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For the week of April 20 – 26, 2020

The week ahead holds the potential for life altering awakenings, breakthroughs, and new beginnings. We’re manifesting the New Earth with every intentional breath, in this moment, with Love.  The key is to be present, deeply rooted within the heart, and unconditionally open.

We’re heading into a powerful New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday evening that delivers a lightning bolt that shifts our perception of reality by elevating our lens to a higher dimension of consciousness. If we try to push our way forward through this necessary moment of stillness, or if we insist on taking action prematurely, we would only recreate the past, which is rapidly de-manifesting and dying off. We’re in a massive evolutionary process, and it’s important to be fully present and honor the wholeness of what’s occurring and what’s at stake. Be still and trust the process.  We’re awakening, from the heart, at the deepest roots of our core.

The Sun is newly in Taurus, which is the sacred presence that comes from a deeply rooted mind/heart unification through the mechanism of Love. Unwavering, resilient, stable, count-on-able…..the foundation of Love that allows us to trust the process as it unfolds, even through moments of extreme uncertainty, turbulence, or chaos. It’s important to remember that transformation requires a temporary state of chaos, friction, and disruption. The process of awakening shatters the old structures, beliefs, and attachments in order to expand into new territory, new thoughts, and new ways of being. That temporary process of destabilization is necessary in any transition or change. Otherwise, we remain fixed, stagnant, and frozen…there’s no evolution unless we move beyond the familiar, into the uncharted territory.

Change calls upon our ability to trust, to find safety in the unseen, unmanifested potential…trusting in a higher vision that doesn’t currently exist, and deeply rooting within the heart as we reorient to the newness as it emerges along the way. The greater our mechanism for trust, the more profound our capacity for accelerated transformation.  We need to cultivate trust and unshakeable faith that allows for uncertainty as we walk through the alchemical portal of each transition. If we try to control the situations or attempt to micro-manage others’ safety or convenience, we miss the experience that is designed to awaken higher consciousness while calibrating new lenses of higher vision.

Oftentimes we find safety and trust in the fixed elements or conditions outside of ourselves. That kind of trust creates dependency on the static nature of our environment, which is unstable and fluid right now. The only sustainable safety to be found is within ourselves and our higher guidance mechanisms, within our own hearts. The more we practice rooting our undivided attention and awakened presence within the heart, we develop a solid unshakeable foundation that allows us to navigate these moments of change with grace.

The truth is, our hearts know the way. Our hearts are attuned to spirit, as our gateway to the universe and the record keeper of our divine blueprint. When the ground is crumbling below our feet, we can find higher ground within the sacred space of the awakened heart. That higher ground is the New Earth we’re manifesting collectively. The octave jump that occurs when we plant our feet within the heart is the elevation from 3D to 5D. The heart becomes the new root chakra, the direct connection to Gaia. And the heart awakens the crown chakra, the direct connection to Source, our divine blueprint, and our spiritual DNA. The awakened heart is the initiation point for divine unification – heaven and earth, above and below.

This awakening of the heart releases the gravitational pull of our karmic patterns and chronic stories that have long defined our day to day reality and existence. Through our ascension process, we experience a quantum elevation to a new dimension of consciousness that alters our experience of reality. That elevation to higher ground is where we choose to plant ourselves firmly. The sacred ground of our hearts. When we plant here, we activate as the Tree of Life, everlasting sustainable life through the process of creation, growth, and contribution…rooted in the highest vision of the Awakened Heart. When we live in this state of consciousness, life becomes a sacred ceremony of divine alchemy. Our lens of higher universal vision (20/20) activates the divine blueprint, allowing us to plant new seeds. Unconditional Love is mechanism and the fertilizer, allowing our divine creation to manifest and bloom, as a love offering for All.

The week begins on Monday 4/20, with a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Great Attractor resource, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Sun Earth Star Chakra (karmic node) manifestation, Sun Soul Star Chakra (dharmic node) resource, and Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy aspect. The Black Moon continues to support in unveiling the new paradigm by showing us where we’ve been held back by limitations, labels, and beliefs within our own minds. It’s time to fully awaken to our true nature, our authentic reflection, and our divine blueprint. If we don’t wake up, we continue repeating the manifestations of old limiting beliefs, recycling the karmic stories and chronic patterning. The scenarios might look different on the surface, but the past repeats itself, and there’s nothing new. We have the power to shift the story by waking up, elevating our consciousness, planting new thoughts as seeds that manifest as new possibilities.

On Tuesday 4/21, the Black Moon conjuncts Chiron, followed by a Sun Saturn stepping stone, Sun Varuna stepping stone, and Venus Great Attractor bridge. There’s a dulling down of the old lens of vision as we refine ourselves and exercise the power to shift. We are not defined by our past scenarios or circumstances. We are not defined by our wins or losses, our material possessions, or our current physical sensations or appearances. When we shift the lens we’re looking through, and elevate to a higher universal lens of equanimity, we can see ourselves clearly, embody the wisdom, and let go of the outdated limiting definitions. Our presence matters, and our current state of consciousness determines everything we think we’re experiencing, including our perception of ourselves. When we remember our infinite nature and limitless power, we magnetize ourselves as divine instruments of pure creative potential.

Wednesday 4/22 is a Black Moon Juno bridge, Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, and the New Moon in Taurus at 10:36pm ET. The New Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, reminding us of the importance to ground within the heart, and commit to obeying the messages that come from the heart. In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is an Earth sign of Conscious Obedience, the willingness to be a good steward of the heart, and trust the inner guidance mechanism of the heart. The heart is the record keeper of our spiritual DNA, our divine blueprint and the sacred geometry of our soul. The awakened heart is the universal portal for alchemy, transformation, and resurrection…our ability to transcend and shapeshift beyond any perceived limitation or physical condition. If we don’t learn to trust the heart, we remain stuck in our fixed beliefs, attachments, and ego limitations. We remain stuck in the matrix of our earthly story. Evolution and transformation require trust and faith of a higher vision and the divine process of nature and alchemy. If we cling to what we think we know, or insist that the logical mind can outsmart or override the heart, we severely limit ourselves and stunt our growth.

This particular New Moon in Taurus sparks a new cycle with Uranus, the Great Awakener, and manifests with Quaoar, the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), and Ixion. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to allow our hearts to fully awaken, to reveal our divine blueprint, our limitless nature, and to clear the karmic footprints that have suppressed and ignored the voice of the heart and the voice of nature, Gaia. Today is Earth Day, and the New Moon in Taurus, the sign of Gaia, ruled by the heart, reminds us to honor our hearts, honor our true nature, and honor the Earth. We are temporary visitors here, our physical presence is not guaranteed. We must learn to obey and honor the laws of nature, to respect and protect all that is divinely sacred and beautiful about this planet, and to walk with reverence for all beings, all life – including our own. We take for granted the impermanent nature of this dimension. Nothing is guaranteed or certain here. We are not promised anything, other than the opportunity to live in beauty for a moment in time, to awaken through Love, and to connect with the elements as we heal ourselves and each other, remembering why we came, why it matters, and who we really are. It’s an honor and a privilege to be here, to share space with all beings, to breathe the same air, drink the same water, and walk upon this Earth.

On Thursday 4/23, the Black Moon forms a resource with Vesta, then Ceres enters Pisces, and Ceres forms a resource with Ixion. Ceres is the cosmic midwife that is delivering us through this process of awakening. We are all fully supported, unconditionally loved, and divinely guided through the higher dimensions. When we don’t feel supported in our current story, it’s important to shift our gaze and open to the presence of Love from a higher perspective. Love is everywhere, and through that limitless ocean of Love, we’re birthed into the full awareness of our divine template, remembering who we are. Remember, any birthing process will be messy, unpredictable, and uncomfortable at times….yet we can trust that we are being delivered, by Love. Through grace and acceptance, we can soften and surrender, fully trusting the process.

Friday 4/24 is a Sun Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Venus resource, Black Moon Mars resource, Mercury Eris new cycle, Ceres South Node (Earth Star Chakra) resource, Ceres North Node (Soul Star Chakra) manifestation, and Sun MakeMake great eliminator. Today is a deeper integration of the New Moon, allowing the new paradigm to take root as a channel for new manifestation, new growth. As we expand through our limitless nature, we remember that anything is possible. When we access new throughs, we plant seeds of new potential, taking root in the soil for a whole new harvest of a higher manifestation. The awakened mind is fully present and aware of the current thoughts that are being generated and harvested, paying attention to which thoughts are productive, which are detrimental, and which thoughts need to be eliminated. The power to choose comes with a responsibility to take good care of that creative power. The more we tend to our garden of thoughts, the more we can fine tune and calibrate new harvests of abundance that benefit all. Thoughts coming from Love generate expansion, possibilities, inspiration, and abundance.

On Saturday 4/25, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Jupiter Haumea stepping stone, then Pluto stations retrograde at 25 Capricorn, Mercury forms a Light Bridge with Haumea, followed by a Mercury Jupiter stepping stone. When a planet stations retrograde, we have an opportunity to pause and go inward, fine tuning our connection with that archetype of energy from a higher perspective. Pluto represents death, rebirth, transformation, and resurrection. The process we’re collectively experiencing is very Plutonic in nature, and the Pluto station is another reminder to slow down, pause, and be still. There’s a lot of new consciousness available in this moment of awakening, and there’s a lot at stake. Pluto ushers us beyond the veils so we can see through the revolving doorway of death and birth, beyond the illusion of separation in this physical dimension. We’re conditioned to fear death, and even the conversation of mortality…and yet understanding death is the key to conscious living and spiritual awakening. Understanding death gives us the wisdom and insight into our limitless capacity for evolution, reinvention, and shape shifting. If we fear that conversation, we’ll never fully know our potential in this lifetime.  There’s so much occurring behind the scenes, in the invisible realms beyond surface level appearances. As we lean in and find comfort in the mysterious unknown terrain, we learn how to navigate the fluidity of un-manifested potential.

And Sunday 4/26 is an exact Sun Uranus new cycle, followed by a Black Moon Eris conjunction, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, and Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone. Through our stillness and presence, there are bolts of lightning and shooting stars pouring through our entire system like liquid light traveling all the way to our roots. New consciousness awakens and nourishes, like drinking electric water that jump stars our battery and hydrates our reserves. That jolt of new consciousness will challenge the old comfort zone and status quo. It’s important to honor the wake up call, receive the message, and forgive the messenger for any discomfort experienced along the way. What matters is that we wake up. Every moment of awakening has the potential to alter our reality, and shift the paradigm for everyone. As we unearth the hidden blindspots and patterns of slumber, we bring our full undivided attention into the circuitry of our heart, restoring the overall power, activating and initiating parts of our consciousness that we’ve disconnected or fragmented from in the past. The wholeness of our Light allows us to expand even more, light years beyond what we ever thought was possible.

The practice this week is to find peace in the moments of unexpected change, and find stillness in the fluidity of uncertainty. We don’t’ know what’s coming, but this is a week of unprecedented wake up calls, divine messages from the heart, and new streams of consciousness. If we tend to find safety and comfort in predictability, we need to learn to find that within our own heart space. The only thing predictable and solid is our practice of coming home to the heart, and finding our breath. Make that the new foundation, the solid ground you walk upon moment to moment, and free yourself up for the incoming messages that arise. Expect the unexpected as you remain centered and at peace, trusting the process, and allowing the newness to unfold.


“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being Love is the supreme creative act.”
― Ram Dass  


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