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For the week of May 4 – 10, 2020

The week ahead delivers profound transformation on a silver platter, allowing us to see with new eyes the possibilities that exist as a result of all that we’ve let go of. True sustainable change isn’t forced or contrived, it’s initiated by the heart, and altars the landscape forever. By elevating our lens of vision to the heart, we call forth a higher vision, and the clarity to release what’s not “in tune”. The stillness required to go through that period of “fine tuning” is where we all are now, and the results of our stillness are being unveiled.


As we continue to live into the alchemical space of the heart, planting deeper and deeper into New Earth, we experience transformation, shape shifting, and resurrection. The journey of transmutation – letting go of who we’ve become and what we’ve known, in order to fully awaken and manifest our highest truth, from the heart. The moment the caterpillar surrenders into the cocoon, dissolving the old attachments to form and structure, that soul essence is free to awaken and emerge as a beautiful butterfly. New moment, new possibility, new expression…and the world is brand new. Our current retreat into our own esoteric cocoons provides the same moment of awakening, the same alchemical magic. The key is to surrender, accept, allow, and be present.


We’ve each been undergoing our own unique process of awakening and redesign. The point isn’t to unplug for a moment and then go back to the old status quo, life as normal. The divine purpose is to be altered, to be rebirthed through this process, so that new life is available, new possibilities other than what we had access to from the old expression and mindset. A healing crisis of any kind will call forth new ways of thinking, new ways of being present, and new ways of seeing the world and ourselves. A healing crisis requires new consciousness to evolve and transcend, not the same repetitive loops and patterns that manifested the crisis to begin with.

If we’re willing, every moment moving forward can be brand new, revealing creative potential. We must reorient ourselves to begin creatively manifesting from a blank slate versus reacting to the pinball machine of what’s currently in motion. The moment we stop reacting to or resisting our current scenarios and begin consciously choosing our next moment from the heart, we shift the paradigm. New life is possible from the blank slate of every exhale. We can choose to release, forgive, and let go…setting ourselves free for a higher purpose to manifest.


Interrupting our status quo is essential if we want to see different results. We can’t force change, but we can surrender to the unexpected opportunities that do damage to the current operating system. Those unplanned moments are the precious openings for radical change to emerge, delivering unprecedented outcomes that couldn’t have been reachable otherwise. Our relationship with uncertainty is what elevates our presence to higher dimensions of consciousness. When the ground below our feet gets turbulent, we elevate into the heart and listen. New consciousness awakens through the stillpoint of the heart, and in a nanosecond, we’re living in a brand new world. Now the key is to trust and have faith, and not fall back into familiarity out of habit or comfort.


Integration of any radical shift takes time, patience, and practice. Sometimes the newness isn’t apparent on the surface yet, and needs time to incubate, uninterrupted. Finding right relationship of action and non-action is important, and that delicate dance can only be navigated from the still point of the heart. When the heart moves, trust. If the heart is still, trust. Finding peace in the solitude of the still point, allowing the divine channel of communications to come online and fine tune, in a voice that is crystal clear. That inner voice of guidance is the voice of the heart, the safe keeper of the records, the guardian of the divine blueprint. That’s the relationship we’re cultivating right now, in the absence of human physical touch. Absence of anything physical creates a heightened state of the other intangible senses, which supports in fine tuning our inner voice, and the cosmic lens of wholeness.


As the heart fine tunes, our divine instrument calibrates, and our mechanism of higher manifestation awakens. The heart becomes a multifaceted diamond, activating the lens of oneness and wholeness, allowing us to participate and communicate multidimensionally from the still point of the heart. There’s a lot happening in the stillness of isolation, behind the veils, and in the quiet spaces that don’t always get our attention. We are in an incubation process, a sacred womb, dissolving old structures, thought forms, and attachments in order to reveal our divine mastery and awakened presence.


The week begins on Monday 5/4 with a Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Mars Eris resource, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Aries, sparking a Black Moon Ixion manifestation, and Sun Mercury conjunction. The Sun Mercury conjunction grounds our communications into the heart, reminding us that thoughts of Love generate expressions of Love, like planting seeds within the Earth for new growth. Thoughts of any lower vibrational frequency plant that quality of energy into our Earth, expressing as the harvest comes to the surface. When we don’t like what we’re seeing, when the expressions taking shape trigger discomfort or disdain, it’s important to respond with Love, and awaken to the highest wisdom available in that moment. When we respond with Love, we generate the frequency of energy that can heal, restore, and transform anything at all that we’re witnessing. When we react with irritation or frustration, we feed into the consciousness that is present, and there’s no possibility of elevation. If we want to clear our collective karmic roots and patterns of suffering, we must learn to generate Love unconditionally, as the activation of alchemy that awakens a higher vision and new possibilities, moment to moment.


On Tuesday 5/5, the Moon’s Nodes change signs as the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) enters Sagittarius and the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) enters Gemini, prompting a new 19.5 year karmic cycle. The South Node conjuncts Ixion, followed by a Uranus Juno great eliminator, and the exact Saturn Varuna Light Bridge. As the karmic South Node crosses the portal of truth from Capricorn to Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to surrender and shed old patterns based on the misuse of power and authority, refusal to own divine power and authority, and refusal to be held accountable and personally responsible. If we continue to bring these patterns forward, they will continue to play out in the very structures of our social system. By consciously shedding the patterns from our personal story, we can contribute to the collective clearing that rewrites the script and allows a new chapter to begin. We all have access to the collective transpersonal chakras, which means we each have the personal power to elevate the script that’s being projected through the karmic root system of our collective consciousness. Now is the time to unearth and unlearn limiting behaviors and trends that don’t support our greatest expansion, on behalf of All. The Saturn Varuna Light Bridge illuminates the universal lens of vision to see our current story, in high definition, so we can each take responsibility for re-writing the script.


Wednesday 5/6, the Moon enters Scorpio just after 3am ET, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, and Black Moon Mars resource. The Scorpion Moon begins the alchemical initiation of the upcoming Full Moon, like an invocation that calls forth the highest vision for a sacred ceremony. The Black Moon is busy aligning our consciousness with expansion and wholeness, through all things physical. The physical body is a gateway to the metaphysical, and the multidimensional realm of infinite possibilities. Through our stillness and presence, we can access the infinite universe within our cells, beyond time and space.


On Thursday 5/7, Mercury is in resource with Neptune, then the Full Moon at 18 Scorpio at 6:45am ET, followed by a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Mars Haumea manifestation, and Black Moon Eris conjunction. In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is a water sign that represents Physical Love, the part of our consciousness that experiences alchemical transformation when we infuse the Love into anything physical. Physical touch that calibrates to the frequency of Love has the power to instantly heal, align, and initiate spontaneous shifts and changes in the tangible structure. Love is the consciousness that sparks transformation, Love is the consciousness that liberates and releases old holding patterns and karmic attachments, redesigning the empty space within all things physical for new expressions and unfoldings. Scorpio invites us into the deep water, below the surface, beyond where light can easily shine…in order to infuse the Light of our awakened heart into the depths of our unconscious. When we shine Love into the dark unfamiliar territory, the unknown waters, we awaken potential for new manifestations to take shape. When we don’t know what lies below the surface, when we ignore or resist the unfamiliar darkness, we allow that aspect of our unconscious energy to continue to manifest, unchecked. Like walking the earth with hidden loose cannons and ticking time bombs, we have no idea what’s buried below. When we consciously choose to live with an open heart, practicing equanimity and Love unconditionally – with ourselves and others – we realize the power to dismantle and de-manifest anything by being the source of alchemy with everything. Love is the frequency that envelopes and infuses through the empty space, beyond the veils, and instantly purifies, elevates, and shape shifts what was into a new manifestation of Love.

Scorpio is disposed by Pluto, the archetype of death, resurrection, and rebirth…the phoenix rising from the ashes, the butterfly released from the cocoon, the snake shedding it’s entire embodied skin. Pluto is currently retrograde, which means we’re each on a very personal inner journey of resurrection and rebirth, requiring our deepest presence, patience, and Love.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is manifesting with Neptune in Pisces, allowing us to awaken with enlightened clarity, as long as we’re centered in the consciousness of Love. If we’re in fear, doubt, or confusion, we will see that everywhere we look, by projecting it into the darkness, creating distortion instead of shining light to illuminate the darkness. When we shine light on anything, there is clarity and transparency. When we project feelings of frustration, anger, or insecurity into the unknown, we get tangled up in a web of illusion. There’s no way to see truth when we’re swimming in our own murky water of insecurities or unresolved emotions. As we shine Light into the deep waters, we awaken the unconscious. And as we calibrate Love through the deep unconscious waters of our emotional body, we literally alter the molecular structure of that water. Considering our physical bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, any enlightened clarity we achieve within our own water makes a profound difference to our physical expression and manifestation. And any purification we achieve with the larger environmental bodies of water initiates radical transformation that affects all beings and all life on this planet.


Friday 5/8 is a Mars Galactic Center resource. Today is a fairly quiet day, allowing for the physical adjustments and fine tunings that are occurring from yesterday’s Scorpio Full Moon. When our cells shapeshift by calibrating the frequency of Love, we can literally feel the shifts. It’s best to allow the integration to occur, and trust the higher manifestation is taking shape.


On Saturday 5/9, the Black Moon is in resource with Venus, followed by Mercury Pluto manifestation, Mars Sedna stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta resource, Ceres Quaoar resource, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, and Mercury Haumea great eliminator. The Mercury Pluto manifestation gives some insight into the shifts that occurred from the Full Moon in Scorpio. Remember, Scorpio is disposed by Pluto, and Mercury is the Messenger. It’s an important day to listen to the body, listen to the messages being revealed through the body and through the dream state for clarity on what’s shifting, what’s releasing, and the new vision that’s now possible. The new paradigm is being birthed into our cells, and simultaneously we have the power to integrate higher consciousness through our cells. As we embody our awakened consciousness, our Cosmic Self, we shed the skin of the outdated expression of our being. Our cellular structure transforms, leaving behind the outdated blueprints of past karmic stories and chronic patterns, activating the higher blueprint and divine records through Cosmic Consciousness.


And Sunday 5/10 is a Jupiter Sedna manifestation, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Sun Neptune resource, Mercury Sedna new cycle, and Saturn stations retrograde. This is a huge day, shedding light on the inner messenger, opening and expanding through our higher channels of communication, and calibrating our inner antenna with the highest cosmic record keeper. As Saturn stations retrograde, we begin an inner journey of reconstruction, reinvention, and reconfiguration. Just as the external systems and structures of our social framework have shifted dramatically in the last 2 months, we are now navigating the conscious dismantling of any inner agreements or frameworks that no longer apply, in order to resurrect new sustainable contracts that reflect and support our true nature and awakened consciousness. We can’t go back to where we’ve been, it’s time to reinvent and reorient before re-emerging as the butterfly/phoenix that we are. This is the process of revelation that pulls the curtains and veils back on the inner magic of shapeshifting. Similar to reincarnation, without the need to leave our body. The body reincarnates with the soul fully in tact, as we consciously stay awake through the entire process.


The practice this week is to open unconditionally to all that arises, and be the awakened response of Love. Infuse the consciousness of Love into your normal walking life, every chance you get. Watch the transformation occur, within yourself and within the structure of each scenario. When Love is present, acknowledge it, communicate and participate. If Love isn’t present, be the source, call it forth by embodying it, through your thoughts, from the heart. Love infused into anything unlocks the potential for alchemy, and anything is possible, always. Infuse Love into yourself in the mirror each day, infuse Love into your environment, and infuse Love into the water you drink and the foods you eat. Notice the shifts that occur.

“We must begin by learning what it means to have enough… to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. If you open your eyes you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves our gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you, yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.”
― Masaru Emoto


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