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For the week of June 22 – 28, 2020

From the midpoint of this wormhole eclipse passage, we’re moving into a week of more revelations, transitions, and awakenings.  Finding our breath within the stillness of the heart is essential, as the heart is about to move us light years ahead.  It’s important to trust that inner voice, and stay tuned to that frequency.


We’re navigating uncharted waters, and have been for quite some time.  This much we know.  By now, we’re becoming a bit more fluid in our approach to riding the waves and trusting the process.  Venus has been traveling retrograde this entire wormhole, until now.  Midweek, Venus stations direct, and begins her forward movement.  That retrograde journey has brought us into deep reflection of what matters most, from within the center of our heart.  This week unleashes the movement that manifests, from the heart, just as Mars changes signs and moves into Aries.


For so long we’ve been distracted, called away by the needs and wants of our current circumstances – shaped, defined, and encouraged by the world’s status quo and the conditional bandwith of possibilities and expectations.  We’ve been responding to events and participating in a world that is defined by that paradigm.  That overall bandwith of conditioned possibilities and status quo structures is being interrupted, dismantled, and set free, and the voice of the heart is emerging in a way that can’t be ignored.  There is a new world on the horizon, and the pioneering leaders of that world reside in the heart, operating from a higher lens of vision.


As we move into the heart space and plant deep roots, we gain access to higher channels of wisdom, clarity, and insight.  The visionary lens reveals cutting edge possibilities and innovative ideas that previously weren’t available from our blind spot perspective.  As Venus enters her station this week, the heart manifests with MakeMake and Saturn, awakening higher vision through the lens of universal Oneness and the Law of Love.  This is where the blueprint of our new structures begins.  Like visionary architects, we’re manifesting the new, now.

If we’re consumed by daily distractions and interferences, we can’t fully engage or participate in the refined clarity of vision coming online.  Revelations and awakenings are rapidly unfolding right now, and some of the revelations can quickly trigger reactionary distractions if we allow ourselves to feed into any particular thread.  As we remain seated in the center, we have access to everything, without needing to reach for it.


From the center, our heart speaks clearly.  Our job is to stay tuned in and listen.  When the heart moves, honor the movement.  When the heart is still, remain still.  This delicate relationship and sensitive feedback loop of inner navigation and communication has the power to literally launch us lifetimes ahead of our current default trajectory, if we can trust and have faith.


The week begins on Monday 6/22 with a Black Moon Juno bridge, Mars Pallas resource, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, and Black Moon Chiron conjunction.  Still very much in the New Moon/Eclipse reboot from the weekend, there are more revelations and unveilings occurring, around us and within us.  Every time the Black Moon conjuncts Chiron, we reveal another thread of wholeness, which gives us the opportunity to see ourselves clearly and awaken divine mastery.   The Black Moon revisits again and again, communing with certain aspects of our consciousness, until we unearth and unveil what we couldn’t fully see or realize before.


On Tuesday 6/23, Neptune stations retrograde, followed by the Mars Galactic Center stepping stone, and Chariklo Sedna manifestation.  Remember, when a planet turns retrograde, we begin an inner journey toward Source.  Neptune reminds us of our potential for enlightenment, which we often forget when things look confusing on the surface.  Whatever is confusing or foggy right now, or even distorted within the fantasies of our own mind, is about to be revealed, crystal clear.  Clarity is essential in order to navigate our limitless realm of potential.  When we can’t see clearly, we make things up in our minds, and project that onto the confusion, believing in our own thoughts instead of shining light into the current uncertainty.  It’s important that we learn to orient ourselves towards transparency, and remain clear within even if we can’t see around us.


Wednesday 6/24,  the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mercury, followed by a Sun Quaoar Light Bridge, Mars Chariklo resource, and Mars Sedna resource.   The Sun Quaoar Light Bridge is a continuation from last weekend’s New Moon Eclipse Event.  Quaoar is a 5D archetype that represents the new paradigm, our equal access to limitless possibilities.  Quaoar is the higher octave of Mercury, and represents the bandwith of possibilities that our personal operating system connects to, or believes in.  If we operate from a limited bandwith, or a limited belief system, our personal choices will be limited.  When we plug into the expanded and awakened bandwith of pure infinite potential, our personal operating system has access to everything.  There’s nothing outside of us.  As we nourish this Truth within ourselves, we also nourish the roots of our entire lineage, and the roots that connect us All within the Earth, and the Earth reflects that belief tangibly.  When we believe and embody our limitless nature, we become limitless, in every way, which aligns us with our higher Cosmic Truth.


On Thursday 6/25, Chiron and Vesta form a stepping stone, then Venus stations direct at 5 Gemini, followed by a Venus MakeMake manifestation, Pallas Haumea stepping stone, Sun MakeMake stepping stone, and Uranus Vesta resource.  Today’s Venus station is extremely significant, not only for the manifestation with MakeMake (and Saturn), but because that degree is where the New Moon in Gemini activated the wormhole passage on 5/22.  This is a powerful and profound integration point that returns the heart to the activation point.  We are not who we were just 4 weeks ago, and our relationship with what matters most has shifted.  These inner shifts are supporting a divine reconfiguration, from the inside out, that also shifts the orientation point of our world view, and what motivates our participation within that worldview.  The degree of Venus’ station is in a subtle intimacy aspect with the Sun, so it’s important to nourish and take care of our hearts like never before.  Our hearts are the sacred womb for new creation and higher vision, as well as the divine portal of connection and communion with All.


Friday 6/26 is a Mercury Ceres manifestation, Mars Ixion stepping stone, then Mars intersects the Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), followed by a Jupiter Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Eris conjunction, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, and Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge.   Mars is completing his final degrees of Pisces, developing the muscles of divine wisdom and faith in action.  As Mars intersects the Nodes, our inner mechanism that motivates action is balanced and calibrated by the divine wisdom within the collective karma and dharma.  Within the current stories on our planet, we can see the karmic roots and patterns, as well as the opening for evolutionary action, and we have a choice.  In order to transcend anything, we must be willing to see it clearly, and include the highest wisdom gathered from every piece and part, exactly as it is.   Karmic patterns only exist because there’s something deeper to transcend, which requires a profound relationship with what’s below the surface, in order to transform the full story.  If we can’t see what’s below the surface, we can’t take action to resolve the story.  The great unveiling is necessary for our collective awakening.


On Saturday 6/27, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Salacia, then Vesta Orcus resource, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Mars enters Aries, then the Black Moon manifests with Ixion and the South Node, and Black Moon finds resource with the North Node.  As Mars enters Aries, we literally step into the fire.  That fire, in 5D, represents conscious creation, and personal responsibility for our thoughts, recognizing that our thoughts generate our reality.   If we’re unconscious, our thoughts can generate reactive, fear based, or sideways actions and outcomes that don’t match our higher intentions.  It matters that we’re conscious with our energy, and if we are, we have limitless power to create new ground in any situation.  Mars is dignified in Aries, so we have a great capacity to initiate actions that matter, pioneering radical shifts of unprecedented potential.


And Sunday 6/28 is a Mars Saturn resource, the Black Moon enters Taurus, followed by a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone and Mercury Vesta conjunction.  New thoughts inspire unprecedented actions that create new structures.  Our commitment to elevating our seat of consciousness is what allows new thoughts to emerge.  If we continue doing what we’ve always done, nothing changes.  On the surface, we appear very busy, and maybe even constructive.  But below the surface, we can only manifest a reflection of our current consciousness.  Sustainable change requires a devotion to elevating the conversation, accessing new ways of thinking, and taking committed action on those new sparks of potential.


The practice this week is to find the quiet stillpoint within the heart, and listen.  Take 10 minutes a day, tune in, and just listen.  Let go of any attachments, questions, distractions, or agendas.  With each inhale, imagine delivering yourself right into the womb of your heart.  Let your heartbeat calibrate your true nature, rebooting and restoring your mind, body, and nervous system.


“We’re quiet.  We aren’t dancing to the culture’s drum.  And we are silent inside.  That silence is there so we can hear our intuitive wisdom.”  ~ Ram Dass         



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