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For the week of May 18 – 24, 2020

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime. This week’s New Moon in Gemini initiates the mind/heart ascension point like never before, launching us into higher realms of consciousness that forever alters our inner landscape and opens higher channels of communication and connectivity. That launching point activates the summerlong wormhole/eclipse passage that’s sure to produce quantum leaps and unexpected awakenings.

Now that the status quo has been interrupted, we’re free to reconfigure and redesign, literally rebirthing ourselves and our cells to higher ground in crystalline structure. The activation for new manifestation comes from the awakened light within the heart. The themes of reconstruction and rebirth that we’re experiencing on the planet are simply reflecting our inner journey of evolution, transformation, and resurrection. Each of us has the opportunity to witness divine unfolding when we surrender the ego mind’s attachments to limiting beliefs, unconscious programming, and separation consciousness. We’re liberating ourselves (and shifting the frequency of communication within our cellular structure and DNA) as we unify and merge with our Cosmic Self and the Oneness of Unity. This ascension process is the embodiment of our fully awakened divine Self.

We truly are in the cocoon… imaginal cells, experiencing the inner spaciousness that dissolves our fabric and matrix of reality into pure limitless potential, from which our next expression manifests and takes shape. The courage to let go, to wipe the slate clean, to release and forgive all karmic agreements and attachments…in order to free ourselves to return to our infiniteness. Merging the essence of Love and the breath of Life, we are free to awaken and embody the divine blueprint of our heart. At times, it can feel like an identity crisis….losing the familiarity of our old reflection in the mirror. However, with patience and grace, we can allow the great unveiling of new forms and structures, the manifestation of a New Earth and our new crystalline embodiment.

Each of us contains a divine blueprint, the encoded information and communication within a seed. The seed holds the potential for higher manifestation, and the consciousness of that manifestation is already in tact. Like a time release capsule, our inner blueprint is awakening now. That information is coming online, pouring into our consciousness with crystalline clarity. It’s time. Whatever our status quo default setting has been, that conversation is being interrupted and we’re being called forth, launched into a new expression that elevates our purpose, role, and reason for being here.

Everything up until this moment was practice. Our daily spiritual practice, our diligent efforts and investments in elevating consciousness have all been in preparation for this moment. Whether we’ve been on the path for lifetimes or months, we’re ready. It’s time…this is the moment we came for. For many people, the awakening is a doorway of freedom that gives permission to fully follow the heart, to expand and say “YES” like never before. When that door opens, leap and fly. For some, the awakening comes after a period of resistance or suffering, maybe from refusal…by clinging to old attachments, afraid to let go, and afraid to see beyond the familiar illusions of safety and security. As the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini this week, it’s important to trust the root system within our hearts, and be willing to travel light as we launch and activate a multidimensional lens of infinite wisdom and possibilities. If we can believe it, we can become it, and our reality will instantly reflect it. There are no limits, no boundaries, and there’s nothing to fear.

We are the formless consciousness of Love – in action – and wherever there is Love, there is Light. We are becoming the embodiment of that Light, and the re-orientation process is breathtakingly beautiful. As the embodiment of Light, we are free to move. Our presence inspires, heals, transforms, and initiates radical awakening around us, around the globe, and throughout the universe. Light communicates beyond words, through frequency and patterning of particles and waves. We’re elevating to a new way of communicating….through our deepest remembrance. We’ve been here before, it’s ancient and revolutionary, and the wisdom is encoded in our crystalline bones.

As Love, we are limitless, and infinitely powerful. We are the essence of spirit that breathes through the universe like a gentle breeze moving beyond time and space, unifying and connecting All beings, the same way WiFi and 5G connects us all through technology. Love elevates beyond the frequency of technology, and the light codes we transmit through our higher channels of vision are far more clear and sustainable than our human technology. We’re remembering how to connect, beyond time and space, unifying though the heart, in community, in an instant. Like trees communicating underground, in networks and communities, transmitting light from the Sun, Moon, and Stars through divine channels, into the root system for distribution underground…or whales and dolphins communicating underwater through echo location and sensory imprints of vibration and sound waves. We have exquisite communication and connectivity capabilities, through the portal of the unified heart. That portal is being initiated for awakening this week…and it’s a game changer.

The week begins on Monday 5/18 with a Sun Sedna new cycle and Mercury Great Attractor bridge. Sedna is the cosmic librarian and record keeper, crystalline in nature, and the divine feminine remembrance of truth. When we communicate with that kind of crystalline clarity and transmission, we literally have access to the vast infinite universe. We become messengers, conduits, antennas, and high speed broadcasters of Love, clarity, and truth. In a time when gossip and fake news can go viral in a matter of minutes, it’s inspiring to remember that Light travels faster than the speed of a human voice, faster than technology. Light can transmit the highest resonance of clarity and truth in an instant. We have a choice of where to dial in and plug in for our updates and downloads. The transparency of Light is unarguably supreme.

On Tuesday 5/19 starts with a Saturn Pallas conjunction, followed by Mars Quaoar resource, Sun Chariklo manifestation, and Sun South Node (Earth Star Chakra) great eliminator. Saturn and Pallas are both retrograding, and the conjunction awakens wisdom regarding our framework of agreements, structures, and patterns. How we’ve identified ourselves, the labels and definitions, the scripts and character descriptions we’ve been operating within shed light on the stories we’ve believed about ourselves, and the ways in which we’ve been limited. Wisdom is the key to liberation and redesign. When we remember our limitlessness, and when we believe in our greatness, we free ourselves up to take new actions and make new choices. If we remembered in every moment that we always have a choice and that we cannot fail, we would take great leaps of faith and live with intention, from the heart. Today is a day to ground that into our being, as a stabilizing foundation or a platform to leap from. Any misbeliefs or false evidence of a previous limitation is free to unearth, release, and dissolve. What we believe – about ourselves and the world – is a template for what’s possible. By shifting our beliefs through faith and trust, we alter the ground below our feet, allowing new possibilities to appear. This is how we alter our landscape.

Wednesday 5/20 is a Sun Ixion great eliminator, Mars MakeMake great eliminator, then the Sun moves into Gemini, and Venus forms a stepping stone with Neptune. Releasing any attachments to fear or doubt, we clear the path to access the divine blueprint of our higher purpose. As the Sun moves into Gemini, our consciousness shifts to the air element, lightening up, quickening, and remembering the magical qualities of our multidimensional brilliance. Air is weightless, free, transparent, and liberated. The heart reminds us that when we lighten up, we can see clearly….and when we elevate through the lens of universal Love, we activate our capacity for enlightenment.

On Thursday 5/21, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Orcus, followed by a Vesta Eris resource, Sun Pallas manifestation, and Mars Juno great eliminator. We’re unearthing and unveiling our timeless roots and connections, and awakening a fire of devotion that can’t be extinguished or ignored. The manifestation of conscious wisdom leads to the embodied realization of unity, and the elimination of any illusions or doubts.

Friday 5/22 is a HUGE day….starting with a Mercury Venus conjunction, Sun Saturn manifestation, Mercury Neptune stepping stone, Pluto Vesta great eliminator, and the New Moon in Gemini that activates the wormhole/eclipse passage, from now until July 20, 2020. The Gemini New Moon is disposed by Mercury, and the fact that Mercury conjuncts Venus first thing today is incredibly profound. And the fact that the Gemini New Moon activates the upcoming wormhole passage means the mind/heart union is not only the theme, it’s the template. Mind/heart union is a necessary ascension point that allows us to access higher 20/20 vision through the awakened lens of diamond consciousness, which allows us to see the unity, connectivity, and divinity in all things. This diamond lens is a radical game changer. Remember, the lens we’re looking through determines what we think we’re seeing. The lens of consciousness we’re living from is reflected through our experience of reality. Diamond consciousness from the mind/heart union reveals a whole new world, inside and out.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents Conscious Wisdom, from the higher mind, the awakened mind. Gemini consciousness delivers us to the portal of truth that unifies the mind and heart, creating yin/yang equality and wholeness, which activates our capacity to see through illusions and clear karmic roots. As a necessary part of the mind/body connection, Gemini communicates through the feedback loop of mind and body, and also discerns wisdom from the information gathered from the mirrored reflection. Communication goes both ways, as a sender and receiver. That multifaceted diamond lens can slice through any mistruths, misinformation, and karmic entanglements. As we speak our truth, we set ourselves free to elevate out of the drama, out of the karmic entrapments, and into a whole new world. The mantra “The Truth shall set you free” is extremely powerful in a Gemini New Moon, an opportunity for inspiring new beginnings.

The New Moon in Gemini is manifesting with Saturn, Pallas, and Jupiter, as well as MakeMake and Juno. As this event activates the wormhole passage, and initiates the ascension point of the mind/heart union, it also manifests the integration of higher wisdom and new consciousness into our new social structures, and the new forms, systems, and identities that are coming online for our greatest sustainable expansion, for the good of All. The New Moon is also in resource with Varuna, Salacia, and Chiron, which indicates potential for awakening higher vision, personal mastery, and highly evolved channels of divine remembrance. To say we’re entering an unprecedented moment in time is an understatement. Never before has there been more global connectivity on our planet, and so much incredible opportunity to rise up, elevate, awaken, and transcend into new dimensions of consciousness, and new ways of being human, in community, from the heart. We are not separate, and we are not alone. We are all connected through the heart, and the heart knows how to communicate multidimensionally, beyond time and space. We are remembering, and we are awakening….at lightning fast speed. The future of our planet, and the future of human connection, is in our hands and in our hearts.

Saturday 5/23 is a quiet day overall. The only major aspect is Orcus stationing direct. This is a day to breathe deeply and allow all of the activity from yesterday to assimilate, integrate, and digest in our bodies. We know more than we think we do, even though we can’t fully process or wrap our heads around what’s occurring. Our bodies know, and as we continue to breathe and find our footing, we’re integrating these new frequencies into our cellular structure.

And Sunday 5/24 is a Black Moon Venus resource, Mercury Eris resource, Mars Ceres new cycle, Sun Quaoar great eliminator, and Mercury Pluto great eliminator. Allowing ourselves to ride the waves as we’re birthed into the vastness of our limitlessness. This is the moment to surrender and trust, releasing any lower vibrational thoughts or attitudes, and breathing in Love with every breath. As we recalibrate our capacity to trust, we redesign any historic fear based patterns into new potential.

The practice this week is to unify mind and heart. Allow your thoughts to arise from the heart, and allow your heart to radiate wisdom, clarity, and truth. Bring your undivided attention into the heart, take a seat, and listen. Allow the heart to reveal truths that need your attention. Let your heart speak, and receive the messages with Love. It’s a powerful time to clear up any misunderstandings, clear the air, and set the heart free. When we hold back, ignoring or denying our truth, the heart suffocates and becomes heavy. The template for mind/heart union requires transparency, trust, equality, respect, and partnership. Open heart, clear mind…together on the same page. Clear your chest, say what you need to say, and clear the air for a brand new beginning and unprecedented possibilities.


“When human beings lose their connection to nature, to heaven and earth, then they do not know how to nurture their environment or how to rule their world – which is saying the same thing. Human beings destroy their ecology at the same time that they destroy one another. From that perspective, healing our society goes hand in hand with healing our personal, elemental connection with the phenomenal world.”
~Chogyam Trungpa


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