Weekly Navigation Report: April 15 – 21, 2024


Week of April 15 – 21, 2024

Welcome to a powerful week of awakened integration and deeper clarification/filtration from the recent eclipses.  Our presence matters, and our ability to take a seat in the stillness of the open heart is key.


There is sacred space within the open heart, always.  Regardless of the situations or circumstances we might be navigating moment to moment, and regardless of our current experience of those circumstances or scenarios, there is profound safety and stillness available within.  Oftentimes our human tendencies will have us react when the outer terrain gets unsettled, disrupted, or unstable.  If we think our safety depends upon outward circumstances being solid, we may find ourselves living in a reactive state, feeling unsafe or distrusting in the midst of change.


The nervous system requires a still-point to reset and recalibrate inner equilibrium, and the heart is the calibrator of the nervous system.  When we allow our system to be calibrated by external events or our own ego reactions of fear, we can actually break rapport with our own heart resonance.  We can even betray ourselves by not listening or trusting the heart’s frequency and our higher divine intelligence.  That breakdown in rapport requires conscious repair to restore safety and wellbeing within.  The awakened heart offers a stabilizer that is trustworthy, even in times of change or uncertainty.


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When we focus our diligent mind through the heart, partnering in resonance with the heart’s magnetic field, we begin to realize the profound safety that is inherently present…and all is well.  We can relax without losing focus.  A highly sophisticated navigation system emerges from that state of presence.  A fundamental state of wellbeing exists in this space. Even in times of radical change, uncertainty, discomfort, and transformation, we can respond with clear and focused action while maintaining an overall sense of inner peace from a balanced mind/heart.  


Anytime we bring our undivided attention through the still point of the awakened heart, we find resonance within the greater Taurus field.  The mind plants through the heart, finding equal access through the crown and root of the heart center, and a divine frequency coherence is realized.  Like a sacred Tree of Life, the mental body becomes the crystalline antenna, the channel, and the bridge between heaven and earth.  The inner messaging system begins to fine-tune, establishing an active state of wellbeing, safety and trust.  The higher mind is the awakened observer, unattached and equanimous, receptive and crystal clear.  


When we release or discharge any “fight/flight/freeze” tendencies that are commonly at play within an overactive mind and nervous system, we begin to shed the historic buildup of congestion from frenetic impulses and reactions. The nervous system recalibrates, becoming a safe harbor and heart-centered messenger, broadcasting the higher conversation of Love instead of the fear-based assumptions from old trauma responses.


Finding the union of mind/heart matters.  Bringing our undivided attention into the heart for grounding, release, and mental body decompression, we can recalibrate the inner atmosphere to Love.  Clearing the air, we begin to dial into our inner navigation system that is trustworthy, clear, and unwavering.  Establishing our own inner “safe harbor”, we find the guidance mechanism of our own heart’s intelligence.  When we tune in and establish that safety, we can trust ourselves to navigate any storm, regardless of how uncertain the shifting tides might appear in the moment.  


When we find our inner heart coherence and establish that as our primary channel of communication and inner guidance, the heart speaks loud and clear through the awakened high heart (non-local), communicating with Source as our mechanism of Divine Love calibrated through the higher mind.  As we restore the mind’s ability to trust the messages of the awakened heart, we begin to fine tune and strengthen a greater root system within – tuning inward and upward to a higher dimension of clarity, vision, and insight.  


Trusting the heart requires presence.  Remember, the heart operates through multiple dimensions and lenses of awareness.  The personal (local) heart feels our personal and collective feelings and emotions, and can feel overly sensitive or hurt at times.  It’s important to acknowledge those feelings, however feelings are sometimes incongruent with the highest messaging system of Truth.  The awakened heart transcends any attachments to the personal feelings, taking us to an elevated dimension of awareness through Divine Universal Love that’s non-personal, non-local, and unattached.  Form there, we can communicate clearly, we can trust our higher Self, and we can trust that all is well, even if our personal feelings get hurt or our the heart feels broken at times.


The divine universal intelligence of the mind/heart is magnificent, and the more we restore partnership within ourselves, the more elevated and refined our inner navigation system becomes.  As we integrate within, we integrate with the greater source of Universal Oneness through the frequency of Love.  


The week begins on Monday 4/15 with a Mercury Chiron conjunction (2nd of 3).  This important activation is part of a greater 3 part journey that heals and wholes the mind – from wound to mastery, sharpening our capacity to create and manifest from an awakened lens of responsibility, instead of reacting through unconscious interpretations and misguided inflammation.  The 2nd of 3 of these conjunctions reveals a deeper level of review and calibration, and once Mercury stations direct on 4/25, there will be a final movement towards the higher octave of manifestation through refined mastery.  If we don’t (or won’t) acknowledge our own wounds and limitations of the mind, we can’t transcend them.  Mastery requires the vulnerability and transparency of Self Awareness in order to change the story.


On Tuesday 4/16, Astraea intersects the Nodes (karmic and dharmic), providing a powerful choice point.  Then Mercury and Ceres form a stepping stone, followed by a Mars Ceres resource, Sun Galactic Center manifestation, Venus Great Attractor manifestation, then the Black Moon turns direct at 15 Virgo 47’, and Venus forms a great eliminator with Orcus.  When we find ourselves oscillating in repetitive karmic loops and patterns, we can get angry or upset about the injustices occurring, but Astraea reminds us to take a fiercely elevated seat of power through Love – not war.  It’s not about pushing our agenda against something or someone “out there” to make them pay for the injustice (although accountability matters)…it’s about elevating ourselves to higher ground to see where the patterns of energy play out in various ways, within and without, in order to see the wholeness.  Whatever we think we’re seeing needs to be filtered through a higher lens of personal responsibility in order to find resolution.  Otherwise we keep repeating the same story again and again.  From that lens of highest responsibility, we can take fierce action.  Recognizing the pattern provides the necessary clarity to take right action.  Today is a day of deliverance.  


Wednesday 4/17 begins with a Venus North Node conjunction/ new cycle, and an Albion Great Attractor great eliminator.  The heart aligns with the dharmic node, and Self Realization has never been more important.  We may think it’s noble to use our power to look into others (or diagnose their motives) but if we don’t see ourselves clearly, from the heart, we can’t awaken beyond the blind spots we’ve been carrying and projecting.  The heart has multiple dimensions – the personal heart (local consciousness) where we feel our feelings and emotions, recognizing that sometimes we feel hurt by situations or relationships.  That lens is limited, although important for us to acknowledge.  If we bypass our personal experiences, we ignore the information being revealed about our own lens of vision.  When we elevate from the personal heart to the higher awakened heart, we can see ourselves clearly (shadow and Light), and we can see the wholeness of the situations we’re navigating, including the power within to create something new.  The dharmic potential of the heart is to create and manifest limitless possibilities through the awakened frequency of Love – the universal current.  Today offers an awakening that can’t be ignored as we see ourselves through the dharmic potential in the choices we’re making, Now.  


On Thursday 4/18, Varuna stations direct, followed by a Vesta Gonggong manifestation, and Venus Chariklo resource.  The highest lens of vision is connected through the One Heart, through the eye (I) of God.  When we learn to access that lens of vision, we see the entire world (including ourselves) with Divine Love.  Love as a frequency provides quantum transparency so that we can see all things clearly, without getting reactionary, defensive, aggressive, or judgmental.  Love offers precision so that we can take conscious action.  That stabilizer of Higher Love offers the messaging system that calls us into devoted action.  Our devotion is to Love, through Unity Consciousness, on behalf of All.


Friday 4/19 is incredibly powerful, highlighting a Mercury Venus conjunction, then the Sun enters Taurus, followed by a Mars Jupiter resource, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo resource, Vesta Ixion bridge, Mars Uranus resource, Pallas Varuna manifestation, and Saturn South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  There’s a lot of activity today, most notably the Mercury Venus conjunction (mind/heart) as the Sun enters Taurus.  In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Mental Body Love, where the mind plants into the heart like a sacred Tree of Life.  Instead of operating from fear, hurt, or attachment, the mind becomes an awakened observer through the awakened heart, and we gain access to a higher navigation system, the inner guidance mechanism of the Heart.  When mind and heart establish balanced partnership, and when the mind trusts the messaging system of the heart, we find an inner state of peace, stillness, and safety.  Our capacity to trust our Self in the moment by trusting the heart, recalibrates our entire nervous system and inner operating system.  When we don’t trust the higher messaging system of the heart, we may find ourselves spinning in fear based conversations, feeling unsafe, or even feeling betrayed.  The truth is, safety and trust are cultivated within a meditative presence, through the heart.  Taurus brings us into our Buddha nature and our God Presence that is unwavering, resilient, trustworthy, and solid.


On Saturday 4/20, there’s a Juno Vesta resource, Sun Haumea bridge, Jupiter Uranus conjunction/ new cycle, and Venus Ceres stepping stone.  As the Sun entered Taurus yesterday, there’s a bridge today with Haumea along the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  On 4/23, the Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight this bridge, inviting us to deep dive below the surface into the shadows of untapped potential, for the purpose of creation, transformation, and radical alchemy.  If we don’t tip a toe in that water, we can’t realize our full blown creative potential.  If we play it safe and avoid our own shadows, we may miss the greatest invitation (and initiation) into our full capacity for alchemical Light.  The shadows are nothing to fear, they only invite us to bring Light into the darkness.  When Light illuminates the hiding places, the suppressed or ignored pockets of potential, or even the misunderstood aspects of ourselves, there is combustion of magic, alchemy, and transformation.  That deliverance is a rebirth, a resurrection, and a higher vision coming to Light.


And Sunday 4/21 delivers a Pallas Vesta great eliminator, Venus Chiron conjunction/ new cycle (huge), Quaoar Salacia stepping stone, Sun Pluto stepping stone, and Juno stations direct.  Today’s Venus Chiron conjunction/ new cycle is incredible significant, considering the recent Venus retrograde (July 23 – September 4, 2023) danced with Chiron in a 3 part manifestation.  That journey of the heart brought us to where we are today, and this important “meet up” is the spark of a new relationship.  When we bring our wounded heart into relationship with anything, we continue to birth the wound, and experience the wound.  When we bring our divine Light into any relationship, we experience divine creation and expansion of that Light.  Relationships either reveal a need to heal, or an invitation to collaborate and create. We can’t co-create our highest potential until we get honest about our wounds and bring Love into the depths of the unconscious/subconscious patterns.


The practice this week is forgiveness as a mechanism for Divine Self Love.  When we can’t forgive, we carry a charge of density within our own heart that compromises our creative potential.  Forgiveness keeps the heart clean and clear, allowing us to express freely from (and as) the Universal Expression of Love.  If we’re choosing anything other than Love, we’re choosing to hold ourselves and each other small.  Love is not a weakness, and Love is not passive.  Love is transparency, honesty, fierce compassion, and radical forgiveness.  The fierce clarity of Love doesn’t always feel good, but it serves a higher purpose. Love doesn’t operate with attachments, Love is given freely – without expectation.  When we learn to Love ourselves fiercely and unconditionally, we learn to operate with moment to moment forgiveness.   Seeing what needs to be seen, honoring the clarity of Truth as it is, and releasing any personal attachments to hurts or wounds as we metabolize and transform it all to a higher expression of creative potential.  If there’s anything you haven’t forgiven yourSelf for, or any hurts you’ve been carrying in your own heart towards another, take some time this week to clear your own heart and set yourSelf free.


“There is nothing that cannot be forgiven, and there is no one un-deserving of forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness is nothing less than the way we heal the world. We heal the world by healing each and every one of our hearts. The process is simple, but it is not easy.”

Desmond Tutu, The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World


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