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For the week of June 1 – 7, 2020

We’re in a highly charged and fully activated week that delivers the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse and the 1st of 3 sideways elevators that can take us on a fast track quantum leap to higher ground through the consciousness of Love.  Sagittarius is a fire sign that activates higher wisdom, and it’s important to remember that fire is necessary in transformation.  Fire ignites change, initiates movement, and transmutes stuck energy into available resources for creativity.  Fire destroys and purifies in order to reset and rebuild.


No doubt about it, we are in a radical passage of unprecedented change.  The desire to change must be fueled by an unyielding passion from the heart, unified and whole.  One Voice.  This moment is much bigger than addressing personal preferences and judgments of what we like or don’t like, or changing surface level appearances to maintain the status quo.  We’re in a pivotal moment of awakening that clears the blind spots from our lens of vision, allowing us to see with X-ray vision what’s below the surface, between the dimensions, and at the root of our current structures, systems, and motivations for action.   Once we see the truth, we must take action to initiate change.


Any forms or structures that have been built or sustained by fear, insecurity, or limitation must be reviewed and reconstructed.  When we come from the heart, our thoughts generate forms and structures that are sustainable, able to support our greatest expansion.  We must be willing to examine all of our current social structures, agreements, and contracts, and make the necessary upgrades and revisions in order to move forward as a whole in the New Earth.


If we’re unwilling to see into the roots of what’s right in front of us, we can’t get to the heart of the matter, which means we’ll continually be out of touch and distorted in our perception of reality.  We are collectively in the midst of a massive healing crisis.  The roots within and below need attention before we can move forward and build new.   This epic moment in time ushers a massive overhaul and reconstruction of our social contracts, systems, and structures.  It’s time to elevate, which requires going deep.  The outcome is holistic rebirth, and revolutionary change.


When energy is suppressed, there is inflammatory resistance (and immune system resistance).  When that energy pattern becomes silenced and held dormant below the surface, the communications may initially appear to die down and rest, however the unresolved residue and the muscle memory is still very much in tact.  Once the thread of energy gets re-activated by a current event, the entirety of the suppressed inflammatory resistance is also released.


When we don’t resolve our grievances and traumas, when we stuff our emotions, numb out our pain, and continue moving forward in the status quo as if everything is OK…the energy can’t move.  The grievances can’t clear, resolve, or even breathe.   We run this pattern as individuals when we don’t know how to properly feel our feelings and process our hurts and injustices.  We run this pattern in family dynamics and community circles when we don’t feel safe enough to reveal our grievances, resolve our hurts, or hold others accountable.  And we run this pattern collectively through the root system of our country and our planet when the current systems in place don’t allow or support proper resolution and justice.


The Black Moon is an archetype that uncovers and reveals anything at all that’s been suppressed or buried below the surface.  The Black Moon not only reveals, she resuscitates and gives voice to what has been stuffed and stifled.  That breath of life allows the emergence of what needs to be seen, felt, and heard in order to rewrite the story and unravel misaligned interpretations or beliefs.  In other words, we have an opportunity to transcend the historic limitations and karmic patterns once we reveal what’s below the surface, buried within the bones of the foundation.


Ignoring symptoms won’t resolve the issue.  There are no quick fixes in a healing crisis.  The only true healing comes from a recognition of wholeness – the holistic integration and unification of higher wisdom, truth, and Love.  We must be willing to own and honor all of the pieces and parts of our being in order to heal and resolve any issue.  Everything is connected, nothing is separate.  Resistance, ignorance, and judgment create inflammation, which perpetuates and escalates the issue.


We must be responsible, committed, and awake while navigating any healing crisis, and we must believe and have faith in the limitless realm of infinite possibilities.  The same principles of transformation apply to any scenario or crisis.  Healing a country requires the same principles as healing cancer or navigating a pandemic.  We must access higher consciousness in order to see clearly and fully receive the wisdom of the messages coming through.  Every symptom is a message, a feedback loop.  Every piece and part matters.  If we ignore the feedback, it just repeats and gets louder, until we can’t ignore.


The messages we don’t want to hear are usually the ones that contain the key to healing.  We must suspend judgment and resistance in order to receive the message, in its wholeness.  Once we receive the message, and honor the wisdom, we can activate change that alters the outcome and resolves the pattern.  If we insist on pushing our agenda, or ignoring the symptoms, the message will continue to repeat, more and more inflamed every time.  Nothing goes away by ignoring the truth.  Resolution comes when we embody peace, from the inside out.


The week begins on Monday 6/1 with a Black Moon Ceres resource, Vesta Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus conjunction, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, and Mercury enters his shadow for the upcoming retrograde that begins on June 18th.   June brings us into a “6” vibration which connects us to the feminine aspects of unconditional Love from the heart, and the vital nourishment that heals, restores, and renews.  We’re being birthed through this great unveiling process, and even though it’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory, there is a stabilizing effect that comes from our devotion to be present, from the heart.  The Black Moon repeats last week’s conjunction with Uranus, which an unexpected emergence that awakens us to the core, while our communications elevate up to higher law and order.  We must be conscious of the conversations we’re living in, moment to moment, in order to elevate and change the universal conversation.  Moving forward, any messages will be reviewed and revisited with the upcoming Mercury retrograde journey from June 18 – July 12.


On Tuesday 6/2, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Salacia, followed by a Vesta Ixion Light Bridge, Mercury Juno stepping stone, Venus Great Attractor bridge, Venus Mars stepping stone, and Pallas retrogrades into Capricorn.  In order to shift the communication that’s occurring, we must elevate to a higher frequency of the feminine, and listen before speaking.  Remember there’s a much bigger conversation occurring at the heart level, beyond words.  If we only engage in dialogue from well articulated words, we miss the meaning and the music that’s available in the silence between.  Vesta’s Light Bridge with Ixion activates a devoted connection to our higher blueprint, which elevates our language to Unity.  When we come from the heart, uncensored and uninhibited, we can call forth anything.  Our hearts motivate right action, and move us into alignment with our higher truth and core values.


Wednesday 6/3 is  Black Moon Mercury resource, Mars Great Attractor stepping stone, Pallas Vesta great eliminator, Sun Venus conjunction, then Vesta enters Cancer, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Juno.  More is being revealed and uncovered, and it’s important to see the universal message within everything.  If we can eliminate our personal attachments and agendas, we can soften through the heart to receive the big picture, allowing us to be moved by what we’re witnessing rather than triggered at a personal level.  Wisdom is universal, and not attached to personal feelings.  We must become practiced at discerning personal feelings from higher universal messages of wisdom in order to engage and listen with clarity.  Communications from the heart can get blurry when feelings are involved, however our multidimensional clarity supports in smooth navigating.  This is why we must take the time to meditate, to practice mindfulness and self awareness.  It matters.


On Thursday 6/4 the Sun forms a bridge with the Great Attractor and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with MakeMake.    Today offers a bit of spaciousness to breathe, as we highlight the bridge of conscious wisdom and the Great Attractor, the most magnetic degree of attraction.  It’s important to be mindful of our thoughts, because we’re manifesting and creating constantly.  What we focus on grows, and where our thoughts are coming from matters.  The quality of consciousness that we’re coming from has the power to alter our universe, and as we consciously think from the heart, we manifest Love.   Love is the universal language of Unity, and Love is the law.  If we want to make a fundamental systemic shift in our reality, the first step is to shift our thinking and allow Love to emerge.


Friday 6/5 is a Mercury Uranus resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Chiron stepping stone, the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse, and a Ceres Orcus bridge.  New thoughts create new possibilities, and anything that interrupts our normal default settings has the power to awaken new thoughts.  When we’re shaken out of our normal routine or well made plan, we can trust there’s an opening for awakening that can shift the story in unexpected ways.

The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse occurs at 16 Sagittarius around 3:10pm ET.   The Sagittarius Moon is disposed by Jupiter, a social consciousness planet that expands our worldview and our experience within it.  Sagittarius is a fire sign, expressed as the sacred ceremonial bonfire.  When we’re ready to release attachments, memories, and patterns, we usually create a fire ceremony and burn the representation of that attachment.  Fire destroys that attachments, burning away the fabric of matter that binds us to certain patterns.  When matter is burned, spirit is released and set free.  The truth is, we are always free.  We are not bound to our bodies, we are not bound to any story, scenario, condition, or pattern.  Once we realize the truth of the matter, we can set ourselves free.  As we release our attachments to physical matter, surface appearances, and chronic historic loops, we’re free to write a new script and express in a new way.

Most often, we believe that we’re defined by and limited within the structures that confine us.  We can’t see another way out, and history (or unconscious familiarity) repeats the patterns.  Unresolved symptoms can become chronic and systemic, and we reinforce our identity to the story by embedding beliefs and thought forms into our structure and foundation.  When a thought becomes a belief and we operate on that belief consistently, whether consciously or unconsciously, it becomes embedded in our core.  The truth is, we can set ourselves free at any time, we can change the game, if we’re willing to see our creation with 2020 crystal clear vision, and then release the attachments and patterns that we’ve created.  We can toss those threads of fabric into the ceremonial bonfire and let go, as long as we’re committed to consciously choosing something new and taking affirmative action.  When we can’t see the wisdom behind our current reality, when we can’t see clearly the feedback loop that lives and breathes within our own thoughtforms and patterns, we are powerless to change, and healing becomes a hopeless journey that feels outside of us.  In a time of radical awakening, healing, and change, this Full Moon/ Eclipse can open the door for unprecedented quantum leaps.


On Saturday 6/6, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Varuna, reactivating that stillpoint in the ongoing bridge between Varuna and Saturn.   Vesta forms a new cycle with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), followed by a Sun Mars stepping stone, Saturn Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta resource, and Mercury Orcus resource.  That revelatory still point between Saturn and Varuna allows us to uncover and unearth any blindspots within our current social contracts and agreements that need to be reinvented for social change.  There’s an increasing fire of devotion within humanity to see goodness emerge, on behalf of All, and as we nourish that opening, we’re inspired to take action.  With every new action, we reinvent ourselves and our role in the world.  When we declare we matter, we take actions that matter, igniting a movement of Love.


And on Sunday 6/7, there’s a Mercury Ceres manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Black Moon South Node manifestation, Black Moon North Node resource, and Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone.   Communications from the heart deliver new possibilities, and there are no limits to what can manifest.  Today is full of Black Moon aspects that continue the deeper excavation and revelations.  When we reveal our truth, change can happen.  When we speak our truth, we become liberated and free.  If we hide or suppress our deepest feelings and emotions, we suffocate and extinguish any possibilities that could exist.  Everything must come to the surface, we must unearth ourselves in order to elevate from the old patterning into a new template of manifestation.  As we do, we find higher ground, sacred ground…a new foundation of Love.  It’s time to fully breathe, and it’s time to be free.


The practice this week is to expand your daily practices by dedicating your actions on behalf of All.   Whether your daily practice is meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, or anything else, set your intention that each day’s actions and devotion would benefit the goodness of humanity and the awakening of Love on our planet.  Take your personal commitment to a higher level, and expand the role you play in your day to day actions.  Thoughts that inspire action, from the heart, can manifest change of the highest order.  Your normal daily actions can be enhanced with a higher intention, and your efforts can manifest on behalf of All beings, everywhere.   If you’re walking to your car from the grocery store, allow every step to be a walking meditation of conscious Love planted into the Earth, on behalf of All.   If you’re cooking dinner for your family, allow your actions to manifest nourishment for All beings in the form of Love.   The way you do anything can be elevated and devoted to benefit All.


“The wound is the place where the Light enters.”  ~Rumi


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