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For the week of April 27 – May 3, 2020

The week ahead invites an even deeper dive into stillness, which induces radical change and right action from the heart. Last week’s Taurus New Moon (conjunct Uranus) is still settling into our root system, and we haven’t even begun to wrap our heads around what’s newly awakened from within. Both Mercury and the Black Moon visit the degree of that New Moon this week, providing revelatory insights of epic proportions. These revelations have the capacity to change our lives forever, by restoring clarity through our lens of higher vision.

Restoring our lens of vision to 20/20 is the all important theme of this year. The foundation for higher vision lies within the unification of mind/heart. When we’re fully present and tuned in from the heart, the heart awakens as a multifaceted prism, activating higher vision, inner guidance, and wisdom. As we become the awakened observer through this lens of vision, honoring and obeying the messages that arise from the heart, we calibrate Love through our inner operating system. The inner operating system is our network of communication that initiates action, based on the wisdom of the heart. When the heart speaks, our cells respond. When the heart speaks, our job is to trust and follow through.

If we’ve been conditioned to override the voice of the heart, we may have a fragmented or distorted inner communication system, rooted in a lack of trust. The way to restore that fragmentation is to remain still, to continually invest our undivided attention to the heart, as we tend to the sacred space within. If we’re habitually practiced at ignoring or tuning out the messages that arise from the heart, it may feel awkward or foreign to begin trusting and listening now, or even to remain still and present when every instinct is to distract or divert.

What matters now is the choice we make in each moment to return to the heart, return to Love, and come home to the voice within. What we pay attention to matters. What we tune into matters. In times of radical change through uncharted territory, it’s more important than ever to strengthen and fine tune the inner relationship with our heart, as we come home to our most sacred voice and navigation system.

The heart is the record keeper and librarian of divine truth, the sacred keeper of our divine blueprint and inner sacred geometry, and the guardian of all that is sacred and meaningful. The primary relationship to cultivate is with the voice of our inner truth. As we come home to our truth, recalibrating with our true nature, we can then take action that supports new growth, expansion, and contribution. If we limit ourselves in any way from this divine connection, we limit the capacity to fully awaken.

The willingness to let go of any attachments or holding patterns that block or distract our inner messaging system is crucial. Pausing into stillness is key. The pause allows us to enter the zero gravity space that unleashes and unearths the old karmic roots of attachment and suffering. As those roots loosen up and rise up, it’s important to let them go. The moment of pause is an opportunity to clear our attachments…the same way we clear karmic patterns through meditation. Like the Buddha sitting in meditation underneath the Bodhi Tree, becoming enlightened through the practice of equanimity.

The higher lens of vision is the calibration of equanimity, neutrality and non-attachment through the presence of Love. When we practice observing our experiences through that lens, the gravity can lift and clear, as we remain still, at one with the heart. Eventually there is clarity, enlightenment, and the motivation of right action from the heart. If we’re triggered in any way, resistant or attached to what arises or emerges, then it’s best to remain still, practicing equanimity, until the heart informs the next course of action. A reactionary knee jerk impulse is informed by automatic pilot patterns, which can only repeat past scenarios and predictable outcomes. The mind can only see where we’ve been before, engaging and projecting the same patterns and loops we’ve lived in so well. If we want something new, if we’re ready for new possibilities, we must pause into the stillness of the heart, and allow new consciousness to emerge from there.

The pause is the interruption from the current default patterns. The pause is the empty space from which all new possibilities arise. The pause is a portal for magic and alchemy, if we can trust and have faith in the moment of stillness. And the pause is where we consciously bring the mind home to the heart, allowing new consciousness to come online.

The week begins on Monday 4/27 with a Vesta Great Attractor bridge, followed by a Mercury Chariklo stepping stone, Mercury Pallas stepping stone, then Mercury enters Taurus, manifesting with Ixion and the South Node (Earth Star Chakra) in resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra). Then the Black Moon repeats Mercury’s aspects, forming a stepping stone with Pallas, then entering Taurus, and manifesting with Ixion and the South Node, in resource with the North Node. Then the Black Moon and Mercury conjunct, on the same page, followed by a Sun Juno great eliminator. The mirrored dance of Mercury and the Black Moon is a huge theme this week, allowing our observer mind to witness and uncover all of the new insights that are available. As Mercury enters Taurus, we access the mental body presence to tune into the heart and listen, interpreting through the language and lens of Love. When we open unconditionally through Love, we can expand with each moment and see all that is available, including the wholeness of ourselves, the universe, and our areas of attachments. The attachments cloud our vision and limit our capacity to communicate clearly. As the karmic attachments and patterns are revealed, we can release with Love, and recalibrate our lens to 20/20.

On Tuesday 4/28, the Black Moon forms a resource with Ceres, a stepping stone with Saturn, and a stepping stone with Varuna. Then Mercury repeats the sequence, forming a resource with Ceres, a stepping stone with Saturn, and a stepping stone with Varuna. Essentially the Black Moon and Mercury form an intersection, a still point between Saturn and Varuna, within a degree of last week’s Taurus New Moon. Then the Sun starts a new cycle with Albion. The Black Moon Mercury still point allows us to see the connection of how we attract particular experiences to learn as we awaken and grow. Every unique set of circumstances holds a matrix of potential that triggers our opportunity to awaken. Once we awaken, we no longer need that particular matrix pattern for the experiential learning. The threads that define and create a specific experience serve in a greater unfolding, and from a higher lens of universal vision, we can see the big picture, and the volume of Love behind the scenes. It’s important to be in relationship with our process, so that we can fully learn, grow, and integrate…however it’s equally important to remember we are not defined by our circumstances. We are never limited…we call forth perceived limitations in order to awaken from that thread of duality. Once we awaken, we see clearly, and the structures of our reality change.

Wednesday 4/29 starts with a Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, then Pallas enters Aquarius, Mercury manifests with Quaoar, and the Sun manifests with Orcus. These aspects are high frequency and super elevated. The Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge is an incredible opportunity to elevate through the universal laws of nature to align with the invisible frequencies that communicate within the empty space of all things tangible. The voice of the void sings as pure potential that already exists in unmanifested form, like echo location, so we can see clearly into the pockets of empty space. Similarly, the heart communicates from the void of possibility, the voice of the feminine. When we learn to commune with these higher frequencies, we fine tune our navigation system to see into the unmanifested potential that exists in every moment. Seeing what could be, believing in the possibility of the present moment, without feeling a sense of lacking, needing, or wanting…we realize we’re already swimming in infinite abundance. All we have to do is speak the language to commune and call forth what’s already right in front of us. If we can believe it, we can see it, and when we commune with energy that’s already present, there’s nothing missing, our attention and recognition brings it alive. This is quite different from the mind wandering, wishing or wanting something that we can’t connect with, feeling that everything we want is somewhere other than here. When daydreaming becomes lucid dreaming, we can see the fluid potential in the empty space of every Now moment, and every thought is an intimate dialogue with the invisible realm. Where the mind goes, we see response, like a dance of energy in creative motion.

On Thursday 4/30, Mercury forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, Ceres forms a great eliminator with Varuna, Mercury conjuncts the Black Moon for the 2nd time since Monday, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, and Mercury moves ahead to start a new cycle with Uranus. The 2nd Black Moon Mercury conjunction recalibrates our lens of equanimity for more revelations, then Mercury moves forward for the lightning bolt of awakening. After shedding old attachments from our lens of vision, we’re now free to be fully present for the new consciousness that comes online. Today is a revolutionary moment for mind blowing insights that we can only see from the clarity of the mind/heart union in equanimity. If we resist or react to any triggers, we repeat the past. If we remain open and present, we see the universe unfolding, gifting us with Light and the opportunity to plant seeds for new thoughts to grow and expand. The Black Moon continues to retrograde, tilling the soil of past roots, weeds, and attachments, as our minds are wide open to generate new thoughts from the consciousness of Love.

Friday 5/1 is a Mercury Juno great eliminator. As we move into May, a “5” vibration month, there’s an energetic shift towards change, transformation, and alchemy. Through stillness and presence, there is radical change. Through our awakened state, nothing will remain the same. We are forever altered by what we’ve seen, and new life can manifest as a result. As our minds eliminate the matrix of limitation, we clear the air for new creation, new possibilities. Our minds create our reality, which means when our minds are altered, when we stretch beyond the old structures of limitation, we open new dimensions and doorways of creative potential. Transformation and change start within the constructs of our own minds, where we have infinite potential, always.

On Saturday 5/2, Mercury and Albion form new cycle, Pallas forms a great eliminator with the North Node, the Black Moon manifests with Quaoar, Mercury manifests with Orcus, followed by a Chiron Juno bridge, and Chariklo stations retrograde. As our minds reorient to include the invisible realm of potential, we start a new cycle that exponentially expands into new structures, frameworks, and ideas. We’re expanding beyond the structures of time and space to call forth the remembrance and the belief that energy is fluid, infinite, and everlasting. As our minds expand, our ability to comprehend the presence of energy that has previously existed “outside the box” creates cutting edge breakthroughs in healing, wholeness, and unity. We are the pioneers of a new world, and our ability to believe in possibilities that exist in the invisible realm is like learning how to reach up and pull a shooting star from the sky and manifest a new solution or groundbreaking invention. We are not limited or defined by the structures of time and space, even though we exist in this moment for a particular experience of awakening. Once we awaken, we elevate and expand, integrating new consciousness through our limitless belief system, manifesting quantum leaps on behalf of All.

And Sunday 5/3 is a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, followed by a Venus Neptune stepping stone and Ixion retrogrades into Sagittarius. From our newly expanded awareness of reality, the Black Moon continues back tracking and recalibrating, returning to that Saturn Varuna Light Bridge for a new perspective of the lessons occurring on the ground. With new eyes, from the awakened heart, our presence becomes multidimensional. From our multidimensional presence, we have access to everything, including support from higher realms and other dimensions. The more expansively awake we become, the more we can participate in true universal collaboration. As Ixion retrogrades to the master degree of Sagittarius, we have access to the brilliance of truth and clarity that truly ends the game of suffering and clears the decks for a brand new reality. We must have the foundation of the mind/heart union in order to elevate beyond time/space, and we must diligently re-orient our mental body with the newly expansive belief of reality that includes the invisible realm of timeless magic. Once our minds can comprehend and assimilate it, we can receive information downloaded from higher dimensions of consciousness. True partnership, cosmic oneness, and Universal Love.

The practice this week is meditation and equanimity. Find your seat, with your vertical spine upright, and close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose. Find the sensation of breath moving in and out through your nose, and then notice your current physical sensations through the entire body. No matter what arises, practice equanimity, neutrality, and unconditional Love, maintaining your seat of stillness. When unpleasant sensations arise, welcome them. When blissful sensations arise, welcome those too. Let go of any attachments or preferences to comfort, and let go of any resistance or aversions to discomfort. When we create attachments or cravings, we block our ability to remain fully present. When we wish something was other than it currently is, we find it hard to sit with the present moment. Attachments cause suffering. Acceptance diffuses suffering. We must be present in order to awaken and fully open to new dimensions of consciousness.

When the mind wanders, and we begin indulging those thoughts instead of being fully present in the current moment, we lose our seat. When the mind wanders, whether from fear or attachment, we break rapport with the inner navigation system of the heart and our capacity to expand…and we distort our current lens of vision. As we strengthen our capacity to be fully present, no matter what arises, we restore trust and safety within the heart, fine tuning our inner wisdom and navigation. We can see clearly through the multifaceted universal lens when we are fully present in the Now.

“Whether we’re seeking inner peace or global peace or a combination of the two, the way to experience it is to build on the foundation of unconditional openness to all that arises. Peace isn’t an experience free of challenges, free of rough and smooth, it’s an experience that’s expansive enough to include all that arises without feeling threatened.” ~ Pema Chodron


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