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For the week of July 13 – 19, 2020

Welcome to the final full week of the wormhole passage that began on 5/22.  We’re beginning our initial descent as we approach the Cancer New Moon on 7/20.  That delivery date prompts a brand new cycle of mastery, from the heart.  Now that Mercury has stationed direct, we have the capacity to see things clearly as we connect the dots of what’s newly awakened in our consciousness.


The final conclusion of anything delivers the potential for wisdom and insight.  We’re currently navigating the transition of completion to higher ground and a new beginning.  After any peak event or experience winds down, it matters to pay attention to the final review and debrief from hindsight vision, where wisdom is integrated from the wholeness of the journey.  It’s important to remain fully awake, present, and aware… sensitive to what we don’t know yet about where we’ve been and what’s been activated within, as we consciously embody the new consciousness.  Experiences contain wisdom, and wisdom is gained through experience, more than just conceptual contemplation.  Contemplation after experience offers the greatest opportunity for elevated wisdom.


We are not who we were 2 months ago…before the wormhole activated, before each of the 3 eclipses.  The world has changed, and so have we.  The manifestations and unfoldings of these last 2 months have brought us collectively into uncharted territory, and in the process, we’re learning by walking, feeling our way through.  Similar to walking blindfolded as we take an unfamiliar step, we’re learning to tune inward and listen for inner guidance and clarity.


When our sense of sight is removed, our other senses are heightened and amplified.  When we can’t see where we’re going, or when the landscape is unfamiliar or unsteady, we must slow down and feel through different channels of communication.  Our physical eyes reveal what’s tangible and “certain” around us, but as the foundation of our reality is becoming more and more fluid, so is our lens of physical vision.  Surface level appearances and familiar structures are dissolving, contributing to unexpected confusion or disorientation at times.  Thanks to Neptune retrograde, we’re finding our inner channels of clarity and enlightened vision, from within.


If we look outside of ourselves for the answers, we can find varying responses, each reflecting a piece of truth depending upon a particular lens of perspective.  Turning inward through the heart allows us to connect to a higher messaging system.  Learning how to fine tune our inner navigation system is important, and requires a powerful unification of mind and heart.  This entire wormhole passage has delivered unprecedented opportunities to elevate through the awakened lens of higher vision, through the unified mind/heart template of equality and oneness.


When we believe only what we see, from our physical eyes and 3D lens of vision, we are limited.  When we elevate our lens to a multidimensional scope of universal vision that isn’t limited by our personal attachments or experiences, we can receive radical clarity from a higher observer’s perch.  Calibrating 20/20 vision activates the universal lens of wholeness through the frequency of Love, which provides an equanimous seat of clarity and truth.  From that lens, we can harness wisdom and divine guidance that supports in our day to day navigation through the unexpected transitions.


When the ground below our feet is shifting moment to moment, we’re called forth to listen within and trust with faith.  That gear shift in our personal navigation system catapults us to a higher dimension of communication.  The more we trust, the more we expand and open.  This practice sparks a powerful communion with our higher channels of wisdom, and initiates the unification of spirit and matter.  When we merge mind and heart to activate the higher lens of vision, we simultaneously initiate communion between spirit and matter.  The intangible communication of spirit is received and acknowledged by our physical bodies, supporting in the actions that we take on the ground.  As we embody our practice, we cultivate divine awakened oneness within.


When we know all the answers, when we know the linear trajectory of everything with certainty, there’s no need to elevate through communion with higher dimensions of divine guidance and wisdom.  In fact, there’s no need to be acutely awake moment to moment, we can skate through like pros, half asleep at the wheel, and drive on autopilot.  However, when we don’t know what we don’t know, when we live in an environment of uncertainty and disillusionment, we must tune in from a different lens, and listen instead of initiate.  We become receptive to a higher frequency, we open ourselves up for universal oneness.   That’s the opening of spiritual evolution and quantum leaps in consciousness.


This moment in time on the planet is initiating each of us into a higher dimension, and the more we consciously tune in and listen, the more we fine tune our higher lens of vision which allows us to have faith in what we can’t see as we navigate the transitions and manifest a whole new world.


The week begins on Monday 7/13 with a Black Moon Vesta stepping stone and Venus Juno manifestation.  As we uncover and unleash our fire of devotion – the fuel that motivates the heart of what matters most – we gain power and potency to manifest from the highest frequency of Love, in a way that awakens our reflection in the mirror of all things.  Our reality begins to activate with new dimensions of Light, reflecting the magical current that lives within our own hearts.  When the heart is awakened and devoted, the universe responds as awakened potential.


On Tuesday 7/14, Neptune find resource with Pallas, the Sun forms a bridge with Jupiter, and Mars conjuncts Chiron.   When we can’t see clearly from confusion, uncertainty, or doubt, we can look for the nuggets of universal wisdom, shining like a lighthouse that cuts through the fog.  Clarity of any kind in a moment of uncertainty can be the beacon of Light that restores faith and trust.  We recognize the vibrational frequency of wisdom, and that frequency can support in recalibrating our inner navigation system.   The Sun Jupiter bridge allows us to expand through the presence of Light, and our potential for self awakening sparks a brand new cycle.


Wednesday 7/15 is a Varuna Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Pluto bridge, and Mercury Salacia stepping stone.  Our awakened lens of universal vision reveals any threads of limitation.  As we eliminate old patterns of limitation from our lens of vision, we shed old skin and shine brightly as our newly activated expression.  Transformation of any kind requires a letting go of old attachments to historic patterns, forms and structures, in order to release and let go, revealing a brand new possibility that wasn’t possible from the old lens of vision.  The idea that we are limitless powerful beings is liberating and magical.  As we swim in the limitless ocean of infinite potential, our inner conversation reflects that empowered state of consciousness, and we affirm from within that anything is possible.


On Thursday 7/16, Venus forms a stepping stone with Ceres, followed by Black Moon Venus resource, Saturn North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator, Mars Orcus great eliminator, Sun Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Juno bridge, and Black Moon Mars conjunction.  The heart elevates through transitions by unveiling what we can’t see from a higher lens of Love.  When the heart leads, we can trust that the transitions are delivering us to higher ground.  As we tune into our higher channels of insight, wisdom, and navigation, we give form, structure, and definition to the higher dimensions of intangible presence.   Historically there’s been a belief that we must leave our bodies in order to commune with higher dimensions, and yet we’re learning that our bodies are the gateway to the higher realms, and our embodied wisdom is a practice of self realization and awakening.  We are not our body, and yet the body is a portal for our divine consciousness to express.  When we awaken to that divine presence that is animating, guiding, and inspiring our bodies in motion, we realize our embodied mastery.


Friday 7/17 is a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, and Sun Haumea stepping stone.   The Black Moon is the great unveiler, and today she uncovers the doorway to our immortal, infinite consciousness that exists beyond this linear timeline and physical shape and form.  The repetitive Black Moon Chiron communion uncovers anything that has ever blocked or limited our experience of Self Realization and Awakening, like pulling the layers back and peeling an onion.  Layer by layer, we shed and unveil the infinite truth of who we really are, beyond time and space, beyond our skin, through the wholeness of our multidimensional presence and consciousness.   We are so much more that we can even begin to imagine, and yet that realization requires a surrender to nothingness and a union with everything.   We’re all of it.


On Saturday 7/18, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mercury, followed by a Black Moon Salacia conjunction, Pallas Vesta bridge, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, and Venus Great Attractor bridge.  There are a lot of bridges today…bridges connect two seemingly separate points through an accessible union.  The truth is, nothing is separate, and bridges help us realize the connectivity and oneness of everything.  As we uncover the universal laws of oneness in all things, we realize that there is only unity.  Any experience of separation is simply the contrast of perspectives of the same thread of consciousness.  When we find ourselves in polarity of either/or, the answer is always Love, and the answer is always an octave above the question.  A bridge of any kind – especially a Light Bridge – offers a unified perspective that transcends and includes both points.  The answer isn’t separation, it’s elevated unity, through the lens of Love.  From that approach, there’s nothing that can’t be bridged.


And Sunday 7/19 is a Sun Chariklo bridge, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Ceres Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, and Mars Juno bridge.   Today begins with a stabilizing foundation that encourages a release or surrender of anything that isn’t aligned with or supportive of sustainable growth.  When there’s alignment with sustainable growth, there’s contribution, oneness, expansion and deliverance of greatness, on behalf of all.  Abundance thrives in an environment of support.  Sustainable abundance also requires the recycling of energy, and anything stagnant can be metabolized as fuel.  When we learn to digest and metabolize storages of dense material, we create holistic contribution by making use of all that’s available.  Nothing goes to waste, everything contains the potential for energy.  The key is to transmute and transform in order to elevate and make use,


The practice this week is to tune in and listen.  Find time each day to unplug from any distractions, close your eyes and disengage from the communication coming in from your local environment, and plug into a universal channel of communication.  Take a walk in the woods and find a quiet space to just listen.   Give yourself permission to detox from your technology, devices, and wifi.  Turn off your local receptors for long enough to commune with your heart, as a portal of union with the divine wisdom that’s available, above and beyond what you can physically see or understand.  And just listen.  Allow your cells to open and receive wisdom, intuitive guidance, and divine inspiration.  Plug yourself into the infinite, and receive.


“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”
― Rumi



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