Weekly Navigation Report: August 21 – 27, 2023


Week of August 21 – 27, 2023

This week provides some critical gear shifts and pivot points for deeper integration – ultimately inspiring healing, restoration, and new refinement through the holistic system.  It’s a process that can’t be rushed or forced, and our patience is requested.  After the intensity of the recent Lion’s Gate, Aquarian Full Moon, and Leo New Moon, it’s time to walk our talk and put higher wisdom into action.  Our application and daily practice is key, especially through the unexpected challenges and inconveniences.


As the Sun transitions into Virgo on Wednesday, Mercury stations retrograde, the Black Moon turns retrograde, and then Mars enters Libra by the end of the week.  The Sun in Virgo calibrates all of us into the highest attunement of the heart.  Attention to detail matters with matters of the heart.  When the gong strikes, or the tuning fork activates, our holistic expression is impacted by the new resonance (higher calling), the highest frequency.  As we attune ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the awakened heart, we bring ourselves into tune, calibrating integrity and excellence through our 4 body system, then bringing that excellence into contribution and service.


When we see ourselves as divine instruments, we can attune ourselves to the highest frequency of Love.  When we embody our instrument, our actions become the creative movement of Love, as service in action.  If any part of our system is out of alignment, disconnected, or resistant, we may find ourselves playing out of tune.  Our greatest service to humanity and the world occurs when we honor the intuitive alignment of our inner integrity, from the heart.  From there, we bring forth excellence and magic.


Virgo offers the filtration system for our emotions to rise and release, and that filtrations extracts the wisdom and lets go of the rest.  Like a water purifying system, attuned to the crystalline frequency of Love and the highest blueprint of our Soul, we have the capacity to move through any experience while purifying and elevating to make music everywhere we go.  It’s not always an easy or convenience process, but as we continue to walk our talk and refine our holistic system, we find the path of ease, efficiency, and refinement – the path of mastery.


Virgo also represents the healing process that occurs when we purify, elevate, and integrate the pieces and parts of ourselves into divine wholeness.   Our holistic system includes various pieces and parts, functioning under various conditions and elementals, simultaneously as one body of consciousness.  When we begin to connect the dots, fine tune our system, and integrate the wisdom of every dimension, we find ourselves in a state of well being.  All parts functioning in resonance and harmony with the heart, in a state of resilience, agility, wisdom, and excellence.


When we get fixed, attached, or stuck in rigid judgments or projections about what’s happening or what we think should be happening instead, we find ourselves in a state of fragmentation and dis-ease.  When the mind gets attached to judgments or criticism, we can’t open to the divine wisdom that’s being revealed and expressed through all situations, no matter what it looks like on the surface or feels like in the moment.  Refined personal mastery allows us to be fully present without being consumed by judgments or negativity, finding our inner voice of discernment of the heart, and allowing the clearest expression to manifest from there.  Inner agility and resilience is where we navigate the transitions with refined grace and ease, pivoting and shifting as needed, in order to honor the highest alignment and integrity of the heart.   Trusting that nothing is wrong, all is well, and the current step is what matters most.


The quality of our consciousness in the current moment as we walk our talk and apply wisdom through our actions is where the highest integration occurs.  Concepts alone are not enough if we can’t call upon that consciousness and put it into action in real life tangible measurable ways.  Virgo brings us into the daily practice of Life, into the universal classroom of wisdom through experiential learning.  Every situation and scenario we’re navigating is ripe with wisdom, and the higher invitation to step into our mastery.  When we give ourselves permission to experience and integrate through all of our channels, feeling our way through while honoring the path of the heart, we develop our inner resilience to trust the process and allow the highest outcome to emerge – without attachment, judgment, or resistance.


As Mercury retrogrades these next 3 weeks through the sign of Virgo, our mental body operating system will undergo a massive refinement and purification, attuning to the heart and communing directly with Soul.  If we’ve been collapsing our integrity to serve someone else’s needs, we may find ourselves out of alignment or out of tune with our heart and the greater universal orchestration.  If we’ve been trying to define our “service” based on what others need, or based on comparisons or judgments of ourselves or others, we may find ourselves compartmentalized from our divine nature and the essence of our Soul that longs to express and manifest with ease and grace.  If we’ve been looking for the short cuts or easy paths, avoiding the inconveniences of necessary investment of commitment and integrity, this Mercury retrograde will bring us into relationship with the price tags we pay, and the ways that shows up in our overall health and wellness.  Health and wellness can be measured through our personal body, our relationships, our businesses, community, environment, and beyond.


Mercury will retrograde 8/23 – 9/15, stationing direct as the Virgo New Moon in 9/14 opens the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage and the Fall Equinox.  We’re in a significant portal of radical healing through conscious evolution and integration.  While a wormhole always reveals the fast track by transcending linear time/space, there are no shortcuts in the spiritual path of awakening and ascension.  We must be willing to do the work, with integrity and excellence, while integrating holistically from soul to cell.  Soulular to cellular integration.  Soul informed cells, solar fueled cells, the integrity of Light.  Unwavering, unapologetic, consistent, refined.


The week begins on Monday 8/21 with a Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Sun Pluto great eliminator, and Chiron Pallas great eliminator.   The theme is elimination, purification and letting go.  As we shed old skin and release attachments to form and structure, the clearing reveals a greater realization of limitless potential.  Letting go unveils our union with the infinite, and everything is possible from there.  The release of identification through old wounds allows us to fully own the mastery and wisdom as a result of every experience lived.  That purification and refinement supports our authentic expression, resiliency, and service.


On Tuesday 8/22, Venus forms a stepping stone with Jupiter (2nd of 3), followed by a Sun Haumea resource, Mars Neptune bridge, Venus Albion stepping stone, and Mars Galactic Center stepping stone.   Venus is still retrograde through 9/3, and this epic journey stretches the heart wide open, revealing the most authentic and abundant Light.  Anytime the heart stretches beyond capacity, that expansion triggers new grown and vitality, even through the temporary moments of discomfort.   Today’s Mars Neptune bridge completes a finger of God from last week.  Neptune pointing to Mars, with great eliminators formed by the recent Leo New Moon and also Arcturus, Haumea, and the South Node (karmic).  Neptune reveals truth at the cellular (granular) level.  When truth is revealed, from a higher dimension of clarity, our embodiment calibrates through that resonance and clarity resonates at the cellular level.  When our actions come from that crystalline clarity, we become the clearest expression of our divine truth.  When clarity is compromised, distorted, or even ignored, actions and results reveal that confusion.  As we commit to elevating through clarity of the heart, our thoughts, words, and actions align.


Wednesday 8/23 welcomes the Sun into Virgo, followed by a Saturn Juno great eliminator, then Mercury stations retrograde, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Sedna, and the Black Moon turns retrograde overnight at 12 Virgo 45’.   After the entire last month of the Sun transiting Leo, and the epic downloads of Light from the Lion’s Gate activation, it’s time now for integration, assimilation, and fine tuning.  Virgo brings us into the practice of holistic integration, as we digest those Light codes of higher consciousness through the heart, and integrate spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically through the entire 4 body system.  As we attune and integrate the new frequencies of Light coming through, our holistic system can experience massive upgrades, shifts, and re-calibrations.  The filtration and elimination process allows us to release and let go of anything at all that’s not in our highest alignment or attunement with the Light coming in and shining through.  Mercury stations retrograde today, and will review and reflect for the next 3 weeks through Virgo.  The inner Messenger is attuning our 4 body system, and our inner operating system is receiving updates that elevate our precision and integrity of communication through the heart, unifying Soul communication through our cellular expression.  Mercury will station direct on 9/15, just as the New Moon in Virgo on 9/14 ushers us into the wormhole/eclipse passage.


On Thursday 8/24, Venus manifests with the Great Attractor and Mars manifests with Pluto.  The heart is on fire, and the expansion is stretching us all in ways that may feel beyond our control.  It’s important to keep choosing Love and choosing to keep the heart open, no matter what.  The Mars Pluto manifestation completes a shedding process of transformation, as we’re releasing old attachments and trusting in the highest calling of the heart.  If the heart is open, we can heal, transform, and fully awaken…embodying our greatest service on behalf of all beings.  If the heart is closed, we separate ourselves from this magical transformation, disconnecting from the gift, the blessing, and the moment.


Friday 8/25 delivers a potent Sun Ixion manifestation.  Only 1 aspect today, and it’s potently clear…it’s time to calibrate our divine blueprint as the new structure and conscious intention through our holistic 4 body system, and release any attachments to outdated or misaligned information or pre-conditioned programing.  What matters most is our clarity and alignment with the Soul calling and Soul blueprint.  That highest attunement is the guiding Light that takes us into the next phase of our embodied evolution and ascension process.


On Saturday 8/26, there’s a Mercury Pallas conjunction (2nd of 3), Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, and Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect.  Wisdom is being revealed through this Mercury retrograde cycle.  The first Mercury Pallas conjunction occurred on 8/8, the second is today, and the final new cycle will activate on 10/12.  As the Messenger recovers and reviews through the filtration mechanism of discernment and wisdom, all is revealed, and higher meaning is brought to the table.  As we connect the dots and expand our lens of vision from a higher universal attunement, we can see it all, crystal clear.   Wisdom revealed becomes wisdom integrated, which then becomes wisdom in action…and a new chapter begins.


And Sunday 8/27 begins with a Sun Saturn bridge, followed by a Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, then Mars enters Libra, the Black Moon manifests with Ixion and forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Juno.  Today’s Sun Saturn bridge is a part of the upcoming Pisces Full Moon event on Wednesday 8/30.  As Saturn retrogrades through Pisces, we’re dissolving the old edges of limitation, attachments to labels and identities, and even social contracts and rules of engagement.   This dissolution is a rebirth to our greatest potential and mastery, as the Virgo Sun calibrates the bridge of alignment, integrity, and excellence.  As Mars enters Libra, our relationship with “reality” and the actions we take can be seen through the mirrored reflection of the universal feedback loop . The current expression from our physical embodiment, including the actions we take (or don’t take) and the impact of those actions, can all be seen and examined through the mirror of oneness through our relationship with anything and everything.  Libra is part of the mind/body connection that offers feedback from the mirror.  When we master the art of feedback (a mechanism of purification and inner adjustment) we become masters of our reality and the physical body dimension.   If we disengage, blame shift, or confuse ourselves when participating in the mirrored reflection, we might feel disempowered in the unfolding of our reality.  The choice is ours, and as Mars enters Libra we have the opportunity to elevate and refine the dance within ourselves (within our cells).


The practice this week is integration.  Take the time to slow down and process all that has been occurring for the last month, since the Lion’s Gate.  Be mindful of the tendency to rush through, move too quickly, or even skip necessary steps.  This is the time to open fully to all that’s occurring, consciously digest, and make good use of our crystalline filters for elimination and purification.  Mercury is retrograde through 9/15, so make good use of this time to allow for the necessary steps and spaciousness to connect the dots and filter through the rest.  Wisdom is revealed in every breath, and new consciousness is awakening through every experiential unfolding, if we have the courage to meet it all with an open heart.  Take the time to slow down, be present, and let it all in, while letting it all go.


“When we resist change, it’s called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into its dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment, or awakening to our true nature, to our fundamental goodness.  Another word for this is freedom—freedom from struggling against the fundamental ambiguity of being human.”
― Pema Chödrön


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