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For the week of May 11 – 17, 2020

Get ready for a turbo charged week ahead of pivotal events that support in the overall redesign and reorientation of our center of gravity, our inner reference point and awareness of I AM. There’s a lot happening this week, more action than we’ve experienced in a very long time. As we move forward, it’s important to defer to the heart for inner guidance and clarity.

As we take a step, we’re observing our inner motivating cause and effect, simultaneously viewing from the multidimensional lens of wholeness in order to fully integrate the available wisdom in each moment. Then take another step. We’re navigating uncharted territory, moving forward with mindful attention to how the world unfolds around us in response to our thoughts, choices, attitudes, and beliefs.  Getting to the root of our inner motivations, attachments, and agendas is important.

The new structures are being woven from every “cause and effect” step within the fluid dance of creation. Nothing is linear, nothing is black and white, and nothing is predetermined. In the fluidity of infinite possibility, we’re swimming through a new dimension of consciousness. While everything is abundantly possible, that also means there are no handrails, guidelines, or rulebooks. Anything is possible, moment to moment. Discernment from the heart is necessary while swimming through the infinite. The only guidelines are our inner core values, what matters from the heart. When we allow our inner framework of core values to emerge in alignment with our authentic nature, we gain traction on what truly matters and how to navigate the unfamiliar terrain. Without intimately knowing what matters most, at the core of our being, the structures can get slippery and communications (internal and external) get confusing. Clarity and context create traction for movement and new growth.

One of the most significant themes of this period of time is the opportunity to consolidate, to observe and eliminate the areas of excess, and fine tune our relationship with what matters most. When we’re used to living in a world of instant gratification and abundance, having access to anything and everything we could possibly imagine with the click of a finger or the blink of an eye, we can lose touch with our inner value system, our mechanism (and motivation) for selection, and our seat of gratitude and fulfillment. When we overindulge in excess, consuming things that don’t fully align with our true nature, we become unsatisfied, restless, and nutrient deficient. Being in touch with our patterns of consumption, in relationship with our core values, is an important attunement moving forward. The truth is, there is enough, and we can have what we want and need. However, it’s important to be present and mindful about what we’re actually consuming, why, and the impact it has on ourselves and our collective environment. When we live in harmony with our inner truth, there is sustainability without needing to compromise or restrict. When we obey the heart, there is nourishment, fortification, and inner peace.   When we ignore our heart, there’s nothing that can fill the void or satiate the hunger.

When we find alignment with our core values and true nature, and gently eliminate anything in excess that creates distractions, and we create the available space for new possibilities to appear. We declutter the available memory within our own cells. We initiate a holistic reconfiguration process that recalibrates every relationship around us. Similar to an anti-inflammatory diet that releases pounds of unnecessary fluid retention, stagnancy, and weight, we can free ourselves up from the congestion of having too many unnecessary attachments that clog up our available space.   We can clear out the channels to fully receive the voice of the heart.

Distilling the excess, leaning out our energy system, fine tuning what matters most so that we can elevate and upgrade to the highest frequency in alignment with our core values. Conscious streamlining prepares us for a massive quantum leap in the months ahead. We can’t take everything with us, and we don’t need to. It’s time to lighten up…not out of scarcity or deprivation…out of empowered discernment to call forth our highest intentions and manifestations. We don’t need everything, and we certainly don’t need the extra weight of unexamined or unconscious attachments moving forward.

How we simplify, how we discern what matters most, matters. Paying attention to our mechanisms of motivation and action is crucial.  If we only use our logical brains to think and act, we might formulate a great spreadsheet in theory, while severely misaligning and breaking rapport with our true nature. It’s important to trust the divine intelligence of the heart, even if it’s a voice we’ve been unaccustomed to tuning into historically. Remember, the heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the universal lens of higher vision. We can’t limit ourselves to a cognitive capacity of the mental body that can only compute based on the reference point of historic information. We must learn to orient beyond time and space from the universal language of the heart, which is where we access visionary intuitive guidance and higher wisdom.

With Saturn’s station having just occurred on Sunday 5/10, we’re already launched into a week of massive structural shifts and transitions. 5 out of the 7 days this week contain either a significant retrograde station or a personal planet’s ingress into a new sign.  It’s best to ride the waves and trust the process, while calibrating the still point within the heart for stability.

The week begins on Monday 5/11 with a Mercury Mars stepping stone, Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Mercury South Node (Earth Star Chakra) great eliminator, Mercury Ixion great eliminator, and then Mercury enters Gemini. Every aspect today involves Mercury, as he makes his official ingress into Gemini, his dignified placement. It’s important to note that Mercury is the new Divine Masculine archetype…neutral and equanimous by nature. In order for communications to be delivered and transmitted crystal clear, the messenger must be neutral, non-biased, and un-attached. Our higher lens of vision must be neutral, equanimous, attuned to Universal Love. When we elevate beyond our personal feelings about a particular episode or scenario, we can receive the wholeness of the message, and release the karmic tendencies and blind spots from our historic reactions. Neutrality reveals options, new possibilities. Neutrality grounds us in the still-point, instead of triggering knee jerk reactions that come from primal muscle memory. As we consciously elevate to higher ground within our own messaging system, we not only stabilize our inner reactions, we also eliminate any historic patterns that aren’t in alignment with our highest blueprint. That blueprint can only be accessed from equanimity and Love.

Tuesday 5/12, Mercury manifests with Pallas, followed by a Ceres MakeMake great eliminator, Mars South Node resource, Mars North Node manifestation, Neptune Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Saturn manifestation, Mercury Varuna resource, Mars Ixion resource, and then Mars enters Pisces. More Mercury aspects today, as our lens of neutrality supports in the reconfiguration of structures by assimilating downloads of higher vision. As Mars enters Pisces, our embodied experience leaps into the limitless ocean of Unconditional Love and Spiritual Wisdom. What’s important to note about the Pisces limitless ocean is that we can find anything and everything in that ocean, shadows and light. Everything is Love, so it’s only our interpretation of our current experience that creates the meaning. Whether our experience is pleasant or unpleasant, pretty or messy, it’s all Love. The easiest way to navigate the ocean is to learn how to surrender and float, riding the waves instead of getting caught up in the undercurrent, struggling to keep our head above water. Pisces requires trust and faith. If we can learn to surrender and float, we discern and distill all events through the higher lens of spiritual wisdom, and that clarity motivates and inspires our actions. When we don’t have an elevated or enlightened frame of reference, things can get slippery, overwhelming, and we can lose our bearings. Mars in Pisces can teach us how to walk on water, how to ride the current with faith, and how to manifest new possibilities from the infinite realm by remembering our limitless nature and oneness with all that is.

On Wednesday 5/13, Venus stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator and a Mercury Quaoar great eliminator. Another huge day. Venus stations at 22 Gemini, and will retrograde back to 4 Gemini, the degree of the upcoming New Moon that opens the summerlong wormhole eclipse passage. The theme of this profound passage is the re-orientation to the wisdom and communications of the heart. We must learn to trust that voice, unconditionally, in order to access the divine wisdom that is revealed from that still point. This primary shift in our inner operating system is the key to making the leap from 3D to 5D and harnessing the new communications into our cellular channels. We’re basically shifting the default setting, the primary channel of communication to the intelligence of the heart, as our primary navigation system and reference point. The beautiful thing about that is the heart communicates beyond time and space, and beyond the 3D perceived separation. The heart belongs to the unified field, and as we upgrade our inner operating system, we’re synching up to the One Heart that speaks the language of Love, in a timeless frequency that is infinite and immortal. Love is the one thing that never dies, never ends….which means that frequency and that voice can be trusted, lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. The language of the heart is timeless, and speaks on behalf of the oneness of the universe. Imagine how expansive and multidimensional we can become just by making this adjustment to our inner default setting. The Mind/Heart unification IS the still point that activates our ascension process. It’s the quantum game changer.

Thursday 5/14 Mercury manifests with MakeMake, followed by a Mercury Salacia resource, then Jupiter stations retrograde, followed by a Mercury Ceres stepping stone, and Mercury Juno manifestation. 4 more Mercury aspects today, manifesting higher divine law and order, supported by the clarity of the feminine remembrance of higher communication. The divine message is birthing us to unity and oneness. As Jupiter stations, both of the social consciousness planets now are retrograde. How we define ourselves socially, how we see ourselves socially and how we allow ourselves to be seen, is radically changing. As we fully awaken, and as we fully activate our ascension process, there’s nowhere to hide…and no reason why we ever would want to. Our divine blueprint and higher purpose are coming online, we’re embodying our awakened consciousness, the divine spark of mastery that we each carry within us. It’s time. This is the beginning of our inner revelation, our inner reconfiguration, and the restructuring that will follow is a reflection of who we are in the world, what matters most, and why we’re here. It’s not an option to compromise or deny our greatest unfolding during this time. We must honor this process and honor the truth that emerges from the heart. There’s nothing else more important.

On Friday 5/15, the Sun manifests with Pluto, followed by a Black Moon Mercury resource, Venus Vesta conjunction, and Mercury Chiron resource. The Sun Pluto manifestation reveals the alchemy that’s taking place within each and every one of us. Everything is changing, even if we can’t fully wrap our heads around it or even see it on the surface. Our hearts know, and our hearts are burning bright with the inner fire of devotion. Self care is essential…taking good care, tuning in, and listening to the voice of the heart, no matter what. Anytime we bring our undivided attention into the heart, we’ve unified mind and heart, which is an ascension point activation. Every opportunity to practice that is an opportunity to awaken personal mastery. When we catch ourselves getting triggered or entangled in old patterns (and we will), it’s important to bring Love to the situation, as a mechanism of self care.

Saturday 5/16 is a Mars Varuna great eliminator, Ceres Juno great eliminator, Sun Haumea great eliminator, and Mercury Orcus stepping stone. As we practice elevating to higher ground and higher vision, our body becomes the indicator of any limiting thoughts, fear based reactions, or historic triggers. When we feel a physical sensation of restriction or limitation, that’s an indicator to let go of lower vibrational thoughts or fear based perceptions, soften, and surrender to Love. As the body relaxes, so does the nervous system….and as we let go, we lighten up and ride the wave instead of struggle through it. As we lighten up and surrender, we can see the whole picture with clarity. When we’re drowning or fighting against the current, it’s hard to see the big picture…we’re too far in it. Trust and have faith, loosen up the grip, soften the jaw, and open. Remember, it’s easier to float when you let go. By letting go, the water below can actually support and lift you up. Working with the elements instead of against them changes the orientation point, which shifts the entire dynamic.

And on Sunday 5/17 Pallas stations retrograde, the Sun forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, followed by a Sun Jupiter manifestation, and a Sun Sedna new cycle overnight into Monday morning. Pallas represents divine feminine wisdom, and we are collectively receiving a huge download and recalibration straight from the source of our source. For anytime we’ve ever denied, down played, or suppressed our inner feminine wisdom, the voice of the heart, and the intuitive messages that arise from a place beyond time and space….this is the moment now to choose to honor, receive, trust and allow. If that channel of communication feels scary, foreign, or difficult to trust, it’s important now to heal and tend to that inner relationship to restore trust and repair that channel. Pallas’ retrograde journey will do just that…bring us all into a deeper relationship with the inner voice of feminine wisdom that is a divine voice of power and authority. We’re reclaiming our wholeness and recalling the greatest memory of who we are, beyond time and space.

The practice this week is stillness, meditation, and equanimity. If you don’t currently have a consistent meditation practice, now would be a great time to start. If you do already have a consistent practice, now would be a great time to deepen. Meditation isn’t just about relaxing or finding a euphoric moment of insight. True meditation is learning to be fully present with all that’s occurring, sitting with what is, exactly as each moment emerges…without flinching, pulling away, judging, or labeling. Learning to open unconditionally as Love, to all that is present, whether pleasant or unpleasant, comfortable or not, pretty or not. It’s not about unplugging or escaping the stress. Meditation will bring you deep within the current moment, in your body, so you can be present to what’s underneath the stress, and get to the heart of the matter. Anytime you bring your undivided attention into the heart of the matter, you’ve activated an ascension point. That’s the point to diligently practice, daily.  Diving into the still point at the heart of the matter, so you can see clearly from an elevated perspective of Unity and Oneness.


“Don’t worry about anything in this world
and your eyes shine bright again. Your heart becomes open, clear and pure.
As you move, Grace goes ahead of you.
Even before you take your first step,
she is there with you and walks with you along the way.
Therefore, lay down your arms.
Lay down all your techniques and your efforts
so that you may discover the effortless silence.
Know that the whole universe
is supporting your awakening.
Neither doubt nor fear. All is well.
Take rest.
Find and feel your Heart again.”
― Mooji,


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