystalline clarity that offers brilliant filtration to the previous patterns of confusion.  All is revealed, all is reconciled and resolved, and all is returned to Love.

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On Thursday 8/31, there’s an Astraea Arcturus manifestation, the Black Moon retrogrades into Leo, followed by a Black Moon Haumea resource, then Sedna stations retrograde and Astraea intersects the Moon in a bridge with Pallas.   All eyes are on Astraea today, as the divine feminine archetype of justice and 5D calibration restores integrity and alignment through purification and elevation.  When we find our highest attunement (our cosmic note) and remember who we are (as a frequency of Light), there is an automatic filtration of elimination that occurs, shedding the misaligned frequencies from our system and affirming the crystalline clarity of Divine Truth.  Sedna – the crystalline record keeper and librarian of the cosmos – stations retrograde today, and will dip back into Taurus on 11/22, then station direct on 2/11, and re-enter Gemini on 4/27, remaining in the sign of Gemini for the next 42 years.  This is a significant retrograde cycle that returns those crystalline records into the root system of the Earth’s library for crystalline calibration, before broadcasting those frequencies through the multidimensional channels of universal connectivity.  The available alignment for fine tuning is mind blowing.


Friday 9/1 begins with a Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, occultation of Neptune by the Moon, then a Juno MakeMake resource, Astraea Eris resource, Mars Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, and Sun Salacia great eliminator.  The Moon in Pisces eclipses Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  A temporary blind spot occurs as we fully unplug and release any misaligned or mis-qualified beliefs embedded in our lens of perception.  That moment of recalibration is like “windex to the window”, restoring crystalline clarity and integrity through our eyes through the soul of the universe.   Today is a day for elimination, release, and letting go.  Any choice to elevate in clarity is a simultaneous decision to let go of distortions and distractions.  It’s that easy, and lightning quick.  Today is the first day of September, a “9” vibration of completion, full cycle, endings that reveal new beginnings, and new beginnings that call forth completions and endings.  Remember the nature of the universe is fluid, and every circle is a spiral sequence.  We’re never in exactly the same point that we were before.  Every moment is brand new, and all options are on the table.  Each moment reveals the wholeness of the universe, and our alignment in the current moment is what sparks the next revolution and wave of creation.


On Saturday  9/2, the Black Moon manifests with the North Node (dharmic) and finds resource with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Sun Chariklo great eliminator, Neptune Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Eris manifestation, Black Moon Pallas subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Ceres resource, Pallas Eris great eliminator, and Juno Salacia manifestation.  More dynamic action and elimination today as Venus enters her station and prepares to turn direct tomorrow.  As the heart prepares for her recovery journey, it’s important to remember the mind is temporarily offline.  This is helpful, as we fully surrender to the clearing that has occurred, and allow the integration to be fully unveiled without trying to make sense or make assumptions.  Let the dust settle, and let the dust clear without interfering.


And Sunday 9/3 begins with a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, followed by a Ceres Eris bridge, Astraea North Node (dharmic) resource, Astraea South Node (karmic) manifestation, Juno Chariklo bridge, Vesta Galactic Center bridge, and Venus stations direct.  Venus officially stations direct as Jupiter enters his station, preparing to retrograde tomorrow.  This dynamic activation stimulates an even greater expansion from the heart.  While our hearts have been stretched and opened multidimensionally over the last month and a half, our greatest expansion is just getting started.  We have no idea how far we can go, or how far our hearts can take us.  It’s time to fully trust and allow the inner guidance mechanism of the heart to lead the way.  We are enough, and we have all that we need to soar.  Today’s Ceres Eris bridge signifies the epic birthing canal from within.  We’re being born to our Selves through every moment of inner awakening, into a whole new dimension of Self Realization that allows us to birth and manifest new solutions and innovations to the world, on behalf of All.


The practice this week is surrendered presence – trusting your capacity to navigate the unexpected pivots and shifts, while allowing the heart to lead the way.  Any moment of discomfort or spontaneity is a gift of evolutionary potential.  Ride the wave, trust the greater movement, and allow the current to take you to higher ground where all is crystal clear.   Nothing is happening that isn’t also serving.


“You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop”.  ~ Rumi


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