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For the week of June 15 – 21, 2020

We’re in a major crescendo – the midpoint of this summer’s wormhole eclipse passage – moving into the roots of the heart, allowing the depth of our emotions to rise up and release.  This passage isn’t for the faint of heart, however it does have the potential to move mountains and pivot the story on our planet in revolutionary ways.  We must remember to keep our seat of equanimity in order to see, feel, and hear clearly, from the highest lens of Love…choosing to be empowered by each moment and movement.


Equanimity is neutrality through the lens of Love, meaning we open unconditionally, as Love, no matter what is occurring.  Our heart remains open – whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant, pretty or messy, comfortable or irritating.  The lens of equanimity allows us to see it all, allowing the wholeness of our experience to rise up, express, and release…leaving us transformed.  If we resist any aspect of our experience, if we flinch at what we don’t like, or judge what we don’t understand, we limit our scope of vision, and that limitation activates ongoing emotional residue and karmic patterns that can motivate our thoughts, words, and actions.


The practice of equanimity will challenge every karmic pattern to the bone.  The courage to remain present, to hold deep sacred space within, requires fierce commitment and determination, from the heart.  It’s not a game of mental strength, it’s a matter of the heart.  How much can the heart witness, how much can the heart open to and hold space for?  Can we live from an open heart in moments of overwhelming joy, love, and excitement, equal to the moments of anguish, grief, and heartache?  Or are we conditional at the heart level, do we shut down when things get uncomfortable or unbearable, seeking only the pleasurable ecstasy of joy?  Intimacy and unity begin within ourselves, in our capacity to feel every feeling – uncensored and uninhibited – as we open our hearts unconditionally to receive Love.  Love is vital nourishment, a force of nature, and a state of being.

Being mindful of our heart, and noticing the patterns and threads of conditioning that motivate our actions is important.  Attachments that trigger bias towards our current emotions and experiences will limit the lens of vision we’re looking through.  We may notice an aversion to conflict or anger, and our hearts shut down when anger is present.  Or we may notice an aversion to depression, sadness, and grief, where our hearts shut down to those experiences, unwilling to love the unlovable feelings.


It’s human nature to avoid feeling the emotions that bring discomfort.  It’s human nature to want to process emotions mentally from the mind, where we can control our reactions and keep ourselves “grounded” in safety and certainty.  However, our ascension and evolution requires us to feel our feelings – all of them – in order to keep the heart open unconditionally, and in order to nourish ourselves with unconditional Love, no matter what is occurring.


The emotional body connects to the water element.  Water needs to flow in order to purify, release, express, and resolve.   When water can’t move or can’t express, there is a buildup of pressure, and eventually either a ruptured breakage and inflammation or suppressed stagnancy and congestion.  Our willingness to open the release valves to every emotion that moves within us matters.   We don’t need to let every feeling drive our actions, but our feelings need to have permission to move in order to clear, for our own inner state of harmony and wellbeing.


When we don’t create healthy release valves for our emotions, or if we deny, bypass, or disconnect from what’s in our water below the surface, that vibrational imprint influences our thoughts, words and actions, unconsciously.  We can’t ignore the vibrational messages held within our own water.  And if there are layers of unresolved emotional residue within our own system, it’s time to open and allow ourselves to feel what’s there so it can receive the presence of Love, the Light of illumination, and the freedom to rise up and release.  Patience, grace, humility, and equanimity are of the essence.


When we have permission to feel our feelings, that energy can move in a healthy flow that actually nourishes our system and inspires action and expression.  When we don’t have permission or sacred space to fully experience our feelings, we create imbalance within ourselves, suppressing or fracturing pieces of ourselves, or venting through unintended sideways expressions that aren’t in alignment with our heart.  When we feel empowered within ourselves, we can participate in the flow of harmony within and around us.  If we feel victimized by our feelings, or set false expectations that we should always feel happy and never sad, we will struggle to find harmony in the full circle of our experiences.  Emotions reveal wisdom that allows us to awaken and elevate.  If we can’t fully feel our feelings, we can’t extract the highest wisdom that’s available, moment to moment.


The human experience gifts us with feelings.  To try to elevate beyond human feelings is an attempt to bypass our humanness, and it actually stunts our growth.  When we practice living through the lens of equanimity, we can open unconditionally to all that arises, and let our feelings and emotions find resolution, delivering wisdom and motivating right action, from the awakened heart.


The week begins on Monday 6/15.  There are no major aspects today.   This entire week is a crescendo that needs nourishment to build.  Find the seat of equanimity and start practicing.


On Tuesday 6/16, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Jupiter, followed by a Venus Juno manifestation and Sun Haumea manifestation.  The Sun is still in Gemini, moving through the final degrees of Conscious Wisdom.  As we notice any historic limiting beliefs in our lens of vision, we can consciously eliminate those attachments, allowing for greater expansion.   The heart manifests unity – within ourselves and our worldview.  Unity and connection from the heart isn’t just about seeing ourselves in the reflection of humanity, but seeing our mirrored reflection in everything, including our own inner landscape of thoughts and feelings.  The same lens that allows us to see clearly also allows us to manifest clearly.  The lens we’re looking through is the context we’re manifesting from.    What we see is an important indicator of what we’re manifesting.  It’s important to keep our lens clear, and regularly recalibrate the context to Love until Love becomes the automatic default setting.


Wednesday 6/17 is a Vesta Salacia stepping stone, Sun Galactic Center bridge, and Black Moon Orcus great eliminator.   Our mind/heart ascension point activates a direct bridge to the great cosmic womb, and from that still point, we have access to the silent truth that is always present.  Like a timeless, infinite heartbeat, the voice of the universe reveals the wisdom in all things, if we’re still enough to listen, and receptive enough to hear.


On Thursday 6/18, Mercury stations retrograde just before 1am ET, followed by a Sun Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron conjunction, then MakeMake stations direct, followed by a Mars Pluto resource and Venus Salacia resource.   Mercury’s retrograde station is extremely important since the Messenger is the dispositor of this entire wormhole passage.  Mercury’s station is almost conjunct the fixed star Sirius, channeling the consciousness of the Ascended Masters through this retrograde journey.  Remember, the wormhole activated an important ascension point with the Mercury/Venus conjunction, and interesting that the consciousness of the Masters is available in surround sound.  There is so much conscious wisdom online, all we have to do is still ourselves enough to tune inward and listen.  There’s never been a more significant moment to plug in to Source and Listen.  If we continue moving forward at rapid rates of motion, unaware of what’s motivating and driving our actions on this planet, we’ll miss the opportunity to rewrite the story.  The re-write occurs within each of us, inside our own operating system.  If we get caught up in the knee jerk reactions and impulses that are appearing around us, we’ll miss the most important event that’s happening on planet Earth…the Ascension.  The events around us are reflecting us, and it’s important to understand what’s occurring from the highest lens of Truth, within our own hearts.


Friday 6/19 is  Sun Chariklo great eliminator, occultation of Venus by the Moon, Ixion South Node (Earth Star Chakra) conjunction, Black Moon Juno bridge, Sun Ixion Light Bridge, Sun North Node (Soul Star Chakra) new cycle, and Black Moon Vesta stepping stone.  The Ixion South Node conjunction is an important aspect for the upcoming New Moon Eclipse.  The awakening of the divine blueprint that transcends the old karmic story and the historic DNA codes.  In order to transcend or transmute anything, we must access Conscious Wisdom through the universal lens of Love.  We aren’t bound to anything in the physical dimension, unless we refuse to see the higher wisdom behind it all.  Once we see and hear clearly, we can elevate and shapeshift.  In order to see anything clearly, we must be equanimous, able to open unconditionally to that which we can’t yet understand.  There’s an element of neutrality that must exist (which our Gemini consciousness offers) in order to resolve the karmic roots once and for all.  That brilliant neutrality must be unified with Love…the Mind/Heart ascension point.


On Saturday 6/20, Mars finds resource with Jupiter, followed by a Juno Vesta stepping stone, then Black Moon turns direct, the Sun enters Cancer, and the official Summer Equinox occurs at 5:44pm ET.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is a water sign of Emotional Power, representing the heart of the Mother, and the roots of our being.  Home is where the heart is, and Cancer energy brings us home to the heart, within our selves.  Cancer Consciousness requires us to learn to mother ourselves well, to hold deep sacred space and unconditional Love within so that we’re empowered to take action, to grow, and to thrive.  When we feel disempowered, or if we’re overly sensitive and haven’t learned to tend to ourselves properly, we can become victimized by our surroundings and circumstances.  When our roots hold the patterning of victimization and disempowerment, we can only grow according to the nourishment available in that conversation.  As we patiently learn to mother ourselves, we can re-write the core beliefs that are currently held within our root system.   Whether we inherited limiting beliefs and conditions from our childhood or lineage of origin, or whether those limitations were conditioned by social norms and structures, we have the power to tend to those roots with an open heart, give rise to the emotional residue that is contained in those roots, and mother ourselves with the highest quality nutrients of Love, compassion, and safety so that our highest potential can grow.  Self Care is the practice that heals the world, but we must practice it with ourselves first, in order to pass it along.


And Sunday 6/21 is the Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Cancer at 2:42am ET, followed by a Mars Haumea great eliminator, Sun Saturn great eliminator, and Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator.   This New Moon is quite supercharged, and truly has the power to move mountains.  The Sun and Moon at 1 degree Cancer form a Light Bridge with Quaoar, the new paradigm.  That Light Bridge is also conjunct the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras) which are currently sitting inside the portal of truth, giving us collective access to the Galactic Center, the cosmic womb of creation.  The New Moon is also in a subtle intimacy aspect with Venus, who is activating a grand air manifestation with Saturn and MakeMake.   What’s even more intense, is Quaoar is in a grand earth manifestation with Uranus and Orcus, and Ixion is in a grand fire manifestation with Astraea and Eris.   That means 2 combined grand manifestations of Earth and Fire, with the New Moon as the tail of a kite, conjunct the Dharmic Node, the doorway of evolution and ascension, intimately activating the winds of change from the heart, the new script (code) that’s in alignment with the higher Universal Laws of Oneness and Love.  This Cancer New Moon/ Eclipse has the power to restore harmony on this planet, by moving mountains and setting the world on fire, literally in a revolution of Love.  And the key is to mother ourselves, each other, and this planet with deep roots of unconditional Love.  We must find harmony within the temporary disharmony in order to usher in the necessary upgrade and awakening that flips the story into a completely different paradigm….delivering the New Earth.


A new moon is always a new beginning, an opportunity to plant new seeds of intentions, or transform the roots altogether.   In the middle of a wormhole in 2020, an unprecedented year of interruptive change and massive deep dive into the heart of what matters most, we’re in the messiest healing crisis on Earth.  And we’re exactly where we need to be to see what we need to see, to heal what needs to be healed, so that we can liberate, transmute, and transform.  We must practice equanimity, and we must remain unconditionally open through our hearts, with Love.  For ourselves, and for All.  If we flinch at the sight of unrest, or if we disconnect and shut down when things get scary, unpredictable, or unfathomable, we won’t be able to sustain the challenge and discomfort of redesign.  We must stay open, awake, and in Love.  Everything we’ve ever imagined and dreamt about for this planet is available, we must be patient and resilient in our practice.   Transformation happens in the blink of an eye, however it takes time and space to move through the unfoldings, clearings, and transitions.   We must be diligent and committed to nurturing our personal practice, and no matter what, we must choose to be empowered by this moment and this movement.


The practice this week is self care.  Find a daily practice that delivers the nutrients and nourishment that support you in being empowered, equanimous, and in the consciousness of Love.   Whatever that daily practice is, commit 100% and take good care of yourself through that practice.  Let the commitment nourish you, let it provide a healthy foundation and support for your optimum growth.  Practice checking in with yourself daily to tune in and listen, creating intimacy, acceptance, and non-judgment.  Your practice might be daily meditation, yoga, mantra chanting, breathwork, qui gong, or even just walking each morning and letting your footsteps be your release of prayers and intentions.  Let your practice support in moving the feelings and emotions that are rising within, and let it also support in calibrating your thoughts, attitude, and beliefs to Love.  In times of transition and new beginnings, we must take good care of ourselves so that we have stamina and sustainability to be present for All.


“The next time you lose heart and you can’t bear to experience what you’re feeling, you might recall this instruction:  change the way you see it and lean in.  Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience, not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves.  This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering – yours, mind, and that of all living beings.”

~Pema Chodron



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