Weekly Navigation Report: August 15 – 21, 2022


Week of August 15 – 21, 2022

Get ready for a week of divine integration and attunement, taking us to higher ground within ourselves and setting the stage for alchemical reconstruction at the cellular level. Mercury and Mars highlight the mind/body connection, and this week reveals the cosmic potential within our awakened embodiment and conscious participation in all that we’re navigating and co-creating.

Mercury enters his shadow phase this week on 8/20, preparing to retrograde 9/9 through 10/2. Mars shifts gears into Gemini this week, entering his shadow phase on 9/3, preparing for an upcoming retrograde journey 10/30 – 1/12. In the midst of our mind/body connection retrograding, we’re also preparing to enter the next wormhole eclipse passage on 9/25 through 11/23, journeying through the fullness of our physical body quadrant after the recent wormhole eclipse passage 4/1 through 5/30 that journeyed through the fullness of our mental body quadrant. Bottom line, there’s so much highlighted emphasis unfolding through the alchemical and multidimensional transformation that’s available through our mind/body connection, and ultimately our experiences within the fabric of reality.

As we awaken to the power of our own minds, and the limitless potential within our mental operating system to choose the lens of consciousness and the lens of vision that we’re looking through, living through, and responding through, everything has the potential to shift on a dime. Our world view is constructed, filtered, and attuned by the lens of consciousness we’re currently looking through. When we hold ourselves responsible for the thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs we’re subscribing to and/or perpetuating within our own personal system, we also unleash the power to shift the story, upgrade the frequency, and rewrite the script. We are not bound to anything, other than the thoughts and patterns we’re generating and projecting from the inner space of our own minds – consciously or unconsciously.

When we limit ourselves to our history, when we limit our available choices to what we’ve experienced before, we become predictable in our cycles and patterns, repeating familiar threads and settling into habitual grooves. Whether we’re aligned or not with those historic grooves, we can easily become creatures of habit, perpetuating the past even if it’s time to evolve and transcend. The willingness to interrupt the patterns, elevate out of the gravitational grooves, and transcend the past outcomes, we can tune into a higher frequency that spirals upwards into new territory. Staying awake and present is the name of the game. Interrupting our own patterns of automatic pilot is key.

The body is a record keeper, storing the grooves and threads that reveal the wholeness of our stories and experiences, including the patterns inherited from our ancestral lineage. There’s wisdom in those stories, however there can also be a buildup of unresolved emotional residue and karmic debris. That buildup contributes to the gravity of our history, which repeats and perpetuates similar cycles and similar situations, like a hamster on a wheel gaining momentum on groundhog’s day. We can rearrange the content and find different characters to play out the stories in our movie, but oftentimes the patterns continue and the outcomes remain familiar. Nothing new.

The body is also a record keeper of much higher octaves of consciousness, synchronized with the laws of nature, the infinite cosmos, and the universal template of creation. Our cells have access to the cosmic crystalline library, just as easily as our cells have access to the muscle memory of our personal experiences. Which records we’re referring to and accessing moment to moment matters. Our current lens of consciousness reveals the information from those corresponding records, and unlocks the active potential in our cellular expression. When we’re playing out the patterning of an historic wound or trauma, the visceral experience and available response is much different than when we’re embodying our awakened cosmic consciousness, reflecting the active crystalline structure within our cells, and revealing options and potential within our experiential participation. The choice is ours, if we’re aware enough to choose. When we zone out or check out, we ignore that power to choose, falling back to the gravitational grooves. When we wake up and get present, that choice is pure magic – the gateway to our personal mastery.

That quantum leap towards conscious embodiment requires presence and spaciousness. Presence and awareness to perceive the current activation and lens of consciousness, and the spaciousness to choose something unfamiliar, something new, and the willingness to observe that active potential. When we reorient from the habitual grooves of old wounds and limiting patterns to the spaciousness of cosmic potential and crystalline records, there is an untethering that occurs as we dissolve the old attachments through the mind/body connection, like changing the channel and tuning into a higher frequency, an elevated program. As that new consciousness animates through the cellular structure, our holistic system begins to integrate and calibrate that higher frequency. What comes next is brand new.

Letting go of the old landscapes and familiar patterning requires courage, faith, and trust in the momentary suspension of an untethered state…the calibration of Universal Love. If we slip into fear through that untethered state, we go back to the old orientation. If we remain awake in Love, we elevate to a new dimension of possibility. Navigating the transitions while staying awake, attuned to Love, is the key. This vertical leap in holistic consciousness has the power to shift everything at the cellular level. A whole new structure is available, a brand new foundation from which to grow, thrive, and expand.

The week begins on Monday 8/15 with a Black Moon Uranus resource, followed by a Mercury North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Mercury South Node (karmic) resource, Mars Galactic Center great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury resource, Pallas Juno stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, and Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource. The polarized tension between our karmic tendencies and our desire for evolution is amplifying, and the only way out of the struggle is through holistic transcendence. There’s necessary potential in the tension if we can understand our own patterns that invited the tension as a mechanism for evolutionary transformation. When we realize that nothing is outside of us, we reclaim the power within to wake up, elevate, and choose.

On Tuesday 8/16, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Chiron, followed by a Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Chariklo bridge, Mercury Uranus manifestation, Black Moon Sirius communion, Venus Varuna new cycle, and Mars Haumea great eliminator. The power to choose our response as a mechanism for creation is huge today. If we simply react to what we don’t like, there’s nothing new being generated, other than inflammatory resistance. When we realize the wholeness of our experience, whether we like it or not, we are free to choose to respond, from the heart. The heart holds the line of stability and steadiness, regardless of our outer situations and circumstances. We can choose to feel grounded and at peace as a default setting when we choose to be present and awake within the heart. The heart broadcasts an inner navigation system, delivering divine messages from our awakened Self. We can trust that inner space, and we can trust the choices we’re making from that channel of creation, and ultimately, we can trust that higher lens of vision that’s awakening.

Wednesday 8/17 is a Black Moon Orcus resource, Mercury Juno bridge, Vesta Ixion resource, Sun Neptune great eliminator, Venus MakeMake resource, and Sun Eris manifestation. As our lens of vision elevates and fine tunes, we can see clearly – ourselves in action, and also our divine reflection through the universal mirror of oneness. We are reminded of the inner alignment of why we’re here and why it matters. Our inner fire of devotion resonates with our higher 5D blueprint, and we begin to let go of any attachments or distractions that don’t resonate with our divine truth. Today reveals an inner awakening, a moment of truth that facilitates the shedding of old skin while revealing our true nature in a way we can embrace and embody. Feeling comfortable in our skin matters, and when we honor our authentic alignment, we embrace the skin we’re living in. Living from the heart gives way to new skin, from the heart.

On Thursday 8/18, there’s a Black Moon Ceres subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Venus Jupiter manifestation, Mercury Pallas stepping stone, Venus Salacia manifestation, and Mercury Saturn great eliminator. The birthing process we’re undergoing is of the highest expression and expansion of the heart. If we can allow that deliverance to occur, we find ourselves living into and expressing as the beauty of our divine alignment and resonance with nature and the cosmos. If we censor, compartmentalize, or try to control our authentic expression, we may find ourselves struggling and out of sorts through the deliverance. Eventually we all experience that blissful expansion, regardless of how we might resist the process. The heart is the womb, the heart is the birthing canal, and the heart is the portal of creative potential and cosmic Love.

Friday 8/19 is a Saturn Pallas manifestation, Sun Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, Mars Sedna new cycle, and Sun Galactic Center manifestation. Wisdom manifests into the new structures and contracts being created now. There’s consciousness from the heart being revealed, and the potential for radical shape shifting is huge. The Mars Sedna new cycle reveals the cosmic library of crystalline records available and accessible within our cellular structure, if we have the consciousness to recognize and embody. We are so vastly multidimensional, and the body is a gateway to the divine remembrance of our Cosmic Self. When we plant ourselves in the frequency of Divine Love, when Love is the default setting within the communication of our cells, we experience a quantum leap in our embodied consciousness and the visceral presence of Love. There are new possibilities to awaken within our physical expression and embodied experiences.

On Saturday 8/20, Mars enters Gemini, the Black Moon turns direct, Mars forms a stepping stone with Vesta, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow phase, followed by a Sun Haumea resource. As Mars enters Gemini, we move closer to the upcoming Mars retrograde that activates during the fall wormhole/eclipse passage. Mars enters his shadow phase on 9/3, then stations retrograde on 10/30 through 1/12. The possibilities for karmic untangling and the transcendence of duality is off the charts. Our experience of physicality is radically altered as we allow the gravity and the density to dissolve from our cellular structure and programming, and elevate through a higher frequency of Love. Today Mercury enters his retrograde shadow phase, with the upcoming retrograde station on 9/9 through 10/2. The attunements available for distribution through our holistic operating system are impeccable, and as long as we suspend judgment or comparison, we can allow and observe these new integrations as they come online. The opportunity for healing, wholeness, and transcendence is truly remarkable. The key is presence, awareness, and equanimity.

And Sunday 8/21 delivers a Mercury Neptune bridge, Uranus Juno resource, Vesta retrogrades into Aquarius, followed by a Mercury Eris great eliminator, Vesta Sedna stepping stone, and Mars Ixion great eliminator. Today’s Mercury Neptune bridge can either be a divine calibration of precision and clarity or a confusing distortion from mixed signals and congested filters. When we are attached to an outcome, when we judge our situations through an analytical lens of good/bad, right/wrong, or if we judge ourselves as better than or unworthy, our lines of communication can get distorted and confusing; our lens of vision can become limited and rigid. When we align with our divine truth, when we embody the integrity of our heart, our channels of communication are crystal clear. There’s purity in the frequency exchanges, and our filters of discernment are unclouded, attuned to wisdom, truth, and Love. When we feel out of alignment within ourselves, our conversations can reflect that mismatch. There are interruptions and wake up calls today, and the highest potential is to clear our channels so we can see and receive all that is coming online with discerning clarity and wisdom. Restoring our inner alignment with the awakened truth of the heart is everything.

The practice this week is clarity. Clarity reveals truth and wisdom. When in doubt, slow down, find your heart. Ground within the heart, then elevate through the opening to see what you can see from Love. Look through the elevated lens of the heart, look through the eyes of clarity, wisdom, truth, and Love. Let go of what you’ve kn0wn before, and look with fresh eyes to see what’s unfolding, now.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust


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