Weekly Navigation Report: September 4 – 10, 2023


Week of September 4 – 10, 2023

Welcome to a full blown week of holistic integration as the heart leads the way.  With Mercury halfway through his retrograde cycle this week, and Venus newly turned direct, our mind/heart alignment is undergoing some radical adjustment and fine tuning.  The highest attunement reveals our Soul’s crystalline frequency communicated and integrated through our embodied expression.  When we take action from our Soul’s divine blueprint of purpose and potential, anything is possible, and the path emerges crystal clear.


Through the recent Venus retrograde cycle (7/22 through 9/3), our hearts have been stretched wide open, in some cases literally torn apart or broken open (Maui fires), and it’s important now to honor the recovery phase as we pour Divine Light into the newly exposed tender spaces of the heart.  Light offers transcendent medicine to heal, allowing the heart to remain crystalline instead of hardened by 3D scar tissue.  The heart is a divine portal – a gateway to our higher Self, our Cosmic Self, the seat of the Soul, and the center of the Universe.  Whatever it took to open and stretch the heart in these last weeks and months, what matters now is that we’re open.  Unconditionally, unapologetically open.


As an open heart, we can participate with the universal frequencies of Love, in service and in divine artistic expression.  When our hearts are closed, shut down, inflamed or congested, we disengage with the divine orchestration, losing vitality, joy, and inspiration.  As Venus moves direct through Leo, recovering her shadow at the master degree of Leo on 10/6, we find our most authentic expression through the courageous vulnerability of shining our own Light.  The heart as an instrument shines bright.  The heart as a universal portal to oneness through Love inspires healing through unity, connection, and community.  When we realize that we are the community of Light that flows through all hearts, in service to Love, we find ourselves in a new fluid expression of Self.  Our Awakened Cosmic Self.


With 7 planets currently retrograde (including Saturn retrograding in Pisces) the old structures, labels, and identities are being challenged to surrender and dissolve as we transcend conditioned beliefs and find a new expression through the limitless realm of our true nature.  When we let go of what we’ve known or believed about ourselves and the world, we free ourselves up to explore new horizons and new potential that’s always been there, just not accessible until now.  New paths emerge, new doorways open, new identities express, and new collaborative relationships, partnerships, and communities form.   This week Jupiter also stations retrograde, joining the tribe of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Pluto, and Mercury.


When we give ourselves permission to swim in the limitless field of unwritten spaciousness, we find ourselves flowing with and expressing as every creative imagining.  Birthing back into Universal Love, we remember that there are no borders, boundaries, or filters…only Oneness.  Through the Oneness of Love, anything is possible, and every situation is an invitation to restore the full bodied magic of universal creation within ourselves and within our cells.  Every color in the spectrum, every sound in the universe, and every artistic expression in the heart of God is available to us, through us, as us.


As we holistically calibrate, fine tune, and embody that infinite cosmic ocean of Love, we become freedom in action, living through the integrity and blueprint of our Soul, alive and ready for our greatest expansion.  The Virgo New Moon next week (on 9/14) will welcome us into the wormhole/eclipse passage with a ceremonial initiation, in the name of healing, wholing, and purification through the Soul’s template of divine expression.  By honoring our organic day-to-day experiences and choosing the highest alignment through our open heart, we find ourselves both dissolving and refining through the greater current of Love.  Celebrating sacredness in the ordinary, choosing Love as the daily practice, and honoring our souls’ evolutionary embodiment as the lights come on and our cells amplify and reflect even more light.


The week begins on Monday 9/4 with a Mercury Jupiter manifestation (2nd of 3), and Jupiter stations retrograde.  Then Mercury manifests with Albion (2nd of 3), followed by a Black Moon Chiron manifestation, and Ceres South Node (Earth Star Chakra) new cycle.  The Jupiter retrograde cycle will last until 12/30, and along with the other retrograde planets, we’re preparing for our greatest expansion.  Awakened consciousness expands like lightning striking the earth, unearthing the old limitations from the mind and stretching out the belief system to remember what’s possible.  When the mind expands, our fabric of reality also expands, and anything can shift on a dime.  If we remain stuck in narrow minded vision, we constrict the flow of universal potential.


On Tuesday 9/5 there’s a Mercury Orcus conjunction (2nd of 3), followed by Varuna MakeMake resource, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, and the Moon enters Gemini.  Today’s Mercury Orcus conjunction calibrates a reminder of why we’re here and why it matters.  When the inner messenger attunes to this reference point, our thoughts, words, and actions can elevate in alignment with our higher purpose.  Remembering our limitlessness is key, and then remembering to discern our higher purpose unleashes refined clarity in all that we do.  As the Moon enters Gemini, the precision of Mercury’s retrograde is illuminated, crystal clear.


Wednesday 9/6 starts with a Neptune Pallas bridge, then Mercury conjuncts the Sun indicating the halfway point of the retrograde cycle.  Mars forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, followed by a Sun Great Attractor stepping stone, and Neptune Ceres great eliminator.  There’s profound wisdom on tap today, if we can find the universal lens of equanimity in any situation we’re navigating.  When we get attached, or even triggered, our perception of events becomes skewed.  From neutrality and an open mind/heart, clarity arises and wisdom emerges.


On Thursday 9/7 the Black Moon turns direct at 16 Leo, followed by a Pluto Vesta great eliminator, Pallas Galactic Center stepping stone, Sun Orcus new cycle, Sun Albion manifestation, and the Moon enters Cancer.  The Virgo Sun offers a new attunement that restores alignment and integrity with our Soul’s higher purpose and service.  When we get out of tune with ourselves, our service becomes distorted.  When we remember to align from our higher blueprint and manifest as our awakened Self, our service is natural, organic, and offered in healthy resonance with our own integrity and well being.


Friday 9/8 delivers a Sun Jupiter manifestation, Ceres Galactic Center resource, and Mars Varuna resource.  The precision of our inner alignment becomes a tuning fork that initiates expansion.  Intonation matters.  If we can’t access the higher lens of clarity from within, our actions will be cloudy.  When we honor our highest lens of vision from the heart, through the frequency of Love, our actions speak loudly, crystal clear.   Remember, Jupiter is currently retrograde, meaning the opportunities for expansion may reveal our current edges of limitation.  In order to go where we’ve never gone before, we must be willing to honor the current edge, soften our attachments, and transcend the past narratives or beliefs.   Every moment of contraction offers necessary information to expand, when we’re ready.  Sometimes the stretch produces a temporary chaos or a healing crisis, so be gentle in navigating the edges and transitions.


On Saturday 9/9 Pluto manifests with Pallas, followed by a Mars MakeMake new cycle and Venus Juno new cycle.  Wisdom inspires transformation, and new actions inspire new beginnings.   There’s a resurrection occurring of the highest order, and the rising tide benefits All.  Vitality is restored and new life is palpable as the fierceness of our elevated spirit informs and inspires our next actions.


And Sunday 9/10 repeats the Black Moon Chariklo bridge, followed by an Astraea Pluto great eliminator, Pluto Ceres stepping stone, Mars Salacia bridge, and Mars Chariklo manifestation.  A new vision is emerging.  That clarity calls for swift release from any attachments to old norms or ways of being that hide our authentic nature and limit our evolutionary potential.  Justice occurs when we remember who we are and what’s possible, giving ourselves permission to fully embody the fullness of our Light.   When our actions arise from that fully embodied presence, we spark a powerful movement of sustainable change in the world.


The practice this week is refined patience while taking the time to see the full picture of what’s working and what’s not working – what’s in alignment and what’s not in alignment – from the highest integrity of the Soul.  Oftentimes we push hard to alter the universe and make things fit to keep moving forward, however with Mercury’s halfway point and Jupiter’s station, this week requires a willingness to honor what is, see it fully from the heart, and shift accordingly.  What’s at stake is our evolutionary potential and divine Soul remembrance.  Take the time to pause, tune in holistically, and expand from the heart.  Feel your way through any situation that currently requires change or transformation, and allow the adjustment to occur from the highest attunement of the heart…with Love.


“We have been to the moon, we have charted the depths of the ocean and the heart of the atom, but we have a fear of looking inward to ourselves because we sense that is where all the contradictions flow together.”
― Terence McKenna


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