Weekly Navigation Report: August 14 – 20, 2023


Week of August 14 – 20, 2023

Welcome to a dynamic week full of unexpected surprises that deliver opportunities for heart expansion and healing, if we choose it.  The choice is always Love, and our willingness to keep the heart open is key.  Whether our moment to moment unfolding feels expected or unexpected, comfortable or uncomfortable, turbulent or smooth, it’s important to navigate it all with an open heart in order to see the blessing and the greater offering of Love.


Love is frequency, a state of consciousness, a way of operating that elevates our embodied expression from the status quo and opens doors and dimensions for new possibilities to emerge.  When we operate from an open heart, we become active participants and awakened instruments, co-creating through the universal frequency of Love.  There’s a current, a stream of consciousness that offers vital life force energy through our cells and through the atmosphere.  When we close off or shut down, we suppress that divine current of manifestation.  When we choose Love and choose to remain open, we experience blessings and possibilities that otherwise couldn’t be recognized.  There’s an available intimacy in our communion with the breath and with the unfolding of Life, if we allow it and open to it.


This week offers a New Moon in Leo, conjunct Venus and the Black Moon, manifesting with Eris, Chiron, and the North Node (dharmic) in Aries and both the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.  That’s a lot of fire in dynamic motion all week, and it’s important to remember to be conscious when playing with fire.  Fire expressed through Leo is the generative source of vital life force energy that flows through an open heart attuned to gratitude and Love.  When our hearts are open, we connect with the divine blessing in each moment, attuning to the Light, and sourcing the dynamic expression of Love.  This authentic expression is our greatest service, made visible and accessible to All.  Fire expressed through Sagittarius offers the de-manifestation and de-construction that occurs when fire transmutes and destroys old forms and structures, releasing spirit, unleashing freedom and wisdom for a new cycle of creation

Alchemical transformation requires a breakthrough transcendence of old structures, expressions, attachments, and configurations.  And fire expressed through Aries initiates the spark of new creation, which requires conscious discipline to be responsible for what we’re creating, fueling, and generating on the planet with our thoughts, words, and actions.  If we’re checked out, on auto-pilot, or in triggered reaction mode, we can’t be fully conscious in the moment of new creation.  This grand fire manifestation all week is a cohesive collaborative combustion of new energy, initiating new potential, and the key to utilizing and harnessing this fuel is an open awakened heart.


When we come from Love, our thoughts are elevated to a higher frequency of universal oneness and gratitude.  When we remain open instead of closed, we become conscious creators, in partnership with the divine flow of creation, on behalf of All.  When we choose to live through the disciplined consistency of our fine tuned instrument, we begin to see the world through new eyes, as visionary creators, attuned to the divine possibilities and choices in every moment.  We give our power away when we close off to that universal flow of vitality, Love, and creativity.


The New Moon this week signifies a new beginning, from the awakened vulnerable heart.  We’re learning a new way of being human, living from authenticity, in accordance with the universal laws of Love and Unity, on behalf of All.  As we live and lead by example, we also awaken to the divine truth of who we are, seeing our Light with fresh eyes from the heart, seeing our Selves with new consciousness and new vision.  The opportunities for radical awakening and elevated clarity are off the charts.  The dharmic node (soul star chakra) in Aries reminds us to focus on ourselves in the mirror, taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, and choosing to see through the awakened lens of Love.  That choice allows us to meet ourselves in the moment, recognizing our Soul as we integrate through our cells.  Soulular to cellular integration is an important theme on the planet, activating our solar (soulular) cells by awakening from within.  The Leo New Moon is ruled by the Sun, and this new beginning is a calibration of Light amplified in our cellular reflection.


The week begins on Monday 8/14 with a Mercury Astraea stepping stone overnight, then the Moon enters Leo, followed by a Black Moon Astraea resource, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, Neptune Galactic Center stepping stone, Black Moon Venus communion, Black Moon Chiron manifestation, and Venus Chiron manifestation (2nd of 3).   There’s healing available as old core wounds are revisited.  Remember, every time an old wound resurfaces, there’s a new opportunity to revisit with new consciousness.  We’re not who we were at the time of the original wound, and every time we revisit, we have an opportunity to bring new context and new consciousness to the story, eventually revealing higher wisdom and recognizing the story itself as the medicine.


On Tuesday 8/15, the Black Moon forms a resource with Vesta, Juno enters Leo, then the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Mars, followed by a Black Moon Sun communion, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, and Sun Uranus stepping stone.  Any unexpected shake ups or wake up calls today can deliver us to higher ground if we’re open.  If we resist or refuse, if the heart is closed, we can’t receive the full abundance of blessings coming our way.  Sometimes the gift is in the discomfort that shakes us out of our status quo and elevates us to new consciousness and new possibilities otherwise unavailable.  Finding gratitude through all events, especially the unexpected curveballs, reveals the blessing in disguise.  How we respond in the moment matters.


Wednesday 8/16 begins with the New Moon in Leo at 5:38am ET, followed by a Mars Uranus manifestation, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Eris manifestation, Juno Sedna resource, then the Moon enters Virgo, followed by a Venus Ceres resource and then Albion stations retrograde at 15 Taurus 8’.   Today’s New Moon in Leo is off the charts with brilliant Light, from the heart.  Remember, Leo is a fire sign that represents Emotional Love, the mechanism of Love that calibrates from an open heart and shines as bright as the Sun in service to All.  The Sun is within our hearts, and when we access the courage to open unconditionally, we shine bright as a source of vital life force energy, solar power, unconditional Love, and brilliant Light.  The Sun is a generator of Light, heat, warmth, Love, generosity, abundance, inspiration, and gratitude.  When we see the sun rise each morning, we receive the gift of a new day.  When we see the sun shine after an intense storm or dark night of the soul, we feel inspired and relieved that the Light always shines through the darkest of times.


This Leo New Moon is a reminder that the Sun lives within us, as our most authentic expression of the heart.  When we open through life’s experiences, we access that vitality and harness it through our authentic expression to radiate through us, as us, as our service to others.  When we close off from life’s experiences, or shut down from our past wounds or traumas, we disconnect from that source of Light, and disconnect from our vitality and our authentic service.  The medicine now is to choose to open, unconditionally, and celebrate the authentic Light that flows through the heart.  When the heart is open, we become a gateway for sustainable energy, sustainable service, and sustainable vitality.  The heart becomes a portal within the figure 8 infinity loop pattern, unifying above and below, within and without.  We become connectors, bridges, unifiers, and instruments of Love, in service to Light.  As we consciously choose this new chapter of living from the open heart, our cells become solar panels, gateways and conduits of universal Light, within and without.  As Light amplifies and expands, we become ever more potent as our authentic expression of Love.


On Thursday 8/17, the Black Moon manifests with the North Node (dharmic), finds resource with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Haumea resource, and Orcus Great Attractor stepping stone.  After the potent Light activations yesterday, and the intensity of Fire as a generator of vitality and transformation, today unveils all that is being brought to Light.  In the presence of Light, all is made visible.  Nothing can withstand the presence of Light without being awakened and transformed by the frequency of Love.  Today is a day to practice equanimity in order to continually keep the heart open, unconditionally.  Letting go of judgments, attachments, and expectations, we can see things as they are, brought to light in full transparency.


Friday 8/18 starts as the Black Moon enters Virgo, then the Sun manifests with Eris, followed by a Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, Jupiter Albion conjunction, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  More awakening today from the inner sensations that can’t be ignored or denied.  Pay attention to what’s stirring from within, and turn up the volume.  If we ignore or avoid the inner messenger, we can easily distract ourselves through other story lines or situations.  Stay tuned to Self, and listen to the wake up calls that are coming online.  Nothing else is more important that aligning with the higher blueprint and soul calling.


On Saturday 8/19, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Saturn, and Mars forms a great eliminator with Eris.  As we tune into the inner awakener, we simultaneously release the distractions and interferences from our system, like a detox bath or shedding  process.  The moment of awakening creates a moment of Truth that alters the story and changes the game.  Honor that game changer today, and allow the shifts to occur.  The Black Moon’s bridge with Saturn unveils the fluidity we’re all swimming in currently.  As we courageously release old labels, attachments, and identities, and transcend the rules of right or wrong, we find ourselves swimming in the infinite ocean of unity and oneness through the current of Love.  From there, anything is possible, everything is occurring, and any wave we find ourselves surfing is part of a divine orchestration that benefits All.  Paying attention to the inner awakening allows us to ride the waves as they emerge, finding our footing in the fluidity, and trusting the current that’s taking us higher.


And Sunday 8/20 reveals a Sun Neptune great eliminator, Juno Ixion great eliminator, Sun Galactic Center manifestation, Chiron Ceres bridge, then a Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, and Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect – forming a finger of God with yesterday’s bridge with Saturn.   The wave from yesterday reveals a bigger finger of God today including MakeMake and Varuna.  All is being orchestrated and revealed through the highest lens of universal vision and the highest expression of divine timing, diving law and order, and the divine law of One Love.   The Chiron Ceres bridge reveals the birthing canal of deliverance from wound to mastery.  There’s more occurring here than meets the eye, and for those who can see beyond and through the surface level appearances, there’s a greater birthing of grace happening, right before our eyes.


The practice this week is equanimity.  Keep the heart open, no matter what’s occurring.  In extreme sensations of discomfort or extreme sensations of bliss, we can easily get distracted by the moment, loose our seat of consciousness, and go into automatic pilot.  Stay present, keep the heart open, and stay tuned to all that’s being revealed and awakened, from within.  If we get attached to what we think we’re seeing, if we judge the moment as worthy or unworthy, good or bad, planned or unplanned, we might get caught up in our opinions and personal perspectives instead of elevating to see the higher divine orchestration of all that’s occurring.  Remember, this week’s Leo New Moon is a messenger of Gratitude and Grace.  As we remain open to what we can’t yet see or understand, we calibrate equanimity into our system in order to see the blessing and witness the highest expression of Light manifesting in the current moment.  What matters most is our open heart and awakened Self, authentically expressing in a way that contributes divine Light through every moment.


 “Awakening is not a process of building ourselves up but a process of letting go. It’s a process of relaxing in the middle—the paradoxical, ambiguous middle, full of potential, full of new ways of thinking and seeing—with absolutely no money-back guarantee of what will happen next.”
 Pema Chödrön   



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