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For the week of June 8 – 14, 2020

The week ahead invites a deep integration of conscious wisdom with committed action.  After 2 full weeks of activated revelations from inside the wormhole eclipse passage, it’s time to follow through and elevate to higher ground, from the heart.  The heart leads the way, the heart holds the roadmap and the blueprint for this unprecedented movement of radical change.


When we find ourselves in a moment of truth that reveals our blind spots (and the not-so-blind spots we’ve been hiding behind or ignoring), it can feel disorienting and uncomfortable to navigate the daily landscape with new lenses of perception.  How we view the world around us determines the thoughts we think and the actions we take, which manifest our next outcomes and tangible results.  Shifting the lens – recalibrating the context of our worldview – creates opportunities for new thoughts to emerge, which elevates our participation and collaboration in the social landscape.


Newness of anything requires consciousness to navigate, as we step into the opening for unprecedented possibilities.  It takes diligent effort to interrupt our own internal status quo of familiar patterning, even though everything has already changed.  We must follow through with committed action, inspired by higher vision.


Once our lens of higher vision is calibrated to Love, Unity, and Wholeness, we can’t go back to living in the context of separation.  Ascension restores Oneness, the awakened consciousness that we are One, and each being is a reflection of the shared divinity within all of Us.  If we’re not committed to elevating the whole, together as One, we can’t thrive.

Each of us is responsible for the contribution we make on the planet, in this body, with our thoughts, words, and actions….whether that contribution is spoken or silent, active or passive.  Our thoughts produce form and vibration that is broadcasted through our atmosphere.  We’re either generating unity, or we’re contributing to separation.  We’re either elevating through our dharmic expression, or we’re living in the karmic roots of historical patterns and unconscious beliefs.  Until we wake up, we don’t realize what we’re manifesting.  Our current results and current climate are constantly reflecting the feedback loop of information for us to see ourselves in the mirror and fully awaken.


As we recalibrate our lens of higher vision to 20/20, we can see through all timelines and dimensions of consciousness, past, present, and future.  If we hold on tight to outdated beliefs, limited structures, or personal agendas, we can’t move forward.  The future reflects the past when we refuse to wake up.  The moment of awakening is a pivotal game changer that reconciles the past and produces a vertical leap in consciousness with infinite potential to build new structures and initiate growth.  Our future legacy is dependent upon the mark we make, the actions we take, in this moment, now.


The aspects this week are very interesting, and require our full attention.  Less intense than the past several months, however we each have unique opportunities to consciously step up and choose from higher ground, accessing new ways of thinking.  We’ve never been here before, there are no rules, in fact the old rules and default structures are dissolving very quickly.  In a state of what can feel like free fall, we can either spin in fear over the missing guardrails, or we can find our center in the heart and breathe from the undefined empty space of pure limitless potential.


As we surrender the karmic roots of historic foundation, we find the zero point of anti-gravity where all things are possible, like finding the free space between dimensions, pure choice to create.  From that space of neutrality and awakened vision, we can choose the next step.  Moment to moment, breath by breath.  What matters most is the integration of conscious wisdom from hindsight, while taking diligent and committed action to move forward through higher vision.


We’re pioneering as we go, shining Light from Unity.  Grace, humility, forgiveness, and compassion are required as we lead from the heart and move forward as One.


The week begins on Monday 6/8 with a Venus Ceres stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, and Black Moon Pluto stepping stone.   As the heart delivers opportunities to step up and elevate.  Stepping stones require conscious navigation so we don’t miss a step.  We can’t assume the ground below our feet will be level or predictable in every scenario.  Transitions need extra attention, and sometimes we have to slow down our rate of motion, even if there’s massive momentum calling us forward.  We still haven’t seen all there is to see, and every step along the way reveals wholeness as we connect the dots and expand our lens.  Remember, the mind/heart union activates the lens of universal love.  As we see the endings of old expressions, we can simultaneously see the newness and resurrection coming online.


On Tuesday 6/9, the Black Moon conjuncts Eris, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  Today is a day of unearthing, revelations that activate inner awakening through the process of discord and discomfort.  Transformation usually occurs in an environment of discomfort, where the status quo becomes too unbearable to repeat any longer.  The desire to shed old skin is a moment of liberation that sets us forward into new territory and new ways of thinking.  When we try to resume “normal” life while wearing outdated skin that feels too tight, the friction of discomfort eventually dissolves that skin and reveals a new expression underneath.


Wednesday 6/10 is very subtle, with a Black Moon Neptune intimacy aspect, Black Moon Sun resource, and Black Moon Mars intimacy aspect.  Subtle intimacy aspects are powerful if we are sensitive enough to feel what’s occurring beyond the main events on center stage.     The Black Moon reveals the wisdom from last week’s Full Moon Eclipse intersected by Neptune and Mars.  Neptune and Mars in Pisces can generate enlightened actions of Unity through Unconditional Love.  It might be hard to recognize the volume of Love that’s emerging through the lens of Unity Consciousness if we get caught up in the main stories that trigger fear, separation, or insecurity.  We must trust and have faith in the subtle shifts that are emerging, especially within our own skin.  We can either feel separated by our physical skin, our we can calibrate our divine embodiment in Unity through Love.   Like a school of fish that swim together intuitively, separate but whole, in synch with All, we can remember how to navigate the flow of Unconditional Love as faith in action.


On Thursday 6/11, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Neptune, followed by a Venus Chiron resource and Pallas Chariklo conjunction.  Conscious Wisdom elevates our lens of enlightenment, and we can see clearly.  Enlightenment isn’t always easy or pretty, but it’s crystal clear.  Our hearts gain mastery with every core wound that opens for healing.  Wisdom is the stabilizing energy that soothes the old wounds, resolves the heart, and allows us to elevate to higher ground.  We can’t build on top of old unresolved wounds, but we can tend to each wound as it opens, and stabilize with Love.  This is how we cure the foundation for new growth.


Friday 6/12 includes a Vesta Quaoar Light bridge and Jupiter Haumea stepping stone.   The fire of devotion is activated and alive, and it’s the driving force of passion that stretches towards the new paradigm.   When we believe with all our hearts that there is a way, that we truly are limitless, and that our highest vision is possible, we activate a force of energy that fuels our desire to manifest something new.  When we’re passionate about what we believe, and when our beliefs reflect the wholeness of All, anything is possible.  If we’re stuck in our beliefs about limitations, or if we’re fixed in our personal beliefs about ourselves, we can’t expand or elevate to higher ground.  Expansion through wholeness is key.


On Saturday 6/13, the only aspect is a very powerful Mars Neptune new cycle.   The initiation of divine wisdom as a motivating force of action is a game changer.   When we trust and have faith in the limitlessness of Unity Consciousness, we can allow ourselves to be moved, motivated, and inspired by the greater movement of Love.  Love in Action is essentially allowing our inner God Spark to animate our movements.  It takes a lot of courage to trust in Love and allow Love to flow unconditionally through our being, even if it doesn’t appear to be present around us.  Oftentimes we respond with Love if it’s safe, or if there’s an opening.  The Mars Neptune new cycle initiates us into an unconditional realm of Love in Action, as a default setting.  When we can’t see clearly, we can tune into the greater movement of Love, and feel our way through.  We can open ourselves up to the divine flow of Love and be moved by what we can’t yet see.


And Sunday 6/14, Mercury forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, followed by Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Pluto Eris stepping stone, Vesta MakeMake stepping stone, Sun Pluto great eliminator, Sun Eris resource, and Pallas Sedna manifestation.   Today is another day of conscious elevation and elimination.  Every time we choose the high road, we’re simultaneously releasing old familiar attachments that we’ve outgrown, as we refine our higher vision.  Eliminating distraction leads the way to clarity, wisdom, and crystalline manifestation.  A lot is changing, rapidly, and we can’t get stuck in the attachment of what was.  We must keep looking towards the higher laws of Love and Unity as we consciously create the new foundation of the New Earth.


The practice this week is to find comfort in the unfamiliar.  Challenge yourself to find ways to alter your familiar routines this week, and consciously open the space for new thoughts to emerge.  Each time we navigate unfamiliar territory, we develop faith in our capacity to tune in, trust, and listen.  We’re feeling our way through so many massive transitions, and it’s important to practice shifting gears, listening through our body, and letting the heart lead.  It’s not an easy process, yet it’s absolutely a gift and a privilege to be here on the planet at this moment in time.  We are rewriting history, literally releasing karmic DNA and activating the higher spiritual blueprint that changes the game on this planet, forever.  So much to be grateful for, and so much to be present for.  Our undivided attention is required, as well as our highest level of contribution and leadership from the heart.



“One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change. Every society has its protectors of status quo and its fraternities of the indifferent who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.  



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