Weekly Navigation Report: April 22 – 28, 2024


Week of April 22 – 28, 2024

The week ahead is alchemical, beyond anything the mind can control or comprehend.  The potential for a higher vision to manifest from thin air (or even from darkness), transmuting and transforming the current fabric of reality into a whole new expression of Light is magical, mystical, and metaphysical.


This week’s Scorpio Full Moon on Tuesday 4/23 reveals the metabolic metamorphic, and morphogenic process that delivers Light into the shadows and the unconscious hiding places, revealing the Divine Light that we are, wherever we are, always.  The safety we seek is within us, in our steadfast presence of Love – which is inherently resilient and unwavering.  Trusting in that inherent presence of Love, we discover the inner guidance mechanism that delivers us through the darkness, awakening untapped potential in the process.


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When darkness is illuminated by Light, unconscious potential becomes awakened.  When we access the diligence to remain fully present within the safe harbor of the heart, we become light bearers shining deeply into the historic makers of subconscious territory.  The places that have historically scared us – keeping us at arms distance, running and avoiding, pretending and hiding – are now actively calling for Love, and calling to be seen – not to be judged, but to be fully awakened and developed into brilliance and magnificence.  In the higher calling for Love, our awakened presence becomes the active response of Light.  Nothing to think about, simply by holding our seat and planting deep through the heart like the sacred tree of Life, allowing Light to emerge and expand, everything in sight awakens.


Love is the universal constant – unwavering, unflinching, and uncompromising.  When we deny or resist Love, we ignore and suppress our most authentic expression of Light, disconnecting from our divine creative potential.  The spontaneous alchemy that occurs in the presence of Love can be earth-shattering.  The shape shifting that occurs through the presence of Divine Love is the ultimate deliverance of a higher vision manifesting into physical form and structure – without logically trying to make it happen or manipulate the manifestation.


When we let go of our attachments to superficiality and surface level appearances, we gain access to the magical underwater universe of multidimensionality that exists below the surface within all things physical, in the deepest waters of hidden potential and highest vision.  Those deep waters require reverence and sacredness to access; these are not the spaces to barge into unconsciously with an agenda or judgment.  Oftentimes what appears to be solid at the surface appearance is a shield of deflection, protecting a multifaceted complex universe with hidden dimensions…out of sight, out of mind, and inaccessible to the unconscious observer.


When Love is the frequency, palpable in the atmosphere, there is a profound effect that unlocks that hidden potential and activates an alchemical response of transformation that can’t be pre-meditated or logically predicted.  What can’t be touched can’t be seen…and when the presence of Love touches the depths of our heart and soul through our cells and our bones (oftentimes beyond logic or reason), we begin to feel seen into through the depths of our being, unlocking the highest potential and manifesting that vision into full bodied expression.  Love becomes the agent of transformation, the facilitator of alchemy, and something magical occurs….liberation.  There’s nothing to do or say, it’s a journey of multi sensory soul retrieval, through a profound unlocking of consciousness, previously unavailable and inaccessible.


Our Scorpio consciousness is ruled by Pluto, the archetype of death and dying, transformation and rebirth.  The journey of conscious dying in order to fully live, surrendering the old expressions and attachments in order to be set free, emerging as a higher vision manifested into form and structure, unbound by labels and attachments to form and structure.  The journey of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, after dying the caterpillar form and realizing a state of infinite potential beyond what the current expression has ever known before.  The truth is, we experience deaths and rebirths constantly, and the more willing we are to celebrate and honor the dark night of the soul as a delivery mechanism to a brand new expression, the more expansive we become in our fierce alchemical manifestation of limitless potential.


When we resist the places that scare us, when we avoid and deny the shadows by isolating in our well crafted hiding places, we ultimately experience death by severing a part of our wholeness and denying it Love.  When we allow Love to touch and see all of the parts of ourselves, including the shadows, the hiding places, as well as the divine sacred mystery, we surrender to the divine alchemy that metabolizes our wholeness as the mechanism for higher manifestation and creation.


We are the divine creators and the mystical shamans of our own reality.  We have access to universal brilliance of creative Source energy through divine Light, and we equally have access to shape shift and alchemize through the darkest of shadows, metabolized through our sacred womb, the safe harbor that holds space of radical transformation and deliverance.  As we unify our experiences of light and dark, we find ourselves as the universal constant of Love, the facilitators of alchemical transformation.   


The week begins on Monday 4/22 as Juno stations direct overnight, followed by a Pallas Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Ceres manifestation, and Black Moon Chiron great eliminator.  The primed unveiling of Ceres and Chiron is important this week, as the master midwife and the master healer prepare for a transcendental deliverance through wholeness.  We’re preparing for alchemy.


On Tuesday 4/23, Venus forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Jupiter, followed by an Albion Orcus manifestation, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, and the Full Moon in Scorpio at 4:49pmPT/ 7:49pmET.  The Full Moon occurs at 4 Scorpio 17’, conjunct Haumea, activating a grand Love cross with Pluto and Varuna.

Disposed by Pluto (in Aquarius) the Scorpio Full Moon facilitates radical transformation that takes us into a higher dimension, higher vision, and Higher Love.  When Divine Love is calibrated into the wholeness of anything physical, there is alchemy, and the potential for radical shapeshifting becomes realized.  We are not bound by anything physical when we realize the fluidity in all things, and the divine nature of Love.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio represents Physical Body Love, and the potential for transmutational shape-shifting through the experience of death/dying/resurrection.  Going into the darkness has historically been feared, avoided at all costs, yet this is the delivery point that takes us to the womb of creation where all things are reborn.  If we fear the darkness, we limit ourselves to what’s already conscious, separated by the veil of what’s hidden beneath.  The truth is, there is a universe of potential in the unconscious/subconscious realms, waiting to be seen, waiting to be realized and actualized…to be fully manifested and set free.  

The parts of ourselves that have been suppressed, hidden, locked away, denied or shamed into isolation, live within the darkness of our unconscious universe.  When we recognize “wholeness” as a contextual lens for conscious manifestation, we must begin to realize that the darkness carries weight over our desires for new possibilities.  As we begin to enter the realms that have previously lived in seclusion/reclusion, it’s important to embody the presence of Divine Love as the unspoken expression and consistent way of being.  Love dissolves the barriers of hiding places, transparently accessing the universe beyond the veil, in order to metabolize it all into an alchemical experience of transcendental manifestation.  If we continue to live in separation with the deepest parts of ourselves, we forever limit our capacity to manifest from the Light of our being.

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Wednesday 4/24 reveals a Pallas Gonggong stepping stone, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Black Moon Eris great eliminator, and Black Moon Mars bridge.  Gonggong offers the stepping stone to higher wisdom today, and it’s important to allow any periods of chaos to facilitate the higher deliverance, motivating the step up.  Oftentimes we don’t move unless it’s necessary, and the bridge to divine motivation for movement and action becomes crystal clear today.  Nothing to fear, just follow the steps and let the awakened voice of the heart guide the way.  There’s a greater movement occurring.  


On Thursday 4/25, Chiron forms a stepping stone with Ceres, followed by a Venus Eris conjunction/new cycle, Sun Pallas great eliminator, then Mercury stations direct.  Next, there’s a Sun Gonggong resource, Sun Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Neptune bridge, Black Moon Sedna manifestation, then Black Moon enters Libra and the Sun manifests with Juno.  Today’s Venus Eris conjunction is epic, and divinely timed with Mercury’s station.  As we find a still point of mindfulness, the heart explodes with clarity and awakened Truth, in a way that can’t be ignored or denied.  The mind can’t fight the clarity of the heart, and it’s important to honor the enlightened clarity being revealed.   


Friday 4/26 begins with a Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Sun Varuna stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas resource, Mars Galactic Center stepping stone, and Venus Galactic Center manifestation.  The Sun’s stepping stone with Varuna today offers the higher vision from Tuesday’s Full Moon in Scorpio.  When Light shines freely and authentically through the darkness, eventually the darkness dissipates and yields to the Light.  What’s being offered today is a gift of Love, a divine blessing, if we can open our hearts to receive it.


On Saturday 4/27, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Ixion, followed by a Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, then Sedna enters Gemini.  Then the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Vesta, conjunction with MakeMake, stepping stone with Quaoar, and bridge with Salacia – activating a grand power cross.  Sedna (the crystalline record keeper and librarian of the infinite cosmos) is officially in Gemini until August 2065, then spending 2 years oscillating between Cancer and Gemini until April 12, 2067.  This is a HUGE planetary shift and calibration of crystalline frequency, broadcasted through the universal channels of the diamond mind/heart.  When we come from our personal mind/heart (local consciousness), we are limited.  When we elevate through the higher channels of the diamond mind/heart (non-local consciousness), we are infinitely dialed in and elevated through the heartbeat of the universe.  The communication and connectivity is instantaneous, accessed through the gateway of our divine presence.  Embodiment is key so that we can actualize this consciousness through our cellular expression.  This is the beginning of a massive update/upgrade to our our personal biology.


And on Sunday 4/28, there’s an Astraea Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Astraea Ceres bridge (intersected by Chiron), Sun Vesta resource, Sun MakeMake great eliminator, Vesta MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) conjunction/communion, and Mars Neptune new cycle.   The Astraea Ceres bridge intersected by Chiron offers a  potent choice point/ power point activation that could go one of two ways – through our wounded consciousness or our conscious mastery.  The lens of consciousness we’re choosing from is what matters most.  We have every justified reason to identify with our historic wounds and conditions, however that repetitive story will only produce more suffering and wounds.  The choice here is to rise up through our awakened mastery, and choose the highest expression of Soul to Cell embodiment.  There’s a powerful deliverance of justice that liberates the wholeness of any situation when we choose to rise up through our greater Self Realization of Divine Power in any moment.  Venus enters Taurus tomorrow (4/29) and the presence of the heart takes root, grounding Love through the High Road that we choose.


The practice this week is compassionate accountability to witness ourselves in our own hiding places and patterns of inauthenticity.  Notice the times when the ouster appearances hide the deepest waters of expression.  Make it a conscious practice to be aware within yourself, and bring Love into the shadows for divine visibility, transparency, and radical alchemy.  We hold back and hide what we fear is unlovable, unsafe, or unforgivable.  If our highest potential of Light depends upon the reconciliation of our darkness, it matters that we allow ourselves to see what’s behind the curtain, buried under the rug, and tucked away for safekeeping.  Below every hurt, wound, or doubt, there is Love.  In Love, there is infinite Light, and the universal expression of Life.  Be willing to deep dive into yourSelf in order to fully liberate and manifest all of the Light that you Are.


We are here to transform our portion of darkness, our holy templates whose time have come, for our own soul advancement and the greater good of all. This is our sacred contribution, our holy duty — being a living prayer for humanity and Gaia through inner alchemy and the radiance of our divine light.”   ~ Vince Gowman


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