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For the week of 10/22 – 10/28/2018

Get ready for a groundbreaking week ahead that awakens consciousness like never before!  There’s so much occurring on the planet, and while it’s easy to focus on the heaviness of polarity right now, make no mistake about it, this is a pivotal week that can dissolve the gravitational pull of gravity and end duality.  Love is the consciousness that activates this alchemical shift.

The Light Bridge reveals a super charged Circle of Light, which creates a highly active portal for divine creation in 5D.  The Full Moon in Taurus this week forms a Grand Love Cross with the Moon’s Nodes, as we transcend the need to be on a directional karmic/dharmic path, and plant ourselves within the circle of Love, from the heart.  All paths are accessible from the awakened heart.  This is the awakening of our new DNA, the spiral sequence that flows harmoniously through the circle of Light.  This is the activation of the final shedding of our karmic skin, and the release of our dharmic yearning to evolve beyond the need for skin.  The game of duality is over, as we surrender the illusion of gravitational weight, and root ourselves within the circle of One, the Awakened Heart.


A bridge connects, unifies, and elevates.  2 points on a linear path of perceived polarity create a bridge.  That same bridge, expanded beyond time and space, reveals the circle.  The circle expands, opens, holds sacred space, and holistically aligns and attunes that sacred space through the frequency of Light and Sound.  Breath moving through an open circle creates sound, like blowing across the opening of a flute.  Universal breath moving through an awakened circle of Light creates sound infused with Light.  The spoken word is the mechanism of creation.  And, light channeled  through a collective circle producing the resonance of crystalline sound waves IS the activation from the new portal of creation on Earth.


This is the attunement from lifetimes of karmic density and the struggle for freedom.  There is nothing to move beyond, there is nothing to leave behind, there is nothing to clear.  The gravitational force of energy only exists in relationship with duality and directionality.   If we think we need to leave something in order to be free, we’re operating from dualism and separation consciousness, which intensifies the experience of polarity, and strengthens the pull, or sensation of gravity.  In this scenario, we will need to ultimately burn bridges or blow up our “enemies” in order to transcend the discomfort of increased tension.  Once we burn or disintegrate those bridges, we find there was never really an opposing force at all, except from within the duality of our own minds, projected onto “another”.


Anytime we find ourselves caught up in the conversation of needing to be somewhere other than where we are right now, we’re missing the point…that all points are unified and connected through the circle of oneness, like infinite spokes on a wheel.  There is no point that exists “out there”.  The discomfort we may feel in the current moment, the trigger for awakening and transformation, is meant to clear our own minds, until the only thread of consciousness that exists is the undivided attention through the lens of the awakened heart.


The chronic patterns of inflammation, irritation, anger, depression, anxiety, and worry end when we let go of the gravity of heaviness vs lightness, ease vs struggle, and simply allow ourselves to be where we are, while remembering our current still point is the divine feminine opening, the mouthpiece of creation.  We are creating from our current still point of perception.  The Light Bridge delivers us to the Divine Feminine Circle, the portal of new creation.  We’re not being birthed through the portal, we’re remembering that we, together, ARE the embodiment of the portal, through our consciousness.  New thoughts move through this divine opening like divine breath flowing through an instrument.  The new creation requires community, the circle.  The circle holds the intangible, un-manifested potential….holding sacred space until Lightning Sparks an awakened thought that releases sound waves from the collective container as a response of infinite potential.  That circle, refined and polished by the most intense pressurization, is diamond light emerging as pure consciousness.


Each and every one of us has been on an intense journey of pressurized experiences, whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical…because each of us holds a seat in the circle of One.  Our unique personal mastery through every challenge, struggle, discomfort, and failure has crafted the finest resonance of depth, authenticity, and purification that our unique presence offers.


We are holding our seat, as the divine Circle of Light, as the sacred portal of new creation.  The moment of suffering and struggle is over….our focus is to birth the new vibration and resonance of Love with each other, with the elements, and with the etheric realms.  In order to birth Heaven on Earth, there must be a divine masculine source of light  (Uranus) and a divine feminine receiver (Gaia).  This is why we must be in a body, and we must be willing to embody the consciousness of LOVE.


This universal frequency is much higher than the current status quo on this planet, much higher than anything our human bodies have known before.  Historically, we’ve left our bodies in order to merge with this vibration.  Or we could say that we’ve intimately returned to that dimension of Love upon death (or near death) from the physical realm.   To harness the vibration through our bodies sparks quite a jolt of lighting to the spine and nervous system, which can instantly flare up old chronic conditions.  We’re adjusting in many ways, and the more willing we are to surrender and allow, the more fluidly the process can restore harmony and new balance.


We can’t continue to operate from the old “social norms” that have manifested the outdated gravitational toll on our bodies and on the planet.  As we find our footing in the new embodiment of light, we quickly find what works and what doesn’t….in regards to food, relationships, environmental choices, and ways of living.  These new “norms” aren’t to be forced, and the old “norms” aren’t to be judged.  It’s not a linear process that can be mapped out or pre-selected, and it’s not a cookie cutter “one size fits all”.  Everything is fluid right now, and everything is brand new.


The week begins on Monday 10/22 with a Sun Chiron great eliminator, a Black Moon (rx) Sedna manifestation, a Black Moon (rx) Jupiter resource, a Mercury Pluto resource, and a Black Moon (rx) Haumea stepping stone. The Sun is moving through the fully activated Light Bridge since last week, awakening our personal mastery now by eliminating the attachments to any chronic patterns of struggle, shifting our focus to the ultimate refinement of excellence. The chronic issue is the catalyst for mastery. We teach what we know in our bones from our real life experience of refinement, and that wisdom doesn’t come without a price tag. True teachers bear authentic wisdom from experience, and true masters emerge from their own unique path, from the heart. Mastery isn’t easy, convenient, or comfortable…and excellence requires commitment to remain focused on what matters most. The Black Moon is reminding us why it matters that we emerge, liberated through every perceived struggle, that the journey through suppression has taught us the value of empowered expansive freedom and creative expression.

On Tuesday 10/23, the Sun enters Scorpio, then forms a great eliminator with Juno. The Black Moon retrogrades into a manifestation with Pallas, the Sun and Quaoar are in a resource, then the Sun forms a bridge with Uranus. The Sun in Scorpio activates the consciousness of transformation, alchemy, shapeshifting through death and rebirth, as illustrated by the journey of the butterfly: from catepillar, to unrecognizable dissolution within the cocoon, then freedom, expression, and beauty as new life takes shape.   In Scorpio, we’re connected to a higher vision through physical love, meaning anything physical can be shapeshifter and transformed through the alchemy of Love. Nothing physical is fixed, stuck, or bound…the physical dimension contains 99.9% empty space, which gives us infinite capacity to recreate, from Unity Consciousness, with Love.


The Sun Juno great eliminator shines light upon the blindspots that keep us temporarily stuck in separation consciousness, the blindspots we’ve refused to accept about ourselves that hold the key to unification and evolution. The Sun Quaoar resource shines light with the infinite potential to choose a new perspective, the new paradigm and the New Thought become illuminated in our consciousness. And the Sun Uranus bridge infuses with the Full Moon tomorrow in Taurus, awakening consciousness of the highest order.


Wednesday 10/24 is a Black Moon (rx) Eris stepping stone, Juno retrogrades into Taurus – the sign of the Full Moon, Venus and Saturn are in a resource, the Sun intersects the Nodes, forming equal stepping stones with the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra. And just before 1pm ET, the Full Moon in Taurus occurs, conjunct Uranus, manifesting with Quaoar, completing a Grand Love Cross with the Sun, the Earth Star Chakra, and the Soul Star Chakra. This is truly magnificent and mind-blowing!


Taurus is the sign of Conscious Obedience, where the mind obeys the heart, and our thoughts hold sacred space, like the Tree of Life.  Within that sacred space, infinite potential exists, miracles abound, and magic is waiting to take shape.  Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and is retrograding through Scorpio, which puts her in the foreigner position, the polarity of her home sign, Taurus.  Venus will soon conjunct the Sun, which brings her into a unified position with this Grand Love Cross event that not only awakens consciousness, but also restores power and authority to the awakened heart, and releases the opposition of polarity once and for all.  The perception of opposing extremes, and the perception of “native vs foreigner” or “insider vs outsider” is quickly dismantling.  We are all breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and walking upon the same soil, all generated by one heartbeat of Gaia.  Home is our planet, and home is in the heart.  From within our awakened heart, we have access to everything and everyone.  We can build walls, set privacy settings, block people out…but we’re all still here, and we are all consciousness.   When we calibrate that consciousness to Love, we embody infinite potential to manifest miracles.


The Full Moon in Taurus conjunct The Great Awakener IS the lightning bolt of awakened consciousness that roots into the heart, as the solid fertile ground we are now standing on.  This IS the calibration of the New Earth, and this IS the activation we’ve been waiting for!


Thursday 10/25 is a Sun Salacia great eliminator, a Black Moon stepping stone with Eris, Jupiter Sedna bridge, and Mercury Eris great eliminator. The Sun shines bright enough to pierce through the perception of physical density to illuminate the intangible dimension of pure feminine spirit.  Imagine light so brilliant it awakens and activates hidden octaves of sound waves that flush through the atmosphere, cleansing, clearing, and releasing anything heavy, dormant, or dense that’s been covering up that resonance of divine glory.  We’ve become so heavy from the karmic weight of the physical dimension, that we’ve forgotten who we truly are. The heaviness is everything we’ve released.  What we are is the intangible, invisible divine feminine emergence of new life that is abundantly singing from below the depths of the shadows.  We must access courage to allow the shadows to disperse as the new frequencies awaken from within.  We can’t get attached or identified with the shadows that are being penetrated by the new octaves of vibrational sound…  There’s no more need to clear the past, the focus now is moving forward, from the purest voice of the empty space within..

Friday 10/26 is a Sun Varuna stepping stone, Pallas Ixion stepping stone, Sun Venus conjunction, Neptune Vesta resource, and Venus Varuna stepping stone.  Also, the Black Moon has stationed direct and forms a stepping stone with Haumea stepping stone and a manifestation with Pallas.
Our awakened consciousness gives us access the highest scope of vision if we can step up out of our default perspective and take a higher look, from the heart.  Divine feminine wisdom elevates us to a greater understanding of our soul’s purpose and blueprint.  Wisdom is the key to activating and downloading the purpose.  The heart is awakening like never before, as the container of wisdom and the bearer of infinite magic and hidden potential.  As the Sun moves forward in a new cycle with Venus, the heart continues diving deep into the mysterious waters.  It’s easy to get lost in those deep waters, and Neptune and Vesta literally lighten things up, restoring our inner fire of devotion to fuel that Light like an eternal candle of inspiration, passion, and vitality through what can feel like the dark night of the soul.  Remember, there is no duality, so it’s important to find comfort in darkness just as much as light.  As we do, the darkness begins to lighten up…not because we’re afraid of the dark, but because our nature is Light, even as we travel through the dark.

Saturday 10/27 is the exact Uranus Quaoar manifestation, the Black Moon Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter resource, Sun Saturn resource, Ceres Eris bridge, and Black Moon Chiron resource.   The Great Awakener is manifesting with the infinite capacity to choose a new thought, the awakening of New Thought that changes the game of creation, beyond anything we’ve known before.  If we don’t expand our thinking, we’ll continue to be limited and defined by our current story and current available opportunities.  The game changer is the awakening of new thoughts, the ultimate paradigm shift, that expands our minds to infinite potential.  That’s the bandwidth we’re manifesting from now.   We’re delivered through every irritation that sloughs off the old attachments, revealing our “new skin” as we embody our newly awakened consciousness.


And on Sunday 10/28, there’s a Black Moon Juno manifestation, Mercury Pallas resource, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar intimacy, Black Moon conjunct the South Node (Karmic Node – Earth Star Chakra), Mercury Sedna bridge, Mercury enters his retrograde shadow, and Black Moon Venus stepping stone.  This is a huge finale to the week.  The Black Moon is retracing her footsteps over every retrograde activation from earlier this week, revisiting the important aspects to the Full Moon, and ending the week with a stepping stone to the newly awakened and liberated heart.  Mercury enters his shadow just after an exact Light Bridge with Sedna, and the next months ahead will shed so much light through our observers minds about what just occurred this week, and the huge upgrades available now to our operating system.  Not only is this entire week mind-blowing, it’s also life altering and life affirming, at the most universal level.

The practice for this week is meditation.  No matter what is occurring in your daily life, find time and make the commitment to meditate.  It’s so important, now more than ever, to keep the observer’s mind clear, polished, and focused in the current moment, from the still point of the heart.  Find at least 10-20 minutes a day, close your eyes, and bring your attention to the very tip of your nose.  Find your breath through the openings of your nostrils, and feel the physical sensation of breath moving in and out through the openings.  Imagine your nostrils as a unified circle, and feel the vibration and resonance of each movement of breath.  Then bring your attention to your heart, and as you inhale, invite your mind to take a seat within the open space of your heart.  As you exhale, imagine your mind deepening roots within the heart, as the structure of your heart opens wide, like a circle of light, holding infinite space, the consciousness of Love.  Your mind illuminates the structure of the heart, as the heart expands to hold sacred space of Unconditional Love.  Practice calibrating your mind/heart connection and finding the movement of breath through the open space.


And anytime you experience a push/pull of polarity or duality, anytime you find yourself in a conversation of wanting to leave something behind or get away from a current experience, find your breath, let go of the gravitational pull, and allow your heart to lead the way.  You may still find yourself in motion, however let go of the gravity that’s driving the decision, and let it arise from the awakened heart, in the moment.

“Enlightenment will be now the beginning, not the end. Beginning of a non-ending process in all dimensions of richness. ” 
― Osho

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  1. Thank you, Christine, for sharing these beautiful thoughts. I agree, the moment of enlightenment is the start of its own journey- a much more enjoyable journey though, I might add, as the view is spectacular.

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