Weekly Navigation Report: April 29 – May 5, 2024


Week of April 29 – May 5, 2024

We’re nearing completion within this wormhole/eclipse passage, entering the last full week before the 5/7 New Moon in Taurus delivers us to new ground.  Even in the winding down phase, there is magic alive through the darkest spaces of unconscious potential, and anything can awaken in the blink of an eye.  The potential for alchemical transformation is higher than ever, and the opportunities for full spectrum embodied Light are off the charts.


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The most important phase of alchemical transformation is the quantum shift in consciousness that takes us from one paradigm to the next.  That shift is not linear.  Like journeying through a spiral staircase, we begin to access higher dimensions while revealing the libraries of hidden potential between the layers of our own DNA.  What takes time to fully realize and integrate is the radical shape shifting that occurs as a result, both in the shedding and dying off phase of the old forms and expressions, and in the new growth and manifestation of the Light codes emerging.  It’s important to remember that the manifestation of a higher octave of potential needs space (and time) to fully reveal, and can’t be predetermined or forecasted through the linear mind’s conception.  The mind (on it’s own) can only understand what it’s seen before.  


The process of manifesting new growth through these quantum shifts, and the release of old attachments to form and structure, brings us through a revolutionary experience of metabolic shape shifting.  If we can allow the full reveal of that divine crystalline blueprint to emerge through activated potential, we can find ourselves navigating the cutting edge of our own rebirth and cellular reinvention…the manifestation of our own evolutionary expansion, through embodied presence.  When we interfere, or prematurely try to control outcomes through our mind’s eye based on assumptions or expectations, we begin to attach ourselves to that projected outcome, limiting or avoiding the full spectrum of possibility and the full spectrum of Light.


Navigating the darkness (the unknown or unexamined spaces) without needing to figure out the end results ahead of time, requires courage, resilience, and profound inner trust and knowing that all is well, before any outcomes can be fully seen.  There are no guarantees in the embodied practice of Trust and Faith.  The evolutionary journey through darkness can facilitate the greatest awakening and expansion of Divine Light.  Our capacity to discern through the inner navigation system of the heart, responding to the crystalline messages as they emerge, takes us to a higher octave of personal mastery in the cosmic dance of divine trust.  That choreography takes us into places we’ve never considered, or even imagined…unlocking the secret chamber of the heart.  


Before our wildest awakened dreams can fully manifest, we must be willing to shed it all, release our attachments, and humble the ego into compassionate service to the Soul.  That partnership awakens our true nature, tapping into the deepest potential, unlocking the dormant layers of blind resistance.  When the veils thin and the curtain rises, we find ourselves on center stage, embodying the divine resonance and authentic frequency of Awakened Love.   That embodied realization is cosmic truth, liberating the Soul through our cellular expression of Light.  Our crystalline DNA fully awakens, and the cosmic library is revealed within.  Radical shifts begin to occur through our cellular structure and biological expression, manifesting a whole new world.  


The week begins on Monday 4/29 with a Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury bridge, then Venus enters Taurus.  The Black Moon manifests with Chariklo, followed by a Sun Quaoar manifestation and Venus Haumea bridge.  Venus’ ingress into Taurus is a dignified homecoming of the heart, offering a calibration through our authentic messaging system that grounds into sacred presence.  When we’re present in the calibrated still point of the heart, all is well.  Our inner foundation (and nervous system) is at peace, and we begin to truly dial in and listen to the sound of our own heartbeat, and the greater movements of the cosmic ocean through the One Heart.  When we’re grounded within the heart, we can be moved to higher dimensions of enlightened awareness.  There’s nowhere to go, nothing to figure out or analyze.  Our Buddha nature and divine presence awakens within, as the animating force of nature and divine intelligence through our cellular embodiment.


On Tuesday 4/30, the Moon enters Aquarius, Mars enters Aries, followed by a Mars Sedna resource, Black Moon Chiron bridge, Vesta Quaoar bridge (grand power cross) and Venus Pluto stepping stone.  The gear shifts today are palpable, even electric, igniting activity that yields revolutionary change.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, and our actions can either be reactionary or responsible.  When we react, we engage with old conversations and patterns, already set in motion.  When we responsibly choose, we become conscious creators, pioneering a new spark, elevating the conversation, calling for a new expression and outcome.  When our actions come from a higher lens of consciousness, transcending duality and opposition, we find ourselves manifesting new possibilities otherwise unseen.  The Venus Pluto stepping stone is an invitation to step up into the sacred space of the heart while navigating the darkest shadows or the dark night of the soul.  There are messages in the shadows that can only be discerned by the clarity of the heart, if we have the courage to be so present and non-flinching.


Wednesday 5/1 is the first day of May, a “5” vibration month, signifying radical change and transformation, delivering new beginnings if we can allow it.  The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ceres (ushering a grand power cross with Astraea and Chiron), followed by an Ixion Gonggong resource, Mars Haumea great eliminator, then the Black Moon turns retrograde at 21 Libra.  Next there’s a Vesta Salacia stepping stone and Mercury Chariklo resource.  Change is in the air, and if we’re grounded in the heart, trusting the consciousness that’s inspiring and informing our steps, that intuitive choreography can facilitate a profound deliverance to higher ground.  Like accessing a spiral staircase from the current moment, remembering we always have the potential to spiral up or spiral down, the choice is ours.  Pluto is stationing, turning retrograde tomorrow.  As the unconscious veils and shields are thinning, the invitation calls us into a progressive journey of evolutionary potential.  We can ascend through the depths of darkness, unifying extremes through the consciousness of the heart.  The alchemy that occurs within sacred space is key.  

Like all of nature, humans beings grow in the Light…and transform in the dark.”   ~ Wilbert Alix – cofounder of Trance Dance International


On Thursday 5/2, the Black Moon repeats the stepping stone with Ceres and bridge with Chiron, followed by a Venus Pallas great eliminator.  Then Pluto stations retrograde, followed by a Varuna Gonggong great eliminator (near miss).  Pluto’s retrograde station, fresh off the stepping stone with Venus, can take us places we’ve never allowed ourselves to go until now.  It’s time.  The Black Moon repeats the bridge with Chiron and stepping stone with Ceres, unveiling the birthing canal from our deepest wounds into the divine awakened mastery.  Our wholeness requires intimacy with the shadows, as we reclaim all of our pieces and parts, and awaken to the Light that’s always been held within us.  Pluto is retrograde from 5/2 through 10/12… will re-enter Capricorn on 9/1 for a final dissolution of the old structures, contracts and agreements, then moves fully into Aquarius on 11/19, officially ushering us all into the awakened vision of the Aquarian Age.  While that highest vision isn’t visible yet and doesn’t take shape immediately, the contractions prompting revolutionary change and the awakening of humanity are here now.  What we do with that insight, and our willingness to Wake Up, is up to us.


Friday 5/3 repeats the Black Moon Mercury bridge, and delivers a Mars Pluto resource.  Divine communication is revealed through the body as we dive fully into the hidden dimensions of consciousness we’re living in.  It’s important that we can see ourselves in the mirror for accurate feedback.  Anytime we shift the lens of consciousness to a higher frequency of Unity and Love, we experience an illumination of light and dark within the fabric of our embodiment.  The contrast of duality is a part of our greater wholeness.  Eventually we begin to see the infinite cosmos within every cell, and the interstitial fluid of cosmic ocean within every layer and dimension of our being.  When we realize that nothing is happening to us, and our relationship with all that’s happening is determined by us, we find empowerment in each unfolding. 


On Saturday 5/4, there’s a Venus Ixion manifestation, Venus Gonggong resource, Sun Orcus manifestation, followed by a revisit of the Black Moon Chariklo manifestation and Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, then Venus Juno manifestation, and Mars Pallas manifestation.  The heart is active today, taking us to higher dimensions of awareness and realization.  When we orient only through the personal attachments of our heart strings, we can feel the magnetic turbulence through the highs and lows of emotions.  When we transcend the personal heart through the tri-fold flame of the awakened high heart, we find ourselves navigating the mirrored reflection of universal wisdom and clarity of the diamond mind, in the ongoing consistent calibration of sacred space through all of the highs and lows.  We cultivate solid ground within the resonance of the awakened heart.  Transcendence unifies our humanness with our divinity, without disconnecting from either, bringing us to a higher realization of our Cosmic Self.  In other words, we can feel our feelings and be present to all that’s occurring without getting swept away or pulled under.  


And Sunday 5/5 reveals a Black Moon Sun great eliminator and Black Moon South Node (karmic) conjunction, activating a finger of God with the Sun and Saturn.   The Black Moon South Node (karmic) activation mirrors the dharmic doorway to transcending the illusion of separation.  The highest revelation is a Finger of God aspect including the Sun and Saturn.  Our divine presence and our divine power are revealed – crystal clear.  We are not here to suffer; we are here to wake up and choose a higher vision for ourselves and for All, and to manifest as conscious creators pioneering a New Earth.  The only way to wake up is to journey through the heart.  The heart delivers us through the shadows as learn to see with new eyes, manifesting Love.


The practice this week is blindfolded movement.  Find a safe environment to engage in a 10 minute (or longer) practice.  Cover your eyes with a bandana or blindfold while standing, and connect your bare feet to the earth.  Before any movement occurs, take some deep breaths, place your hands on your heart, and unify each inhale and exhale through your own heart coherence.  Let your heart ground through the souls of your feet, and find the unified resonance with the heartbeat of the Earth.  Feel your feet as the gateway for connection and communion between your embodied heart and Mother Earth.  Give yourself permission to move freely, trusting in the heart coherence and connection, allowing your heart to inspire the movement.  Notice any areas of the body that feel tight, locked, or limited.  Simply allow your breath and your heartbeat to free your mind/body as you embrace your true nature.  Find comfort through any discomfort that might emerge while navigating the darkness.  Let your heartbeat dance you through sacred silence, or immerse yourself in music, sound, frequency, and vibration for a more multi-sensory experience.  Feel the movement, and let yourSelf be moved.  


Imagine darkness so intense and so complete it makes you see with your heart instead of your eyes” – Wilbert Alix


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