Weekly Navigation Report: April 8 – 14, 2024


Week of April 8 – 14, 2024

The week begins with a dynamic pulse-point activation like jumper cables to the heart of our relationship axis, with focus on Self Realization from the highest octave.  Nothing is more important than bearing witness to our Self in action – through the shadows and the Light – transcending the unconscious/subconscious patterning of wounded circumstances, cracking ourself open to harness the divine power and mastery of our pure creative potential.  As we unleash that awakened potential, anything is possible.  


When circumstances bring us to a familiar pain point (or the threshold of a breaking point) of historic limitation, we have choices:  collapse into the story of our past wounded patterns, avoid/bypass/disconnect the current sensations and pretend we’re not seeing what we’re seeing, or Wake Up and realize the patterns at play, be fully responsible for the patterns that we’re living in, and recognize our power to choose something new.  Our willingness to see beyond the edge is key.  That radical shift in consciousness shifts the story, changes the lens of vision, and forever alters the landscape and the terrain we’re navigating.  The breaking point unleashes the breakthrough, and liberation is realized.  


The power to choose is ours – no matter what we’re experiencing, witnessing, or feeling challenged by.  How we choose to see ourselves in any given moment is reflected by the greater lens of our world view and what we think we’re seeing/interpreting outside of ourselves.  The truth is, there’s nothing outside of our Self.  Once we begin to unify and consciously take responsibility for the patterns and algorithms we’re living into (or avoiding and ignoring), we begin to realize how powerful we really are, seeing clearly the storylines we’re choosing moment to moment, and the power of our own mind.


The mind is not the enemy – the mind is where our lens of reality is created and manifested.  When we begin to fully understand the personal matrix of our belief system and the historic conditioning of our mind, we can explore with curiosity the motivators for action and reaction that we’re living into and manifesting from.  The mind on it’s own can reflect entangled attachments, expectations, projections, and criticisms that distort or influence our perspective of reality and our overall experience of the current moment.  When the mind is unified with the heart, we begin to realize our awakened observer, the diamond mind, and our capacity for Self Realization and Self Reflection gains clarity, allowing us to develop and refine our Self with precision and Mastery.


The mind initiates the fabric of our reality – the web we weave based on our own belief system, fears/doubts, limitations, and conditions.  What we believe about ourself matters.  What we believe to be true is important.  If we unconsciously believe we are unworthy, not enough, or somehow broken or flawed, we will see that belief manifested in the relationships around us, with evidence appearing as truth.   If we believe that we are enough, that we are Love, that we are the uncontested authority in our moment to moment choices, we will see that reflected in our experiences.  While we can’t always change the circumstances we’re navigating, we are always choosing the narrative we’re subscribing to, and the perceptions we’re validating and endorsing moment to moment.  


What we believe becomes our Truth, based on experience, based on results.  Oftentimes we’re unaware of our deepest beliefs, the unchallenged unconscious fears and insecurities that live below the surface, continually running the show despite our best intentions and conscious affirmations.  When dealing with the mind/body connection and the relationship axis, it’s important to take into account the volume of unconscious/subconscious material lying dormant below the surface, where the conscious mind can’t track or even begin to observe.  Anytime we’re triggered into a fight/flight/freeze response, that unconscious/subconscious material unlocks and unleashes, taking over via the knee-jerk reactions that come online like a heated flash of impulsivity.


We may think the knee-jerk reactions are powerful, however if we’re not fully conscious or able to witness and observe our Self holistically (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) in that heated moment, we’re not fully present, and we’re not fully in our most awakened seat of power.  The reaction is in the drivers seat, which means the stimulant (or trigger) has the power.


The Aries New Moon/ Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron (exact) along with Mercury and Eris prompts an epic initiation that unleashes the power of the mind, in a way we can’t ignore or deny.  The full blown spotlight of power that we hold in our lap moment to moment, has never been brighter (and more sobering).  When we start to realize what we’ve been choosing, what we’ve created, and what we’ve been unconsciously refusing to see, that brilliant moment of Truth can catapult us into higher octave of personal mastery that can never be forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood.  Everything changes in the blink of an eye, and there’s no going back.  The Solar Eclipse offers a radical shift in consciousness.  


We are the authors of our life.  Period.  We are the ones choosing our patterns, our history, and our future.  If there’s going to be change of any kind, it’s up to us.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we are the ones we’ve been fighting against.  When we awaken to the higher truth of Oneness and Unity, we see ourselves in the mirror – everywhere we look.  That moment of realization, however it comes online, is life changing.  Sometimes the messenger is gentle, sometimes unexpected and inflammatory.  In either case, it’s not about the circumstances of the awakening, it’s the awakening itself that matters.  Whatever it takes.


If we think our evolutionary expansion and ascension come only from a relaxing peaceful experience, we may be setting ourselves up for an uncomfortable ride.  Our willingness to find comfort in the discomfort while deep diving into the root system of our triggered activations is where we find ourselves propelled by quantum leaps that take us to elevated states of consciousness and enlightened Truth.  Allowing the extremes to deliver a transcendental convergence is key.


The courage and willingness to see ourselves in our most primal raw vulnerability, without hiding, disconnecting, or blame shifting, is where we dissolve the ego’s attachments and rise up as the embodiment of Light that we are.  From that moment on, we recognize ourselves as the Light, embodied in a dualistic experience for the purpose of creation and manifestation.  In the world but not of the world.  We are the Light of Creation, the Light of the Universe, Love in embodied action, in Divine Expression.


The week begins on Monday 4/8 with a Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, followed by the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries, Sun Chiron conjunction/ new cycle, Mercury Eris conjunction (2nd of 3), and Black Moon Pluto manifestation.  Today’s Solar Eclipse/ New Moon is absolutely epic.


A New Moon in Aries initiates a powerful spark of creation, a pioneering moment to activate something brand new, regardless of historic conditions.  If we can believe it, we can create it, and if we are willing to be responsible for ourselves and look in the mirror of Self Realization, we begin to realize the limitless power to create.   No borders, no boundaries, no limits….unless we say so.  In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents the power of the mind, and mental body discipline to think with the heart, to choose loving thoughts from the belief in limitless possibility.  The beginning of the mind/body relationship, Aries is also the beginning of our experience of reality, where our thoughts manifest into a fully bodied experience.  


Aries is disposed by Mars, who regulates our capacity for embodied expression and action.  When we become reactionary to the situations or conditions around us, we give our power away to those circumstances.  When we see ourselves clearly through the mirrored reflection of our fabric of reality, we gain the power to choose our conscious response, instead of involuntarily reacting.  Our knee jerk reactions often come from an unresolved aspect of past trauma patterns or conditioned beliefs.  When we witness ourselves in action, we can harness the power of the reaction and redirect into conscious action, elevating the outcome to a higher manifestation and intended result.  If we refuse to see ourselves clearly in the mirror, we give our power away to the very situations that limit our potential and perpetuate the wounded conversations and outcomes.


This New Moon in Aries is exactly conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer, and the Master Healer/Teacher).  Our wounds aren’t meant to hold us back by labeling or identifying our potential.  Every wound holds the key to mastery, if we’re willing to take ownership for our greatness and connect the dots of our wholeness.  Chiron becomes the Rainbow Bridge to our higher Soul Integration.  As we heal and “whole” our 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) we realize the 4 body system as an instrument, a channel for higher integration and union with our infinite limitless Soul.  When we become Soul Activated and Soul Expressed, we realize our embodied wholeness – soul to cell.  


The New Moon is also conjunct Mercury and Eris, which signifies an explosive conversation or eruption that leads to a pivotal moment of Truth, from within.  When we break apart and break open, the tidal wave of momentum unleashes a moment of Truth that can’t be ignored or denied.  When we hear ourselves speaking from the depths of our core, at the heart of the matter, there is liberation.  It’s a whole new beginning for those who are willing to take their own medicine and launch forward into new consciousness.


On Tuesday 4/9, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Haumea, Quaoar stations retrograde, the Black Moon retrogrades into Virgo then manifests with Sedna, followed by a Venus Ixion stepping stone and Mars Albion resource.  The retrograde activity today is significant, and our connection to the universal mind/ diamond mind is key.  When we transcend the personal attachments to our own story and the perception of current limitations, we begin to see far beyond the definitions of our current reality, accessing the universal lens of possibility and potential.  We are not limited by our experiences, we are so much bigger than that.  It’s time to harness the divine power within each of us, and fully commit to living into that power with purpose and intention.


Wednesday 4/10 begins with a Mars Great Attractor stepping stone, followed by a Saturn Orcus bridge, Black Moon Neptune bridge, Venus Juno great eliminator, Venus Varuna manifestation, Mars Orcus bridge, and Mars Saturn conjunction/ new cycle.   Today’s Mars Saturn conjunction/ new cycle reveals an opportunity to take action from an empowered seat of consciousness, unleashing our potential instead of reacting with fear, trauma, or aggression in the current challenges.  When the universe tests us to find our edge, we must begin to realize that we are infinitely greater than our edges.  As we explore beyond those boundaries, we find ourselves in the vastness of possibility, through the unified field of Unconditional Love.  Anything is possible, and we are that possibility, in action.  


On Thursday 4/11, there’s a Venus Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Eris great eliminator, and Sun Mercury conjunction.  Today is the 1/2 way point in Mercury’s retrograde journey, and a significant check-in point to all that we’re observing and reviewing within ourSelf.  The point is Self Realization, and any moment of Truth that brings us into the mirrored reflection is a gift.  Whether comfortable or uncomfortable, pretty or messy, expected or unexpected, we’re meeting ourselves in the mirror, and waking up to the highest truth of who we are.  As we do, we begin to unleash our infinite power to create.  The ongoing question becomes “what am I creating NOW?”.  In every situation, in every conversation, the bigger question to ask our selves is what we’re committed to creating, what we’re generating in the current moment with our thoughts, words, and actions….and our willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and the results of our actions.  This is the quantum leap into personal responsibility as a conscious creator and revolutionary leader.


Friday 4/12 begins with a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Venus MakeMake bridge, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, followed by a Venus Salacia conjunction/ new cycle, and Venus Quaoar stepping stone.  Venus enters the 5D Grand Power Cross today, elevating the conversation of higher power through the frequency of Divine Love form the awakened heart.  When we find ourselves in power struggles, pushing against the current players or situations in our fabric of reality, it’s important to find our heart coherence, and elevate through the awakened heart into a higher seat of power that is Universal, through the frequency of Love.  Love doesn’t take sides or fight against….Love is Oneness and Unity, Love is the unwavering response, the answer, the cure.  Love becomes the mechanism for alchemy and transformation, sparking change through the highest lens of possibility.  Love is the fire that lights us up and motivates action, facilitating change and transformation.  


On Saturday 4/13, the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, then the Moon enters Cancer, and the Black Moon manifests with Ceres (forming a grand earth manifestation with Ceres, Uranus/Jupiter, and Black Moon.).   As the Moon enters Cancer, there’s a feeling of support, nourishment, and wellbeing that stabilizes the emotions and strengthens the heart.  There’s a lot being revealed today, and with balanced emotions, we find the strength to see it all, hear it all, and integrate it all, from an empowered lens of Love.


And on Sunday 4/14, there’s a Sun Eris conjunction/ new cycle and Black Moon Mars bridge.  The conversations that erupted on Monday’s eclipse are brought to full focus and awareness through our awakened mind.  As we see our actions through an awakened lens of Love, we can witness the patterns that are coming up for change and transformation.  Through the uncomfortable and inconvenient conversations, we find what we need for radical change that unleashes our greatest potential.  It’s up to us to take action from here.


The practice this week is patience, presence, compassion, and acceptance.  Be willing to meet yourself as you are in any and every situation.  Don’t take your eyes of of You, and be willing to witness the conversations that drive your actions and reactions.  Our fabric of reality is designed and manifested by our attitudes, assumptions, actions, and reactions.  The conversation we’re living in becomes the fabric of our reality.  We have the power to shift that conversation on a dime, if we choose it.  We have the power to create anything at all, if we choose it.  It takes patience and grace to see what we need to see, to shift the current patterns and transcend into new possibilities.


“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”
— Carl Jung


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