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For the week of May 25 – 31, 2020

The week ahead brings us more deeply into the full blown activation of the wormhole opening that occurred with last week’s Gemini New Moon.  Whether we can feel it or not, we’ve embarked on a quantum journey that will deliver us home to our awakened heart.  How that journey unfolds is yet to be determined, and what matters most is our willingness to trust, surrender, and have faith as we navigate this powerful moment in time.


Remember, a wormhole eclipse passage will deliver unexpected events and surprises that we could never imagine or construct on our own accord.  This is an opportunity to travel beyond the veils of time and space, and allow the divine unfoldment of our highest vision to take shape.  Cosmic shortcuts can appear along the fast track, catapulting us beyond our preconceived limitations, in order to breakthrough to the other side where we find ourselves already sitting in the still point of the heart, with a brand new version of reality surrounding us, wondering how it happened.


The key for any quantum leap is to stay centered in the mind/heart ascension point, and move into action when the heart says to move.  If we spend time double thinking with the mind, we might miss the opening.  Openings like this come once in a lifetime, and we must be fully present to take the ride.  Hesitation, doubt, insecurity, or overthinking will delay and distract, and that quantum opening will quickly redesign and reconfigure by the time our minds fully make sense of it all.


Trust, surrender, and allow the heart to lead the way.  This is an inward journey, and there are no rules…other than honor the truth of the heart.  We’ve never been here before, so we can’t possibly know the outcome or the terrain.  We can trust, however, that the path is fluid, ever changing in response to every interconnected event through the universal law of cause and effect.  This is a time for swift action.  If the heart is inclined, say yes, and don’t think twice.

The opportunity is everything the heart has imagined, the blueprint of our soul’s highest design.  We don’t need to understand the logistics, sometimes point A doesn’t directly move towards point B, but a sideways door can open that pivots beyond time and space, spiraling upward and finding a back door into B that wasn’t visible from our vantage point.  The universe is collective, collaborative, and ever flowing with abundant options, possibilities, and impromptu communions.  When we learn to ride the waves, we accelerate our evolution and participate in a much grander orchestration.


Last week’s Gemini New Moon contained a super boost from the Mercury Venus conjunction, the activation of the mind/heart ascension point.  This week, Venus continues retrograding, backtracking towards the degree of the New Moon while Mercury moves ahead at lightning speed.  After such a profound connection of unity, it can feel a bit like separation, or a loss of contact within.  The way to maintain connection is to expand, not contract.


It’s important to remember that the heart operates beyond time and space, and through the Gemini aspect of our consciousness, we access a multidimensional capacity to connect through the frequency of Love, in an instant.  Our thoughts are intertwined with the heart, like sacred geometry patterns and templates of creation, and when the thoughts calibrate to Love, we’re at one, at home.  There is no separation, no fragmentation.  Love transcends the 3D perception of separation, always.  Love brings us home, within ourselves, as we expand into union with All.


There are a lot of aspects this week, a lot of activity and unexpected revelations…typical Gemini fashion.  By the end of the week, Mercury moves into Cancer, where we can feel our thoughts more clearly, and digest where we’ve been and what’s now available, and what matters most.  The entire wormhole contains 3 important eclipses before delivering us to the July 20th New Moon at 29 Cancer.  We’re in for quite a ride, so it’s important to pace ourselves, pack light, and leave any non-essential attachments or agendas behind.  We don’t know where we’re headed, other than traveling through the multidimensional lens of our diamond heart.  And that’s a journey worth taking.


The week begins on Monday 5/25 with a Mercury Uranus resource, Sun MakeMake manifestation, Vesta Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Eris conjunction, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, Mercury Vesta new cycle, Black Moon Vesta resource, and Black Moon Mercury resource.  A lot of activity…a lot of unearthing, resurfacing, connecting the dots, and refining the big picture.  It’s time for wholeness to come into view, we’ve been calling it forth from our hearts for a while.  Often times, clarity emerges when we least expect it, and as one symbol or message is revealed, the brilliance illuminates a larger image, like pulling weeds that are connected underground to a much bigger patchwork pattern.  The truth sets us free, and sometimes the big picture opens doors in our own minds for a new possibility to take shape.


On Tuesday 5/26, Uranus and Ceres form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Salacia resource, Sun Juno manifestation, Mercury Jupiter great eliminator, Chariklo North Node (Soul Star Chakra) great eliminator, Black Moon North Node resource, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Mercury Galactic Center bridge, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, and Juno stations direct.  Another active day…and as quickly as things are unearthing, there’s also a powerful stabilizing effect at play.  Once we know where to step, even if that step is only temporary, we can see the next thread of unity.  It’s like following a trail of bread crumbs, but the crumbs reveal independently moment to moment.  Our consciousness must expand to integrate the universal meaning of every revelation.  We’re being divinely guided and delivered, but we must let go of what we think we know in order to elevate to higher wisdom.


Wednesday 5/27 starts with a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Jupiter Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Juno Salacia Light Bridge, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Vesta Galactic Center bridge, Black Moon Juno great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, and Mars Orcus bridge.   The Black Moon holds a still point between Saturn and Varuna, a familiar activation over these last couple of months, unearthing the blindspots within our own sense of identity, untangling our inner framework of limitations so we can see ourselves and the world clearly.  There are higher octaves of clarity coming online, if we have the courage to let go of what we think we know, and elevate to an unknown foundation.  Our orientation becomes fluid as we uncover and remember our limitless nature.  Remember, great eliminators are choice points between love and fear, and as we shed the fear of uncertainty, we liberate ourselves to step forward on new ground.  We reinvent ourselves by taking new steps, taking leaps of faith, and transforming our inner framework of possibility.


On Thursday 5/28, Mercury sparks a new cycle with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), followed by a Mercury Ixion Light Bridge, then Mercury enters Cancer.  The Black Moon conjuncts Uranus, then forms a resource with Ceres, followed by a Mercury Pallas great eliminator.   The shining star today is Mercury, dancing across the master degree of his dignified sign like a beacon of Light.  When our channels are open, we can commune with higher realms, revealing new dimensions of wisdom and illuminating our higher blueprint.  The language of Light is in our nature, and as we plug into our source of Light through the Soul Star Chakra, we are flooded with messages, instantly awakening and unearthing any earthly attachments and limiting beliefs.  When the earthly story gets interrupted by a higher download of Light, we are birthed through an opening that redirects our focus, shining light on what matters most.


Friday 5/29 is a Sun Chiron resource, Black Moon Orcus manifestation, Sun Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury Saturn great eliminator.  All channels are open to fully awaken to the gifts and the mastery within.   The truth is, we are timeless, infinite, everlasting.  We are not bound to or limited by the stories and scenarios that are occurring around us.  When we remember who we are, beyond the identities, labels, and roles of our current character description, we are free to let go and rewrite the script.  The neon sign we’ve been waiting for is within, and it’s time.


On Saturday 5/30, the Black Moon turns retrograde and the Sun forms a stepping stone with Orcus.  Today is a day to catch our breath and reorient to all that has occurred this week.  Now that Mercury is in Cancer, we start to feel our thoughts, and feel into the revelations and awakenings that have transpired.  Unifying with our timeless immortal consciousness, we can expand and elevate for a breath of fresh air as we take it all in and recalibrate.


And Sunday 5/31 is a Juno Salacia Light Bridge, Black Moon Orcus manifestation, and Mercury Quaoar Light Bridge.  The remembrance of unity, connection, and oneness floods our inner operating system, literally flushing out any residue form limiting beliefs, returning us to our infinite nature.  There is nothing outside of us, nothing beyond us…and every connection we yearn for is already within.  We are eternal Oneness, even through the ebbs and flows of time and space.  We can sense, feel, and communicate beyond our skin, beyond our separate forms.  And we can manifest and create from those unified thoughts in the blink of an eye.  We are far more powerful than we realize…and we’re remembering more and more as we awaken.  The new paradigm is a reflection of our infinite connection and unity through oneness.


The practice this week is rest.  With so many active aspects each day, especially at the mental body level, it’s important to bring the mind and the operating system into rest mode every evening and power down for sleep.  Imagine closing out all of the open tabs within your own mind, and powering down your mind into hibernation or sleep mode.  Turn off your phone and leave it in another room while you sleep.  Practice powering down all of your technology daily, including your computer, laptop, ipad, iphone, etc.  Witness firsthand the power of the reboot, the power of rest.  Allow your inner operating system to start fresh each morning with clarity, vitality, and renewed battery life.  Give your thoughts a rest overnight, and pick them up in the morning if they’re relevant.  Imagine tucking in your mind for sleep each night, at home within the heart.


 “Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
― Rumi



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  1. Christine thank you so much for your work and service to the whole. Just hearing your voice in the daily calibrations brings peace to a chaotic world. I’m able to find clarity through those calibrations each day and know going forward we are creating a new Earth from the heart. I find that exciting and wondrous. Very grateful.

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