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For the week of June 29 – July 5, 2020

The week ahead holds massive opportunities for liberation as we continue to shed the outdated skin of fixed thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs.  Releasing ourselves from that skin releases our attachment to suffering, as we find freedom within our capacity to surrender and let go.  The New Earth is here, and the quantum leap is a quantum surrender.  Letting go of the gravity of attachment to frees us up to expand and express as pure limitless Love.


We’re heading into the final of 3 epic eclipses, traveling inside of the wormhole of all wormholes that’s delivering us to higher vision and higher ground.  This week’s Full Moon in Capricorn truly shines Light on the higher ground we’re awakening to, within ourselves.  As we approach Independence Day in the US, we’re stepping into a portal of freedom that truly holds the potential to transcend suffering as we remember who we are, and recalibrate to our highest version of Truth, activating a much higher version of the story here on Earth.


One of the overarching themes this year is calibrating higher vision, through the lens of 2020, by unifying the mind/heart lens of universal Love, and activating a profound 5D ascension point.   Evolution and elevation of this degree can feel “other worldly” because we’re removing the ego’s attachments to old identities in the process, which essentially crumbles the old structures and dissolves the old skin.  It requires some re-orientation and adjustment as we release the familiar patterns.

The recalibration can feel like a temporary identity crisis if we’ve historically identified ourselves as our 3D story, or a well defined character within our story.  If we hold on, grab on, or cling to those attachments for familiarity, certainty, or comfort, we stagnate our process of ascension.  We can’t realize higher ground by digging our heels into the ground we’ve known so well.  Liberation requires surrender, and awakening requires non-attachment to the status quo and even the current story.


As we allow for the crumbling of our historic identities and stories, we free ourselves up to breathe into the lightness of emptiness.  Beyond form and structure, we reunite with our infinite, immortal aspects of consciousness, and the highest version of our soul contract in this lifetime.  Instead of living within the contracts and agreements of social conditioning and status quo, we become liberated to remember our higher Truth, from a space of permission and divine authority to embody that truth in action.  More than just a gear shift, this can radically altar our connection and communion with purpose, identity, and our lens of world/cosmic vision.


Our greatest expansion requires a shedding of old skin, and a letting go of our attachments suffering.  Whether we realize it or not, our stories hold the vibrational imprint and patterns of suffering, mapped out in our DNA and cellular programming.  When we’re attached to those stories, we embed the patterns of suffering into our skin, wearing our scars and wounds as if they’re permanent fixtures to our make up.  Non-attachment relinquishes the muscle memory of suffering, while infusing the highest wisdom into our consciousness as everlasting Light.


Since the lens we’re living through affects the forms and structures we create, perceive, and embody, a radical calibration to the higher lens of Universal Love has the power to change the landscape within and without, manifesting higher ground, from the inside out.  We’re not “going” anywhere new, we’re awakening and embodying from a higher lens within ourselves.  We’re waking up, fully opening our eye of “I AM” vision from the heart, and as such, recognizing that we have the power to rewrite the script.  Not by changing what we don’t like, but by choosing to elevate to higher ground.  That shift is a quantum game changer.


The week begins on Monday 6/29 with only 2 aspects, Mercury Albion resource and Mercury Orcus resource.  Mercury is retrograding through Cancer, and we access support from the unmanifested realms and the infinite timeless realms of our consciousness.  When we tune into these aspects of consciousness, we realize so much more than just our linear timeline of interpretation.  These 2 resources are extremely supportive in navigating the week ahead, as we altar our perspective and open our minds to more than we can physically see from a personal 3D level.


On Tuesday 6/30, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct for the 2nd of 3 times, followed by a Pallas Eris stepping stone, Sun Chiron stepping stone, Mercury Uranus resource, Sun Mercury conjunction, and Black Moon Varuna stepping stone.   The Jupiter Pluto conjunction is extremely dynamic and important.  The 1st conjunction occurred on April 4th 2020, and the final manifestation of the 3rd conjunction will be on November 12, 2020.  Interestingly, Saturn will station at the degree of today’s conjunction on September 28th 2020, giving definition, form, and structure to what is being activated today.  Remember, Pluto is the archetype of transformation and resurrection, through the cycle of death and rebirth, the shedding of skin, and the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly.  We must be willing to purge our old identities, stories, and labels in order to realize what’s possible beyond that particular configuration of expression.  We can’t take the past forward with us, unless we convert it to higher wisdom and download it into our Light Body.  Anything heavy, dense, or cathartic needs to purge in order to undergo a dynamic recycling process.  Alchemy expands and reinvents “what was” through the magic of pure potential.   This is a necessary step to our resurrection, and the reinvention of our entire lens of world view.


Wednesday 7/1 is a Sun Uranus resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Chiron stepping stone, Venus Salacia resource, Sun Orcus resource, then Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn.   As Saturn returns to his home sign of Capricorn, there’s dignity and familiarity in our seat of divine power through the I AM presence.  We remember that we have the power to shift the story, by shifting our lens of perspective through any moment of suffering, change, or unexpected uncertainty.  When we choose to align with Divine Law and Divine Will, we align ourselves with the Source of All things.  There’s nothing to resist, there’s divine acceptance and strength in surrender.  We can move mountains by surrendering to Divine Will instead of using our personal power to push against what we don’t like, forgetting that we are That.  Saturn in Aquarius shed light on the need to awaken and interrupt current social norms for social change, the revolution has been initiated.   Now we must remember who we are, and the authority we each hold within ourselves, in order to establish higher ground.  True power doesn’t control, manipulate, or force others.  True power must be realized and awakened within each individual as a divine birthright and spiritual inheritance.  That kind of ownership of power is life altering, and it transcends the need to struggle, push, or force.  That kind of power initiates personal responsibility and accountability for everything, and also calls forth collective responsibility, shared accountability, and transparency by All.  We’re all in this together, and the only way we heal is to find the power within ourselves to rise up, from the inside out.  When we stand shoulder to shoulder as empowered beings and leaders, we can move mountains and manifest social change, as a reflection of our divine birthright and higher truth.  Not by manipulating the old structures to reflect something new.


On Thursday 7/2, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Juno, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Pluto Pallas conjunction, Mars Varuna manifestation, and Ceres Vesta manifestation.  The Pluto Pallas conjunction infuses higher feminine wisdom through the recycling process of death and rebirth.  Anytime we shed old skin or complete a cycle, it’s important to metabolize the wisdom of that experience as vital nourishment, while letting go of attachments.  If we don’t consciously integrate the wisdom, we will attract similar patterns, as many times as needed, until the wisdom is in tact.  Wisdom fuels new action, which manifests new outcomes and births new possibilities.   Without wisdom, we repeat….again and again and again…in hollow cycles of familiar sequences.   Wisdom is the elevation, the fuel for ascension.  As we shift our focus to the desire for wisdom, we find that any moment, any scenario can provide vital wisdom for growth and evolution.  Wisdom comes from experience, not from mental concepts or philosophy alone.  When we’ve lived through something, we have credibility, we have wisdom to share.  Wisdom is healing, wholing, nourishing, and enlightening.  When we share our stories as a vehicle for transmitting higher wisdom, we become facilitators of awakening and growth.  If we share stories simply to repeat the story, we can spin for lifetimes, exhausted.


Friday 7/3 is a Mars Quaoar stepping stone, then Black Moon turns retrograde, and Jupiter conjuncts Pallas.  When we access new thoughts from a higher lens of consciousness, we’re inspired and motivated to take new action.  As our thoughts arise from the realm of limitless possibility, we gain access to unprecedented actions, and we become pioneers and initiators of uncharted movement.  We can literally move mountains.  When our thoughts come from a limiting belief or compartmentalized spark, our actions can be stifled, cautious, or even unconscious.  Jupiter and Pallas infuse higher wisdom into our lens of social consciousness, which opens doors for new action that initiates a greater movement.  The pioneering leaders of unity must harness wisdom from the past, not resistance to the past.


On Saturday 7/4, the Sun manifests with Ceres, and Chiron forms a bridge with Juno.  These two aspects are incredibly relevant to the theme of Independence Day, a day that is meant to unite our country in the spirit of freedom.  The Sun Ceres manifestation delivers the consciousness of the God Star, with the highest spiritual wisdom to nourish humanity and restore harmony for all beings on this planet.  The Chiron Juno bridge reflects our capacity for healing and wholeness through the mirrored lens of unity.  We are collectively in a healing crisis, and as we embrace this moment and receive the higher wisdom available, we can transcend the suffering and elevate through the awakened reflection of Oneness.   We are all in this together, and yet we can only heal ourselves by awakening to our reflection, and integrating the wisdom that’s available, right here in front of us.  As one person awakens and ascends, the collective landscape shifts.  As many people awaken and ascend, the collective atmosphere is greatly altered.  Eventually there is a tipping point, and the planet rises up through the shared collective wisdom of Oneness and Unity….which is the ultimate freedom.


And Sunday 7/5 delivers the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn just after midnight ET,  followed by a Sun Vesta new cycle, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, and Sun Great Attractor great eliminator.  The Full Moon occurs at 14 Capricorn is manifesting with Orcus and Uranus, in a beautiful Light Bridge with Sirius, Vesta, and Mercury.  Mercury is in a subtle intimacy aspect with Venus, continuing to calibrate the universal theme of mind/heart union and equality as the 5D ascension point.  The dispositor of the Capricorn Full Moon is Saturn, who is sitting at the master degree of Capricorn, in a very powerful manifestation with Sedna.  There are so many beautiful activations and revelations available in this lunar event.  IF we’re willing to eclipse our old attachments to form and structures, labels and identities, we can truly transcend, awaken, and remember our higher divine blueprint, purpose, and the cosmic records of our soul’s DNA.  There is a much higher version to the story available to us ALL, if we’re willing to let go of what we’ve been attached to, and align ourselves with the higher lens of crystalline clarity.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is an earth sign that represents Spiritual Power, alignment with Divine Will, and the mantra I AM THAT I AM.  Capricorn holds the seat of the Divine Executive Director, through the opening at the crown chakra.  When we allow the voice of Higher Power to move us, to command us, we are at one with everything, and there’s nothing outside of us.  When all forms of leadership come from a higher channel of unity, truth, and oneness, we can rewrite any agreements, contracts, and structures in a way that sustainably supports the growth and evolution of all beings.  We have access to higher ground, from a higher law that holds the form and structure of Universal Love.   We ALL win.  The truth is, we are ALL leaders, and we ALL have access to the Divine Executive Director within, through our crown chakras.  We each have the capacity to rewrite the script and alter the landscape here, by choosing to elevate to higher ground within ourselves, and live through that lens of responsibility and accountability, on behalf of All.  It matters that we do so.  In a world of awakened leaders, nobody needs to overpower or control anyone.  We can all be free, by rising up to live responsibly on behalf of All.  Our new social contracts, laws, and agreements come from that lens, through the frequency of Love, sustainable and solid as we grow and evolve together.


The practice this week is to surrender and let go.  Notice when your mind or ego get attached to being right about who you are, what you know, or the way things have always been.  Take a deep breath, surrender, and shed the old skin, liberating yourself to a formless state of Love, uniting with the infinite realm of possibilities.  There is certainly truth about who you’ve been until now, and there’s truth behind the way things have been, however an attachment to that story is limiting, and will hold you into solid fixed earth vs liberate you into enlightened wisdom, which manifests higher ground.  Choose to let go of the struggle, let go of any resistance, and soften your attachments, in order to release and shed the old skin.  Liberation and freedom are available in any moment, in every breath.  Ascension requires a letting go of what we’ve identified with and as, in order to experience our limitless nature and universal truth, which is Love.


 “It’s not impermanence that is the cause of our suffering.  Rather it’s our resistance to the fundamental uncertainty of our situation.   Our discomfort arises from all of our efforts to put ground under our feet, to realize our dream of constant “okayness”.  When we resist change, it’s called suffering.  But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into its dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment, or awakening to our true nature, to our fundamental goodness.  Another word for this is freedom – freedom from our struggling against the fundamental ambiguity of being human.” ~Pema Chodron


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